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==== ==== The main product is a 15 week (yes 15 weeks) of coaching from Anik directly PLUS almost $5000 of previously sold/bonus material. Talk about EXTREME VALUE. ==== ====

Whether you prefer the term internet marketing coach or internet marketing mentor, the reality is that having someone that is certifiably an expert internet marketer on your team to help you make more money, promote your business, and realize your dreams in invaluable. There is a countless number of sites out there that will provide you with an internet marketing coach for the right price, but if you want to learn IM, you need someone with proven results. The field of online marketing coaching has recently come under fire and received criticism for the same reasons that any other field of expertise receives criticism: every internet marketing coach or mentor is different, and a few bad seeds can ruin the whole bunch. A mentor that actually takes the time to provide you with the information that you need and has the expertise necessary to give you great insight can be a priceless tool. There are so many self-proclaimed internet marketing coaches out there. If you are trying to get a leg up in the industry, you need an expert internet marketer with proven results. Don't waste your time or money on someone who doesn't know what they are doing. If you are already marketing online, or if you want to learn about getting into IM, there are a few steps you should take to help protect you, your business, and your money and help you find the best internet marketing mentor for you. Homework works! For one, do your homework. Take the time to verify the credentials of a particular coach or mentor. How successful have they been in the past? What other classes or seminars have they led? How much money have they realistically made? Look at some of their other sites. Mentor availability The second thing you should pay close attention to is the amount of time that the mentor has available to set aside for you. How much are they charging you for their services? Are they readily available to speak with you themselves, or do they pay someone else to handle their calls and sessions for them? Do they really care whether or not you have your session with them or not? Having a mentor or coach that does not have the time for you can be a costly mistake that adds no real benefit to your business and does not help you gain the level of expertise that you need as an internet marketer. Once you have taken the time to find the right internet marketing coach for you, you can feel confident in knowing that you have made one the most invaluable decisions you ever could have made. Internet marketing coaching has worked for hundreds of successful internet marketers,

many of whom now make several thousand dollars a month and who also mentor other internet marketers. Abiding by a few simple rules can help you find an internet marketing mentor that is right for you, which is a win-win for your business.

Kerry is a researcher and writer with an interest in emerging trends and technologies. Giving her the power to work wherever and whenever she chooses, she has been mentored by some highly regarded internet marketing experts, and happily passes on jewels of information to her readers. Hear all about her own mentor's programs at

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==== ==== The main product is a 15 week (yes 15 weeks) of coaching from Anik directly PLUS almost $5000 of previously sold/bonus material. Talk about EXTREME VALUE. ==== ====

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