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The Reasons People Might Require Arch Supports Podiatrists often recommend Spenco arch supports to their patients who are looking to increase their performance when they run or walk. They also recommend increased arch support when a patient spends a lot of time on their feet, either walking or standing, and starts to develop chronic tiredness or soreness. Most people are happy enough to invest in arch supports for their shoes, but don't always realize the mechanism of why arch supports work. Because of this reason, some underestimate the reason behind the arch support and sometimes don't take the recommendations of the podiatrist. A misconception that's often thought of when it comes to arch supports is that they are there to make shoes softer and more comfy. People think about the inside of their shoes turning from the equivalent of a hardwood floor to the spongy feel of the gymnast’s mat. But that idea is false. The confusion can come from the fact that there are actually gel inserts or the equivalent that are made to provide comfort for your foot, but this is not the purpose of an arch support. All this confusion about arch supports originates from the idea that inserts will fill the entire shoe, not just the arch area. But, this occurs because the proper support in the shoe will happen when the inserts remain in the same place at all times, while also offering increased surface area for appropriate friction. This design trick is commonly used in place of actually gluing the arch support in place, which presents other issues, both functional and logistical. Another theory about arch supports is that they simply match the profile of the insoles in the shoe more closely to the foot, particularly for those that have higher arches than the others do. It has some scientific basis. If you don't have the proper arch support, the vast majority of your body weight will rest on the balls and heels of your feet. This basically equals about one third of the total foot area. This focuses the weight on these pressure points. The body weight will be more equally distributed when you have insoles that fit the entire foot, or by utilizing inserts. This does have some rational to it, much of the aches and pains that people feel don't happen at these pressure points but in the actually arch of the foot. The real mechanics of the foot come from the construction of the foot as a bipod. Imagine a leg being a stick, and then include a short second stick in line with the first to represent the heel. Now at the junction of the sticks, include a third stick downward representing the ball of the foot. Now you understand that the majority of the weight is put on the heel, not on the arch or the ball. The ball of the foot functions to provide a second support point anytime you're walking or climbing. The arch is not a support point, but actually a hinge for the ball. Therefore, its main function is flexibility rather than support. The pressure that is put on the hinge is where the majority of the pain comes from after a lot of activity. Proper foot supports alleviate the strain on the hinge, and lower the amount of stress for the arch. High-tier inserts like Spenco arch supports are made with these mechanics in mind, to reduce the strain on the arch and in turn reduce tiredness and soreness. When you are sick of pain from flat, fallen, low or high arches and need long lasting pain relief, consider Spenco orthotic arch supports for adjustable and lasting foot comfort with a custom mold that is friction free and odor free. Take a look at for much more information on Feet Relief. Feet Relief

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The Reasons People Might Require Arch Supports  

When you are sick of pain from flat, fallen, low or high arches and need long lasting pain relief, consider Spenco orthotic arch supports fo...