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But Peter was not discouraged because every night he had dreams in which he was so big that everyone else came looking for him, and that made him very happy! Would it ever really happen or would it be just dreams?

One day on his way he crossed paths with a fox, Peter thought it was big, so an idea occurred to him:

-ď‚ž Hello, Fox, can I be your assistant? Someday I would like to be big like you!

_Big? You are so small that I can barely see you! Better dedicate yourself to doing stone things, like being part of a path... and leave me alone!

But Peter didn’t want to be part of a path! He had bigger dreams, so he continued to move forward thinking that someone really big would understand him. Then he came across someone who seemed huge.

_Hello, Orangutan, can I be your apprentice? I dream of being very big ... like you!

-Wow! A pebble, how naive! Settle for a nice garden decorating and leave me alone!

Peter thought that perhaps the orangutan wasn’t big enough to understand his dreams and kept walking until he came across someone who truly looked like a giant.

_Hello, Elephant, I would like to be your assistant, I want to be as big as you!

_What? But if you are too small! You cannot do me any good! Go roll some stream and go away because I don’t want to pulverize you with a stomp!