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04 August 2012


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POVERTY: Screenshot of, an organization that aims to remedy poverty in New York (source: POVERTY: Religious keep alive Monsignors drive against poverty by N.J. Viehland, written in March 19, 2012. Published on National Catholic Reporter (sources:; ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION AND LOSS OF ARABLE LAND: Philippine Daily Inquirer, “Gov’t may lift ban on mining permits, says Paje” Reports from Riza T. Olchondra, Daxim L. Lucas and Reuters (September 15, 2011 – Thursday) (source:


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04 August 2012

13 August 2012

04 August 2012 ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION AND LOSS OF ARABLE LAND: A Campaign Poster of the Footprints Project that aims to protect Mother Earth by encouraging people to be responsible travelers (source: HUNGER: “Hunger still Prevalent in the Philippines – ADB” (sources: Dinglasan, Rouchelle R.. "Hunger still prevalent in the Philippines - ADB." GMA News. GMA Network Inc. , May 4, 2012. Web. 05 Aug 2012.; Andrea. Filipino Child. 2011. Photograph., Manila. Web. 05 Aug 2012. <>.) HUNGER: A blog maintained by a nine-year-old girl from Scotland who presents her daily school lunch, and showcase lunches for children all over the world. The blog has turned into a virtual corner where parents discuss what should be served to their children. Martha, the girl behind the blog, has also took advantage of her wide readership to encourage people to donate to Mary’s Meals. ((source:

05 August 2012

04 August 2012


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UNEMPLOYMENT: Huffington Post: "60 Minutes" Unemployment Report: Long-Term Joblessness A Major Hurdle For America's Labor Force (source: UNEMPLOYMENT: Business World: Philippines Tops Neighboring Countries in Unemployment (source:; image from INEQUALITY: The image was used in a contest put together by the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights. Youth ages 14-18 were asked what equality means to them. Answers were submitted in written form as well as through art works. (source: INEQUALITY : Philippines – Promoting Gender Equality through Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure (source:; ETHNIC CONFLICT: Burma’s Ethnic Conflict See Slow Progress to Resolution (source:; ETHNIC CONFLICT: An image of handwritten posts calling for peace and resistance to war. Artwork by Joey Velasco – first posted online in Sept.2008 in the midst of the continuous armed conflict in Mindanao. The boy in the painting bears the hope that peace is attainable. Text – Mindanao: conflict and Development (sources:;; POOR EDUCATION SYSTEM: The Philippine education spending still below UN standard (source: Quismondo, Tara. "Philippine education spending still below UN standard." Inquirer Global Nation [Manila] 31 March 2012, Global Nation Stories. Web. 13 Aug. 2012. <>. Photo by Jeong Seung Hwa)

13 August 2012

04 August 2012

05 August 2012

07 August 2012

05 August 2012

05 August 2012

13 August 2012


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POOR EDUCATION SYSTEM: A photo of students marching toward Malacanang to rally for the betterment of education system in the country. (source: Roque, Pat. Philippines Student Protest Pictures. 2010. Photograph., Manila. Web. 06 Aug 2012. <>.) HIGH POPULATION GROWTH: As population grows, so will need for skills (source: "As population grows, so will need for skills." International Labor Organization. International Labor Organization, July 10, 2012. Web. 05 Aug 2012. <>.) HIV/AIDS: A poster urging people to be compassionate toward those infected with AIDS. Statistics of People Living with AIDS in the Philippines as of January 2001 via CIA World Factbook; Text from the article “WHO alarmed by rising HIV cases in the Philippines, published in (June 7, 2012) (source: I Have AIDS Please Hug Me. 1987. Photograph. Web. 13 Aug 2012. <>.) CORRUPTION: A Facebook page urging people to end the unjust practice of the officers in the Bureau of Customs List of Government Officials facing corruption cases as reported by the Office of the Ombudsman’s Finance and Management Information Office (FMIO) dated May 22, 2012 (source:; AIR/WATER POLLUTION: Images showing polluted air and water. Photos showing air pollution are taken in 2011 by Jeong Seung Hwa. Photo showing water pollution found online. An excerpt from the article “Water pollution in Asia: The urgent need for prevention and monitoring” on the Global Water Forum’s website Banner headline from the article “ Breathing Metro Manila air now risky–DOH published in February 26, 2012 on Inquirer News (sources:;;

06 August 2012

06 August 2012

13 August 2012

13 August 2012

13 August 2012

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