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Rapid Legal Adds Orange County eFiling & eService to its Suite of Services Rapid Legal Inc., a leading provider of online court filing, process serving & document retrieval today announced it now offers eFiling and eService with Orange County Superior Court. “We’re thrilled to offer Orange County eFiling and eService to our customers as an approved electronic filing service provider,” said David Nill, president of Rapid Legal. He added, “Orange County Superior Court’s mandate requiring all documents to be electronically filed in limited, unlimited and complex civil actions beginning January 1, 2013, made it important for us to offer eFiling and eService for customer compliance. Further, we believe law firms and customers alike should have access to the most prompt, reliable electronic court filing and process serving service available. Our aim is to provide that and be their electronic filing service provider of choice.”

“We continue to see a movement toward electronic filing (eFiling) and service (eService) by court systems as they face shrinking budgets requiring them to seek efficiency gains,” said Vanessa Valdez, vice president of marketing and products. “As this market trend continues, Rapid Legal is committed more than ever to integrating our online portal with courthouses throughout California to deliver greater value to our customers.”

About Rapid Legal Since 1994, Rapid Legal has been providing customers across the country with the easiest, fastest, and most reliable legal support services in the industry with a demonstrated track record of excellence and exceptional customer service. Rapid Legal has offices throughout California and a nationwide network of affiliates to handle your court filing, process serving & document retrieval requirements. For more information please Visit

Rapid legal adds orange county efiling