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English 101 Q2 Essay # 3 09/27/2010 In class assignment INTI RAYMI The Inti Raymi, festival of the Sun, is an essential celebration for most people in Peru. The Inti Raymi was a religious ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of the God Inti. The Inti Raymi comes on June of every year. Some descent of natives Incas and indigenous actors participate in this Ceremony. First at all, this event has to be very organizing because it is going to be on TV. So the event organizers are working with different group of actors, dancers and designers during three months. The actors must speak very well Quechua which is the native language of the Incas. Most of the dancers are volunteers who have great skills dancing the typical music of the Incas. The designers make the typical dress of the Incas and they build the scenery from Qoricancha to Sacsayhuamán. This event begins in the Temple of the Sun also known as Qoricancha through the fortress of Sacsayhuamán which means Satisfied Falcon in Quechua. In the Qoricancha the Inca who is the Lord of Tawantinsuyo invokes the sun. The Tawantinsuyu means in Quechua “the four regions” the names of each region were Chinchaysuyo, Qulla Suyu, Antisuyo and Contisuyo. From the four corners of the square the delegations of the four "Suyos" are waiting for the Inca to express their salutations and respects. Then the Inca gives a message to his people based in the reaffirmation and integration of the Tawantinsuyo. He concludes his speech inviting everyone to Sacsayhuaman. The main ceremony is in Sacsayhuamán where four groups can be distinguished. The ulular starts the ceremony. And the Inca army warriors come holding the Tawantinsuyu banners. Then The Inca appears in the top of the rock and with his people in religious silence wait for the appearance of the God Sun. And when the Sun appears the Inca receives its first sunbeams that bathers him. The Inca offers a golden glass full of sacred chicha to his father Sun. And He takes a silver glass also full of chichi and drinks it. As a sample of his filial love for his father the God Sun. After this the "tarpuntay" priest opens the lama entrails and extracts the heart and the lungs as sacrifices to the God Sun. The "Willac Uma", assisted by his priests, wait for the signal of fire from the father Sun on the ritual container previously filled with cotton. This fire is symbolically distributed to the delegations of the four Suyos, to have them return with this valued present in their origin regions.

   Finally the Inca in a cheerfulness atmosphere delivers his final message calling his people for carrying on practicing the Tawantinsuyu culture values: "Ama suwa, ama llulla, ama qilla" that means "do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy", and carrying an ancient Religious tradition based on the principles of AYNI which means reciprocity. Concluding his message the feast begins flooded with music from the Tawantinsuyu's people. In conclusion the Inti Raymi is a huge event where more than nine hundred people participate. And it is a very important tradition in Peru. Also it results interesting that after many years the people from Peru are trying to keep their native culture, language and traditions.


Inti Raymi  

The Inti Raymi, festival of the Sun, is an essential celebration for most people in Peru.

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