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Design Philosophy

• I have learnt many important things throughout the whole semester. Even though I had to face many challenges, every time I found my own way to overcome it. • In this project I learnt to bring out the emotion and mood throughout all my design works. It helped to bring out the life in a design rather than only colors and prints. • I learnt that the feel you bring out in a person when they see a design of yours, makes you a successful designer. A fabric cannot make a perfect garment without an emotion or feel in it. It has to have a story within the silhouette. • Photoshop and illustrator made my life much easier than before. It was interesting to experiment with all the colors, textures and prints in a garment rather than sticking to one particular design. Photoshop helped me to bring out the feel within the garment while illustrator helped with Technical drawings. • I figured that we can bring out multiple moods and attitudes according to how we decide to draw the muse. I enjoyed putting all my concept and inspiration in the mood illustration to bring out the emotion. • I was very happy to work on this project since it was all about our own styles and creation. I was mostly inspired by the architecture and interior designs of Mughal Empires. They were very ancient yet marvelous. Every single detail about those inspires me. I chose Taj mahal which is known as symbol of love. • I wanted Women’s wear to be royal and floral, so I used the floral prints from Taj mahal while for men’s I wanted to bring out the cool look using the lines and pointed shape prints. I referred to Victorian era garments as vintage reference. Overall the experience has been very useful, I hope to use this knowledge I gained throughout the whole semester in coming years.

Fashion Design Portfolio  
Fashion Design Portfolio  

Womenswear and Menswear Collection Inspired by the Great Architecture and Interior of TajMahal.