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VernissageTV Drawing Project Scope Miami 2006

What do you do, if you have a booth at an art fair, but can‘t be there? This is the situation, VernissageTV was facing when Alexis Hubshman of Scope Art Fair was – again – so generous to provide us with a – free – booth at Scope Miami 2006.

Obviously we were there to cover Scope Miami 2006, what we – that is, Arno and I – did. By the way, this was the first time we met the guys of rAndom International. In our main video you can also watch Talking Heads front man David Byrne enjoying an espresso. It was also the fair, where the guys at the bar were so afraid of a fake hundred-dollar note, that I got a lunch for free. Nils Grossien was almost frozen to death because his booth was located right underneath the air conditioning. And in 2006, the area around Roberto Clemente Park felt not as secure as nowadays. But they had bike shuttles to connect you with all the galleries and private collections. In short, it was a great time.

Where was I? Ah, yes: Alexis sponsored our booth, and Scope 2006 was great, but we had to cover the other events, too, of course. So we knew in advance that we had to figure out what to show at our booth while we were away filming. An empty booth? No way!

Arno came up with the idea that the visitors could entertain themselves, if we invited them to draw – whatever they wanted. So we bought drawing paper and markers. Sounds simple, but wasn‘t, at least not for us Europeans. Back in those days we didn‘t know about Target – and that it was right around the corner. “Where is the city center and where the hell are you buying these things?” We took a taxi. The driver helped us finding the right place, after he had a quick stopover at his bank. Back at Scope we set everything up, but we were also a bit worried. Was it a good idea? Would people participate?

Would they pick up a marker and draw? We didn‘t know – but we had to go.

When we came back, we were really relieved – and then thrilled. The Scope visitors eventually took the chance to fill the walls with our booth with their drawings. Some drawings depicted people at the fair, such as the artist duo Eva & Adele; some portrayed themselves. There were political statements, personal confessions, advice... Some were detailed and elaborate, others minimalistic; most were figurative, but there were abstract drawings, too. Some colorful, some monochrome. And who were the people that took a chance to express themselves by drawing? They were children, adults, professionals and amateurs alike. It was great to see that it just takes an empty piece of paper and some markers to produce a little world of creativity. But see for yourself. The following pages show the results of our Drawing Project.

We would like to thank all the people who participated in this project and helped to make it happen. We had a great time, and it was a fantastic experience we will never forget.

PS: On page 75 there‘s a link to the video that we‘ve shot about the project.

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VernissageTV Drawing Project Scope Miami 2006 VernissageTV / Totentanz 14 / 4051 Basel Switzerland / Š VernissageTV Jan. 4, 2014

VTV Drawing Project Scope Miami 2006  
VTV Drawing Project Scope Miami 2006  

The VernissageTV Drawing Project Scope Miami 2006