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DAY AND HOUR with the chaos and confusion going on in the world, people are looking for answers and directions. Perplex because they are seeing such a down spiral of the condition of the things on the earth they are seeking for clarity as to what is going to occur, why are these things happening and what can we do to change the course of it all. Prophesy today is a magazine that is designed to bring forth a clear and precise word to the people from reputable Prophets that have been tested and tried by a group of other Prophets. Because there is so much confusion about the Prophets and the Prophetic call we want to bring some important insight as well as important information that have been revealed to these Prophets concerning the days ahead upon the earth. OUR MAIN GOAL is to bring to the people the heart and mind of God concerning the last days. We want to give the people a sense of what directions things are about to go and how to prepare themselves for the things that must occur before the coming of the Lord. Enlightening the people with an understanding as to what, why and reason for the calamity, chaos and confusion going forth many times will cause them to have a peace of mind. It is uncertainty that causes people to lash out, become angry and rise up in violence against each other. Not realizing why things are taking a turn for the worse even though it seems as if society should be advancing and improving with all the modern technology which has caused many to become disillusioned distressed and mentally oppressed. IN A WORLD full of frustration, despair, hopelessness and sorrow we want to bring hope. The very answers we need are found in God. In this hour He is calling those that He has put His word in their mouths to reveal His heart, His nature, His love, plans, purpose and will in the earth. As the heart of God is revealed to the people it will change their perspective as to how they perceive what is taking place in this hour. They will not have to rely on their human imagination which will present to them an image of despair and trouble but they will be able to perceive the next move of God and know that despite of the problems that they will be alright. The church has risen up in panic because they can’t discern the times we are in. Being able to get clarity for all that is going on will help allow the heart of the people to come out of a discouraged place. THE VOICE OF GOD, THE CREATOR of all things needs to be heard over all the noise and confusion of the enemy. We see many people looking for answers in things and people that can only bring them to a worse state of confusion and cause them to be brought to a lower place of hopelessness. Hearing answers can help the mind to be eased of the troubled thoughts of “How are we going to make it?”, and “How are we going to survive?” The Prophets and prophetic voices along with the watchmen and intercessors are being called to come forth and help the people to understand the times we are living in. It’s time to receive the clarity we need to make the way more illuminated in the midst of the darkness of this present world.

Much love!


dr. Barbara r. thomas EDITOR-IN-CHIEF




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“Things must be in a specific model in order for the kingdom to function and operate efficiently."


Apostle Marquita Stevenson

The first thing that one must know is that “The church age is dying and the kingdom age is rising”. God is restructuring and realigning what we call today “The Church” globally. God is reforming that unit and bringing life back to it…He is causing instability to hit to restabilize and resuscitate the bride! It will take the putting on of the divinity of Christ the mind of Christ to understand His thoughts and ways. The Ecclesia is a living breathing functioning organism of its own and it operates solely under the jurisdiction of one king and that is the King of Kings. The church, as a whole has been operating in the old wineskin mentality, and doing this thing we call church. It has gotten away from the kingdom work that we are truly created, born and called to do. The church

is not necessarily something to be completely done away with; because it is the birthing place of the kingdom and kingdom citizens. However; God said that it is time for us to repent truly as a nation of people…. Psalms 7:12 If a man does not repent, He will sharpen His sword; He has bent His bow and made it ready. God is not pleased with us as a people; however there is a remedy. Ecclesiastes 10:10 says “If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success. This is meaning that what used to work is not valid any longer. Now this does not mean necessarily out with all the old. It just means we must stay up to date with the technology God is releasing pertinent to the season we are all entering

at a rapid rate. The church has been behind. There have been moves of God; The protestant move, Azusa Street move, and even the reformation movement, as well as the charismatic move. Throughout the generations’ things have been tainted and lost even from the beginning in Rome there was a mixture and this is why God is not pleased. However; He is awakening those who have been sleeping and the spiritually dead. He knew if He rose those who have already died a spiritual death they will fight to the death!! So He is restoring many and showing mercy as He had promised and because of His names sake, and He is raising up a whole new generation of generals! Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and the rest of the ecclesia to bring the body into a finished place globally. Each one will have a prophetic grace to assist in the end time move we must be a people who are led by the spirit of the Lord and not our own intellect. The end time move will consist of revival hubs, prayer centers, poetry places, five-fold ministry schools, places where wells are being dug in diverse places, not churches structured as we have seen in times past, prophetic centers where there is only prophetic things taking place, healing centers all over the world, rhema colleges where people will receive hands on training and certifications and licenses and affirmations in one place, places where homeless people can be reeducated and released back into the community as producing citizens, places raised up for

veterans, and those released from prisons, youth centers, Titus II women’s ministries teaching women how to be wives, even financial ministries birthing people from poverty to abundance, and more. These apostolic places will be out of the norm and regular box of what we call ministry as of now!! These places will be places where people can be equipped trained and sent out. God is taking the manmade mold out and breaking the back of poverty, religion, and traditions that have existed for generations and infusing people globally to do the acts as it is written. Another thing God is currently doing is He is training many on the battle field of true and real life experience just as He did with men of old

and women as well. He is releasing ancient mysteries to the bride this way she will be ready and fully dressed when He returns. He is taking the “I” and “meism” out of the church globally and infusing the apostles first with a unity like never before this way the body of Christ understands protocol and understands order. Things must be in a specific model in order for the kingdom to function and operate efficiently. He is bringing the proper foundation back into place and sealing the cracks that the house that is built is not upon sinking sand but a solid unmovable place. The Lord is training the bride to see so that deception will not be able to invade and many are not led astray; because see t he enemy can do

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signs and wonders; but he cannot produce the fruit of the spirit it is impossible because it is only produced by God’s spirit. Many can prophesy; however, it is vain jangling without love. The enemy cannot produce the things of the spirit and that is why we call it the spirit of prophecy. God has allowed many generals and mothers and fathers of the faith to be called home in order for the emergence to come forth. He is holding the generation arising to a strict standard and it is for them to restore the honor back to the body of Christ. Right now God had to show the church to the church to see if they repent meaning to see how out of order it has been (Ezekiel 43:10). He only shows us to heal us and bring us to a place of wholeness. We are not going backward we are building upward!! Onward and forward march!! Many are being offended by the releasing of the new breed that is arising in every sphere of influence and don’t understand why they are receiving the same pay as them so to speak (Mt 20). There is an acceleration and an urgency in the spirit so the bride will be prepared; however, God is building the bridges to seal up the gaps between the prior generations and the future generations. There is a need for this bridge. He is breaking of the spirit of entitlement. He never said that it would be easy. The life of a son is a life of suffering and persecution; but there are many benefits to son ship. He is truly causing a faith filled generation to seek His face and come out with

power to do what is necessary to prepare the bride for glory. We have had enough revivals. God is looking for a consistency of revival meaning that there must be a consistent prayer going forth from the bride. He is opening up the bowels of compassion in the body of Christ because for too long the bowels have been shut up (Philemon 1:7; 1 John 3:7; Mt 9:36). It is a ministry of service and servitude and humility and God is restoring that element to the body. Sure we can look at the negatives and any prophet are prophesying what they see naturally; but it is going to take the people of God staying on their faces to truly hear what thus saith God. He is a God of creativity. He is still creating now. Do you hear Him speak?? Relationship must spill over into the natural. One must be in a place of relationship and He must sit on the throne of your heart in this end time move. He is restoring the bride and the miracles and signs will follow and be a norm in the lives of His people (Mt 9:36; Mt 15:32; Philippians 1:8). God is awakening identity. He is not only giving the original blueprint but the foundations were set for us to build upon so the present day truth being released now are the precepts that will finish the house. One must learn to see out of the clear lenses and put away the lenses of old. Grater wisdom for greater release. The end time move is first birthed in prayer and then in us until it spills over into the neighborhood, local church, community, city, state, nation, and the world. It is a

domino effect. So what will it take? Prayer and submission. It will take one being pliable. You must adjust and readjust and learn to shift with Him as He creates. It takes accountability to who we are in our glorified state and coming out of the carnal place, and familiarity with God and others. That is maturity! It will take great faith! It takes consistency and revelation. One must know the truth in order to wage a good warfare. One must break out of the confines of the limitations they have been in so long.


must be in a place of relationship and GOD must sit on the throne of your heart in this end time move.


Apostle Marquita Stevenson is an end time apostle who operates heavily in a reforming grace. She has a didactic grace and is an efficient teacher of the word she does operate in signs and wonders and is called to bring the body of Gods sons into realignment and ultimately perfection and the completion of their assignments in the earth realm. She has worked with many leaders the first being Apostle Joseph R Hannah in Miami, FL where she received her foundation. She was an intercessor, evangelist, teacher, and worked in the ministry of helps and arts. She moved back to her home state TX and helped build with Bishop Jackie G. and Georgia Riles working as a youth leader, a watchman and gatekeeper, a young adult leader, and a women’s leader, also went out in evangelism and hospital visits and homeless shelters establishing men and women and children in their God given assignments and talents. She has worked alongside and with many leaders and was affirmed as an apostle by Apostle Shon Moblin-Young of BSY Ministries. She has an associate’s degree in Real Estate and has chosen to do ministry full time. She is the founder of Pure in Heart International Ministries and it is growing. She oversees two ministries thus far and she will have many ministries branch out of the covenant of Pure in Heart. She has a heart to serve God and His people and will continue until the job is done. She is a worshipper and believes that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him. She believes that only the pure in heart will see God and those who know their God will do great and mighty exploits to the Glory of the Father alone. She has worked with many to establish a new norm. She has hosted conferences, Blog Talk Radio, and conference lines. Her current assignment is burning the midnight oil at 11 CST and 12 EST Monday through Friday. Most recently she hosted The Birthing Chamber 4 a mighty encounter the theme was Restoring the Crown of Esther with guest speaker Apostle Barbara Thomas. She has upcoming teachings on marketplace ministry and soul ties beginning on Tuesdays and Thursdays again at 7 PM. She also works community events with locals and speaking engagements as the Lord leads in and out of town. She has been to ATL, NY, FL and many other places. Her ministry is a Spiritual Birthing Place and a Hub for the end time remnant and army. She operates in the sphere of influence that God has given her she has her hands in a few things currently working diligently as God allows. She has written a book about to be published and has more books in her. She does plan to have a school for five-fold ministers in the future and equipping station with hands on training. She has two beautiful daughters who are prophets Janecia Stevenson who is 18 and moved on to college and Taliyah Stevenson who is in first grade.

dr barbara thomas






“You will be used in this hour to restore the glory back into the church and cause the people to catch on fire once again.” I heard the Spirit say, shift the mind of the people and bring back the teaching of the word and remove the theological rhetoric that is bringing change to the people. There is a swift wind of change blowing that shall remove the voice of the enemy and bring the people from a hypnotic state of obedience to those that are false. The ears of the people shall pop open and their understanding shall become clear. I keep hearing The Lord say, My sheep know My voice and a stranger they shall not follow. The people are following the voice of man and are not hearing The Lord. They have shut their ears to the Word of The Lord so that their flesh can be entertain. Their eyes are dark with sin and their heart is overtaken with the love of unrighteousness. The Spirit of The Lord said, I am sending forth MY trumpeters that shall sound the alarm and cry holy upon the land. They shall carry the sword of the Spirit and they shall walk in righteousness they shall cover the land and speak my Word. They shall not hold back even my words of woe for the people are stiff necked and hard hearted but The Lord shall move and turn the stony hearts and

conviction shall come and the people shall surrender to Him. I heard Him say many shall fall at His feet and repent and fall in love with The Lord. There will also be a swift wind of judgment to set the captives free from the influence of ungodly men and women. The Jezebels will be uncovered in great measure. There shall be confrontation with false prophets and those that practice all kinds of evil. The true soldiers are arising now bold and fearless to challenge those things that oppose the Word and works of God. Those that hide behind their gifts but have no relationship shall be brought to an open shame for their lack of power and their lack of relationship with Him shall be revealed. We will know those working with God from those that are working for the things they can get out of Him. Many shall surely be uprooted from their comfortable place. There will be much moving in this season. Many will be placed in different cities states region and countries. to do the will of God. Much moving in this season. Get ready fire starters and glory carriers now your job begins. Go forth as God commands you and release His glory and start your fires and release your glory. It’s about to be a very unusual season.

PROPHETIC utterance



The Lord spoke to me and said, Son of Man my people have entered into a prophetic season where there has been weariness, drought, oppression, and heaviness, but there is about to be a RIVER in the DRY LAND AGAIN. Just as I let my people over by Joshua I will lead my people into a time of refreshing, restoration and recovery from the effects of the heat of adversity. For though I left you for a little while, with everlasting kindness I will turn to you again and I'm bringing my reward with me says the Lord of hosts. I am opening doors that no man can shut, I'm opening gates that no man can hinder, and the river shall flow again. You will no longer look back at the things you used to have, used to say and how you used to be, for behold I'm doing A NEW THING IN THE EARTH REALM! This is a set TIME and a appointed time says the Lord of host. The river of living water shall flow into your business, into your ministry, into your relationships, into your mind, and into your spirit. I'm about to

establish you and settle you says the Lord of hosts. The rivers shall come and overtake you just as I said in Deuteronomy. I'm speaking to you, the rivers (blessings) shall overtake and overshadow you this season, where there was no access and restrictions those Gates have OPENED and you will cross over into a land full of milk and honey; for this day I'm bringing you out of the hand of the Egyptians (Your Struggle Or Process) and I'm establishing you saith the Lord. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. Isaiah 43:19 NLT GOD is repositioning his people for a move of His Spirit and a demonstration of His power, and he is calling the church to BELIEVE, EXPAND & POSSESS at a greater level. It is time to break away from the fear that has held us back and embrace the next dimension, by faith.

God is repositioning

His people for A move Of his spirit and A demonstration of his power‌.

A motto that God has given me states that “the church is to BUILD, SUSTAIN AND ENLARGE. It is now the season for the Nehemiah anointing and mandate (assignment) for the saints of God to emerge and to do what he has called us to do. As we pursue, arise and come fourth, God is releasing favor to "get the job done“. Nehemiah, its time to REBUILD, REBRAND AND REFOCUS! Your time of progression is now as you set your feet and hands to the plow; The Lord will increase in might and power. Now that you have access to new dimensions, expect supernatural FAVOR to cause men to come to aide the fulfillment of your assignment (mandate). The current barriers that you are facing is not to keep you out but to produce the necessary strength, stamina and fortitude that you need for the next level. Adversity is not a sign something is wrong, it's an indication that you’re moving in the right direction. Keep Pushing! Your Close!

The past 7 Years was a training season to bring you to this point. SEVEN YEARS OF FAMINE IS OVER AND NOW COMES THE 7 YEARS OF HARVEST! God spoke to me and said the cycle has just shifted! Tribulation has turned into manifestation. "2+0+1+5= (8) "A NEW BEGINNING“. I dare you to say. : "I'm breaking out of old cycles!” and “My new is on the way!”

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make away in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah43:19


Prophet Mark Porter

an up and coming leader, transformer and general in the kingdom, is the Founder and cutting edge Visionary of Greater Works Ministries International. He is a governmental minister, social advocate, and a premiere voice that God is using as a radical influence on the spiritual climates of cities around the world. The Mandate on his ministry is to cross multi-cultural lines and reach different people from all walks of life through the strategic download of the Spirit, igniting paradigm shifts in nations, organizations, and people. His ministry career has shown that heaven has gripped him to confront, ignite, and give expression to the moves of the Spirit for this and successive seasons in the body of Christ.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Known primarily for a potent prophetic emphasis and mantle, Mark Porter preaches to bring to forehidden truths and revelation that unlock supernatural passion, zeal, and energy in the hearts of believers and leaders alike around the world, so they can aspire to accomplish at a higher level and ability. Mark Porter produces a challenging and penetrating word with strong articulation from the mind of God. While the theme of empowerment is his focus, it is through his relevant, powerful, life changing, and balanced ministry where he has become distinctly peculiar. His platforms extends to preaching, teaching, and speaking for social and cultural events, stimulating literary works, conferences, and church arenas. Porter has produced ministry works on subjects such as, “Overcoming Fear”, “Effects of Praise”, “Walking by Faith”, “Deliverance”.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn In addition to his Prophetic mantle, Mark Porter is a Philosopher, Life Coach, Mentor, and Life Strategists, and Entrepreneur, which enables him to shift the people's mind and focus to live at the next level and every aspect of life whether mentally, spiritually and emotionally or business to family spheres. Prophet Porter believe in accountability. He has faithfully served the powerful and dynamic ministries of Bishop Gregory Michael Davis, as well as the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship where he assists the Bishop's Council and daily protocols duties and junctions as he receives mentorship further training and equipping for the assignment that has been forward to him through the grace of God.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Mark Porter has a dynamic testimony of God's saving hand being delivered from generational curses broken home and extreme family issue he has been Mark in chosen as in end time example of change and transformation in the power of the cross. His life is a demonstration of change and God's miraculous power.



Prophetess Patricia J. Williams

Prophet is a man or woman that is ordained and called to be God’s mouthpiece. He tells them what to say and they cannot add or take away. God can’t talk to people unless they are listening, and sometimes it is easier to hear a message through another person, which is confirmation to what God has told them. God may ask you to tell someone something. You may not know what the communication means, but you will feel a strong desire to deliver the message. God won't force you, but He will be persistent. Only God knows the why behind the communication. You don't have to know why. You just decide to deliver the message.

The first great prophet in the Bible was Moses. Moses spent many years in the desert herding his father-inlaw’s sheep. One day, God called to him from a burning bush. God talked to Moses and tried to convince Moses that this was Him. But Moses wasn't convinced; he was a doubter. God told Moses that he was going to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses didn't think this was a very good idea. "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt," he said (Exodus 3:11). God told Moses He would help him. Because of his unique ability to speak to God, Moses changed the history of the world. This is an awesome task, which comes with a heavy price. All you need to do is make yourself available.

All you need to do is desire, desire, desire! Grow hungry. Somebody has said, "Hunger for the Lord and for His power and glory and His anointing to be upon you." The Prophet carries the Prophetic Anointing. The main purpose of the prophetic anointing is to reveal the will, mind, and counsel of God in a situation, group of people, region etc. Yes God can reveal His great plans to someone, when they are in a crisis, the main reason He does that is to encourage the person to know there is hope and God will use those tough moments to strengthen the person from the inside. “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” Amos 3:7 (KJV)

Always preach under the Prophetic Anointing. That is good news. That is the Word. Haven’t you noticed that after the Word has been preached in church, that is when they begin to pray for people, and the Spirit of God continues to move? Why? Because the Word has penetrated their spirit and their hearts, and they are ready to receive more. As the Word has gone forth, and as the preacher has spoken forth the Word, he has poured out the anointing through the words that have been spoken. The anointing has gone out and has begun to touch the people, and their hearts are ready and prepared, and the power of God is there. And when people come to the front they come, and God meets them because the preacher has been pouring out water all the time that he has been preaching. Man, the place is a lake at the front. Come and jump in! Do you want the river to flow in your church and your lives? Preach the Word under the anointing

We are living in a world that has much more complex problems and if the body of Christ is going to be effective in the 21st century we must have the power of true prophecy in our churches. These are not prophecies

about just cars and houses. However, the prophet being able to pick out what’s the cause of the problem and how did it get there over and above everything, what is God saying about the situation and of course the solution. God is a Father and He is concerned about the well being of His children, He loves us so much. Many people are quick to quote John 3: 16, but they don’t really have the revelation and the practicality of that love. Sometimes the body of Christ needs to go back to the basics, the Blood of the Lamb, the Cross and the Holy Spirit. We now need to tap into the prophetic anointing in our prayer lives as well. Not only does the Anointing destroys yokes, it brings deliverances, healing, increases your faith and sets your spirit at ease.

Today we need to walk boldly in the Prophetic Anointing. Do not allow fear and the faces of the people keep you from obey the voice and will of God. Remember Jesus paid a price for you and you paid a paid for the Anointing, now protect it.


Prophetess Patricia Williams Is a Woman of Revelation and Purpose. In 1998, God commissioned her to begin a journey of pleasing only Him, to this effect, God placed her under the mentorship of Apostle Barbara Riley-Thomas and the late Bishop Ray Yancy of the Miracle Temple Holiness Church. She served as Personal Assistant and Armourbearer to the Apostle as they traveled to different cities and states. She is the mother of one daughter, Natasha and the grandmother of two, Jeremiah and JayCee. She is a native of Pineville, Louisiana. In January 2004, she recorded her first CD entitled, “It’s Not an Ordinary Worship”. As A Psalmist, she is able to touch the heart of those, who are in services and bring the people to a new level of Praise and Worship. She is also an author of several books entitled, The Endurance of Pleasing God, Chastisement through the Love of God, The Power of a True Intercessor, her newest release Encountering a Different World while Caring for a Parent with Dementia, which will be available in February 2016. She has a talk show, The Power of Prayer on every Monday at 5:30 pm central time. After much Fasting and Praying, her Ministry was birthed forth. She is the Founder and CEO of Faith in God International Ministries and Patricia J. Williams Ministry. On April 25, 2004, she was officially ordained as an Evangelist & Prophetess through the mentorship and leadership of Apostle Barbara Riley Thomas and Dr. Joshua Joy Dara Sr.; she now ministers the Word of God under a Powerful Anointing. Her Ministry has been exposed to many as a True Worshipper. She serves under the leadership of Senior Pastor Dr. Joshua Joy Dara, Sr. of the Zion Hill Family Church. She is Asst. Director of the Ministerial Team; she serves faithfully on the Prayer Ministry. Her hunger and desire to please God has caused an Anointing of Breakthrough to be prevalent in her life. She is an Intercessor, who loves to labor in prayer and study God’s Word. God uses her mighty in the gift of Prophesy, Visions, and Dreams. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University pursuing her PhD in Christian Ministry. She believes that a person can accomplish anything through perseverance and dedication. She is determined to win the Lost at any Cost. Her passion is to see the people of God being set free from the yoke of bondage. Her favorite scripture, “Without Faith it is impossible to please Him” Hebrews 11:6a.

Website: Email: P.O. Box 6723 Alexandria, Louisiana 71307

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The womb of the church is back By Dr Barbara R Thomas There is A high percentage of women currently experiencing complications in their reproductive parts. As I laid before the Lord praying revelation begin to unfold. I saw a connection between those that are intercessors and this affliction. I heard that the enemy is trying to destroy the spiritual womb of those that are called to birth forth. The natural attack against them is to remove the womb and drain life from them.

He said remember there is life in the blood. He wants the spiritual uterus and ovaries destroyed and removed. So many of the prayer warriors and intercessors are being afflicted with cancer or fibroid tumors or cysts in their ovaries or blockages in their fallopian tubes. Spiritually the enemy is trying to interrupt what is to be birthed forth for this hour. He wants to shut down the reproduction process so that there will be no revivals and moves of God coming forth.

He is attacking the women because they are designed to birthed out. Removing the womb of the church and shutting down the flow and draining the life out of it is what satan is trying to accomplished. The Lord spoke and said I’m healing the reproduction organs of the church which means in the natural that many are suffering with these female issues will begin to be miraculously healed in their female parts.

Intercessors and prayer warriors shall go into more intense wailing and travailing. This move of God that shall birth revival in the people is coming forth. True hunger is being released. I was rebuking the spirit of the locust again that comes in to devour, eat up and devastate a thing. The Holy Ghost is moving upon those that desire a more intimate and deeper relationship with the Lord. He is drawing those that refuse to be empty any longer but are crying out to be filled with God’s power presence and glory. He is moving and placing a deposit within them that is separating them from the crowd. Many shall stand alone in this season because of the dimension of consecration that they have to walk in for this hour. Don’t apologize for your standoffish behavior. The Lord don’t want you intermingling with the crowd, but He wants you intimate with Him. He is drawing you away from the noise of unrighteousness so that your worship will not be contaminated. There are those that will sit among the people and be astonished at what God will reveal to them to just pray. Don’t talk about them just pray God is showing you your targets of intercession.

For some of you He will reveal what is to come. Some things you will be allowed to release as a warning and some you will be only allowed to pray for mercy. The strategy of the generals is changing. God is showing them a more excellent way to defeat the enemy and the warriors are being given new weapons to fight with. The birthing has begun, and the fight is real but we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. Miracles, signs and wonders are coming forth. Healing and deliverance manifesting and salvation is coming to our unsaved loved ones. It is a 911 emergency to win the lost right now. Old time crusades are coming forth and people are seeing the manifestation of God’s Glory. Mass healings taking place and whole towns being saved and experiencing the power of God. Small towns and places are being used as portals to release His Glory. Many shall come to see the miracles but only a remnant will be sincere and want real change. Go forth and obey be not afraid and slack not time is short and we must be about our Father’s business. I HEAR:


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