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Better Living Audiology Specialists in Vestibula Exams

Age Well’s Regular Feature Houses of Worship Keeping History Alive in Vermont An Armchair Trip to Two Southern Beauties: Charleston, & Savannah

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Better Living Audiology Specialists in Vestibula Exams



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Houses of Worship Keeping History Alive in Vermont by Clover Whitham

An Armchair Trip to Two Southern Beauties: Charleston, & Savannah by Dr. Carolee Duckworth


Age Well’s regular feature in Vermont Maturity 14


Are Two or More Fiduciaries Better Than One 28

The State of Vermont Housing by Ben Durant


4 | March/April 2022 |

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Vermont Maturity Cover Story – Better Living Audiology

Specialists in Vestibular Exams


ccording to the National Institute of Health, 90

million Americans go to health care providers because of vertigo, dizziness, or balance

problems. “It’s the second most common complaint heard

in doctor’s offices and will occur in 70% of the nation’s population at some time in their lives,” said Dr. Julie Bier of South Burlington’s Better Living Audiology. The problem is especially acute among seniors. Bier said nearly 20% of Americans between the ages of 65 and 75 currently have a balance disorder. By age 75, that number increases to 25%. That’s the reason Better Living Audiology offers

understand how the system is working and where a

complete vestibular exams. Bier said that some clinics in

problem may arise. “The inner ear plays a major role in

Vermont offer some testing services, that they are the only

keeping us balanced,” Bier said. “Many things can affect

clinic in Vermont to offer the full suite of neurodiagnostic

the health of the inner ear including viruses, head trauma,


and even certain medications. With our state-of-the-art

“It’s extremely rewarding to be able to diagnose

equipment, we are able to assess the function of the inner

a patient and treat their balance issues right here in

ear and create a treatment plan for our patients to feel

our office, sometimes on the same day,” Bier said. “Dr.

steady on their feet again.”

Gibeault and I love seeing our patients get back to their

The medical term for the part of the inner ear

regular routines such as morning walks with their dogs,

involved with balance is the vestibular system. The

hiking, gardening, or just being able to get out of bed and

vestibular system relays information to the brain about

move around their house safely without feeling dizzy or

balance and orientation of the head and body. Balance


is a complex interaction which requires input from

The inner ear is home to the hearing and balance

the vestibular system, vision, and sensation from feet,

centers. Receptors within the ear allow signals to be

muscles, and joints. If any one of these systems is not

received and processed by locations within the central

working properly, the result can be a loss of balance.

nervous system and the brain. Unlike imaging studies

“Some estimates state that as many of half of all cases of

which show only the anatomy or structures, Bier said complete vestibular exams allow a doctor to better 6 | March/April 2022 |

dizziness are due to vestibular disorders,” Bier said.

suddenly with no obvious cause. These disorders fall into two main categories: The first is dizziness, vertigo, or motion intolerance. These conditions may be caused or worsened by rapid head movement, turning too quickly, walking, or riding in a car. The symptoms can be acute or sharp attacks sometimes just lasting for seconds but other times for several hours. The second type of disorder is a persistent sense of imbalance or unsteadiness which some people refer to as a loss of surefootedness. Bier noted that vertigo can be caused by both peripheral and central vestibular deficits although roughly 75% are peripheral ones associated with the inner ear and vestibular nerve. She said the most common peripheral vestibular disorder is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), followed by uncompensated Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, perilymphatic fistula, and acoustic neuroma. Although adults are more commonly plagued with dizziness and vertigo disorders, children may also experience these conditions which

Balance disorders may be caused by viral or bacterial infections in the ear, a head injury, blood circulation disorders that affect the inner ear or brain, or from taking certain medications. Many balance disorders begin

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Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 7

can prevent normal childhood activities ranging from playground games to organized athletics. Bier believes complete vestibular exams are important

Better Living Audiology partners with the American Institute of Balance (AIB) which has certified the practice as a Center of Specialty Care. Bier described AIB as

for seniors because falls are the leading cause of injury

one of the country’s best-known diagnostic, treatment,

and deaths among people over 65. She noted that 10% of

and educational facilities specializing in equilibrium

all falls result in hospitalization, and balance-related falls

disorders and said it is widely recognized for providing

are responsible for over 300,000 hip fractures in those

practitioners with the most current clinical and scientific

over 65. “Balance disorders are the number one health

breakthroughs in treatments.

complaint for patients over the age of 70,” she said.

We’re looking for caring volunteers.

Are you 55+? Help children learn! Make extra income! Contact Danielle today to learn more about the Foster Grandparents Program: (802) 861-7821.

8 | March/April 2022 |

Discover Something Different in Essex, Jct. Located adjacent to the Essex Resort & Spa, Maple Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care is the Burlington-area’s newest senior living campus. Chef-created seasonal meals, spacious private apartments, well-trained staff 24/7, engaging programming and activities are merely some of the reasons seniors and their families choose us. For details on availability & joining our waitlist, call today!

Assisted Living 2 Freeman Woods Essex Junction, VT 05452 802-872-7775

Memory Care 6 Freeman Woods Essex Junction, VT 05452 Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 9 802-872-1700

Bier said central vestibular deficits cause about one-

to return to her regular activity level. “She was so grateful

fourth of dizziness complaints. The most common causes

to be able to get back to her normal life that she teared

of dizziness and vertigo are cerebrovascular disorders,

up at her last appointment and gave me a hug, telling me

cerebellar disease, migraines, multiple sclerosis, tumors

she had thought she’d have to spend the rest of her life

of the posterior fossa, neurodegenerative disorders,

being dizzy,” Bier said. “We love our patients and want to

medications, and psychiatric disorders. Bier said almost

see each of them live the most healthy and active life they

three-quarters of patients experiencing these issues

possibly can.”

are only evaluated and treated by their primary care

“At Better Living Audiology, we’re dedicated to

physicians with less than 10% visiting a specialist such as

improving the quality of life of our patients,” Bier said.

an audiologist, otologist, otolaryngologist, or neurologist.

“Many balance issues go untreated because patients don’t

Bier described a patient who visited her office after

know where to go for help. We are thrilled to be able to

suffering from vertigo for many months and being treated

offer these services to Vermonters right here in our office

unsuccessfully by another local care provider. “She was

in South Burlington. Most insurances will cover the cost

still feeling dizzy especially when she would lie down

of these evaluations.” VM

and sit up in bed,” Bier said. “She had been very active before the vertigo began, taking daily walks in the woods, boating with her husband, gardening, and playing with her young grandchildren and the vertigo had significantly interrupted her daily routine.” Bier was able to diagnose the problem and within a few weeks the patient was able

Fo more information visit o contact one of thei two offices listed below. 54 West Twin Oaks Terrace Suite 10 South Burlington, VT 05403P: 802-651-9374 135-A Creek Rd, Middlebury, VT 05753 P: 802-989-7210

Online workshops. Personalized support. Real results. Vermonters who completed our FREE diabetes workshops saw BIG changes in their health. Find a workshop at 10 | March/April 2022 |

Houses of Worship Keeping History Alive in Vermont


by Clover Whitham

n recent years Vermont has ranked among the “least religious” states in the nation, but houses of worship can still be found in nearly every town. Many of

these buildings are among the oldest and most treasured, and often serve as gathering places for more than just their congregants. Some in fact are no longer used for

religious purposes but have been preserved for their

own blacksmith shop, floorboards more than two-feet

usefulness, beauty, and the stories they tell.

wide and original pew doors and hinges.

Among the most unique church buildings in

Today the building is a summer and fall tourist

Vermont is the Old Round Church in Richmond. It is

destination, as well as a venue for weddings and

indeed circular, a 16-sided structure built from 1812 to

community events under ownership of the town and

1813 by self-taught architect William Rhodes, according

maintained by the historical society. It was previously

to the Richmond Historical Society. The reason for its

the place of worship for five Protestant denominations.

unusual construction is uncertain, but theories include

Though the Old Round Barn is no longer used as

an absence of corners to allow the devil or other evil

a church, the building and artifacts inside still tell the

doers no place to hide. Or perhaps Rhodes was simply

story of those who worshiped there. The Ohavi Zedek

copying the architecture of the meeting house where his

synagogue in Burlington does the same for not only its

parents lived in New Hampshire.

own members but it also helps tell the histories of the

The building was closed due to safety concerns in 1973 and reopened to the public after extensive repairs

city’s Jewish and immigrant communities. Ohavi Zedek, Vermont’s oldest and now largest

and renovations. Original components can still be found, Jewish congregation, began in 1885 with just 18 people. including door hardware thought to be forged in Rhodes’

Its current home was built in 1952, but inside the

Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 11

lobby hosts an amazing artifact of Burlington’s Jewish

to Ohavi Zedek. Conservation cleaning of the mural

community from the early 1900s.

wrapped up in August, the next phase will be restoration

That piece of history is now known as “The Lost Mural,” which over the course of a century was

of damaged areas. Continual restoration has kept The Old First Church

celebrated, criticized, deliberately hidden, forgotten by

in Bennington a landmark destination in southern

many, found, moved a mile on a truck and is now being

Vermont. The bicentennial of the building was celebrated

restored. More people can see the artwork now than at

in 2006, but its history starts on December 3, 1762, when

any time in the last 80 years, thanks to a few people who

the first Protestant congregation in the New Hampshire

kept the story alive and those they inspired to save it.

Grants first gathered. A plain pine structure, likely in

The large wall mural shows Old Testament imagery

the somber Puritan style inspired by the writings of John

painted by Lithuanian artist Ben Zion Black in 1910. It

Calvin, served as the original meeting house, according

was originally housed in the Chai Adam Synagogue on

to historians Joseph Parks and Tyler Resch.

Hyde Street, which closed in 1939 when it merged with

After years of wrangling over style, location and

Ohavi Zedek. The building was used as commercial

how to pay for the new church, enough pew boxes

space, but the mural survived. When the building was

were “sold” to raise $8,000 and construction began in

to be converted to apartments in 1986, the developer

1804. The current structure was completed in 1805 and

agreed to put the mural behind a false wall rather than

construction overseen by Lavius Fillmore, an established

destroy it. The right people remembered it was there,

church architect who moved to Bennington during

and when the building changed hands again in 2012 the

the build and later would build a similar church in

mural was uncovered, conserved, and eventually moved

Middlebury. The six main columns are made of whole tree trunks, a practice previously reserved by British law for

Maplewood Village

the masts of the Royal Navy, according to the account written by Parks and Resch. Poet Robert Frost’s gravestone is in the neighboring cemetery and the Bennington Battle Monument is just up the street, making the church part of a popular

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55-57 Winter Haven Road • Shelburne Vermont • 12 | March/April 2022 |

tourist route. Perhaps the most photographed and recognizable church in Vermont is the one that crowns Burlington’s Church Street. Any travel story or even national news story about the city is almost guaranteed to include an image of the iconic building and the pedestrian street before it. This home of the Unitarian Universalist church is believed to be the oldest surviving house of worship in Burlington. The building, once known as The Brick Meeting House, was constructed in 1816 and designed by Boston architect Peter Banner. The roots of the church actually date back even farther to 1797 when the First Society of Social and Public Worship in Burlington was formed, according

to the church’s account. A decade later the Society

✔ Nothing Ventured, Nothing Have - a

fractured into liberal and conservative groups. The

documentary video about the Old Round Church:

liberal faction called itself the First Congregational

Society of Burlington and in 1814 purchased a five-acre

✔ An excellent and detailed telling of the Lost

lot for $1,000 on which The Brick Meeting House was

Mural story can be found at

built two years later.

✔ Video about the Lost Mural:

“The timbers came from the Brown’s River Valley,


the brick was made nearby, and the nails were

✔ More about Ohavi Zedek synagogue:

hammered by hand,” according to the church history

online. It cost $22,185.34 to build. The building has

✔ More about the Old First Church in Bennington:

undergone many renovations and repairs in the last 200

years. Over the years the congregation’s name changed

✔ History of the First Unitarian Universalist

several times; a vote in 1982 established its current name

Society of Burlington:

of The First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington.

history vm

Photo provided by Julie McGowan

MORE INFORMATION More about the Old Round Church:

Clover Whitham has been a journalist at Vermont newspapers for more than a dozen years and is now a freelance writer and editor near Burlington.

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Welcome to Age Well’s regular feature in Vermont Maturity


Maturity now may be here in Vermont, but rest assured our staff and volunteers are still out on the roads and at older Vermonters’ homes delivering Meals on

Wheels, care coordination, and a friendly smile to older adults, allowing them to age with confidence and dignity. Keep reading to learn more about new offerings, health, and wellness tips, and much more:

Age Well News SENIOR COMPANION PROGRAM Age Well is proud to join a network of millions of national service champions who recognize the vital role service plays in addressing some of the most critical issues in their communities. AmeriCorps Senior volunteers stay healthy and active through service, improving their own lives as they improve the lives of others. A growing body of research affirms the numerous mental and physical health benefits of volunteering, including lower mortality rates, decreased rates of depression, and increased strength and energy. Findings from a recent agency-sponsored study show that AmeriCorps Senior volunteers serving with the Senior Companion programs report feeling less depressed and isolated, along with stable or improved health scores. Today, AmeriCorps Seniors engage nearly 200,000 older Americans in service at approximately 30,000 locations across the United States and territories through its Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and RSVP programs. Senior AmeriCorps volunteers in the Senior Companion program provide companionship and assistance with daily tasks to help other older adults, most homebound, live fuller, more independent lives while maintaining their self-sufficiency and aging in place.

14 | March/April 2022 |

Director of Age Well Volunteer Services, Erica Marks said, “We are very excited to connect Vermont seniors with volunteer opportunities. It is life-changing for both

It is that easy, so what’s stopping you?

the volunteer and those we serve. We are honored to be a recipient of the AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer grant.” To learn more, contact Age Well’s Volunteer program: 802-662-5249 or

COVID-19 Vaccine Support Getting vaccinated is free, safe, and easy, and once vaccinated, you are helping to strengthen our communities—your families, your neighbors, and your friends. Over 94% of Vermonters over the age of 60 have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Way to go! If you need help registering for the COVID-19 vaccine, are homebound, lack transportation, or just have questions about COVID-19 vaccinations, call our Helpline at 1-800-642-5119, and for more information, visit

HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS Navigating Daily Medications, Together Do you know about Age Well’s HomeMeds program? Medication-related problems can lead to many issues resulting in ER visits, re-hospitalization, and worse. Adults 65 years or older are twice as likely as others to come to emergency departments for adverse drug events and nearly seven times more likely to be hospitalized after an emergency visit. HomeMeds is an evidencebased, in-home, medication review and intervention that includes a computerized risk assessment and alert process, plus a pharmacist review and recommendation for improvement. To learn more please call all our Statewide Helpline at 1-800-642-5119 or visit the website online at: Agewellvt. org/services/care-transitions.

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Eleven Winter Markets across the state will

Program, administered in Vermont by the Department

accept Crop Cash this season. Find the most current

of Children and Families (DCF). Many Vermonters who

information (including time, location, and safety

are eligible do not apply because they think they would

guidelines) about winter market operations please visit:

be taking away from those who are more deserving and markets.

in need, or that there is a stigma that comes along with

Crop Cash is now doing double benefits! For every

receiving benefits; that is not the case. Anyone eligible

$1 a shopper spends of their 3SquaresVT benefits, they

will receive benefits, and Age Well staff can help you

will receive an additional $2 in Crop Cash, up to $20 per

determine eligibility!

market visit ($30 total). Folks who receive 3SquaresVT

“There is an application that you can complete to

but do not have an EBT card can also get Crop Cash

determine whether or not you are eligible for a benefit based

by visiting the info booth at the participating farmers

on your household size, your income, housing expenses,


and medical expenses”, says Paula Fitzpatrick, Community

Age Well Programs & Services

Health Worker Team Lead with Age Well. She encourages all who think they are eligible to apply. “It helps our farms

Age Well believes that health happens at home and

and our small general stores – it keeps them open. The more federal money we can bring into the state of Vermont, the

focuses on lifestyle, happiness, and wellness—not on

more help the Vermont economy gets as a whole.”

age. For nearly 50 years, Age Well has provided adults


th 26 y ear !


Saturday, May 7, 2022 University Mall

155 Dorset St., So. Burlington 802-872-9000 Thank you to our sponsors! 16 | March/April 2022 |

FREE ADMISSION Come join the fun!

• Fun & informative Exhibits • Seminars with FREE coffee • Live Music with Charlie Rice • Lyric Theatre performance • Giveaways, Food & MORE!


60 years and older in Northwestern Vermont with the necessary support to manage their daily living needs, to keep them active, healthy, and independent. Age Well offers care & service coordination, Meals on Wheels; community meals; wellness programs; social activities; transportation services; expertise on Medicare, insurance, and long and short-term care options; and a Helpline to older Vermonters, and their families and caregivers. Age Well services are provided at no cost throughout Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, & Grand Isle counties.

There are many ways you can give back to the

Volunteering & Giving Back Give your time and impact a life. Join our network

older adults in your community including providing transportation, friendly visits, grocery shopping, budgeting assistance, delivering Meals on Wheels,

of over 1,000 dedicated volunteers and generous donors,

donating your used car, making a cash donation, and

without whom our work would not be possible. Age

leaving a gift for Age Well in your will or trust. Have you

Well’s services are provided free of charge, your support

considered creating a volunteer team at your place of

helps us keep these services free and accessible to those

work? Thank you to our business volunteer teams who

in need.

have done such amazing work this past year.





800-649-5215 | WWW.AMRAMP.COM


Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 17

Age Well volunteers delivered 300,000 meals to our

Department: Nutrition

older neighbors in 2021! Learn more about volunteer

What do you love about your job at Age Well?

opportunities please call (802) 662-5249 or email:

I love being able to help clients in need and offering For more information visit the website: Meet our Team: Ally, Annick, and Harry

them the resources to live as independently as possible. What do you find challenging? De-Escalating clients who are going through a hard

We would like to introduce you to Ally, Annick,

time is challenging. I think a lot of us can relate to that.

and Harry! We have many team members that you may

While it may be challenging, it is also something I love

not see every day, but who are vitally important to our

about my job. Being able to turn someone’s day from

mission to support older Vermonters. Hear directly from

negative to positive is very rewarding.

these Age Well staff members and learn more about their

How would you describe your approach to helping clients? My role involves a lot of active listening. I try hearing


Ally McAuslan Started at Age Well: March 2018 Job Title: Associate Director of Nutrition & Wellness

a client out, understanding where they are coming from, making sure they know I am on their side, asking how I can help, and following up if necessary. What would you like more people to know about the work you do? It is ever evolving. From meals on wheels route management, ensuring our clients are being fed,

Join the fun and get moving with Bone Builders. 1265 Laconia Road, Rte 106 Belmont, NH 03220 603-267-7778

FREE classes open now!


TABLE GAMES Visit our website to find a class near you:

PO K E R BINGO KENO 18 | March/April 2022 |

and assisting with forming new relationships in the

I love sharing knowledge that can help people. I find

community, I am constantly multitasking and going with

it fascinating to welcome every new staff that we hire,

the flow of what needs to be done!

get to know them and their backgrounds and get them

Where did you go to college?

started with the information they need to find their way

University of Vermont, Dietetics and Nutrition

into their new job within the agency. How would you describe your approach to helping



Where did you grow up? I grew up in Colchester, Vermont What are you doing when you’re not at work? I enjoy powerlifting, hiking,

In this position, I am behind the scenes, supporting staff and the agency. What would you like more people to know about the work you do?

and spending time with

I feel lucky that I get to meet with new employees

friends and family.

who come to the agency and provide them with the

Annick Pyfferoen

training and support that will allow them to perform at their best.

Started at Age Well:

Where did you go to college?

August 2003

I have a degree in Speech and Language Pathology

Job Title: Training &

from a Belgian school.

Development Specialist Department: Operations & Compliance What do you love about your job at Age Well?

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. I left at 28 and lived in Montreal for a few years. I have been in

Something To Think About James A Meunier, director

MOURNING BEHAVIOR Is mourning natural? Consider the fact that it isn’t only people who mourn. Scientists have watched what they call “mourning behavior” in animals as well. The famous biologist Konrad Lorenz studied geese and learned that when one partner of an adult pair of geese dies, the other one mourns. First, the remaining partner tries to find where the other one has gone, searching everywhere. Even though the goose may be a strong, fullgrown adult, all of a sudden it

starts running away from even the youngest and weakest geese. Usually very pushy and aggressive, it becomes very shy and won’t approach human beings or go to its feeding place. Although it has been away from its parents and siblings for a long time, it goes back to them again, acting much younger than it really is. Other biologist who study monkeys and apes say they’ve seen similar kinds of mourning behaviors among those animals


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Service to Five Generations

Now is the perfect time to decide... Who's Your Person? What's Your Plan?

➤ Name a person (health care agent) to make decisions for you if you are not able. ➤ Share your goals and priorities to ensure people know what matters most to you. ➤ Document your decisions in an advance directive.

It's always too soon...until it's too late.

Start Taking Steps today! For more information about advance care planning and forms to document your healthcare decisions, visit: Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 19

the States for about 21 years now. I have been away from Belgium for as long as I have lived there. What are you doing when you’re not at work? I work out most mornings before work (weight and resistance training, and swimming).

Harry Benoit Started at Age Well: August 1991 Job Title: Care & Service Coordinator Department: Care & Service Coordination What do you love about your job at Age Well? You never know what each new day will bring to the table. What do you find challenging? There is a level of complexity that increases exponentially.

How would you describe your approach to helping clients? I believe that you have to put yourself in the person’s shoes and respect their individuality and wisdom that has gotten them through life so far. What would you like more people to know about the work you do? It can be very demanding and there are a lot of pieces that have to come together behind the scenes. It is important to build and maintain good connections with collaborating resource agencies and individuals. Where did you go to college? Undergraduate at UVM triple majored in Psychology, Speech and Media Communications. Masters at Northern VT University (JSU) in Counseling. Where did you grow up? I grew up in the Enosburgh/Franklin, VT area. What are you doing when you’re not at work? Raising chickens, ducks, have had goats, calves, and hogs. Also chasing my two beagle pups and five cats. Have you ever herded cats? Impossible. Over the years, I have been on the boards and volunteered for non-profits such as the Opera House at Enosburg Falls and the Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization.

HOW TO CONTACT AGE WELL Learn more about Age Well services by calling the Helpline at 1-800-642-5119 or visiting our website You can also find stay up to date by following us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

20 | March/April 2022 |

The State of Vermont Housing


by Ben Durant

he world has gone mad; it’s no secret. Vermont

disequilibrium in the market; low supply and high

may be the last bastion of sanity, and that’s no

demand has created nothing less than a housing crisis

longer a secret either. This dynamic has made

and sent prices soaring beginning in January 2020. New

the business of real estate in Vermont a little bit mad

listings start high, and bidding wars with dozens of

too. Good people from other areas (flat lands) see our

offers, drive prices higher. From my perspective, I don’t

idyllic way of life, and they want it. Who can blame

see this dynamic changing anytime soon and I predict

them? Vermont is not alone in this trend and American’s

more of the same through at least 2022.

population is now more fluid than it has been over the

However, our market is tiny and can be hurt by

last century. The great shuffle is on, and Americans

outside forces. There have been times in the not so

are on the move seeking better communities. Vermont,

distant past where Wall Street affected Main Street,

by and large, is still small enough to have viable

Vermont. In 2008, during the Mortgage-Backed

communities where we value helping neighbors.

Securities Crisis, it become impossible to get a mortgage

Supply and Demand Statistics show that many boomers and seniors have stayed-put through the pandemic. This hasn’t been the best of times to move for many of us. Here in Vermont, new home listings have been down nearly 30% with the advent of the pandemic; all while there has been an active flow of out-of-staters eager to move here. This

for a while. This undoubtedly paused all real estate markets throughout the country, and to a degree, the globe. Vermont was not spared. Like today, leading up to the 2008 real estate crash, Vermont had a housing shortage. The sustained shortage helped us persevere and recover quickly. Home values held relatively steady, rebounded quickly; especially when compared to other areas of the country.

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Appreciation Vs. Inflation In real estate, we call rising prices appreciation. It’s

What It Means to You Inflation and high home prices are having a

seen by most as a positive thing, especially if you own

profound effect on all my clients right now. It’s

real estate. However, when rising prices affect consumer

important to know that many have made out quite

goods, it’s called inflation, and it’s not considered a

well through it all. It doesn’t have to hurt you in the

good thing by anyone. The last time we had serious

pocketbook, but it is imperative to be savvy. It has never

inflation, like what it is now, the AMC Eagle was the hot

been so essential to be aware of the market forces that

car for Vermont winters, and you could still buy a good

affect you and to make sure you are getting good advice –

house for $25,000. We all know inflation is bad for the

whether it be from estate planning attorneys, investment

economy, and I don’t need to tell you that it hits boomers

advisors, to real estate professionals who have their

and seniors the hardest.

finger on the beat of the market. VM

The Federal Reserve has made it clear that they are favoring interest rate hikes to help curb inflation. This could put an end to at least some of the exuberance of the buyers’ seeming insatiable appetite. Hopefully it’s done in a way that cools the inflation, while allowing our economy to keep moving.

Ben Durant is a leading Senior Real Estate Specialist in the State of Vermont and has a passion for supporting and defending his clients through the process of downsizing, right-sizing, and relocating in Vermont. Ben lives with his wife, Amy, and three children in Williston VT. He can be reached at Ben@ or by calling directly at 802-3556688. Visit his website at

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An Armchair Trip to Two Southern Beauties: Charleston, & Savannah


by Dr. Carolee Duckworth

e’ve been cut off from travel for two years

USA, and even the world, can be completely open and

now by this pandemic. That’s long enough!

available to us even now if we just fi nd a comfy chair

We come up with trip ideas, and even make

and take our trip in our minds! So, buckle your seat belt...

reservations. Then we hear the latest bad news and cancel everything yet again. Some of us have waited our entire working lives to reach the “someday” when we

would have the latitude (and the money) to travel. And

MONDAY We fly (virtually) to Charleston, rent a car and

we thought that “someday” would have come by now.

drive two hours to Savannah. We’ll be back to visit

One way or another, we are beyond ready to get going.

Charleston in a few days. And we have good times

But where, if anywhere, can we go?

ahead in lovely, hospitable Savannah. Even in March,

Even if we still need to wait a while before we make our bucket list trips to France or Italy... And even if

the air will be blissfully warm, and Spring will be popping out.

traveling in the US still makes us hesitate when we

We’ll be staying in Savannah for 3 nights at the

think about hopping aboard a jam-packed plane... The

Olde Harbour Inn, down near the river, just steps from

This holiday season, give back to those who have given us so much. Every donation helps make a difference. They depend on us - we rely on you.

Donate today at

• Helpline • Meals on Wheels

• Care Coordination • Medicare Counseling

Helpline: 1-800-642-5119 Age Well is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 23

one of the landings for the River

Estate Planning & Elder Law THAT’S ALL WE DO.

Taxi. Our hotel location will put us within a short walk to all sorts of shops and restaurants and parks. As an added benefit, the Inn will provide us with a complimentary breakfast and wine and cheese from 5:30 to 7 pm. On the day we arrive, we will focus on getting oriented and beginning to enjoy riverfront living. Our first stop will be Joe’s Crab Shack for a seafood feast. After lunch, we’ll wander through the nearby River Street Market and

Glenn Jarrett and Jennifer Luitjens Certified as Elder Law Attorneys by the National Elder Law Foundation

Let our knowledge and experience help you plan for the future.

maybe explore a shop or two before catching the river taxi to the City Hall Landing. Here we will stroll along River Walk and fi nd a perfect perch from which to enjoy sunset.

♦ Wills & Trusts ♦ Long-term Care Planning/Medicaid ♦ Special Needs Planning ♦ Trust Administration ♦ Probate Administration

1795 Williston Rd., Ste. 125 So. Burlington

864-5951 24 | March/April 2022 |

TUESDAY We again will catch the ferry to City Hall Landing, then walk up to see City Hall, with its golden dome created from gold mined in nearby Dahlonega. We’ll catch the free DOT trolley at Johnson Square, following the Purple Line up to Forsyth Park and back. We’ll be passing by the Mercer Williams House on the left, scene of a murder made famous by the movie and book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” After the trolley rounds Forsyth Park, we’ll hop off on Gaston Street and walk through the park to the lovely fountain. Then on to an elegant brunch at 700 Drayton Restaurant in “The Mansion,” an

impressive 1919 former Italian Renaissance home, later donated to become Armstrong College and now restored to its former glory as a hotel and restaurant. After lunch, we’ll be back on the trolley, then hop off on Broughton Street for some “retail therapy.” Back on the trolley again, we’ll end up in the familiar territory of River Street, where the “shoppers” will meet up with the “non-shoppers” at the Rooftop Bar of the Cotton Sail Hotel to relax and discuss the day. Th is evening, we’ll watch the sunset from here. Dinner will be at The Pirates’ House near where we’re staying. The Pirate’s House opened in 1753 as an inn for seafarers, and fast became a rendezvous for blood-thirsty pirates and sailors. Depending on how carried away we got at lunch, we may just order a few appetizers to share. Then we’ll check out the Desserts of the Day and fi nish up with Irish Coffee (with Jameson Irish Whiskey) or Millionaire’s Coffee (with Bailey’s & Frangelico) or Italian Coffee (with Amaretto & Brandy).

WEDNESDAY We’ll hop the Water Taxi to the City Hall dock and catch the Blue Line. Our destination today is the Ships of the Sea Museum, housed in the former mansion of William Scarborough, a wealthy early 19th century merchant and one of the principal owners of The Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. Here we’ll walk through displays of model ships and exhibits that detail maritime history. And we’ll be sure to visit the walled garden in the courtyard. From the museum it will be a short walk to the Old City Market, a 4-block open-air market in restored warehouses, with shopping, dining, and art. Here we’ll stop in for a late lunch at an outdoor table at Belford’s Restaurant. Then we’ll shop the market. Since there are lots of places to sit and people watch, the non-shoppers will be happy too. Later we’ll meet up at Treehouse Savannah, with views of City Market from its outdoor balcony...and music.


Caring for Life In the Heart of Central Vermont

We have shoes in your size! 4-13 • N, M, W and WW

Enjoy 20% off using Vermont20 at checkout! Vermont Maturity | March/April 2022 | 25

tranquility and tasty food at the Blind Tiger Pub on

THURSDAY We’ll make our way back to Charleston, where we’ll stay for the next 3 nights at Meeting Street Inn, immediately across the street from City Market. The Inn has a lovely courtyard where we will enjoy our complimentary full breakfast each morning and wine and cheese each afternoon. And in the evening, at the end of a long day, we’ll happily ease our tired feet into the large, romantically lit hot tub in the courtyard. Today, after we check in, we’ll cross over to City Market, and shop our way along the artful booths, maybe purchasing a few treasures along the way. If we didn’t stop for lunch on the drive here from Savannah, we’ll pick up an ice cream cone to tide us over until Happy Hour. Then we’ll take a carriage ride around the city. For Happy Hour, we’ll head to Pearlz Oyster Bar on East Bay Steet for oysters on the half shell and order a dozen oysters. Why order a half dozen that cost $10 when a dozen cost $15? Th is evening we’ll seek out

Broad Street, where we will have made reservations in the charming courtyard. We’ll start with the delectable grilled oysters and see where we want to go from there.

FRIDAY We’ll shop the classic antique treasure trove of King Street, and lunch on Poogan’s Porch. Then we’ll take a slow stroll through the rarefied neighborhood “South of Broad,” peeking behind the wrought iron gates into pristine gardens of the historic mansions. When the street runs out at the park along the Battery, we’ll cross the street and look back at the mega-mansions built in pre-Civil-War times, with their graceful porches and balconies, some with top floor ballrooms. Walking along the sea wall, where “the Cooper and the Ashley Rivers come together to form the sea,” we’ll look out across the water to Fort Sumpter, the federally controlled target that Citadel Academy Cadets aimed at when they fired “the shots that started the Civil War.” Then we’ll head back in the other direction, along East

Independent Living Rental Apartments for those 55 Years of Age and Older

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Home is a garden overflowing with memories. We give people the help they need to live in the place they love™

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at Essex

A Senior Living Community

Bay Street, stopping at 6 Chalmers Street to visit the

After a quick browse through the wonderful gift

Old Slave Mart Museum. Th is museum thoughtfully

shop next to the restaurant, our table will be ready, and

and compellingly tells the story of Charleston’s role in

we’ll have some tough choices to make... Pecan Crusted

the domestic inter-state slave trade from 1856 to 1863.

Stuffed French Toast? She Crab Soup? Charleston

From the museum, we’ll walk back towards the

Shrimp and Grits? After brunch, we’ll be back to the

river to the stunning Waterfront Park and claim a

Water Taxi to cross the river to the fascinating SC

swing partway out the pier. Then stroll through the

Aquarium. Then another Water Taxi ride to return to

park to the pineapple fountain for a few photos. Before

Waterfront Park. Dinner tonight will be at the Low

dinner, we’ll seek great river views from the Vendue

Country Bistro in City Market.

Inn Rooftop Bar. Dinner with a view will be nearby at Fleet’s Landing.

SUNDAY We’ll be flying home from Charleston. But rest


assured... We’ll already be making plans to return to

We’ll take to the water, catching the Water Taxi

these two coastal beauties, next time for real. VM

from the Waterfront Park dock, passing the impressive “new” bridge, and heading to brunch across the river at Charleston Harbor Fish House at Patriot’s Point, where we have booked a window-side table with a view of the USS Yorktown. We will have purchased a $12 All-Day Water Taxi Pass, so we’ll have use of the taxi all day.

Now retired from a 40-year career in education, Dr. Duckworth co-authors, with son Brian Lane, the “Great Trip Guide” Series—detailed guidebooks to taking memorable, immersive, fully independent trips in Europe, Canada and the USA ( Contact Carolee Duckworth at

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Are Two or More Fiduciaries Better Than One?


here is no denying that choosing a fiduciary— the individual or entity responsible for another’s fi nancial affairs—is a difficult decision. Who is

the best choice for Executor of your will, or Trustee of

your trust? These fiduciaries are entrusted with your estate and expected to fulfi ll your wishes about the management and distribution of your remaining funds upon your death. Your attorney requests a name and an alternate or two, but you want everyone to serve together. It can be difficult to narrow down the field when you want to name 2 or more individuals to the position, but in most cases, it is best to have only one person serve in a fiduciary capacity. Listed below are 3 reasons why:

COURTS ARE OPERATING AT MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY, SO THEY EMBRACE A CHALLENGE Why not name 3 or 4 Co-Executors? Probate Court is a well-oiled machine, especially with its new electronic filing system, so it will embrace all the extra filings, signatures, and notices that will be required with numerous Executors. And banks and financial institutions love paperwork and never lose anything— the more signatures the better!

CHILDREN ALWAYS GET ALONG AFTER A PARENT DIES They didn’t get along at the Thanksgiving table, but they undoubtedly will reconcile when they lose a loved one. Consider it a gift to them to name all 3 children as

Vermont’s leader and most trusted Memory Care Community We offer: • • • •

Individualized plan of care to meet your loved one’s specific needs 24-hr specialized dementia nursing care A Dedicated Geriatric Medical Director on-site Residential care & nursing home license so your loved ones can age in place • Daily specialized activities – 7 days a week (9 a.m.-7 p.m.) • Upfront pricing model; no tiers or hidden fees

Vermont’s Leader in Memory Care… for Over 30 Years

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Co-Trustees, showing them that you loved them equally as they work together in harmony. They definitely will forgive one another and be trusting partners when managing your estate.

OUR COUNTRY NEEDS MORE LAWYERS AND LAWSUITS When multiple parties serve in the same position, disagreement can occur. If it’s on an important issue, they may seek legal advice. Since one lawyer cannot represent two parties with a conflict of interest, there will be an opportunity to hire a lawyer for each party. More lawyers, possible lawsuits, and less estate funds for your heirs or other intended beneficiaries. Can two or more fiduciaries work for you in your

for everyone. Be mindful of the potential challenges so you can maximize the potential for a successful estate administration. VM This article was provided by Jarrett & Luitjens Estate & Elder Law. You can visit their website at

estate plan? It’s possible. There is no one plan that works


NO ONE SHOULD FACE ALZHEIMER'S ALONE. The Alzheimer’s Association, VT Chapter has information and resources like education programs, support groups and early-stage engagement programs for those living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer's or other dementias.


Visit or call our 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900 for support or to get involved.

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