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Veronica Di Blas

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Master’s degree in architecture University of Udine, Italy

summer 2014

floating architecture course held by Julia Schilling e Daniel Schwabe Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany


Bachelor of Science in Architecture I.U.A.V., Venice, Italy

summer 2010

workshop held by Angelo Torricelli, architect.

summer 2009

workshop held by Peter Rich, architect.

summer 2008

workshop held by Dustin Tusnovics, architect.


scientific high school degree Liceo Giovanni Marinelli, Udine, Italy

june-september 2006

study experience at Long Bay College. Auckland, New Zealand


january 2017-present

collaboration with RACell Copenhagen, Denmark

december 2016

Finalist 35W2 competition in collaboration with Andrea Della Longa Milan, Italy

september-october 2016

collaboration with TERROIR competition for new visitors center at Mols Bjerge National Park in Denmark


MAP Architects Copenhagen, Denmark

may 2016

5th place in the international competition for the Best Portfolio Topic: the regeneration of abandoned areas organised by BAF Bolzano Architecture Festival

march 2016

competition for Autostrade per l’Italia in collaboration with Andrea Della Longa

january 2016

news items for Kleine Zeitung Sonntag

december 2015

lecture regarding my thesis work Ant_ropic as a part of the course “Architectural Design” by prof. arch. Piotr B. Barbarewicz University of Udine

summer 2014

proposal for a recreational park in Quatar preliminary study in collaboration with prof. arch. Sebastiano Cacciaguerra


graphic designer for Circolo Culturale P. Valussi, Udine, Italy

april 2014

competition for an exhitition area Zanutta Spa. Pordenone, Italy


internship at Studio Burelli Udine, Italy


computer and graphics: Autocad Revit SketchUp Pro Rhinoceros Cinema 4D Artlantis Studio Maxwell V-Ray Luxion Keyshot Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom Adobe Indesign Flow Design 3d printer software

language: Italian: native language English: fluent (speaking, reading, writing) French: intermediate (speaking, reading); basic (writing) German: basic


Ant_ropic published by KooZA/rch February 7, 2017 Finalists 35w2 competition Ant_ropic. Exposition during the Biennale Session, Venice Biennale November 25, 2016 Pavillon Til GL. Holtegaard, SCENERI published by Danish Assosiation of Architects,%20sceneri%20-%20udstilling CiMoLoD by “CimolArt 2016” published by gooood September 22, 2016 CiMoLoD published by DIVISARE September 19, 2016 “Udine hat viel Charme“ published by Kleine Zeitung Sonntag January 24, 2016 newspaper Kalø Tower Visitor Access, MAP architects (regarding the nomination for the EU mies award 2017)

Ant_ropic thesis supervisor Piotr B. Barbarewicz The proposal addresses the flooding problem in Amazonia drawing inspiration from how Fire Ants respond to this creating a living raft. Data on the tides, wind intensity and its direction was considered and responded to, to understand how the city could spread. From a starting point to an (ideal) infinite number. The internal disposition of functions is based on studies regarding relationship in the old villages close to Belem do ParĂ . The result is a floating city that could ideally respond to the flooding and slums problems giving new services. Published by KooZA/rch February 7, 2017

CiMoLoD self-construction workshop, Cimolais (ITA) “CiMoLoD è il risultato del workshop CimolArt 2016 in cui architettura e landart, nutrendosi degli elementi paesaggistici più rappresentativi del luogo, Torrente Cimoliana, Monte Lodina e Dosso Nadei, hanno dato vita ad un nuovo avamposto nel paesaggio dell’alta Valcellina. Il manufatto architettonico e l’intervento di land art si fondono assieme entrando in relazione con l’esistente argine artificiale costruito per contenere le piene del torrente. I partecipanti al workshop hanno affrontato il tema di affidare un nuovo ruolo funzionale a tale manufatto, visto quindi non solo come elemento prettamente tecnico ma come possibile spazio utilizzabile per la sosta e la meditazione, in grado di ricucire la relazione tra il margine del torrente ed il parco adiacente. Come la piena del torrente Cimoliana ha scalfito l’argine in calcestruzzo e pietra, dimostrando ancora una volta la capacità della natura di riprendersi i propri spazi, analogamente l’opera di land art, che si materializza in “un’onda” composta da rami secchi, plasma il manufatto architettonico in legno che ha il compito di “riparare” l’argine e offrire una comoda seduta ai fruitori. Da qui, al riparo tra i rami, è possibile ammirare lo straordinario paesaggio delle Dolomiti friulane.” Published by DIVISARE September 19, 2016

Aurora Pavilion MAP Architects, Copenhagen For millennia, the northern lights caused a stir. The ethereal light that dance across the firmament and in all its glory can both intimidate and marvel. “Morgenrødet i nord” is the physical way the earth’s meeting with the sky, and probably also the most hunted natural phenomenon of all. It appeals to human curiosity and an inner quest for knowledge about what it perhaps is that hazards across the night sky. It is this attraction that is the inspiration for this project.

All sky camera It is a camera with “fish eye” optics that can take photos and video of the northern lights in the sky at once, 360 degrees from horizon to horizon. The observatory is equipped with this camera and can transmit the northern lights and simultaneously live-stream from other All sky camera located at stations along the west coast and/or the rest of the Arctic.

11/15 TIME: 22.30 11/16 TIME: 23.00

Northern Light Forecast It is possible for visitors to get notice of when an aurora occurs. This notice is presented in intuitive shape and gives a current message about the opportunities to experience the Northern Lights in the n next hour. Moreover devised a “Northern Light forecast”, based on real-time data and can be downloaded as an app.

When the solar wind interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field may occur in the magnetosphere exciting processes that result in an acceleration of charged particles in a range, called the plasma sheet. The charged particles udder longest magnet horrid lines down towards nordlysovalen and collide with atmospheric atoms and molecules. This collision results in emission of a flash of light, it is the flash of light which together form the northern lights.

Sceneri Pavilion team: D. Adamitis, A. Della Longa, V. Ladino, M. Tomulescu. Copenhagen The idea is to display visitors directly into the scene. Sit on it, climb up and down, discover and explore the structure on different levels. The lace appererance on the pavilion facades makes that the outside can perceive there is life inside. When you are in the pavilion, one is both an actor and a spectator.




Space Oddity finalist 35w2 competition in collaboration with Andrea Della Longa “This is Major Tom to Ground Control I’m stepping through the door And I’m floating in the most peculiar way And the stars look very different today.” ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie

The project plays on the idea of endless fuid space and on transparency. People are able to move freely, semitransparent curtains allow some spaces to be closed while maintaining a high degree of transparency throughout the entire living room. This creates a variety of events where the person is the main focus, shaping the space as necessary. The aim was to design a living room linking the old and the new. The curtain, a veil, and the grid are autono- mous, but are working together accompanying the historical context. Not overlapping. These elements also allow a spatial inventiveness, a poetic dimension and a new conception of the living room. The grid contains U shaped boxes that can be used as a seat when friends are visiting. Our concept of book- shelf revolves around movement of people and ideas. The living room is going to be precise and rational in it’s conception, varied and poetic in its spatial richness.

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Veronica Di Blas_Portfolio 2017  

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