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Thank You Phil Hamlett


For your constant guidance to make this portfolio the best I can.

Thank You Saathii Anisha, Nivira, Phoebe and Tina for listening to me nag about my career path and supporting me.

Thank You Friends Cherry this journey at AAU wouldn’t have been fun without you stayed with me from beginning till the end. We went through thick & thin in this school. We have many memories that I will cherish forever. Wendy (YOLO) thanks for making this last year the best year with endless laughter and fun. Brii thanks for always being there and giving me great ideas that I would have never thought of. Thank You Juliana, Roni, Dylan, Imelda, Lamiae, Adam, Markish & Ally. You guys made this journey fun and worthwhile. I could not imagine it with other people. We stayed up late at night trying to finish the project and then the struggle of getting through the reviews when we barely had any sleep.

Thank You Faculty Karen Seong, Lise Barrier, Carol Buhrmann and Braden Engel for giving me constant feedback and making me the designer I am today.

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