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Old World Coffee Tables Coffee tables can be much more than four legs and a wood or glass top. They can make a statement about who you are and what interests you. That's because today's coffee tables often look more like the luggage of old, long before baggage weight limits at airports. Steamer trunks, large chests and hope chests long filled the role of transporting goods across country and around the world. And while a TSA agent would look aghast at you trying to check in a large steamer trunk for your flight today, these pieces can make great coffee tables in your home, showing off your love of adventure, travel and the exotic ports of calls you either already visited or hope to visit. Of course, an authentic steamer trunk or chest may be out of your price range, and more likely too big for your space anyway. But not to worry, designers have ripped a page out of the history books and created coffee tables that look and often function just like these traditional methods of carting your worldly possessions around. Crafted from superior materials and made to last, these tables are simply exquisite to behold. Whether you gravitate towards a piece that looks like a large suitcase set flat or a nostalgic hope chest that looks as if it were finished a century ago in an Amish woodshop, these coffee tables will add character and excitement to your room. Many of the top manufacturers have designed signature coffee tables that are unique and extremely handsome. Because they are scaled to a coffee table height and size, they will fit right in with your existing dĂŠcor. And while many of these coffee cables evoke old world charm, their modern features will delight you. Most offer spacious storage for your most treasured items, such as extra blankets, souvenirs from your travels or precious heirlooms handed down from one generation to the next. These items stay easily out of sight and out of mind until you open your old world coffee tables to explore them once again. Travel-themed and old world tables come in all shapes and sizes as well as finishes. You can find them in traditional finishes as well as more decorative ones, such as a finish that looks like old maps of the world, driving home your love of travel and adventure. Chests come in an array of finishes, including colored chests that can not only be used as coffee tables in your living room, family room and great room, but also at the foot of the bed. In fact, many of these coffee tables would look equally at home in other rooms, from the home office to the guest room. Finding these thematic tables is easy, thanks to online retailers who stock a wide selection. Some of the world's most well known manufacturers are featured in these stores, showcasing products that span centuries and continents. With just a few keystrokes, you can find the perfect table for your home. You may have to do a bit of detective work to find these gorgeous coffee tables. Instead of doing a lot of keyword searching, it's probably better to simply go in the main "coffee tables" category and view all the choices. It should be quick and easy, since these pieces really stand out from their peers. These old world tables will look great when paired with traditional, country, rustic or eclectic dĂŠcor. If

you have a real flair for design, you can also match them up with modern and contemporary, depending on the style you choose. Either way you'll find that these lovely tables not only excel in beauty and charm, but in spaciousness as well, letting you add some much needed storage in a handsome package. Glass Coffee Table

Old World Coffee Tables  

These items stay easily out of sight and out of mind until you open your old world coffee tables to

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