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May 2020

Attorney Suren G. Adams

Shares Why Planning For The Future is Imperative – More Than Ever May 2020 | 1


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Publisher’s Corner

Letter from the Editor Strong Role Models

8  Attorney Suren G. Adams

Shares Why Estate Planning Is Imperative

14  Movers and Shakers


Women We Admire in The Community

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A Tribute to our Frontline Responders and Essential Workers

4 | May 2020


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It’s that time again—a new month, a new issue, and this one is just as gorgeous as the one before it. My personal kudos to our Editor In Chief Alyson Turner and Layout Designer Natthaphon Foithong; our team is exceptional! Our community and Business Owners have faced so many challenges the last two months, but we have pulled together as one. This month brings with it an abundance of joy—bright blue skies, a rainbow of flowers and, of course, the celebration of Mother’s Day on May 10.

Here’s To You 6 | May 2020

In this issue we will be highlighting some of our “Movers and Shakers”; women in our community—who lead with grace and strength. The following pages are filled with stories that inspire us all to appreciate the women in our lives and to strengthen the connection we have with our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters. So, to the women of Bowie—May you find a quiet moment to enjoy this issue we’ve lovingly dedicated to you.

Veronica Fountain President & Publisher Simply Bowie Magazine

Letter from The Editor I come from a long line of strong women. My great-grandmother was a sweet little lady who lived to be almost 99 years old. It is always interesting to hear stories about her life because by the time I was born she was already 70 years old. I’ve been very blessed to have had so much time with my great-grandmother. These days my Nana is now a greatgrandmother to my own children who love her dearly. I also love to see the bond between my children and my own mother. They say that there is nothing like having grandchildren. I can see that through the eyes of my children when they talk to their “Lala”.

During this time of social distancing and staying-at-home, it can be very lonely to be apart from the ones we love. We spend lots of time talking on the phone and on video calls to keep in touch. It will make life that much sweeter when we are finally able to see each other once again. For now, let’s celebrate all of the strong women in our lives. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them! And Until We Meet Again, Be Well, Bowie.

Alyson Turner Editor In Chief

Staying Strong May 2020 | 7

Attorney Suren G. Adams shares why it is imperative, now more than ever, to focus on estate planning and getting your financial house in order Text Alyson Turner Photography Suren G. Adams

8 | May 2020


uring these challenging times, it is truly important to focus on having peace of mind and having things in place can help us take control over the things that we are able to. Attorney Suren G. Adams with Adams Law Office, LLC took some time to explain why getting your financial house in order including your estate planning is critical. “We are still open. We are available to help with all of your needs virtually. Even after [the pandemic] passes this heightens the need to have plans in place. We all walk around feeling immune to these events. We walk around thinking these things happen to other people, but it shows that we need to be prepared. We want to protect ourselves and our family. We are all working remotely. You can schedule online on our website and you can call the office.” Adams Law Office focuses on two ends of the spectrum when assisting clients in getting their financial house in order. There is estate planning and probate which is needed if anything were to happen to you. There is also customer bankruptcy and debt elimination. “With estate planning clients, we primarily focus on helping families to protect minors from getting placed with Child Protective Services if the parents are incapacitated. We also focus on making sure beneficiaries are in place so that clients know who will receive their assets,” Ms. Adams says.

May 2020 | 9

to rebuild their credit to a high score, but you do have to work on rebuilding or the bankruptcy has a negative impact on your credit,” Ms. Adams says, “After people have struggled for months and years, they have spent their retirement trying to rebuild their credit without help. We have a process in this country that can help people with a fresh start. We go over how to rebuild credit and how the entire bankruptcy process works.”

She also highly recommends estate planning, no matter your age. “The primary reason that a young person should have estate planning as soon as they turn 18 is because there is no way for anyone to legally handle your finances and affairs if you become incapacitated. Parents are not allowed to access your medical information, so you will need a power of attorney and an advanced directive in place. This protects you so you have the right person able to access with your accounts,” Ms. Adams says. “It is critical for a young family to have these documents in place. If you are away from your children and then you become incapacitated the police will show up and take your family into protective services if there are no family members at home with them at the time. You must have a separate document in addition to your will that says who will take care of your children called a guardianship designation if you are incapacitated. In addition. there should be a separate trust for financial assets to ensure that your money and finances are distributed appropriately to your beneficiaries.” During this unexpected pandemic, it is especially important to make sure your documents are in order. You may have to be hospitalized with no contact to others. These legal documents must be in place so that someone can take care of your affairs. Adams Law Office also handles bankruptcy and debt elimination. “In our practice, we really focus in on credit rebuilding. We sign all of our clients up for free to take a virtual course on credit rebuilding for a year after bankruptcy. Usually within two years after filing bankruptcy these clients are able


These matters can seem overwhelming, but Ms. Suren Adams and her team are able to help you. “That is the reason that we have a team and there is always someone available to answer questions or go over documents.” The membership program allows clients to update their documents annually. Clients keep the originals, but Adams Law Office can walk you through any questions. Once a month, Adams Law Office does seminars regarding legacy planning. “It is important that everyone stay well-educated and having information is the key to making wise decisions. You have to know the facts of what can happen and what to avoid. Even in our legacy planning sessions we completely go over their state of affairs. Here is what would happen to you right now, here are the things to put in place if things don’t go well. We teach clients what these documents mean and what these documents do in order to make a good and correct decision “



(301) 805-5892

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From the Experts I have been thinking about how to offer some reassurance during this difficult time for everyone. I thought back to a couple of weeks ago while my husband was selfquarantined in our basement because he was suffering from coronavirus symptoms, and then all of a sudden one night I got a high fever, aches, and pains. I had a sleepless night filled with worry. My mind immediately went to thoughts about my son and what would happen if both my husband and I had to go to the hospital or worse. We just updated his Guardian designations this year—did I remember to let the new designees know where our planning documents are? Did I mail them their copies of the Guardian designations and the Medical Power of Attorney for my son in case HE gets sick? What about my mom, who is 81 that we saw recently—did we get too close to her? Does my sister have a copy of my mom’s Health Care Directive? It was a long, horrible night. I thankfully felt better in the morning after taking some Tylenol and as quickly as it came on—the fever was gone. My husband recovered also, but it took 2 weeks. Thankfully my plan has been completed for many years now and is updated frequently, which brought peace of mind. I do estate planning every day, and clients always tell me how much better they feel when it is completed. I had the same feeling the morning after that fever when I pulled out my documents and verified everything was in place. I even made a couple of tweaks while I had everything out. My advice to our past estate planning clients is to make sure that the people who need to know are updated about where your planning documents are and that your documents themselves are up-to-date. If you do not have your estate plan completed, start with this free guide that my mentor did a couple of weeks ago where you can at least create a list of assets so your loved ones know what to take care of: Create Your Free Resource Map. You can also sign up to meet with me virtually. What I can say for sure is—in this time when there are so few things within our control, this is one of the few things that we CAN control. This, and staying indoors, checking on our family, friends, and neighbors, and praying that we all stay safe and healthy! That is my prayer for all of you and for your family. – Suren

May 2020 | 11





TESTIMONIALS “We want to thank you so much for everything that you have done. You have not only been a great attorney, but a sincerely wonderful person as well.” – Greg and Angela (Washington, DC) Thank you Suren! You have been a blessing to me during this very difficult time. Thank you very much for all of you efforts on my behalf.” – Juanita (Upper Marlboro, MD)

12 | May 2020


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May 2020 | 13

MOVERS AND SHAKERS Here’s To The Women We Admire Affecting Positive Change In Our Community



tate’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy discovered a passion for government and politics when she was studying for her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland College Park. “When I was in undergrad I actually wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, eventually I landed on government and politics as I had taken some interesting courses toward that degree. I started taking additional classes and one of the classes that I took was called Blacks and the Voting Rights Act taught by Professor Donna Brazile [Political Strategist]. We read a lot of case law because many of the issues revolved around the legal right to vote. I truly found a passion in reading about various cases how the law interfaced with our justice system not only to put people away, but to guarantee our rights. I saw that law was a passion for me. I applied to several schools and wanted to stay close to home. I really wanted to go to Howard University School of Law; it is the best in the country for civil rights, it has a lot of history and a personal connection for me. It is a tradition in my family to take at least one degree at Howard.”

Though she had a diverse and successful team, she was especially proud of the women she worked with. “I put together a wonderful team including a fantastic female campaign manager. Women are not always looked to as the go-to person to run a campaign, but I gave people opportunities because I felt like they could do it and they stepped up to the plate. Both my campaign manager and my field directors are women. I have had some very strong women stand behind me in my toughest fights to propel me where I am today.”

State’s Attorney Braveboy is continuing to work diligently to help our community and to solve the issues and challenges we face today. She shares, “Especially during the time of this pandemic, the number of petitions for domestic violence protective orders has gone up. Domestic violence and child abuse are of particular concern to me. I also focus on the populations within our community that are most vulnerable to scam artists including the elderly, our immigrant population and our disabled communities.” Another issue that the State’s Attorney is making a focused effort on is making charging decisions State’s Attorney Braveboy began a more quickly in impaired driving cases. AISHA BRAVEBOY career in telecommunications law before “In Bowie, we have had some tragic motor STATE’S ATTORNEY moving on to local government. “When I vehicle fatalities and one [which] killed 6 graduated I thought that I would go into people due to impaired driving We have telecom law, but after a few years I was asked by the County been prosecuting those type of cases a lot sooner because of Executive at the time to do legislative work in his administration our focused effort to make charging decisions in many cases and started getting into policy work. I found a calling for we have been able to indict in a month or less. We have been helping people and local government really is a great way able to do this on a few cases to charge those cases so we can to connect with the people I was serving.,” she says, “I had the bring justice to families a lot sooner. In addition, homicides have opportunity to run for office which was about 4 years after I increased and stayed on the same track as last year. Homicides started. I decided to run for State Delegate in January 2005. remain a big issue in our community. We don’t have a lot of them My predecessor, Anthony Brown, decided to run for Lt. Governor compared to other crimes, but they affect the psyche of our with Martin O’Malley and there was a vacant seat. I had to run community and we have to be vigilant about that.” independently because the ticket that had formed did not have Can you provide our community some words of encouragement me on it yet. My sister, who had never run a campaign, was my while we navigate these uncertain times? campaign manager. My sorority sister was my field director. We I think that we must continue to be faithful and we must continue were looking on the internet to learn how to run a campaign. We to have hope. While none of us expected or wanted to go worked really hard and got a lot of support from the community. I through a pandemic There are aspects of the changes that we was out every day knocking on doors and I won that campaign.” have to make in our daily life that are not all negative. We can While she truly enjoyed her work, she found a desire to implement spend more time on our families, reconnect with loved ones, taking new changes. “I was the first African American woman to run for care of yourself, taking up hobbies that we never had time for. the Attorney General of Maryland in 2014. I did not win, but it Sometimes we are presented with opportunities to do things a opened my eyes to the challenges that citizens and residents of little bit differently and a little bit better. This is an opportunity our states are facing, criminal justice, consumer rights, disability to do better and to work on these positive things once we are rights and many others. Even though I didn’t win it did not deter outside of the pandemic. Connecting with family and looking out me. I got called on to help with a number of issues and when the for neighbors is a priority. Take time for yourself and take from this opportunity came to run for State’s Attorney I felt very passionate pandemic the positive changes that we have been able to make. about the issues in our community including domestic violence and scams targeting our elderly,” the State’s Attorney tells us. SAO.MyPGC.us

May 2020 | 15





oxy Ndebumadu faced many challenges growing up. She fought through those obstacles since childhood and became a leader in the technology field. “What really inspired me to go into the technology space is that I spent a lot of time growing up in Africa. My parents grew up in Nigeria and many of my family live there. There was not a lot of infrastructure there at the time. I went to college and graduated from Howard University. I felt that I wanted to have a bigger impact and it was a bigger challenge for me to go into technology which led me to Microsoft. I felt like they were a leader in the community and it is important to me to work for a company that serves NDEBUMADU the community,” Roxy says.


She then decided to affect a positive change by running for Bowie City Council. “I lived here in Bowie for 19 years, went away to college, and then lived in Montgomery County for a few years. When I came back, I saw that things were changing, I saw that Bowie didn’t look like the Bowie I remembered. For me this signaled that we were not progressing. I felt like we needed more infrastructure here to support the quality of life our residents want. I wanted to be the change you want to see. As a young person I always wish that I had

someone to advocate for me so I wanted to be that advocate for our community. That is why I ran for Bowie City Council,” Roxy says, “It is a common mistake is that people think you can only contribute if you are at a certain place in life, a certain race, a certain status. We need representation from all walks of life, all areas of life, we need to advocate for technology. There were not many young people on the Council, there weren’t many African American females.” She advocates for young women to trust their dreams and not to let their goals be rejected by naysayers. “Believe in yourself and trust that. If you have an idea, you cannot diminish yourself or make yourself smaller to make others feel comfortable around you. If there is anything that you want to accomplish and you want to achieve- go for it. Go after your dreams. There will be people who tell you that you’re not good enough, you are not qualified, you are not allowed to do that. They can’t see your dreams and they can’t chase your dreams. Trust yourself and go after it.” Roxy also acknowledges the strong women in her life who have supported her and given her wisdom. “Sophia Nelson is an author of The Woman Code. It teaches women that this is what you need to embrace. She is an advocate and an authentic person. She told me, ‘Be YOURSELF, go after your dreams and don’t worry about the people who do not believe in you. She always reminds me of that. When I ran for Council, she was always there for me.” Roxy also credits Kathleen Hogan, the Executive VP of Microsoft to the CEO, as great support. “She is a phenomenal human being. I wrote a linked in article about her a month ago. She told me to “Always live in my fearlessness and never diminish my voice.” When you are doing something bigger than yourself can be so scary. Kathleen has taught me to be fearless and to be empathetic. Someone out there needs to hear your voice.” She has also had support from Christine Riley, “I met her when I was working full-time as a front desk at the Rosewood Hotel. She is a partner at a law firm. Christine said to me, “There is a light that shines bright within you and don’t dim it down.” She didn’t even know me. We spoke for 20 minutes when she said this to me. It makes a world of difference for others to be seen. Everyone wants those things to feel validated and have that confirmation.”

What would you like to say to the community during the pandemic? I want the community to remember to stay strong. All of these people are working to support them, to fight this pandemic to make sure we come out stronger on the other side. They are doing the best they can to help. If there is anything people need reach out to us, there is no one person who has the expertise. Please reach out to us [your community leaders] we need to think of everyone; thinking of all angles and there is no one right answer. Keep your spirits up and stay mindful. We are going to come out better, stronger and we are going to learn from this experience. I want people to remember to stay hopeful and stay encouraged. It will teach us how to collaborate better and how to serve our constituents and our citizens. It will teach us patience it will teach us to grow as a community and a country. Trust the process. Know that people are working hard on your behalf. RoxyNdebumadu.com | FB, IG, Twitter @roxyndebumadu

16 | May 2020

Of all the things that I do the greatest joy in my life is being the mom of two sons; one who is 12 years old and one who is 15 years old. that is the biggest joy that I have because everything I do is for them.” Dr. Mesheca C. Bunyon is driven and successful. She practices optometry and co-owns her practice with her husband, Dr. Lamont Bunyon. She knew from a young age that she wanted to help people. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and I was very nearsighted so I had to go to my pediatric optometrist several times a year. His name was Dr. Alvin Baum. He was a local celebrity and a clown in the Ringling Barnum & Bailey circus. I had such a great experience whenever I went there. It was fun and happy. Sometimes he dressed in his clown suit when he was doing his exams. It was always such a great memory and when I was in high school that I decided to become a doctor. . Then, in my junior year at Morgan State University that I decided I wanted to be an optometrist,” Dr. Bunyon says. It can be hard to decide on a career path. “I would say first. Find out what in particular you are interested in. Do your research on that field or industry. Then, find a mentor. If you are interested in optometry, then you should shadow an optometrist or volunteer to help.” Dr. Bunyon has also streamlined a process to help other doctors maintain their staff. “I just launched my new book. Fix My Staff: Tools to Create and Retain An Unbreakable Team. Part of my story starts with Dr. Baum and having that great experience with his office. I remember how excited and enthusiastic his staff was as well. For 20 years I have been an employer while co -owning this



practice and being an employee. One thing that really frustrates doctors is trying to fix staff management and development. I offer consulting to help doctors optimize their staff so that doctors can focus on patient care and revenue. I am also the president of the Maryland Board of Examiners in Optometry. This is under the Board of Health Occupations. I was selected for the board by the governor of Maryland” Dr. Bunyon says, “The book goes through different tools that every office should have to create and retain staff. It is an ebook on Amazon and hit best-seller status in four different categories. I am taking preorders for the autographed copies. Writing has been something that I have always liked to do. I am a contributor of content to one of the subsidiaries to WebMD and contributed articles to the Review of Optometric Business Magazine.” Dr. Bunyon gets her can do attitude from her mother. “I have always been inspired by my mother. My mom is the shero of my life. She raised myself and my two brothers as a single mother. She went from being a single stay at home mom to becoming the first African American police captain in the State of Virginia. She also helped illiterate adults learn to read. Leadership has always been in my DNA. She always told me, ‘Life is all about the choices you make.’ I have made the decision to be a doctor, to be the best wife and mother I can be and now the choice I am making is to help other doctors.”

DR. MESHECA C. BUNYON Can you provide our readers some words of encouragement through these challenging and confusing times?

I would just say for one to be patient and that nothing lasts forever. There are storms, and in my opinion there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm. Take this time to really spend time with your family and to think about things that really matter to you. Use it as a time to reset life. My grandma used to say, ‘Trouble don’t last always.’ So I always try to look at the bright side. DrMesheca.com


May 2020 | 17





ladys Weatherspoon is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer in Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia. She is the former Chief of the FelonySection, of the Public Defender Service, and has skillfully managed and trained well over 50 lawyers to become successful Trial Lawyers. When Attorney Weatherspoon was entering into the 8th grade, she heard of a case on the news that sparked her decision to become a lawyer. “Terrance Johnson and his brother were stealing out of coin laundry machines when they were arrested in Prince George’s County. He was 15 years old. They were arrested. Something happened during the interrogation, and Terrance Johnson killed two police officers. He was charged as an adult. I remember wondering what could have happened to cause this boy to do such a thing. I followed the case closely, and paid close attention to his attorney [Kenneth Mundy]. Sometime during that case I decided I wanted to be a defense attorney. I never changed my mind. “ For over 25 years, Attorney Weatherspoon has successfully defended numerous high-profile and lesser known defendants. With more than 100 jury trials under her belt, she has obtained acquittals for her clients in a wide variety of cases. Through successful litigations before prominent judges in Maryland and the District of Columbia, she has earned a reputation for thorough preparation and expert cross-examination skills. The National Trial Lawyers Association has recognized Gladys as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America”, and she is a sought-after

public speaker on the topics of criminal law and effective trial practices.

After over 10 years in private practice in the county, Attorney Weatherspoon is now running to be appointed and elected by the community for Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge. “I took a different route to get on the ballot, but it is a legal route. I was discouraged from running, I was told how difficult people were going to make it. There are five seats. I only want one,” she says, “There is rumor going around that all I did was pay $50 and signed up to be a judge and was placed on the ballot.This is not true. I have spent 25 years as an attorney. I have 25 years of courtroom experience. I have 25 years of fighting injustice. I did not just “sign up.” I earned the right to be on the ballot and not because I paid $100, but because I worked just as hard, if not harder, then the people appointed by the governor. I encourage people to look all the candidates up, and then vote based on who we are, not based on what a politician or lobbyist told you to do.” Attorney Weatherspoon is married and has lived in Prince George’s County for 15 years with her husband, ELWarren R. Weatherspoon, a Metro Transit police officer and the drummer with the legendary 70’s R&B group“Heatwave”. She is the daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic and is bilingual. She would be the first Latina addition to the Prince George’s County Circuit Court. She also participates in the annual Covenant House Sleep Out, to raise money and awareness in support of homeless teenagers. She serves as an executive board member of Women Walking in their Own Shoes, A charity organization that focuses on helping women and children in Prince George’s County. Attorney Weatherspoon has this advice for those pursuing a career in the justice system. “I encourage anyone who wants to work in the “Justice System” to get a mentor. Someone who does the work you want to do and watch them, ask questions, and learn the day-to-day stuff. It’s important to genuinely care about people. And keep in mind that we are not the worst thing we have done. I think if you keep that mindset as a defense attorney, a prosecutor, a police officer, [and] a judge you can be fair. There’s nothing wrong with having compassion for everyone.”



Can you provide our readers some words of encouragement through these challenging and confusing times? These are difficult times, but they don’t have to be dark. I wake up every morning and write down three things I’m grateful for from the day before. One day it was ‘We finally found toilet paper.’ It helps me get my day started right.” GladysWeatherspoon.com

18 | May 2020



ennifer King enters her first full season coaching in the NFL and her first as the Redskins’ full-year coaching intern in 2020. In her role, King will work with the offensive staff throughout the course of the offseason, training camp and regular season and will specifically assist Randy Jordan with the running backs. Jennifer King enters her first full season coaching in the NFL and her first as the Redskins’ full-year coaching intern in 2020. In her role, King will work with the offensive staff throughout the course of the offseason, training camp and regular season and will specifically assist Randy Jordan with the running backs. King comes to the Redskins having coached in the National Football League, the Alliance of American Football and in the college ranks. King has participated in NFL coaching clinics from 2015-18 and also took part in the NFL Women’s Career in Football Forum in January of 2018. The forum was a highly selective two-day event which connected qualified female candidates for positions in football as coaches, officials, scouts and athletic trainers. King also has experience as a player. She was a seven-time All American quarterback and wide receiver for the Carolina Phoenix women’s tackle football team from 2006-17.


In 2018 she played wide receiver and defensive back for the New York Sharks women’s tackle football team and captured the 2018 WFA National Championship. Most recently, King played wide receiver and safety in the District for the D.C. Divas women’s tackle football team in 2019. King also has experience coaching women’s basketball. She was the Head Coach of Johnson & Wales University Charlotte from 2016-18. During King’s tenure the team had an 37-10 record and they captured the USCAA Division II National Championship in 2018. She was named the USCAA Division II National Coach of the Year in 2018. King also was an assistant coach on the Greensboro College women’s basketball staff from 2006-16. During King’s 10 years with the team, they went 136-54, won five conference titles and appeared in the NCAA tournament five times. King holds a masters of science in sports administration from Liberty University and holds a bachelor of science in sports management from Guilford College. She was a member of the Guilford College women’s basketball and softball team’s from 2002-06. Redskins.com


JENNIFER KING May 2020 | 19




Here or There? While we are home daydreaming of our next vacation, Simply Bowie wants to know.... Which exotic tropical destination would you choose? Let us know where you would go on Instagram @SimplyBowieMagazine.


20 | May 2020



Experience Peloton Get what you need to start training, whether it’s just the Peloton Bike, warranty and Membership, which gets you unlimited access to Peloton classes, or accessories to equip you and your family. OnePeloton.com May 2020 | 21


What’s Happening? ARTICLE

Check out some of these great virtual meetings that are happening this month!

Professionals Virtual Networking Prince George’s County Social Networking Group Join this Virtual Networking Event for local professionals. Local professionals will be able to log on and network together. You will share information about what you do as professionals, answer networking questions, share ideas & goals for the week and help with referrals to keep business going while the pandemic continues. The group will continue to leverage technology until a time when they can come together and network in person.

The Zoom link will be posted on Meetup.com.

Prince George’s County Planning Board Virtual Hearings

Legacy Planning Webinar

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Join Adams Law Office for a complimentary webinar; Are Your Affairs In Order? How to Leave a Legacy Instead of a Mess. You can learn why a will is NOT enough, how a Trust works and the benefits of using one in your estate plan, to protect your assets, control how and when those assets are distributed to your beneficiaries, and how to avoid probate and get assets to your family quickly without wasting time and money in conflict or court – DO NOT leave contention as your legacy. The webinar will be held online on Thursday, May 21 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. You can join on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19 and new procedures for social distancing, the Prince George’s County Planning Board will hold virtual hearings. Your participation is important! Members of the public are encouraged to participate. Register to speak by 10 a.m. the Wednesday before the Thursday meeting. Call-in information and web access details will be provided the Wednesday before the meeting. Submit comments and supporting documentation into the record by emailing PGCPB@ mncppc.org. Comment submissions must be received by Wednesday 10 a.m. BEFORE the meeting. Download an agenda and view meetings LIVE through our streaming service. A recording will be available for review after the meeting. You may also explore the library of past meetings on YouTube. Become a person of record by registering online.

The virtual hearings are subject to change. Visit PGPlanningBoard.org or call 301-952-4110 for updates.

22 | May 2020

Adams Law Office, LLC

To reserve your seat please visit AdamsLawOffice.com/leave-a-legacy.

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While you are spending more time with your family during this stay-at-home order, you can craft this delicious, fun meal that everyone will love! INGREDIENTS 2poundsgroundbeef (80%lean/20%fat) 1/2small onion, finelychopped 2teaspoonsW orcestershiresauce 2teaspoonstamari or soysauce 1teaspoongarlicpowder Freshlygroundblackpepper 6slicesmeltingcheese, suchascheddar, swiss, or American(optional) 6hamburger buns, split Toppingoptions: tomatoslices, lettuce, cookedbacon, avocado, sautĂŠedmushrooms, mayonnaise, ketchup

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Set out all of your toppingssothat everyone canchoosetheir favoritesandcustomizetheir homemadeburgers.

INSTRUCTIONS Heat thegrill. Heat anoutdoorgrill tohighheat (about 450°F), oruntil youcanholdyourhandaninchoverthe gratesfor onlyonesecond. O nacharcoal grill, arrangethecoalstocreateahighheat andalowheat cooking zone(direct andindirect grilling). M eanwhile, preparetheburger patties. Seasonthebeef. Placethegroundbeef onabakingsheet andgentlypat it intoalogabout 2feet long. Use your thumbtomakeadeeptroughinthecenter. Sprinkletheonionsevenlyintothetrough. W hisktheW orcestershire, tamari or soysauce, andgarlicpowder together inasmall bowl. Sprinklethisover theonions. Finish withafewgrindsof freshblackpepper over everything. Shape the patties. Pinchthegroundbeef closedaroundtheonions. Dividethemeat into8equal portions usingachef knife, abenchscraper, or your fingers. Useyour handstogentlyflatteneachportionintoapatty about 1-inchthick. Trynot tocompact or overworkthemeat. Let theburgerssit at roomtemperatureuntil the grill isready, about 20minutes. Grill theburgers. Placethepattiesonthegrill inasinglelayer. Cookuntil grill marksappear, about 2minutes. Flipandcookuntil girll marksappear onthesecondside, about 2minutesmore. If usingacharcoal grill, move thepattiestoalower-heat (indirect) areaof thegrill. If usingagasgrill, reducetheheat tomedium.G rill 2to3 minutesmorefor medium-rareburgers, 3to4minutesmorefor medium,or 5to6minutesmorefor well-done burgers. Inthelast minuteof cooking, placeasliceof cheeseontopof eachburger andtoast thebuns. Assembletheburgers. Placeapattyoneachtoastedbunandservewithtoppings.


Hand-Cut Fries

INGREDIENTS 3largeRusset potatoes, well scrubbed 24ouncesvegetable, canola, or peanut oil Seasalt andmalt vinegar

INSTRUCTIONS Leavingtheskinon, cut thepotatoesintolongthinstripsandput inalargebowlof cleanwaterto removesomestarch, prevent themfromstickingtogether, andstoptheoxidizingprocess. Inacast ironskillet fittedwithathermometer, or asmall fryer, heat theoil until it reaches275to 300degreesF.Removethepotatoesfromthewater andpat dry. W orkinginsmall batches, frythe potatoesuntil theygofromshinytomatte, 3to5minutes(thisisalsocalledblanching). Drain well onpaper towels. Re-heat theoil until it reaches350degreesFandfrythepotatoesagain, alsoinsmall batches, until theyaregoldenbrownandcrispyontheoutsidebut soft andchewy ontheinside. Removefromtheoil, drainwell, andtosswithseasalt andmalt vinegar, or anyother seasoning youprefer. Youcanalsofry freshherbs suchas rosemary, sage, andthymewiththepotatoes. Servehot.

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octors, nurses and first responders. You are first line of defense in the war against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Perhaps never before have we seen up close.... the work, the sacrifice and the dedication of these medical professionals as we have now. We’re getting a closer look at what it means to be on the front lines, in hospitals, doctor’s offices and on the streets. We would also like to thank our essential employees including the staff at the local grocery stores, our delivery drivers, our mail carriers, and all of those who have kept working so that we may stay at home safe.

26 | May 2020

For this we say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do. From all of us here at Simply Bowie magazine to our frontline responders in Prince George’s County and across the globe.

THANK YOU May 2020 | 27



One of the best things about staying home is the chance to catch up on all of the fantastic movies that you haven’t had the time to watch. Here at Simply Bowie, we are enthralled by these three flicks. Which of these was your favorite? 1. Little Women by Greta Gerwig 2. Self Made (Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker) 3. A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry

Let us know


your favorite film for a quarantine movie marathon 28 | May 2020

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Simply Heal

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Virtual Workouts

AT HOME At-home fitness is more important now than ever. With more people working from home and practicing social distancing, keeping fit and staying active requires a unique approach — and one that’s not as easy as just frequenting a local gym or fitness studio (of which are now closed).




Text By Amy Schlinger

But while it’s important to stay healthy right now, we understand that paying for a fitness service may seem non-essential to your monthly budget. Doling out monthly dues for a multi-level gym with free weights, treadmills, and access to personal trainers is one thing but ponying up the money for access to a streaming video in your living room may not seem as viable an option. Thankfully, there exist plenty of free at-home virtual workouts that require nothing more than a little can-do attitude to use — and we’ve put in the time to test the best currently available. From fully featured workout apps via recognizable names like Nike to more beginner-friendly programs from the YMCA, we tried it all. Below, you’ll find our favorite free at-home virtual workouts that let you break a sweat at no charge. Here are the best free at-home virtual workouts: • • • • •

Best overall: Nike Training App Best for yoga: CorePower Yoga Best for beginners: YMCA 360 Best for intermediate fitness level: Life Time Athletic Best for boxers: FightCamp May 2020 | 31



Bold Beautiful Brilliant Girls Youth Empowerment Group Text Alyson Turner


r. Jacqueline Marshall has been working with young people in Prince George’s County for over two decades. Her compassion and devotion has helped countless students. ”God put me in places starting at Bowie High School to teach English to ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students. With some trial an error I realized that education was where I needed to be. I was making a difference in the lives of young men and young ladies.”

32 | May 2020

Her career in education taught her many things including the importance of mentoring and guidance for not only young people, but their parents as well. “Parents want the best for their for their children and they often don’t know what resources are available to them. When I worked as a principal I found that parents didn’t know where to go to access these resources.” During her time in the school system, she had connected with several

young ladies that faced many challenges in their lives both social and academic. She was the head of the young ladies group for middle school and found her self connecting with these students. This led her to create Bold Beautiful Brilliant Youth Empowerment Group. Bold Beautiful Brilliant Girls Youth Empowerment Group works towards its overall mission of empowering young ladies so that they may in turn empower their communities and the


world. The mission statement says, “Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant (BBB) Girls Youth Empowerment Group will develop middle to high school young ladies in Prince George’s County to be intellectual and innovative leaders in their community by focusing on community advancement, leadership, financial literacy, and college/ career readiness as they show love, equity, empathy, positivity and peace (LEEPP) for all.” Dr. Marshall’s passion for helping young people succeed is evident, “I am connecting with students in different districts all over the county. Our children often face the same obstacles in different environments. What I want to do is create a space that no matter where you come from we are all in this together. We will all come together and learn from one another.” One of the most rewarding and unique aspects of the group is encouraging the connection between the girls and their parents. “The group members created a vision board. Some of the parents stayed to create their own vision board as well. It can be very challenging with all of the responsibilities that a parent may have, but this is a unique opportunity, for example, to see a mother and daughter work together in this experience. It is a lesson that you are never to old to create a vision and focus on your goals,” Dr. Marshall says, “It is twofold parents are learning what resources are available and our members are seeing that connection while realizing that their parent right there with

them, supporting them. It is important to recognize.” “This is a significant piece of our organization. Supporting a powerful relationship between a parent and child and creating a space to for them to grow together. We are set to empower their daughters, but we also foster that relationship between the two. “ Potential members are encouraged to meet with Dr. Marshall and learn more about the group. “We love to meet with students and parents. It is important for everyone to see where we are located and consider if they are able to participate. We also give out our calendar. One of our requirements is that our girls are attending school every day and maintaining a 3.2 GPA or higher. We also let them know that we can support a student who is struggling academically and offer resources.” BBB Girls Youth Empowerment Group is truly about fostering success for young ladies in our community. To get them involved in positive work that helps make a difference in their live sand the lives of others. “We look to embrace and welcome families with young ladies into the program. We welcome all who want to become better and continue to grow through these positive goals.” Bold Beautiful Brilliant Girls Youth Empowerment Group accepts young ladies throughout Prince George’s County in grade 6 through 12. They are located in Largo, Maryland right off the beltway near the new hospital. For more information or if you are interested in joining, visit


BBBYeg.org and click on “Contact”. You can enter your contact information for a follow up and to become a part of the distribution list for upcoming events. Registration is free.

Bold Beautiful Brilliant Girls Youth Empowerment focuses on the following goals: Community Advancement – Giving back to the community that you live in. Help others where you are able. How can you contribute to your area in a positive way? Leadership Development – Goes hand in hand with service to the community. Encouraging our young ladies how to make a difference and take that initiative the help others. Members will often bring helpful ideas to connect with other organizations such as food pantries or events such as the Alzheimer’s walk. Leadership is about thinking beyond yourself. Financial Literacy – Be responsible with your finances. Starting as young as middle school, we can learn what it means to be financially responsible. We work together with our families to gain financial literacy in our home. It is an important way for parents and daughters to connect with one another. College & Career Development – Many students enter college and must immediately take out student loans. We hope to help girls who want to go to college in order to minimize student loan debt. and to support them with our programs and goals. Many of our goals and partnerships introduce young women to different careers and different colleges. We also hope to develop sponsorships that would enable our young ladies to attend college with scholarships.

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