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My name is Veronica Acosta and I’m a second year M.Arch student at Parsons The New School for Design. I am passionate about phenomenology and making experiences that enrich our everyday life. I’m interested in architecture as place-making and believe in the important relationship between place and behavior. I strive for creative simplicity, resourcefulness, and craftsmanship in design and problem solving. I am less interested in what architecture is and more interested in what architecture does, as a piece of a larger system. I’m interested in finding opportunities to affect lots of people in a fast, flexible, and even mobile way in the urban context.

GRASSCREEN A fabric screen is

manipulated to provide privacy as well as playful views to the newly renovated “fish bowl� staff offices. A grasshopper definition was created to generate apertures that respond to desk locations directly opposite the main hallway.

Clemson University Professor David Lee | Spring 2011 Design Build | Digital Fabrication 12 weeks Lee Hall Architecture School Staff Tower Clemson, SC TEAM Veronica Acosta Nate Boykin Jonathan Jones Kevin Miller Jeffrey Pauling Alex Tomlinson

HATCHPAD A foam hub in which “HATCH-ees� can hang out, share ideas, and relax during the four day conference. The HATCH Festival aims to generate an atmosphere that encourages crosspollinations in film, music, journalism, architecture, design, technology, photography, fashion and entrepreneurship. Clemson University Professor Doug Hecker | Spring 2011 Design Build | Digital Fabrication 10 weeks HATCH Festival Asheville, NC TEAM Veronica Acosta Honor Consentino Brittany McGraw Rebecca Mercer Christian Piansay Alex Tomlinson Henry Wilkinson

CRUMPLELISTIC A storing device inspired by trash. The spacial quality created by random folds and creases within a crumpled piece of paper is analyzed. A digital model of a crumpled piece of paper is then cut in sections, exploded, and reinterpreted physically in wood providing creative opportunities to store and hang objects. Parsons The New School for Design Professor Nicole Robertson | Fall 2011 Design Build | Studio Project 2.5 weeks Parsons M.Arch Studios New York, NY TEAM Veronica Acosta Rebecca Fitzgerald

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Veronica Acosta

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