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Engage at Any Age!….................................................. 4 More than ‘Downsizing’............................................... 7 Where to Retire..........................................................11 4 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes................13 A Woman’s Best Friend, Too.......................................16 A 3-Point Check-Up for Your Retirement Plan............................................18


Chin-ups and Facelifts May Have a New Definition...19 Don’t Slouch, Dear. You’ll Ruin Your Posture!...........21


Magic Wings Conservatory.........................................24


Health Coverage Options for Pre-Medicare-Age Spouses........................................................................29


Tips for a Greener Thumb...........................................32 Elevated Gardens.........................................................35 The DOs and DON’Ts of backyard composting......... 40 Making an Entrance....................................................42



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Stowe Events Field • Stowe, VT Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 3

Guide to Retirement

Engage… at Any Age!


your physical, mental and emotional

tai chi class or learn gentle stretches,

well-being. No matter your age, there

for example. Remember, it is wise to

ou are never too old (or

choose a low-impact activity that you

young) to take part in

can do a little at a time. Walk for 10

honest record of what you eat. If

activities that enrich

minutes in the morning, sign up for a

you have a condition like diabetes,

is no better time than now to start. To help do just that, consider these tips from the Administration for Community Living:

BE WELL If you don’t usually exercise, 4 |

consult a health care provider before beginning an exercise routine. Exercising is less of a chore when you do it with people you enjoy. Gather a group of friends or join a

Good nutrition is vital. Keep an

consult your doctor before changing your diet. Nutritionists can be excellent resources, whether you have special dietary needs or not. Eating healthy foods and staying active may reduce physical health

class. Some senior and community

risks, and you also can exercise your

centers even offer free or low-cost

mind by reading, playing games,


taking a class or simply being social.

Guide to Retirement







REINVENT YOURSELF Second or even third careers can be personally and financially rewarding. Determine whether you have the skills needed for something new. If not, seek out classes or training, and remember to ask whether financial assistance is available. Express yourself through the arts. Learn to paint or draw, dust off those dancing shoes, take an acting class or

finally write that novel. As a bonus, studies show the arts can improve

$50 OFF


brain health. Keep expanding your knowledge and growing by learning a new language or taking a computer class. Or, if you’re more an adventurous type, maybe you’ve always wanted to travel and discover other cultures.

gerArd strAtthAus, dMd generAl dentist AffordAble denturesburlington iii, P.C. 1162 Williston roAd south burlington, Vt 05403


855.570.7569 ExpirEs 08.31.2018

offer good only at designated location. $50 denture discount good on any individual denture purchase at the economyPlus level or higher - Coupon must be presented at time of initial payment and cannot be combined with any other coupon, discount, package price or prior order. offer may change or end without notice. limit one coupon per person. Minimum estimated value of Consult and X-ray is $75, and covers a traditional 2-d X-ray. same-day service on economy dentures in most cases, call for details. Additional fees may be incurred depending on individual cases. Advertised fees effective through 08/31/18.


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Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 5

Guide to Retirement

unity omm c l a u pirit ach of a s outre r e e r b a mem here e. sk i f t stanc , i a y s , s d b a n u e ed or cl re ha ng that n ng you a i s s f I m u ll-bei . a o e s r t h g w s t e o r fi r r p nte you pro d and i a non asing e h r t c i lly an t n s a w I t pler o g n m n e i e sim y, m d y be l g a l a assist n a i m m c k i s n wor n be – phy izatio your enjoy y – ca to l l l u a o organ o at fit n o y h o t h f i I c t s m. s . o e 5 l i g em ge isit oa ctivit ardin a loca m pa V a t w . o g c e s r t r a f n s t i . d e et a help inued ntere s, con by fin tion cont and i u ca n eers m h k id e t o t y i r t y n i orma o l w u f s l a y m n o i a n s m V o e r w o s . or the , fr ers ry per out find m needs help o at eve ve oth a l k ab o r y t e o t t e t g i s v a t l n o g n o u u t m wa o en elpf acl.g nd If you rces t of com ider h uth a u s e o o o n g y t s tures o n g e s k c a r n r r o d r is pi ly, l b l ly Fea n t i e h a a a h g m i m g a o e r —F gn orin info ing t ment g for drivin t ra i n rs . e. n e e g i b t t k a s o t i j i a l s s g s din l baby m di t a sk ids provi ents, ing k er fro g loca r v n m o i o t t t c i n u e s i t y vi re a ies r s or appo you a fa m i l ities b arent f n p I u . g t . d r n s i ritie rhoo oppo work r cha Find ighbo o e s n e n r c o i u izati ser v in yo ls organ edule l i h k c s s nd our Pick a atch y m t a ties th activi



6 |

Guide to Retirement

More than

‘downsizing’ Explore ‘rightsizing’ to find your perfect home By Melissa Erickson


fter the kids move out on their own, many adults consider downsizing to a new home, possibly moving to the city or to a beach

town away from it all. Why downsize, though, when the better option is to rightsize? Rightsizing is different from downsizing, which seems inherently negative and focuses on space. “It’s got a bad connotation, like you’ll be moving to a

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smaller apartment or condo. Giving up and giving in,” Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 7


Guide to Retirement

said Realtor Marie Presti, owner of

Visualize your right home

The Presti Group, and a certified educator who has taught dozens of classes on the subject. Instead of moving to a smaller home because you’re an empty-nester, “rightsizing is a process of looking at your current lifestyle and analyzing what’s right for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean smaller,” she said. “Downsizing is about cutting away. Rightsizing is about the big picture,” said rightsizing expert Lynn McPhelimy, author of “In The Checklist of Life.” “Consider it a

The factors that influence rightsizing include your health, finances and relationships, McPhelimy said. Other considerations include things like where you want to be in five or 10 years; whether you will continue working; and whether there is good public transportation and access to cultural activities, restaurants, hospitals and health clubs, Presti said.

Consider the home you’re living in, restructuring focused on your quality McPhelimy said: Are you using all of life. We all want quality of life; this

the rooms wisely? Does mail collect

is how we get there.”

on the dining room table, and are

8 |

kids’ rooms now used as storage areas? “Where do you really live in your home?” she asked. It’s possible you may want a bigger home for entertaining or to have guests or grandchildren visit, McPhelimy said. The same square footage may be ideal if it’s all on one level with no stairs, she added. Additionally, think about lifestyle needs such as time and energy spent on yard maintenance. “Do you really want to mow the lawn, use the snow blower and paint the house every 10 years?” Presti said. “Are your friends still living nearby, or has the neighborhood changed and are you left isolated and lonely?” McPhelimy asked. continued on page 10

Vermont’s most unique dining experience! SAVORY DISHES, HANDCRAFTED DRINKS


Burlington’s newest dining attraction is a departure from the ordinary! Champlain Valley Dinner Train Friday and Saturday evenings May 11th through September 1st. Mother’s Day Brunch Train Sunday, May 13th 11:00am - 2:00pm Father’s Day Brunch Rail & Sail Sunday, June 17th 10:00am - 3:30pm (train and boat)

Join us for three unique dining experiences departing from downtown Burlington: the Champlain Valley Dinner Train, Mother’s Day Brunch Train, and Father’s Day Brunch Rail & Sail. Enjoy a relaxing round-trip train ride through the Champlain Valley while you savor delicious dishes and signature drinks handcrafted by The Chophouse of Ludlow. Special Gold Class service, packages, and group rates available! For more information and reservations visit our website. CLASSIC DINNER TRAIN

800-707-3530 (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm)

Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 9

Guide to Retirement


CAREGIVERS, PCAs LNAs, LPNs and RNs Come to any of these locations:

Financial considerations are paramount to living your dreams, McPhelimy said. Are you asset-rich but cash-poor? Do you have too much house? Since you will eventually be living on a fixed income, think about what you want to be spending money on, Presti said. Do you want to spend money on house upkeep? How much are your property taxes?

Get started early

1550 Williston Road, South Burlington 192 South Main Street, Barre 65 North Main Street, Rutland 93 South Main Street, West Lebanon, NH

“It can be a very emotional, multi-year process to decide what your needs and dreams are and will be in the future. You can’t push people into making a decision. There are hurdles, especially the emotional connection to

Or apply on our website at:

leaving the home you’ve raised your children in,” Presti

Because it may take some time, it’s never too early to

said. get started. “Do it before a crisis happens, while you’re happy and healthy,” McPhelimy said. While you’ll need to “follow your heart and your bank account,” financial planners and real estate professionals can also help with the decision, McPhelimy said.

Competitive Pay • Paid Time-Off Flexible Work Schedules

Once you’ve gotten close to a decision, do a test run. Rent a home through a site like Airbnb or VRBO during the off-season to see what winter is like in Seattle or summer in Phoenix really feels like, McPhelimy said.


Guide to Retirement

Where to Retire And Things to Consider When Deciding By Melissa Erickson


n addition to being a huge financial decision, retirement is not only a question of when, but where. Careful consideration and weighing all the factors are imperative to avoid a costly mistake.

About 10,000 baby boomers approach retirement age every day, according

to AARP, and their considerations often include weather, cost-of-living, healthcare services, transportation, cultural activities and outdoor recreation. To avoid making a mistake during this dramatic lifestyle change, consider these tips to find a retirement-friendly place to put down new roots.

Get to know the area Mistaking a great vacation for a new home location is common when retirees are choosing a place to settle, said Kirk Kinder, founder and president of Picket Fence Financial. “People often take a trip or two to an area, then decide to move there. Short vacations or visits don’t really give you a true understanding of the region. I recommend spending a couple months as a renter to really get the feel for the area,” Kinder said. Additionally, qualitative factors should outweigh quantitative. “Does the area treat retirees well? Is there an opportunity to find friends or pursuits that fit your interests? Are the healthcare services strong?” Kinder said.

Consider your taxes Cost of living, income tax rates and estate complications are the top factors retirees should consider, said Diane Pearson, wealth advisor at Legend Financial Advisors.

Short vacations or visits don’t really give you a true understanding of the region… [spend] a couple months as a renter…” Kirk Kinder, Picket Fence Financial

“Many retirees do not take into consideration the income tax and estate (inheritance) tax that can affect them long-term,” Pearson said. Retirees who are considering moving to a new state need to understand the possible income and inheritance tax complications. For example, Pennsylvania has an inheritance tax that many states do not, but other states may have a Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 11

Guide to Retirement

I think the most common mistake is going someplace too far from family and friends. Patricia Currey Currey Financial Consulting

more expensive probate process, Pearson said. The new tax overhaul also makes certain states more complicated for retirees. “It is not that clear now, especially with the GOP tax bill, which punishes certain states that have traditionally been attractive to retirees. California, for example, may now be too expensive for many people — not just the elderly — because of the SALT (state and local tax) provision,” said Aimee Drolet Rossi, professor in the Anderson School of Management at the University of California-Los Angeles. Unlike other states, California provides additional health care coverage for poorer residents who already enjoy lower tax rates in California, compared to wealthier residents, Rossi said.

Remember friends and family “Beyond the obvious financial issues, such as not doing enough research on the cost of living in a new place, I think the most common mistake is going someplace too far from family and friends.” said Patricia Currey, founder and chief executive officer of Currey Financial Consulting 12 |

Guide to Retirement

4 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes And How to Avoid Them Constructing a smart retirement income plan isn’t easy. Throughout the working years there are many factors to consider, such as salary, expenses – monthly and unforeseen – debt and college for the kids, just to name a few. All of those can affect a person’s ability to, first, devise a consistent plan for their retirement goals, and secondly, accumulate the necessary capital to provide ample retirement income. Meanwhile, mistakes can be made that will have costly implications down the road. “A retirement strategy has many moving parts, and each can have a significant impact on the others,” says Jadon Newman, CEO of Noble Capital. “There are ways to avoid them, and much of it is about knowledge. There’s more you need to know about retirement today than you did 20 or 30 years ago. It starts with knowing what lifestyle you want to achieve in retirement and the options that will both protect you and enhance what should be the best years of your life.” Newman cites four common mistakes in retirement planning and how to avoid them: • Investing like you’re still young. Earlier in their working careers, people often have a higher risk tolerance. But approaching retirement, Newman says, your investment strategy should shift toward preserving capital. “Phase out those investments that are subject to wider fluctuations,” Newman says. “The gradual move away from riskier investments should begin as you enter your mid- to late 40s.” •  Leaving your nest egg vulnerable to big market drops. Putting your entire nest egg in one basket could be disastrous. “Having an excessive amount of market risk in your portfolio, you could find yourself suffering a loss that you won’t Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 13

Guide to Retirement have time to recover from before you retire,” Newman says. “With stocks having surged for an extended period, beware

component of a comfortable retirement is reliable income, and a common way to achieve that is by using annuities.

the bear market. It would be wise to purge some risk

Unfortunately, some retirees find themselves with an

from your portfolio in favor of more predictable methods

annuity that doesn’t fit their needs. A fixed annuity

of capital growth and income, such as annuities, life

pays out a guaranteed rate of return, providing less risk

insurance policies or alternative investments like private

compared to variable annuities, but the tradeoff is you get

lending and real estate.”

a more modest return. “Sometimes a fixed index annuity

•  Not satisfying basic income needs. It has become

(FIA) is the best bet,” Newman says. “These allow you to

less realistic for a 401(k) coupled with Social Security

protect your principal by shifting the risk to the insurance

to provide the regular income needed for retirement.

company selling you the annuity. There are caps on your

It’s important to estimate what yearly expenses will

potential returns, but FIAs are more reliable because they

be in retirement and diversify accordingly. “Use your

mitigate risk.”

investments, insurance policies or retirement accounts to

“With retirement planning, the end goal should be not

provide multiple income streams,” Newman says. “This

only to ensure you’ll have enough income to satisfy your

allows you to draw from them only what you need to

retirement budget, but also to provide you with enough to

meet your pre-determined budget. Be sure you calculate

truly enjoy your retirement,” Newman says. “Because life

your Social Security payment and any required minimum

goals and the economic climate are subject to change, you

distributions so you don’t incur additional tax liability.”

need to consult with your financial adviser annually to

•  Having the wrong kind of annuity. A crucial

optimize your strategy.”


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Guide to Retirement

City Conveniences 1 1 Country Comfort at Williston’s Finest 55+ Senior Living Community

One & Two Bedroom Units Available! Living Rental g Independent g Underground Parking Option Apartments g Outdoor Gardening g No Income Restrictions g All Newly Refurbished Units Distance to a g Walking Pharmacy, Restaurants and g Reasonable Market Rate Other Services g Many Optional Services / mile from Maple Tree g Place & Rec Path g No Smoking & No Pets 18

Coburn & Feeley Property Management


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Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 15

Guide to Retirement

A Woman’s Best Friend, Too Dog temperaments to consider for women living on their own

imposing and strong dogs have a physical presence that will help you feel safe at home and out on your own, plus they’re intelligent and easy to train, Nelson said.

By Melissa Erickson

“While almost any dog may


ogs aren’t just man’s

help deter a burglar, breeds like

best friend — they’re

Rottweilers and Dobermans look

woman’s best

intimidating, and no one will think

friend, too. While dogs provide

about messing with you if you

companionship and love, security

have one of these dogs at your side,”

and an exercise partner, the best

Marrs said. “Despite their reputation,

pet will also match your lifestyle, finances, energy and activity levels. What dog is right for a woman living alone? “Don’t just go with the cutest pup

most owners will attest to how sweet Women, especially those living alone, find that the right dog can provide companionship,, security and an exercise partner. (Contributed photo)

and gentle these dogs really are. They actually make great family dogs.”

Small space

you find. I’ve seen many Australian

medical concerns, such as arthritis,

shepherds end up at shelters or with

or has difficulty getting around, a

behavior issues because owners

smaller-breed dog should be chosen.

of the English bulldog makes these

choose them for their great looks

A woman who is older and not in the

dogs perfect if you live in a small

without considering the breed’s

best of shape should only choose a

space: They’re lazy.

high energy needs and at times

smaller-breed dog. The larger-breed

frustrating herding instinct,” said Meg Marrs, senior editor at K9 of Mine ( “Overall there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a new pet, but current lifestyle should be among the top considerations,” said veterinarian Aaron Vine, vice

The most famous characteristic

“Short walks will keep them happy,

dogs such as Rottweilers, Golden

and for the rest of the time they

Retrievers, Labradors and others can

will just be happy with you on the

require a lot of strength just to take

couch. … They don’t get particularly

them for a walk, but they do also

big either, and combined with a

make great jogging partners.”

very funny personality, they will be

Protection/security “There’s a reason that so many

the perfect dog for a small space,” Nelson said. Other low-maintenance dogs with

president of Central Veterinary

German shepherds are used as

minimal exercise requirements and

Associates. “If a person is fit and

police dogs,” said Benjamin Nelson,

few grooming needs include pugs,

active, choosing an active breed of

co-editor of the Super Whiskers

Chihuahuas, Boston terriers and

dog would be best. If a person has

blog ( These

Malteses, Marrs said.

16 |

Guide to Retirement

Get a fit friend If you are looking for an exercise partner, a retired greyhound “will be a better motivator than any personal trainer,” Nelson said. Greyhounds range from 50 to 80 pounds “yet they are known as little big dogs, because they are extremely happy in small spaces,” said Lisa Sallie, president and founder of the non-profit Grateful Greyhounds ( “Retired racing greyhounds generally come off the tracks around age 2.5, and live to be about 13; so, you do not have the puppy years or habits to endure, but generally a decade with a lovely dog.”

Independent Living Rental Apartments for those 55 Years of Age and Older

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• Underground Parking

• No Income Restrictions

• Outdoor Gardening

• No Smoking & No Pets

• Reasonable Market Rate Rent

• Walking Distance to Pharmacy, • State-of-the-Art Life Safety System Restaurants and Other • Many Optional Services Services Call or E-mail today for more information

872-9197 •


Other high-energy breeds include Golden Retrievers,

Coburn & Feeley Property Management, Inc.

Labradors, shepherds or terriers, Marrs said.

Small dog, big investment

at Essex

“I think the easiest breeds for older women are the

A Senior Living Community

smaller breeds who do not need the level of activity that larger dogs do, like Yorkies, Morkies, Maltese,” said Lynette Whiteman, executive director, Caregiver Volunteers.

Now there’s even more for you on the Web

A small poodle “is a perfect match for more

Fashion • Travel • Food • Sustainable Living • Events

Arts • Local News • Money

sedentary women who are after companionship, and a hypoallergenic breed,” said Lazhar Ichir, founder of, a resource for dog breeders. For a less-mobile woman, a Shih Tzu is a great choice because they don’t need a huge amount of exercise and they’re very light shedders, Nelson said.

Crossbreeds Crossbreeds “make great pets and often have less inherited diseases,” said Marina Cholakova, spokeswoman for Cloud 9 Vets, which specializes in athome end-of-life veterinary care. “Also, consider getting a rescue dog rather than buying a puppy. There are so many dogs in charities and rescue centers that just need a second chance of a happy home, and these centers will assist in finding the right dog to match your situation.”

Local Profiles • Business News

Local Columns • Parent Care


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Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 17

Guide to Retirement

There Are 4 Types of Expenses, But Only 1 You Need To Cut Managing expenses is nearly a full-time – though unpaid – job for many people. From the monthly mortgage, car payment, insurance, groceries and utility bills to family activities, there’s a long list that requires prioritizing and discipline. The situation can leave people feeling like they will never get ahead as their expenses seem to eat most of the financial pie chart. But it’s a fallacy to think all expenses are evil. Lifestyle (consumptive) expenses These include dining out, vacations, concerts – fun expenses that help you build memories. To pay for these expenses, never borrow and always use cash. Lifestyle expenses should be managed wisely. Protective expenses These are the expenses that protect your property, your life and your health. “This is the financial area that often gets overlooked – especially by the middle class,” says Nik Halik, a successful entrepreneur. “An example of a protective expense is your liquid savings, which Halik says should be enough to cover a minimum of six months’ expenses. Other protective expenses include life insurance, medical insurance and auto insurance. Productive expenses Essentially these expenses symbolize the adage, “Spend money to make money.” Productive expenses, Halik says, “allow you to build assets, expand your cash flow and grow your business. Destructive expenses These are the only expensesthat should be eliminated, including consumer debt, vices, overdraft fees, the gym membership you don’t use – anything that subtracts value from your life instead of adding it. “In many instances, the way to become wealthier is to increase, not decrease, your liabilities,” Halik says. “A liability can come with an asset that can make you more money than it costs. Your goal isn’t simply to get out of debt, but to achieve financial independence.”

18 |

A 3-Point Check-Up for Your Retirement Plan By Pamela Yellen


our financial goals and objectives have likely changed dramatically since you started a retirement account like a 401(k) or IRA. Now is a good time to put your retirement plan

through a 3-point checkup to see if it still makes sense:

PREDICTABILITY The predictability of the growth in your plan, how important is it to you to know the minimum value of your plan and how much income it can provide you when you want to tap into it? If the market tanks by 50% or more (as it has twice since the year 2000) just before or after you retire, will it significantly affect your retirement lifestyle?

LIQUIDITY 401(k)s and IRAs have many restrictions on how and when you can access your savings. You’ll have to pay taxes plus a 10% penalty if you withdraw money before age 59½. And you’ll have to sell investments that you counted on for growth. If it’s a bad time to sell, you’re out of luck. If your 401(k) plan permits borrowing (IRAs do not), there are strict limits on how much you can borrow, how long you can borrow it for and how you must pay it back. Because of this, you really have to consider the money in your retirement account as a non-liquid asset you won’t touch until age 59½.

TAXATION “People like the idea that they can contribute to a 401(k) or IRA with beforetax dollars. Over the years, they tend to forget they have only deferred their tax liability and are sitting on a tax time bomb, as they discover the IRS is taking 25% to 50% of the value of their retirement savings. It’s a little-known fact that, if tax rates are the same, it doesn’t make any difference if you pay your taxes before you put money aside, or when you take withdrawals. Pamela Yellen is founder of Bank On Yourself, a financial investigator, and the author of two New York Times best-selling books, including her latest, “The Bank On Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future.”

Health & Wellness

Chin-ups and Facelifts May Have a New Definition Can Face Yoga Reduce Signs of Aging? By Melissa Erickson


hen it comes to better-looking skin, some women opt for invasive surgery or Botox, but new research finds that doing simple facial

exercises can help banish lines and wrinkles and lead to younger-looking skin. A recent study from Northwestern

Creative Community Imagine dining each night with your neighbors who are writers, musicians, professors, activists, and artists. These are just some of the people who live at Wake Robin. Be part of a community that dances, debates, paints, writes and publishes, works with computers, practices carpentry and makes music. And—we’re growing! Maple, our new independent living apartment building is scheduled for completion this Fall. Live the life you choose—in a vibrant lifeplan community. Visit our website or give us a call today to schedule a personal consultation. 802.264.5100 /

2 0 0 WA K E R O B I N D R I V E , S H E L B U R N E , V E R M O N T

Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 19

Health & Wellness University suggests that doing facial exercises for five months can make skin look three years younger. “Now there is some evidence that facial exercises may

Some of the exercises included the Cheek Lifter: Open mouth and form an O, position upper lip over teeth, smile to lift cheek muscles up, put fingers lightly on top

improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs

part of cheek, release cheek muscles to lower them and lift

of aging,” said lead author Dr. Murad Alam, vice chair

back up. Repeat by lowering and lifting the cheeks.

and professor of dermatology at Northwestern University

Another exercise is Happy Cheeks Sculpting: Smile

Feinberg School of Medicine and a Northwestern

without showing teeth, purse lips together, smile forcing

Medicine dermatologist. “The exercises enlarge and

cheek muscles up, place fingers on corners of the mouth

strengthen the facial muscles, so the face becomes firmer

and slide them up to the top of the cheeks, hold for 20

and more toned and shaped like a younger face.”


In the study, women ages 40 to 65 were taught a 30-minute set of 32 facial exercises, which they practiced daily for a total of 20 weeks. The exercises were developed and taught by facial exercise instructor Gary Sikorski of Happy Face Yoga, a co-author on the study.


arol Audette has established a tradition of excellence in Chittenden County real estate. She brings over 30 years of experience and a history of treating each client with integrity, quality, attention to detail and personal service to every transaction.

Whether buying or selling your home, call the professional who has earned the most trusted name in real estate.

While the findings need to be confirmed in a larger study, “individuals now have a low-cost, non-toxic way for looking younger or to augment other cosmetic or antiaging treatments they may be seeking,” Alam said. For more information visit

Home-like Independent Living… in Craftsbury! “Ideal setting with outstanding care and services.”

—Anne Dorworth, resident

Call Carol Audette We provide a caring, homelike, affordable residence for seniors in a setting that encourages independence, activities and involvement with families, friends and the larger community.

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Health & Wellness



om was right, posture is important, especially as we spend our days hunched over phones and computers. Poor

posture strains muscles and joints, and is linked to back and neck pain, as well as overall stress and even depression. Plus slumping makes you look older. Here are 10 tips to ACE your posture from to build new habits and retrain posture by improving your body Awareness; taking Control of how you sit, stand and move; and designing the postural Environment right for you.


Life is Full Here! Affordable 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Vibrant Social Atmosphere Weekly Activities Optional Dining, Living & Health Services Convenient Dorset Street Location

Community tour every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.

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Health & Wellness

Dedicated to hope, healing and recovery.

H • • • •

elping patients recover in the proper care setting: Transitional Care • Rehabilitation Centers Inpatient Rehabilitation • Assisted Living Subacute Units • Home Care Nursing Centers • Hospice

From our newly renovated rehab facilities to our lovely outdoor and community spaces to the abundance of free parking — in everything we do, our emphasis is on excellence.

Here are ten tips to ACE your posture “A” IS FOR AWARENESS 1. Take a picture: Seeing how you really look is a great incentive to improving posture. Check your alignment compared to a line through the middle of your head, shoulders, hips and ankles. Any camera works for front and side pics, or use the free PostureZone app for any mobile device to visualize and track exactly how your body stacks up. 2. Get moving: Take posture breaks throughout

Starr Farm Nursing Center A Kindred Community KindredHealthcare Healthcare Community

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Long- & Short-Term Rehabilitation 22 |

the day. Set a reminder to get up and stretch, or try a postural exercise like the ones below. Moving your body every 90 minutes or so will make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day.

“C” IS FOR CONTROL 3. Ground your feet: Lift your heels and come up on your toes, then lift your toes to come up on heels and

Health & Wellness spread toes. Roll onto the outside edge and then the inside edge of each foot. Press down on all four corners of both feet to connect with the ground. 4. Center your pelvis: Core exercise is not just for the gym. Lengthen your spine with a gentle low back arch and tuck. Repeat for 5 cycles to wake up and reset neglected muscles during your day. 5. Open your chest: Lift your shoulders all the way up, then roll them back, and then release them down. Repeat 5 times to open your chest and relax your spine. 6. Level your head: Imagine a balloon gently lifting the top of your head toward the sky. Keep your head level and focus on a spot directly in front of you to retrain the deep muscles that align your neck. 7. Take five breaths: Belly breathing with your diaphragm is key to strengthening posture. Lengthen

For the results you deserve… Moving across town or across the country… Rely on an Experienced Realtor! With over 30 years of real estate sales experience in Vermont, working with first-time homebuyers, “seasoned” buyers and sellers, investors and seniors, you can count on my expertise to help you sell or buy your new home.

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your body and spine with five slow, aware breaths to let your shoulders relax and clear your mind.


“E” IS FOR ENVIRONMENT 8. Adjust it: There’s no one single perfect posture position, and your body is designed to move. So change it up. Consider a desk that lets you stand up or sit down to keep moving throughout the day. Instead of an office chair, try sitting on a ball or ergonomic chair for a couple of hours. When taking long trips, adjust your car seat each time you stop. When texting, lift your phone up to

I wish I had shared my home sooner.

eye-level instead of folding your head down. 9. Sit strong: Adjust the rear-view mirror in your car so you have to sit tall with upright posture to see. Change the angle of your computer monitor or lift it a bit higher to reduce stress on neck muscles. 10. Stand taller: Head up, shoulders down and pelvis engaged gives you more height and less girth. Plus

HOMESHARE Bringing Vermonters together to share homes

people with strong posture often feel less pain, look younger and feel more confident Recheck your posture (Tip 1) a few times a year to keep track of your improvement. for more ideas to ACE Your Posture.

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Happiness is a butterfly… utterflies are the closest


Deerfield, Massachusetts is an

of the waterfall, peaceful music and

thing we have to living

18,400-square foot facility with an

hundreds of butterflies fluttering

magical creatures - like

8,000-sq. ft. glass conservatory filled

freely through the air creates a

fairies come to life. They delight

with butterflies, moths and tropical

tranquil and serene atmosphere.

us when we spot them in a field

vegetation. The sun shines through

or garden. To be able to wander

the glass walls and the conservatory

showing the history and evolution of

among over 4,000 of them is just

is heated to an 80-degree tropical-

butterflies, as well as videos.


like environment all year round. The

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens in South 24 |

A visit begins with exhibits

And then, through the double

heart-shaped pond with Japanese

doors lies the conservatory. Your first

koi graces its center and the sound

glimpse is one of awe as some 4,000

Travel butterflies of all colors, shapes, sizes and varieties go dancing past. ‘Flight Attendants’ are scattered throughout the conservatory, waiting to help you identify the many different butterflies. Brilliantly colored koi rise to the surface of the pond to greet you. Along the sides of the paths are park benches for you to sit and relax and watch for as long as you want. If the weather permits, exit out the double glass north doors and across to the seasonal Iron Butterfly Outdoor Gardens. In the field, the gardens are filled with nectar flowers, which attract native butterflies.

“This is truly a home experience for not only my Mom, but also my Dad. He visits Mom every day and he is just as loved and cared for at The Arbors. I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this place!” – Daughter of Resident THE ARBORS EXCEPTIONAL, RELIABLE CARE INCLUDES… • • • • • • •

Individualized care plan to meet your loved one’s specific needs 24-hour nursing by our own specialized dementia care nurses A dedicated Geriatric Medical Director on-site Residential care & nursing home licenses so your loved one can age in place Daily specialized activities – 7 days a week (9 a.m.-7 p.m.) Upfront pricing model; no tiers or hidden fees Flexible daytime, short- and long-term respite care options

687 Harbor Road Shelburne (802) 985-8600


Vermont’s Leader in Memory Care

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Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens 281 Greenfield Rd. South Deerfield, Mass. (413) 665-2805 `` 8,000 square foot indoor tropical environment

`` Home to over 4,000 free-flying butterflies, plus lizards, tortoises, birds, exotic insects, frogs and Koi fish

`` Open every day 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas) `` A unique setting for special events, weddings, parties and corporate events with accommodations for up to 100 `` Gift shop and food court on-site `` Fully handicapped accessible

Visit for more information

Our Family Caring for yours for over 50 years

Providing excellent care for you or your loved one needing Short term Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care and End of Life Care Phone 802-655-1025 Your Choice For Excellent Care 26 |

Continuing Care, Rehabilitation, Residential Care, Memory Care

A locally owned nonprofit. Come visit Mayo Healthcare and learn more about our services. (802) 485-3161 •


Watching for healthcare fraud Join our team… and make a difference. Vermont Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is looking for qualified volunteers to join forces with other trained retired seniors to help Medicare beneficiaries understand their healthcare rights, to identify billing errors and to combat Medicare fraud and abuse.


A sampling of roles & ways you can help:

• Be a presenter: theatrical educators & game hosts wanted! • Provide data entry & office assistance • Act as a community liaison • Conduct research & writing for program publications

St. Joseph Kervick Home, Rutland Loretto Home, Rutland

• And much more! SMP Volunteers are awarded certification after completion of the SMP Foundations and Job-Specific training programs. Work alone or within a team. You can even create a role that better utilizes your skills to further develop the Vermont SMP program mission! SMP provides mileage and some expense reimbursement. To become a vital part of our project, contact Anita at 802-229-4731 or by email: PR OJ EC T IS SPO NSO R ED BY COV E



Community of Vermont Elders

Vermont SMP is sponsored by the Community of Vermont Elders and funding by the Administration on Aging/ Administration for Community Living #90AM307302 and #90MP006301.

Michaud Memorial Manor, Derby Line St. Joseph’s Residence, Burlington

55 Joy Drive S. Burlington, VT 05403 802-658-6111

V E R M O N T C AT H O L I C H O M E S . O R G Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 27

We BUY and SELL gently used kids’ stuff

Bring in your gently used children’s clothing and more and get paid $$ on the spot for all that we can accept. We buy all seasons all year so no need to store it and wait! Check out some of the things we buy and sell below:

Clothing: Daywear,

Outerwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Dancewear, Costumes, Dresswear. Sizes Preemie to Girls 16 and Boys 20. We love: LuLaRoe, Under Armour, Tea, Gymboree, Gap, Hatley, Burton, Justice & more.

Footwear: Sneakers, Sandals, Flip Flops,

Rain & Winter Boots, Dance & Dress Shoes, Watershoes, Slippers, Crocs . Some of our favorite brands: Bogs, Keens, Chacos, Merrills, Robeez, Converse, Under Armor, Toms & Nike.


Games, Puzzles, American Girl, Bead Toys, Push & Ride-on Toys, Activity Toys, Books, Movies, Bikes, Kitchen Sets, Outdoor Structures

Equipment: Strollers,

Swings, Entertainers, Playards, Highchairs, Booster Chairs, Monitors, Front & Back Carriers, Potty Trainers, Diaper Pails, Nursing Pillows

We have some great helpful hints and tips on how to get the most of your trip on our website So check us out or give us a call to answer any of your questions.

Locally Owned & Operated | Like us on Facebook

38 Taft Corners Shopping Center • Williston • 878-5434 •

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Savvy Senior

Health Coverage Options for Pre-Medicare-Age Spouses


ear Savvy Senior,

by Jim Miller

Nobody can obtain Medicare benefits before age 65, unless eligible at a younger age because of disability.

your wife to continue coverage under

My wife, who is

their plan. Or, if your wife works,

62, is on my health

see if she can she switch to health

insurance plan through my employer.

insurance provided by her own

When I retire in a few months at 65,


and go on Medicare, what are my

COBRA: If you work for a

wife’s options? Is there some kind

company that has 20 or more

of Medicare coverage for dependent

employees, once you make the switch

spouses, or do we have to purchase

to Medicare, your wife could stay


with your company insurance plan

— Approaching Retirement

for at least 18 months (but could last up to 36 months) under a federal

Dear Approaching, Medicare, unfortunately, does not

law called COBRA. You’ll need to sign her up within 60 days after her

offer family coverage to younger

last day of coverage. But be aware

spouses or dependent children when

that COBRA isn’t cheap. You’ll pay

you qualify for Medicare. Nobody

the full monthly premium yourself,

can obtain Medicare benefits before

plus a 2 percent administrative fee.

age 65, unless eligible at a younger

To learn more, see

age because of disability. With that

publications/cobraemployee.html or

said, here are some coverage options,

call 866-444-3272.

including Obamacare, to consider for your wife. Keep working: If possible,

If, however, the company you work for has fewer than 20 employees, you may still be able to get continued

consider working past age 65. This

coverage through your company

would allow your wife to continue

if your state has “mini-COBRA.”

coverage under your employer health

Contact your state insurance

insurance until she becomes eligible

department to see if this is available

for Medicare.

where you live.

Employer options: If your

Individual insurance: Buy your

employer provides retiree health

wife an individual health insurance

benefits, check with your benefits

policy through the Health Insurance

administrator to find out if they

Marketplace (aka Obamacare) until

offer any options that would allow

she turns 65. The Marketplace, as Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 29

Savvy Senior it stands now, offers comprehensive health coverage

deny coverage or charge extra for preexisting health

and they can’t deny her coverage or charge extra for

conditions. You might even find slightly lower premiums

preexisting health conditions.

on outside policies, assuming that you don’t qualify for

And, if your income falls below the 400 percent poverty level – anything below $47,520 for an individual or

the tax credits. To find a local broker or agent that sells insurance

$64,080 for a couple in 2017 – you may be eligible for

plans, check the National Association of Health

a tax credit that will reduce the amount you’ll have to

Underwriters website ( which has an online

pay for a policy. To see how much you can save, see the

directory. But keep in mind that agents won’t necessarily

subsidy calculator on the Kaiser Family Foundation

show you all available policies, just the ones from

website at

insurers they work with.

To shop for marketplace plans in your state, visit

You can also look for these plans at insurance shopping or call its toll-free helpline at 800-318-

sites like or,


which lists plans and providers that may not be listed on

These policies do not offer the federal tax credits, but they are required to offer the same menu of essential benefits as Marketplace policies do, and they can’t

PROTECT YOUR CAT FROM HEARTWORMS Heartworms can spread unknowingly through mosquitoes. Prevention is the only means of protecting your cat from the effects of heartworm disease.



Affectionately Cats Feline Veterinary Hospital and Boarding Suites | 860-CATS(2287) 30 | Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.

Retire Confidently Make the most of what you’ve earned with the help of the CFS* Financial Advisors at New England Federal Credit Union. Whether you’re planning for retirement, about to retire, or already drawing a retirement income, our local advisors at the NEFCU Financial Group (NFG), will recommend a strategy that best works for you.

Contact a CFS* Financial Advisor at the NEFCU Financial Group to arrange an appointment or visit

Scott Hinman, ChFC� 802.879.8792

Jonathan Whitehouse 802.764.2626

*Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (“CFS”), a registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Products offered through CFS: are not NCUA/NCUSIF or otherwise federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of the credit union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Investment Representatives are registered through CFS. New England Federal Credit Union has contracted with CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to credit union members. CFS and its Registered Representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. For such advice, please consult with a qualified professional.

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Tips for a Greener Thumb By Melissa Erickson


mploying some smart gardening tips will have you enjoying your landscape more while spending less time and effort.

“The quality of plant material available and the way

the green industry is responding to what gardeners want mean that we can have beautiful gardens that are environmentally responsible and demand less time and energy, less water and fertilizer, are pollinator-friendly and offer incredible color from foliage and flowers,” said garden designer Kerry Ann Mendez, author of “The Right-Size Flower Garden” and just-published “The Budget-Wise Gardener.” The key is to have the “right-sized garden,” Mendez said. “Most of us are busy. We like the idea of a beautiful

The two largest age groups, millennials and baby boomers, gravitate toward gardens on a smaller scale, Mendez said. Millennials are more likely to live in urban settings, while boomers are downsizing because many don’t want to spend so much time maintaining a large landscape.

Picking Plants In order for your gardening endeavors to be enjoyable, “pick the right plant for the right place,” Mendez said. That means a plant’s sunlight and soil needs should be a good match for the garden where it’s being placed. “It should be a good marriage,” Mendez said.

Smart sizing Sometimes your garden just gets out of hand, or maybe

garden, but we want to put time back in our pockets,” she

you’ve moved and inherited a big garden that requires


too much effort. Mendez’s mantra is, “Plants are not your

32 |

children or pets. You can ditch those that are too much trouble or never performed well in the garden.” Plant subtraction is difficult, but a smart choice for

For a comparable shrub, consider the oakleaf hydrangea, which is one of the few hydrangeas native to the United States. Stunning flowers bloom in early

people who want to enjoy their garden more. The garden

spring/summer, and if not cut they dry on the plant

should be a place of escape from the business of life, a

and last into fall when foliage turns a stunning shade of

place for family time, Mendez said.

burgundy, Mendez said.

“Get rid of what doesn’t work. Replace or remove. Take

“Over winter, its bark exfoliates, or peels back, to reveal

off your rosy glasses and stop feeling guilty,” said Mendez, a rich underlayer. It’s a four-season plant,” Mendez said. who downsized her own garden to add an outside patio.

Two-fers “Pick plants that are two-fers,” Mendez said, meaning

Get Contained

A “huge revolution” is taking place in container gardening, Mendez said. The industry is responding to

perennials or shrubs should have long bloom times or

what people want and offering lightweight, self-watering

feature blooms plus interesting foliage. “You’ve got to

containers pretty enough to be used indoors and out.

give me more than just flowers,” she said. For example, the perennial foamy bells (heucherella) can thrive in sun or shade depending where you live. “Gorgeous and easy to grow, foamy bells has dazzling, eye-catching clumps of foliage and tiny yet incredible flowers. Pollinators love it, and it requires low water. It’s a real workhorse plant,” Mendez said.

They’re practical, efficient and great for people with poor soil or limited space. For example, Crescent Garden’s True Drop planters can go without watering for up to six weeks, Mendez said. Mendez hosts free monthly online webinars on the art of high-impact, low maintenance, sustainable flower gardening and landscaping. Sign up at her website, Perennially Yours,

Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 33

40 CRAFT +

2018 2017


. 3 & 4,

8 201

Stowe Events Field • Stowe, VT







 Peace in the Valley: Fri. 5:30-9:30 pm My Mother's Moustache: Sat.12-4 pm



 The Pilgrims : Sat. 5:30-9:30 pm






15 beer tasting tickets per session, 5 bonus VT spirits/wine tasting tickets, 3 oz. tasting glass and onsite parking! TICKETS $45 at the door if not sold out! A festival of fine craft beer, cider, wine & spirits

34 |

Home & Garden

Elevated Gardens Add Space, Beauty and Ease By Melinda Myers


levate your gardens to waist high level for convenience and easy

access. Elevated gardens are easy on your back and knees and are perfect for the patio, balcony, deck or any area where a bit of planting space is desired. Place them near your kitchen door, grill or table for easy cooking and serving access. You’ll be able to plant, weed and harvest with minimal bending or even from a chair. Purchase one on wheels or add casters to the legs of your elevated garden for added mobility. Then

wheel it into the sun or shade as needed each day or out of the way when you entertain. Set the garden in place first. Once it’s filled with soil, it will be very heavy and difficult to move. Those gardening on a balcony should confirm the space will hold the weight of the elevated garden you select when filled with soil and mature plants.

Make sure you have easy access

( at planting. It

to water. Since this is basically a

contains 85% organic matter, feeding

container, you will need to check

the plants and soil. Slow release

the soil moisture daily and water

fertilizers provide plants with

thoroughly as needed. Fill the

needed nutrients for several months,

elevated garden with a well-drained

eliminating the need for weekly

planting mix that holds moisture


while providing needed drainage. Incorporate a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer like Milorganite

Grow a variety of your favorite herbs and vegetables like basil, parsley, compact tomatoes, and Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 35

Home & Garden peppers. Support vining plants

Maximize your growing space by

or try compact ones like Mascotte

planting quick maturing vegetables

compact bush bean. Add color and

like radishes, beets and lettuce in

dress up your planter with flowers

between tomatoes, peppers, cabbage

like edible nasturtiums and trailing

and other vegetables that take longer

herbs like thyme and oregano which

to reach their mature size. You’ll

will cascade over the edge of the

be harvesting the short season


vegetables just as the bigger plants

need the space. Further increase your garden’s productivity with succession plantings. Fill vacant spaces that are left once a row or block of vegetables are harvested. Add more planting mix if needed. Select seeds and transplants that will have time to reach maturity for harvesting before the growing season ends. Broccoli, cabbage, compact Patio Pride peas, lettuce, spinach and other greens taste best when harvested in cooler fall temperatures. Replace weather-worn flowers with cool weather beauties like pansies, nemesias, dianthus, alyssum and snapdragons. Fertilize the whole planter so new plantings and existing plants have the nutrients they need to finish out the season. Protect your fall flowers, herbs and vegetables from hard frosts with floating row covers. These fabrics allow air, light and water through while trapping the heat around the plant. Once you discover the fun, flavor and ease of waist high gardening, you’ll likely make room for more elevated planters for your future gardening endeavors. Melinda Myers has written more than 20 gardening books,and is a columnist and contributing editor for Birds & Blooms magazine.

36 |

Home & Garden

The dirt on your By Melissa Erickson


ny seasoned gardener knows that soil matters for healthier produce, lawns and plants. Even novice gardeners can tell how good soil is simply by looking at

More Experience Means Better Care

Felicia S., LPN, RCM Administrator 18 years

Deb T., LPN Resident Care Director 10 years

Laurie B., LPN Evening Charge Nurse, North 32 years

Jamira A., LPN Day Charge Nurse, North 17 years

Shayla R., LPN Day Charge Nurse, Gazebo 16 years

For Over 30 Years We’ve Been Providing Assisted Care The Way It Was Meant To Be! Assisted Care All-inclusive Monthly Pricing Includes:

• Personal Laundry Services • Call Pendants for All Residents

• Private Studios, One & Two-Bedrooms

• Refreshments & Snacks Served Twice Daily

• On Site Nursing Care 24 hours a Day

• Transportation to Local Medical

• Home-Cooked Meals Served Daily


• Medication Management

• Utilities Included (including Cable TV)

• Weekly Housekeeping

• Daily Social Activities, Classes & Outings

1510/1530 Williston Road | South Burlington

Call Us Today to Schedule a Personal Tour - 802-861-4003. Check Out Our Website: Vermont Family Owned and Operated

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9/18/17 12:49 PM

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Green Mountain Transit


Gail Volunteer Driver for 16 years

Green Mountain Transit (GMT) is looking for volunteer drivers to provide rides for individuals who live beyond the regular fixed-route bus service and who do not have access to a car. Provide those in need with a ride to support their independence, health and quality of life! Find out more at

Green Mountain Transit 38 |

Learn More and Volunteer: 802-540-2589

Home & Garden and feeling it.

plants are a special case because

a hole for planting, whether you’re

they “evolved in environments with

transplanting a six-pack of flowers

soil, and soil conditions can change

low organic matter, soil water and

or a 5-gallon shrub, Robinson said.

year to year. Doing simple tests

soil fertility. Some of these plants

before planting can help growers

do not do well in soils with a lot of

evaluate what they’ve got to work

organic matter,” Robinson said.

Most homes don’t have perfect


Grab a handful of soil and smell

“Most people without a science

it. Good soil should smell “like

background can learn enough

the fresh smell after a rain. A bad

about their soil to grow a successful

soil smells like rotten eggs — it is

garden,” said Clay Robinson,

waterlogged, has bad drainage, and

associate professor of soil science,

oxygen is limiting in the root zone,

Department of Agriculture, Illinois

which will make it difficult for most

State University. “Many are

plants to grow,” Robinson said.

surprised at the things they learn

Now, crumble the handful of soil

• When digging a hole, do not pat the sides. Compacted soil is unhealthy for plants and plant microbes, which “are what mobilize nutrients for our plants, help decay mulches, etc. So, work carefully with your soil to protect your plants and your microbes,” said Susan Fisk, Master Gardener and spokeswoman for the Soil and Science Society of America. • Use a small garden spade or

when I teach a one- to two-hour

between your fingers. Depending

lesson on soils, nutrients and water

on where you live, soil texture is

trowel to rough up the sides so that

at local meetings and for Master

different because of its composition

you can see the cracks or soil pores

Gardeners because sometimes the

of sand, silt and clay particles.

where the roots can grow, Robinson

common lore does not jibe with

“Whatever the texture, though,

science. The observation is correct,

small clumps (composed of many

but the science of why it happens

individual particles) that break with

often gets misinterpreted.”

little pressure between the thumb

Know your soil When it comes to soil, one of the first things to keep in mind is organic matter, which is a source of plant nutrients and energy for soil organisms. Organic matter acts like a sponge for holding water in the

and forefinger are ideal. For some clay soils, this may not achievable because the clumps are too hard. And very sandy soils may not form clumps at all,” Robinson said.

Right way to dig Now that you’re on friendly terms

soil, said Nick Comerford, a soil

with your soil, it may be time to

scientist at the University of Florida.

plant as long as the soil is not too

“Soils with more organic matter are more fertile; they have more nutrients available,” Robinson said. Generally speaking, the darker the soil, the more organic, Robinson said. Xeriscape- or drought-tolerant

wet or if it has rained recently. “Do not dig/plant in a soil that is very wet. This can destroy soil

said. • Dig the hole about twice the diameter of the pot and 8 to 16 inches deep, depending on size of the plant. For plants in 1- to 5-gallon pots, dig a hole about oneand-a-half to two times the size of the pot and up to three times the width, Robinson said. • Most plants benefit from the addition of compost, which improves water retention and provides energy and nutrients to improve soil and plant health. If you want to fertilize, now’s the time. • Finally, add the plant and gently

structure, and may waterlog/drown

firm the soil around the plant roots,

some roots,” Robinson said.

but avoid using too much pressure

There is actually a right way to dig

and compacting the soil. Vermont Maturity | Spring 2018 | 39

The DOs and DON’Ts of backyard composting

Estate Planning & Elder Law THAT’S ALL WE DO.

By Jonny Finity, Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD)

DO: Line your kitchen pail with a paper towel or newsprint before you fill it with food scraps. This will help maintain a clean pail and keep odors down. Glenn Jarrett and Jennifer Luitjens Certified as Elder Law Attorneys by the National Elder Law Foundation

Let our knowledge and experience help you plan for the future. ♦ Wills & Trusts

DON’T: Throw your food scraps in a pile and expect to get compost. This is a quick way to produce bad odors and attract animals. The microbes that support the composting process need a balanced diet of nitrogen (food scraps) and carbon (leaves, wood shavings, newsprint).

DO: Keep some leaves handy! When you empty a pail of food scraps into your compost pile, cover them with 1-3 pailfuls of leaves. Using enough leaves will

♦ Long-term Care Planning/Medicaid

you don’t have a lot of trees where you live,

♦ Special Needs Planning

don’t worry! You can use newsprint,

♦ Trust Administration ♦ Probate Administration

control odors and avoid attracting animals. If

shredded cardboard, wood shavings, or other carbon-rich materials to balance out the high nitrogen content of food scraps.


Add meat, bones, or dairy

products to a backyard pile. They take a long time to break down, and will often attract unwanted attention from animals or pests. 1795 Williston Rd., Ste. 125 So. Burlington

864-5951 40 |

DO: Store your food scrap pail in the freezer, especially if it takes more than a week for you to fill it.

DON’T: Add pet waste to your compost pile if you plan to use the

compost. Pet waste may contain pathogens that aren’t killed off in a backyard compost system.

DO: Test the moisture level in your compost pile. Make a ball of compost – it should stick together, but it shouldn’t drip. If it’s too wet, you probably need to add more leaves. If it’s too dry, you may need to reduce the amount of leaves, or give it some water.


Worry! There is no problem with a

compost pile that can’t be solved. If you’re having trouble with your compost pile, there’s probably an easy solution that you just haven’t found yet. Contact your local solid waste district or call a master composter for advice.

Why Choose Mansfield Place?

For more tips on composting, including information about upcoming workshops, contact CSWD at 872-8100 or visit

To join in the fun! Here are just some of the many benefits available at Mansfield Place: •

Engaging activities and events, as well as health and fitness programs.

Delicious chef-prepared meals and snacks.

A variety of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments.

Common areas including living and dining room, private dining room, country kitchens, cocktail lounge, exercise room, salon/barber shop, patios, walking paths and gardens.

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Making an Entrance Get the most out of foyer decor By Melissa Erickson


he foyer is a place of welcome and transition. Enhance

your entryway with some tips from expert designers: “Given your entryway may be the only room a person ever sees, consider what you want people

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Create a Lifestyle You Love... While Loving What You Eat We believe creating a life you love includes loving what you eat. That’s why our chefs rely more on natural oils and herbs, rather than fats or salts, making Morgan Orchards’ meals a healthier take on restaurant-quality dining. Become a resident today and experience delicious chef-prepared dining daily. 1-, 1+den & 2-bedroom apartments now available!

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Looking for Replacement Windows & Doors? Windows & Doors By Brownell is here to make your window replacement and installation easy. We offer free in-home consultations and will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision in regards to your replacement windows and doors.

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Home & Garden to know about you. It’s a great place to hang a sign saying something about your family, your love of a pet, your beliefs, a motivational saying. The entryway is usually a place where so much happens, so it’s important that everything in there serve a purpose, especially if you are tight on space,” said interior decorator Ellen Lindgren, owner of Ellen Lindgren Interiors.

CLUTTER-FREE AND ORGANIZED “The biggest mistake people make with small entries, believe it or not, is going too small with their design elements. Choose as large a rug as will fit in the space, and hang a large mirror or piece of art.” Rebecca West

“Nothing makes a small space look cluttered faster than shoes, keys, backpacks and other accoutrements that end up on the floor or bench instead of in their proper home,” said Lesley Myrick, owner of Lesley Myrick Art + Design. “If there’s a closet, invest in a great closet system to maximize storage. If you’re without a closet, a tall, slender shelving unit with bins or baskets can bring order to the chaos.” “Since the entryway is likely the collection spot for a lot of the random things that come through your door, give it a home,” whether that means generic square cubbies with basket inserts or a small builtin, said Kayla Hein, creative director at “Painting an entry built-in the same color as the existing trim in your home will help it to look like it was always there. Simply adding painted beadboard and hooks is a quick and inexpensive way to get the built-in look without

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Home & Garden the cost.” “If a shoe cabinet would never work for your family, consider placing a large wicker basket in your entryway. Kids can just kick their shoes off and throw them in the basket,” said Sarah Karakaian, interior designer and owner of Nestrs. “Make it a chore for someone to return all the shoes to their rightful owners before bedtime.”

IF SPACE IS LACKING, THINK VERTICALLY “Interesting wall hooks for coats or bags could serve as art pieces as well as for having a place to hang things,” said Marina V. Umali of Marina V Design Studio. “For small entries, shallow wall-mount shelves can be a great way to provide a place for mail and a few decorative accents without sacrificing valuable floor space,” said Tory Keith, president of Board and Park.

TIGHT SPACE “The biggest mistake people make with small entries, believe it or not, is going too small with their design elements,” said interior designer Rebecca West, owner of Seriously Happy Homes. “Choose as large a rug as will fit in the space, and hang a large mirror or piece of art. Having fewer, larger things can make a space feel intentional and interesting, while a bunch of small things ends up looking cluttered. Go smaller on depth — keep tables, benches and other things that protrude into the room as shallow as possible.”

“For small-sized entryways, consider implementing multifunctional furniture pieces into your design — trunks provide storage, but can also double as a bench,” said Tracy Stern, of T&T Design,.

LET THERE BE LIGHT “Invest in a pretty chandelier to greet guests,” said designer Shell Neeley of J. Banks Design. “Layers of lighting are great. If you have room for a side table, add lamps. These create a nice ambiance.

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Home & Garden said interior designer Mark Cutler.

“Incorporating pendant lighting adds a

“Interesting flooring that can be installed

touch of warm and inviting character to any space. Hanging lights also take up less space

to visually enlarge a small entranceway,

than a table or floor lamp, which will make

such as installing tile or wood planks on

your foyer seem larger and clutter-free,” said

an angle or juxtaposition to the flooring

Molly Kay, community manager at Arhaus

of the room adjacent to the entryway, can


set off the entry as an interesting, but

Hubbardton Forge Pendant Light


separate room,” said Leslie MarkmanStern, president of Leslie M. Stern Design.“Circular mirrors have been

“I think we are seeing a rise in the appreciation of hand craftsmanship, so

increasingly popular in 2018, are great

we are starting to see some beautiful rugs

for small spaces and blend nicely across

making an entry come alive, or some

most design styles. Complete the space

fantastic handmade frames, etc. People

with a dramatic pendant light fixture. We

are looking for unique and unusual pieces

find that geometric shapes work best in

so that they can use this moment as a

foyer areas as these shapes distribute light

statement of their taste but also of their

across the whole room, while providing the

ability to curate an interesting collection,”

biggest ‘wow’ factor,” said interior designer Dayna Hairston.

An eclectic mix of furniture, home decor and gifts… old and new!


r. Goslin and his team take pride in providing the best comprehensive and individualized care to their patients, from simple to complex cases. Their skills and dedication combine with your trust and comfort for excellent results.

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