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ISLANDS OF SOLITUDE Havens of peace and quiet in the city

Manhattan, New York City One of the most accelerated cities in the world.

Islands of Solitude Improving the everyday quality of life in the city.

Broadway & Riverside Dr./Dyckman St.

Broadway & 169th St./170th St.

Broadway & 65th St./66th St.

Broadway & 39th St./40th St. Broadway & 23rd St./5th Ave. Broadway & 14 St./Union Square E

Broadway & Park Row Broadway & State St./Whitewall St.

Flatiron North DOT Public Plaza At intersection of Broadway, 5th Ave., and 23rd St.

Broadway 5th Ave.

23rd St.

How can serenity be achieved in the middle of a busy intersection? This answer will open the door to creating havens of tranquility, not on the outskirts of cities, but in the center on them. This is rooted in the belief that a place for solitude and quiet is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is not just for the weekend, but for moments in a weekday, when we actually need it. It contributes to improving our health, happiness, and productivity in the long run. By providing spaces for solitude to city inhabitants, this thesis aims to better the everyday quality of life in the city.

12,729 Sq. Ft.

Islands of solitude  

thesis 2014. veronica acosta. parsons the new school for design