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The ankle is a complex joint. It can be friendly in nature with adequate mobility and stability or an enemy that is jammed up and has no desire to move freely, causing problems elsewhere. Most people have no idea how important the ankle and its freedom of movement means to the rest of the body. Let’s take a look at a squat motion. On the lowering phase of the squat your ankle must be able to dorsiflex properly (toes coming towards shin). If the ankle is locked and doesn’t allow this movement you may feel stuck. The upper body may fall forward or additional compensation patterns may occur. Training with these compensation patterns increases the injury cycle and trains you to actually move incorrectly. Also, you may know someone who seems to sprain an ankle continuously then wraps it or braces it during every activity. Yes, there are reasons for this but in the end this band-aid approach limits the mobility you are trying to gain. The injury cycle continues up the chain in the knees, pelvis, low back or more. Sticking with the mobility topic; for those of you who love running, especially trail running, think of the uneven ground you encounter, the grade of the runs and the turns. Your movement isn’t always straight ahead. You will demand

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that your ankle be able to tolerate the terrain. It needs to move in each plane of motion. Absorb force and shock and move from side to side. If this isn’t happening, then compensation occurs throughout the body and so do the aches and pains. There could be many other reasons that you are suffering from a recurring injury but for those who have not thought of the importance of the ankle this could

be a wake-up call. Pinching in the front of the ankle is a good sign of loss of mobility. Take steps to see your physiotherapist or chiropractor, someone who can manually assess the dysfunction. If you have questions regarding this article or one previously written, please contact Rhonda Catt is a certified personal trainer in the North Okanagan.

Cookbook keeps it simple and delicious Continued from page B1 That’s Amore brings you inside an authentic Italian family kitchen with recipes and a passion for cooking that has evolved over three generations. Some of these treasured recipes were brought from Italy by Scebba’s mother. Others are his interpretations of traditional favourites, and many are popular menu items from the restaurant. Every single one of the 55 recipes is personalized with anecdotes from Scebba. Other details include loving tributes to his parents, to Miller, to the restaurant’s

staff and to the couple’s four children and granddaughter. Unlike many chefs, Scebba is more than happy to share his secrets of success in the kitchen, which begins with good ingredients. And unlike many celebrity chefs with cookbooks to their name, Scebba’s book is easily used in the home kitchen. The book’s eight-by-eight-inch format is easy to handle, and includes practical instructions such as stocking the Italian kitchen and the importance of the correct tools. The couple has always given back to



the community through fundraisers at the restaurant, raising more than $50,000 for local charities. After the first 1,000 copies of the cookbooks have been sold, they will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book to food banks, in Vernon, Lake Country and Kelowna. That’s Amore is published by the Okanagan Institute; the 184-page book retails for $24.95 and is available at the Bean Scene and Interior Gift Gallery in Vernon, online at and at wineries throughout the Okanagan.

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How will I know when it is “time” to put my pet to sleep?

This is an intensely personal decision to euthanize (put to sleep) a beloved pet due to injury, disease or old age. People often wonder if their pet will just pass at home, and many ask their Veterinarian what would they do if it were your pet? As Veterinarians, we must focus on the condition of the pet and medical issues in order to provide the owner with the knowledge to help them make an informed decision. This may include discussing the possible outcomes of the current condition or terminal disease so the pet owner knows what to expect and watch for. Nevertheless, the answer is not always obvious and I suggest that it is “time” when the bad days out number the good. Here are some criteria to consider: • Does your pet soil him/her self ? • Does your pet still enjoy basic activities, routine? • Does your pet isolate themselves or still enjoy human interaction? • Can your pet move around without difficulty or pain? Finally, ask your Veterinarian about the process of euthanasia, so you know what to expect before hand to help lessen the stress and anxiety of the actual event. Do not hesitate to contact your Veterinarian if you have concerns or questions about euthanasia. — Miles Latwat, DVM

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Vernon Morning Star Sept 25, 2011


Vernon Morning Star Sept 25, 2011