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$emecr*t Party Wheretheystandon the Issues Gay Marriage - Support ReprodnctiveChoice- Suppott Partial Birth Abortion * Silent Hate Crimes Legislation- Support GovernmentRun Healthcare- Support Affirmative Action - Suppott DonotAsk Don't Tell - Oppose SexualOrientationRights- Support FairnessDoctrine - Silent Voter ldentilication - Oppose Defenseof Marriage Act - Oppose AssistedSuicide* Silent

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Gay Marriage- Support* ' We supportthe lesbian,gay"bisexual, transgender community'inits questfor theright to legalmarriageaswell astheclergy's completereligiousfreedomto solemnize with their beliefs. marriagesin accordance Defenseof MarriageAct * Oppose ' We opposethe Defenseof MarriageAct and all attemptsto usethis issueto divideus. ReproductiveChoice- Support Pnrtial Birth Abortion - Silent . stronglyandunequivocallysuppofisRoev. Wadeanda womanlsright to choosea sat'eand ofabiliq' to pay,and legalaborrion,regardless we CIppose anyandall effo*s to weakenor underminethatright. Hate CrimesLegislation'Support ' We will passtheLocal Law Hnforcement hate HateCrimesPreventionAct, because sacredspacesandbelittleall crimesrlesecrate goodpeople. GovernmentRun Healthcare- Support . Farniliesandindividualsshouldhavethe optionofkeepingthe coveragetheyhaveor choosingfrom a r,videarmy of healthinsurance plans.includingmanyprivatehealthinsuranse optionsanda publicplan. Sexf,ducation& ParentalRight's . stronglysupportsaccessto aJfordable family ageplanningservicesandcomprehensive ... appropriate sex'education Affirmative Action - Support ' We supportattrrnative action DonotAsk Don't Tell - Oppose ' lY'esupporltherepealof u'Don'tAsk Don't of policiesto Tell" andtheirnplementation allow qualifiedmenandwomento sen'eopenly regardless of,sexualorientation.

SexualOrientationRights- Support . Democratswill fight to enddiscrimination basedon race,sex.ethnicity.nationalorigin, language, religion,sexualorientation,gender identity,ageanddisabilityin everycornerof our countr.v.because that'sthe Americawe believe in. Judges& InternationalLaw . For our Judiciary,we will selectandconfirm judgeswho aremenandwomenof unquestionable taleat andcharacter.who firmly respectthe rule of law, andwho listento andare respecttirlof ditTerentpoints of view andwho represent the diversityof America. . We suppottthe appointmentof.iudgeswho rcspectour svstemof checksandbalancesand the separation of poweramongtheExecutive Branch,Congress, andthe Judiciary-andwho that theConstitutionprotect$not only understand thepowerfirl,but alsothe disadvantaged andthe powerless. . Supportthe U.S.joining the Internafional C'rimiualCour1...* Immigration . We supporta systemthat requires undocumented immigrantswho arein good standingto paya line, pay taxes,learnEnglish, andgo to the backof the line for theopportunity to becomecitizens. . Giventhe importanceof bothkeepingfamilies togetherandsupportingArnericanbusinesses. we will increasethenurnberof immigrationvisasfor family membersof peopleliving hereandfor imrnigrantswho meetthe demandfor jcbs that employerscannottill, aslong asappropriate labormarketprotectionsandstandards ars in place.

FairnessDoctrine- Silent Voter Identification* Oppose . ....weopposelawsthatrequireidentification in orderto vote or registerto vote,which create discriminatorybarriersto theright to vote and disenfranchise manyeligiblevoters AssistedSuicide- Silent Israel ' Jerusalem is andwill remainthe capitalof Israel.ThepartieshaveagreedthatJerusalemis a matterfor tinal statusnegotiations. It should remainanundividedcity accessible to peopleof all faiths. Iraq . To renewAmericanleadershipin the world, we mustfirst bring theIraq war to a responsible end. . We will re-centerAmericanforeignpolicy by responsiblS, redeployingour combatforcesfrom Iraq andrefbcusingthernon urgentmissions. We will give our military a newmission:ending this war andgiving Iraq backto its people.We will be ascaretblgettingout of lraq as we were gettingin. careless MissileDefense/NuclearProliferation . We will maintaina strongandreliable deferrentaslongasnuclearweaponsexist,but Amedcawill be saferin a rvorldthat is reducing relianceon nuclearweapons andultimately eliminatesall of them.We will makethe goal of eliminatingnuclearweaponsworldwidea centralelementof U.S.nuclearweaponspolic,v. Reprinted from 2008Demo*atic Platform" DemocraticNationalCommittee:

* Calif. DemocratParty:


Repuhlicsn Farty Wherethey standon the Issues Gay Marriage - Oppose Pro-Life - Suppor"t Partial Birth Abortion - Oppose Hate Crimes Legislation- Silent GovernrnentRun Healthcare- Oppose Affirrnative Action - Oppose Don't Ask Don't Tell - Oppose SexualOrientationRights- Oppose Voter Identification - Suppott FairnessDoctrine - Oppose I)efenseof Marriage Act - Support AssistedSuicide- Oppose

watchmen idl"l-'s . "1.* ,/;",

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www.watchmenministrv "com

Gay Marriage- Oppose . Republicans havebeeriat the l"orefrontof protectingtraditionaimariage larvs,both in the statesandin Congress. Defenseof MarriageAct - Support . A RepublicanCongressenactedtheDet-ense of MarriageAct, affirming the right of statesnot to "maxriages"licensedin other recognizesame-sex stales. Pro-Life- Support Partial Birth Abortion - Oppose . Faithfulto the first guarantee of theDeclaration r:f Independence. we asse*the inherentdignit;, andsanctitS,of all humanlife andaJlirm that the individualrighl to unbornchild hasa fundamental lilb rvhichcannotbe infringed. . We havsmadeprogress.TheSupremeCorul has upheldprohibitionsagainstthebarbaricpracticeof parrial-birth abortion. Hate CrirnesLegislation* Silent GovernmentRun Healthcare* Oppose .. ..,supporttheprivatepraoticeof medicineand opposesocializedmedicinein thelbrm of a government-run universalheaithcarcsystem. SexEducation& ParentalRight's . ....wefully supportparentalrighlsto consentto medicaltreatmentfor their childrenincluding mentalhealthtreaJment,drug treatment,alcohol fieahnent andtreatmentinvolvingpregnancy, andabr:rtion. contraceptir,'es . Schoolsshouldnot askchildrento answer offensiveor intrusivepersonalnonacademic questionnaires withoutparentalconsent.It is not therole of the teacheror schooladminislrationto recommend or requirefheuseof psychotropic medicatitinsthatmustbeprescribedby a ph,vsician" ' We cpposeschool-ba-sed clinicsthat provide relbrrals,counseling,andrelatedservicestbr abortionandcontraception.

Affirmative Action* Oppose* . TheRepublicanParf,vstandslbr the right of all personsto succeedbasedon merit ratherthan non-meritbasedconsiderations.

Voter Identification- Support . We supporttheright of statesto require offi cial gol,ernment-issued photo identification for voting....

Don't Ask Don't Tell- Oppose . To protectour serv'icemen andwomenand ensurethat America'sArmedForcesremainthe hestin the world. we affirm the timelessness of thosevalues,the benetitsof traditionalmilitary culture,andthe incompatibilityof homosexualilv with militaryservice.

AssistedSuieide- Oppose* . ....rvsopposeeffortsto legalizeassisted suicideor euthanasia,

SexualOrientationRights- Oppose* . We believepublicpolicy andeducationshould not be exploitedto presentor teach homosexuality asan acceptable "" lifbstyle.We opposesame-sex partnerbenellits. child custody,andadoption. Judges& InternationalLaw . Republicans will insiston theappointrnent of Constitutionalistjudges" menandwomenr,vho will not distorlour lbundingdocuments to den,,thepeople'sright to sg[f'-gsvernment. sanction Federalpowersthat violateour liberties,or inject lbreignlaw into Americanjurisprudence. Immigration . Our commitmentto the rule of law means sma$erenforcement at the workplace,against illegalworkersandlawbreakingemployers . It doesnot meandriver'slicensesfor iltegal aliens,nor doesit meanthat statesshouldbe allowedto flout the fbderallaw barringthem from giving in-statetuition ratesto illegal aliens, nor doesit meanthatillegal aliensshouldreceive socialsecuritybenefits.or otherpublicbenefits, exceptasprovidedby federallaw. FairnessDoctrine- Oppose . We supportfreedomof speechandfreedomof thepressandopposeatfemptsto violateor r,veaken thaserights,suchasreinstatemerrt of the so-called ljairness Doctrinc.

Israel . We suppofiJerusalem astheundivided capitalof IsraelandmovingtheAmerican embassyto that undividedcapitalof Israel. Iraq . To thoservhohavesacrificedgomuch.r,ve owethe eommitmentthatAmericanfbrces will leavethatcountryin victory andwith honor.Thatoutcomeis too criticalto our own nationalsecurityto bejer:pardizedby artificial or politicallyinspiredtimetables thatneitherreflectconditionson the ground nor respecttheessential adviceofour militarycommanders. MissileDefense/ NuclearProliferation . We mustdevelopanddeployboflrnational andtheatermissiledefbnses to protectthe Americanhomeland,our people.our Arrned F'orcesabroad,andoul allies ' Thegravestthreatwe thce,nuclear lerrorism- demandsa comprehensive strategyfor reducingthe world's nuclear stockpilesandpreventingproliferation.The U.S. shouldleadthat eflbrt by reducingthe sizeol'ournucleararsenal to thelowest numberconsistentwith our security requirements andr,l'orkingwith olhernuclear powersto do thesame. Reprintedfrom 2008RepublicanPlatform RepublicanNationalParty: wy{ * Calif. Rep.Party: !

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