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Start building new moments you’ll relive for a lifetime.

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Bridal services, luxurious hotel and condominium lodging and multiple restaurants & dining options help provide the perfect atmosphere for your wedding weekend.

Featuring: Championship Golf

/ World Class Skiing & Riding / Indoor Skating Arena The Only Indoor Waterpark in Vermont / Vermont’s Only Aerial Tram / Spa

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in a unique country setting


catamount country club 1000000000000000^`_^`_%`_+566000000000000000-!

With sixty acres of Green Mountain countryside and a newly renovated reception facility for up to 200 guests, the Catamount Country Club is a special place to hold your Vermont wedding. Meticulously maintained gardens and property, perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Exquisite on-site catering. located in the heart of Chittenden County ? 802.878.7227 / 1400 mountain view road, williston, vt

photos by portrait gallery unless otherwise noted

happiness, joy, family and friends

these are the things in life that really matter. Our extraordinary lakeside resort, replete with whimsical gardens and distant Adirondack mountains, frames every Basin Harbor wedding reception. Our setting provides a stunning backdrop to your ceremony, cocktails, reception, and after party. Family and friends will revel in spending the day or weekend here to celebrate this happy occasion with you. At Basin Harbor, we help you to create a celebration that will honor the most cherished people in your life by bringing the magic that is Basin Harbor to the very special occasion of your marriage.

pHOtOs By ORcHARd cOVe pHOtOgRApHy

call Anne at 802.475.7818 or visit for more information 4800 Basin Harbor Road, Vergennes, Vermont 05491


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ent Center ~ The Hampton Inn and Ev Remember Them. Needs, Small Enough to ur Yo t ee M to gh ou En Large

Receptions | Celebrations Ceremonies | Lodging 42 Lower Mountain View Drive Colchester, Vermont

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By Rev. Dr. Michael Caldwell

inspiration: something blue


Described as "an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones that inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health," Pantone's 'Color of the Year', Radiant Orchid, is a perfect fit for a soft and feminine wedding palette. Here are a few of our favorite Radiant Orchid color combos:

the mini-moon 29 everybody's doing it By Laura Isaacoff w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

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love stories


special love story feature

salute to our soldiers wedding giveaway winners courtney beaulieu and scott mccullough



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locally sourced food & beverage for the authentic vermont wedding. 802-540-0131


Sa ou n raditin ith he istoi Milery I


14 COURT SQUARE, MIDDLEBURY, VT 05753 | 800.842.4666 | MIDDLEBURYINN.COM w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

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w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

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VT Bride

staff notes A

s a native, one of the benefits I’ve grown to appreciate is the beauty and challenges of our four seasons. We Vermonters are a hardy bunch and when a wedding is in order, whatever the weather brings—rain showers, snow flurries, magnificent sunsets—we make it a grand celebration. Let’s get started with what you want to see most: love stories, inspiring snapshots that captured moments not to be forgotten and ideas that you can make your own. We are honored to introduce Courtney and Scott, our 2013 Salute to our Soldiers Wedding Giveaway Winners. Their story will make you proud and feel humbled. They are in good company with handsome couples gracing our pages.

photo by larry asam photography

Karen Sturtevant Vermont Bride Editor-In-Chief

In case you missed the memo, Vermont Bride is published twice a year (summer/ autumn and winter/spring) and available for purchase in local Vermont shops, throughout New England (nine states and counting!), and on-line. To fill the in-between need for everything wedding, we have created our Lookbook (www. Amazing talent in the nooks of our green mountains: florists, entertainers, confectioners, planners—see for yourself! I recently attended a wedding of a dear friend. During the planning she used the magazine you hold in your hands for guidance, reference, and vendor searches. Even months after the vows were said, she still gets every print issue. “I’m addicted,” she told me. After nearly 25 years of helping brides plan perfect weddings, we could not have asked for a greater compliment. Our team strives to bring you the best our state offers—and Vermont offers so much! Whether your upcoming nuptials are planned in the season of warmth, cool, or cold, we are happy to partner with you and offer this jam-packed issue of Vermont Bride!

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Child's Play

The sequel to the children’s book, The Adventures of Gert and Stu and Zippy too, by Karen Sturtevant is in production! For sneak peeks, visit www.gertstuzippy. com. Vermont Bride readers will be offered a special discount! Look for this fun, imaginative story this summer at local bookstores and on-line. Story by Karen Sturtevant

Illustrated by Susan Bahr

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evan lecompte | wedding dj vt | 802-338-2726 How long have you been in business?

I started Wedding DJ VT in the fall of 2010, but I have been DJing for 12 years. How or why did you become a DJ?

It was a combination of things. I was really intrigued by the performance aspect of DJing after I had seen some DJs at parties, shows and concerts. I also had some friends that DJ'd so it was easy for me to get into. I was definitely drawn to the creative side of DJing. I had no idea it would become my profession some years later when I got into it! What do you love most about being a DJ?

The music, the creativity of DJing and the connection with people. One of the best feelings in the world for me, is playing a great set for a really fun and energetic crowd.

What is your favorite part of working with couples on their reception entertainment?

I love working with couples that are all about having a great dance party! I really enjoy when couples are excited about their wedding and the celebration that will ensue throughout the night and on to the dance floor. It is always great to learn about their taste in music. I am always learning new songs and artists from them and vice versa. What advice do you have for couples when they are choosing a DJ?

I think it is important to have a meeting or a phone conversation with the DJ you'll be working with before deciding. Usually a conversation can help both parties see if it is a good fit for them. Plenty of information can be shared and questions can be answered via email, but a conversation, whether face to face or over the phone, can really help in choosing the right DJ for them. Music is a huge part of a wedding! It is important that the couple and the DJ are on the same page about what the evening is going to sound like.

Julie almond | caketopia cakes | 802-482-4895 How long have you been in business?

photo by letter10 creative

My family and I moved to Vermont in July of 2011. My business was officially open for business in September of 2011. This will be my third wedding season here! It was scary to move to a new place, but I've met so many wonderful wedding vendors and customers that it's been incredibly rewarding. why did you become a cake designer?

I've always enjoyed baking, but it wasn't until I watched the movie 27 Dresses one night that decorating cakes had ever interested me. I decided in that moment that I wanted to learn how to decorate cakes and I went out the next day and bought a couple books and some supplies and started practicing.

photo by stoilov photography

What do you love most about being a cake designer?

I love all of the unique designs I get to create. Every week is different which keeps it fresh. It's a great creative outlet for me. I love making sugar flowers for wedding cakes and decorations and toppers for celebration cakes. I always have the recipient in mind when I'm making something. There's a different feeling when you're making a cake for someone and not just for anyone who happens to purchase it.

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

What is your favorite part of working with couples on their wedding cake?

I always have a fun time meeting with couples for tastings. It's usually the only time that I actually get to see them in person so it's great to get to know them as individuals and as a couple. It's also a very productive time because we can ask and answer questions in real time instead of via email. I think the extra sugar helps to feed the creative frenzy! What advice do you have for couples when they are choosing a wedding cake?

Decide what you want the silouette of the cake to look like first. Some people like the look of a towering cake and others like a clean three tier design. If you want a large cake but only need 50 servings you can increase the cake size by using "dummy" tiers. You can also use a kitchen cake to add servings if you need to. The reception location plays a factor in the flavor selection. An air-conditioned ballroom offers more flexiblility than a hot tent. Some fillings require refrigeration and should only be left at room temperature for a few hours. It's also important that the cake be displayed on a level table away from windows where the sun could potentially melt the icing. If you have any concerns about the temperature, keep the cake in a cool area and bring it out just before the cutting. vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 15

VT Bride

loves Radiant Orchid

Pantone's color of the year has continued purple's reputation as the go-to wedding color.

Lavender Bridesmaid Dress, Burlap Mr. & Mrs. Banner, Mason Jar Favor Labels, Invitation, Purple Dress Shoes photos by Ampersand Wedding Photography, Bouquet photo by Letter10Creative, Dog with wreath photo by Jeff Schneiderman Photography,

Celebrating our 20th anniversary!

We have been honored to have hosted over 400 Central Vermont family weddings. Let us help create an unforgettable memory for you.



photo by hopskoch photography


Full dinner wedding packages (with no venue fee) start at $39.00 per person. Plus tax and service charge.

Custom Wedding Cakes & Favors By Pastry CheF miChelle lunde 802. 479. 7948

15 Cottage st, Barre, vt | 802.223.5252 Montpelier, VT

The Abbey Restaurant & Catering Company Sheldon, VT

catering weddings since 1983

Vermont’s finist classical musicians Duos, Trios & Quartets Information on availability & fees:

802.849.6900 |

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 17

VT Bride



Whether rustic or posh, proper signage can both decorate and give your guests important info.

Our Wedding Chalkboard Sign and Take Something Sweet Banner Photos by Ampersand Wedding Photography, | Mark N Molly's Hitchin' and Welcome Chalkboard Sign Photos by Floor Three Photography, | Eat, Drink, Dance Sign Photo by Cat Cutillo Photography, | Live Laugh Love Barn Photo by Jim Kennedy Photographers, | Pick Your Seat Photo by Hoffer Photography,



rehearsal dinner ceremony reception brunch

spectacular views breathtaking sunsets Visit or contact our Event Managers at 1.877.324.6386, opt 5.


on the waterfront





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Š Sugarsnap



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Limousines, Stretch SUVs, Cadillac Sedas, Executive Vans, and Mini-Coach

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Offering customized comprehensive wedding packages!

802-861-2600 | 888-666-3471 |

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e 802.658.3733 vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 19

Something Blueďż˝

The age-old tradition of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,' has held up against the test of time and is more popular than ever. With modern twists and crafty turns, there are a plethora of unique ideas to breathe new life into this classic superstition.


Photos by Ampersand Wedding Photography

Marry in Blue, Always Be True wear a trendy blue wedding gown. From barely tinted to deep navy, it's possible to find grand ball gowns in every shade of the color. or incorporate something blue into your attire with Rhinestones, a blue sash, blue embroidery hidden under your skirt, or a blue tulle under-layer

lucky drawers

blue suede shoes

wear some lucky blue under garments for a hidden touch of blue. they can simply be a blue color or incorporate some blue embellishment or embroidery. take it as an opportunity to splurge on something for your wedding night.

go all out for a pop of color with bold and bright blue shoes. they are sure to make a statement when you hit the dance floor. or for a more subtle approach, decorate the soles of your shoes with blue rhinestone appliques or spell out the words 'I Do.'

wildflowers in shades of periwinkle and chartreuse have a soft, feathery effect in this bridesmaid bouquet by Village Green Florist

deep blue berrie s are the perfect contr ast to delicate blossom s on this sparklin g sugar dusted cak e by Caketopia Cakes ďż˝

quisite classic blush rose and ex to a black dahlia add warmth palette cool blue and green color

a natural dichotomy of lace and stone appears both in the rhinestone embellished gown from Fiori Bridal Boutique and hand painted, rock placeholders and a patchwork lace tablecloth

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ampersand Wedding Photography, | FLOWERS: Village Green Florist, WEDDING GOWN and ACCESSORIES: Fiori Bridal Boutique, | CAKE: Caketopia Cakes, RENTALS: Vermont Tent Company, | HAIR: Kerry Armstrong Formal Hair Design, MAKEUP: Bianca Riley, | MODELS: Jake Cornell and Elea Beckerlowe w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 27

Charlene Rogers � Patrick Reina August 31, 2013

the ferry watch inn, Grand Isle, vermont photos by Christopher Zydek

"Right after we got engaged I turned to Vermont Bride magazine for wedding inspiration. I love how the magazine showcases real brides with real weddings, not just advertisers. With the Love Story section of the magazine, I got to see how other Vermont weddings looked and got ideas for my own wedding décor and vendors. I also got the idea of having Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cater from an ad I saw within the pages. That turned out to be a highlight of the wedding day."

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 39

What was the proposal like?

Patrick made the proposal a day to never forget. He surprised me with a trip to San Francisco for my birthday. After checking into the hotel, he took me to the Palace of Fine Art. This is a beautiful place that looks from the Roman times, adorned with large pillars, beautiful architecture and a swan-filled pond. It looks too good to be true. While there, Patrick and I took a seat where he gave me a birthday gift, a photo book he made titled, “Happiness Is…” Each page read, “Happiness is…” followed by something special to us and our relationship; for example: “Happiness is…Our first trip together to Hawaii.” The photos on each page corresponded with the theme of the happiness. The last page read, “Happiness is… Spending the rest of my life with you.” As I read this last page, he got on one knee and proposed. I was instantly in tears of overwhelmed joy. As if that weren’t amazing enough, he had my cousins hiding to take pictures of the whole proposal so we could cherish the moment forever.

How did your vendors help make your wedding day perfect?

Not only did our vendors listen to exactly what we wanted, but they went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect. Our florist, Amanda, owner of Savage Garden, met with us in April to choose flowers out of a seed catalog and then grew our flowers all summer to be ready for our wedding day. Days before our wedding, she took photos of us in our very own flower garden. Wedding flowers don’t get more special than that. Our caterer, Skinny Pancake, did much more than food and bar catering, they helped decorate the venue, set out our personal touches and wedding favors, and made sure the day went off without a hitch.

Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding?

Though we both live in Los Angeles now, I am from Florida and Patrick was born and raised in Vermont. The first time Patrick took me to Vermont it was during the winter. He told me Vermont is a magical place in the winter. I fell in love as soon as I stepped off the plane. From that first trip, I could feel the magic and continue to feel it every season I visit. Not only is Vermont beautiful, it is pure, warm spirited, and truly a special place. We wanted all of our loved ones to come and experience the magic for themselves. Since our wedding took place over a holiday weekend, we wanted a destination that would truly give our guests a weekend to remember and a place they could enjoy a mini vacation.

What was the theme/color palette?

We chose to theme our wedding Rustic Vermont Elegance. With the majority of our guests traveling from outside of Vermont, we wanted to highlight what Vermont has to offer. All products and décor we chose were local Vermont items, everything from the food Skinny Pancake provided, to the beautiful flowers grown nearby, the fresh apples from Allenholm Farm, the apple cider donuts from Cold Hollow Cider Mill, and Ben & Jerry’s catering our cocktail hour. We chose vendors that naturally stuck to our theme. For our color palette, we chose natural colors that were also bright and summery. Our main colors were cream, coral, and patina (light teal). These colors helped highlight the natural surroundings of the rustic barn and the sprawling lakeside lawn.

What was your favorite detail from your wedding?

We loved having Ben & Jerry’s cater ice cream during our cocktail hour. All of our guests, including us, enjoyed this summer treat while mingling during the cocktail hour. We had four flavors to choose from that were sure to please everyone.

40 | vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 41

What were some of your favorite moments?

Patrick: One of my favorite wedding day moments was seeing Charlene in her dress for the first time. Watching her and her dad walk down the aisle is a vision I will never forget. We both loved every moment of our wedding day, but one moment that sticks out is when we snuck off with the photographer after the ceremony to take photos on the dock and lakeside. This was a chance for us to take a private moment and truly feel present in our big day. We had fun kicking off our shoes and getting our feet wet in the waters of Lake Champlain. Vermont Bride preferred vendors CATERER: Have Your Cake Catering , DJ: Peak Entertainment, ICE CREAM BAR: Ben & Jerry’s (ice cream), OTHER VENDORS: CUPCAKES: My Little Cupcake FAVORS: Lake Champlain Chocolate, Goodrich Maple Syrup FLORIST: Savage Garden GOWN: Wedding Time INVITATIONS: Vista Print JEWELRY: Icing On The Ring PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Zydek RENTALS: Fosters Rentals SUIT: High Society VENUE: Ferry Watch Inn, VIDEOGRAPHER: Julian Rodier OTHER: Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Allenholm Farm 42 | vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

e te possibili n i g ties a m i

photos by stina booth photography

We invite you to rediscover the charm of this 1800’s barn, adjoining our eight room Inn with beautiful views of Lake Champlain, nestled in a maple grove. One of the most popular wedding venues in Vermont, The Old Lantern Inn and Barn is a full service facility, providing catering, bar service, and decorating. With a capacity of up to 350 people, minutes from Burlington and Middlebury, and ample parking make The Old Lantern the ideal celebration location.

The Old Lantern Inn & Barn

Charlotte, VT 802.425.2120 |

w:v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n m f:fa c eb o o k .co m/v er m o ntb ri d e m a g a zi n e P:p i m/v tb ri d e

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 43

Chelsea Sudol � Brandon Murray September 21, 2013

Stowe Mountain Resort, stowe, vermont photos by hoffer Photography

"When it came time to plan a wedding, we wanted to choose a place that meant something to us and that we could go back to in the future. It was really the best decision we made. We feel so lucky to have been married in a place we’ve shared so many memories, and it’s rare that two people can get married in a place that they can go back to year over year. This past winter, we stood in the exact spot we got married, this time in our ski gear, that was really special."

vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 51

How and where did you meet?

We met at Penn State University in 2005. Our sorority and fraternity had been paired up for Greek Week, so we spent the week crossing paths during various events. We immediately hit it off and have been together ever since!

What was the proposal like?

I was late getting home from work on December 12, 2011. As I walked in the door and was thumbing through mail, Brandon asked me to come into the kitchen because he had something to show me. First thing on my mind? Beer! We share a love of craft beer and it's common for us to surprise each other with a new find. As we walked into the dining room, this idea went out the window. Brandon had the table set with candles, flowers and champagne. Sitting at the edge of the table was my engagement ring in a small box that would make any IPA pale in comparison, pun intended!

Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding?

Brandon’s family has a vacation home in Stowe. For nearly nine years, we’ve taken numerous vacations with family and friends to the Green Mountain State. Some of our best memories happened in Stowe. Brandon had planned to propose to me in Stowe while we were away with friends (something I’d learn later), but after some hiccups in his plan, he waited until we returned home. Not only is Stowe beautiful, but everyone is so friendly! We love trying new restaurants or just hanging out at our tried-and-true favorite spots. Stowe has become such a special getaway for both of us, and our dog, Charlie!

How did you choose your venue?

When we decided on Stowe, we knew we wanted to capture the breathtaking views of Mt. Mansfield. We immediately knew we wanted to get married at the base of the mountain. The resort is breathtaking. We knew it would be really special not only to us, but to our friends and family as well.

What was your theme/color palette?

Very neutral. It was really important to me that Brandon walked into his wedding and love the colors and vibe just as much as I did. We like things simple, so we ended up choosing gray and charcoal for the bridal party and ivory and green for the flowers.

What was your favorite detail from your wedding?

There were so many special details, it’s really hard to choose. From the mosscovered tables, to the apple orchard inspired place cards and the groom’s cake made to look like our dog, Charlie, everything was perfect.

How did your wedding reflect your relationship as a couple?

We don’t think there was a detail in our wedding that didn’t reflect us. It was so important that the weekend be as special as possible. Marrying the love of your life is special in itself, so when we decided we’d have a somewhat traditional wedding (meaning having one verses eloping), we wanted to be sure to take care of the details. We had been involved in all the planning for nearly two years, but it was so amazing to see it all come together. During the evening, we kept looking around the room and turning to each other in awe of what surrounded us. During our wedding ceremony, we paid tribute to vermont bride sum mer/fall 2014 | 53

our love of craft beer by having a “unity ceremony” with our favorite beer, The Alchemist’s, Heady Topper! The guy’s even wore boutonnieres made from hops, barley and oats! Our baker made a special groom’s cake that I surprised Brandon with, a replica of our awesome dog, Charlie! It’s really fun because so many of the details came back into our home with us. We used the moss from our tables and have added it to candle holders around our home and a lot of the signage we made hangs on our walls.

What were some of your favorite moments?

Saying our vows to each other, we decided to write our own and it was truly one of the most special parts of our wedding, that and the first look!

Which song did you choose for your first dance?

John Legend’s, “Stay With You.” A song we’d listened to years ago and knew would be our wedding song someday!

How did your vendors help make your wedding day perfect?

We were so fortunate to have amazing vendors, most of whom have become our friends. The amount of creativity that came from these amazing people was so impressive. One of the most consistent themes was how each person offered advice and help beyond their job expectations.

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding?

Make sure you continue with life outside of wedding planning! Getting engaged and getting married are amazing experiences, take time to reflect on this time in your life and focus on what’s really important––the love you have for one another and the celebration of that love with your family and friends. Make your wedding meaningful through details and take care in ensuring it reflects both of your personalities, as individuals and as a couple!

Vermont Bride preferred vendors BEAUTY: Jamie Dragon of Lush Salon & Boutique, PLANNER: Wendy Collins & Lacy Walsh of Stowe Mountain Resort, TRANSPORTATION: Stowe Mountain Resort, VENUE & CATERING: Stowe Mountain Resort, OTHER VENDORS: Bridesmaid Attire: Amsale from Bridal Garden Calligraphy: Caitlin Bristow of Lettered Life Cake: Michelle Hines of The Cakery Childcare: Vermont Nanny Connection Favors: Laughing Moon Chocolates, Farmhouse Crisps, Vermints Florist: Wildflower Designs Gift Registry: Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens Gown: Monique Lhuillier from Kleinfeld New York. Groom/Groomsmen Attire: J. Crew Invitations: Molly Myers of Paisley Quill Jewelry: Tacori, BHLDN (hers); Triton, Breitling (his) Musician/DJ: Burnt Sienna and Jefe Ebbert of Jefe Solo/Blue Label Officiant: Annie Alexander-Kramer PHOTOGRAPHER: Tony and Amy Hoffer of Hoffer Photography Rentals: Weddings, Tents and Events Welcome BBQ: Black Diamond Barbeque

Stowe Mountain Resort


Vermont Vintage Weddings & Rentals

Ben Hudson Photography


salon and makeup boutique at well heeled hair



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Abbey Kaknes ďż˝ Jared Bombaci September 14, 2013

Sugarbush Resort, warren, vermont photos by polis photography

"We met at the University of Vermont. We lived on the same floor in Coolidge Hall. I wanted nothing to do with Jared at first. He was the troublemaker on the floor and I was the nerd who studied and played ice hockey. But he religiously came to my hockey games and sitting through women’s hockey games in the cold Gutterson Arena is dedication."

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Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding?

Vermont is home for me. I love Vermont. I think I knew in college that I would marry Jared and we would get married in Vermont (10 years later).

How did you choose your venue?

It was the first one we saw. It was perfect because we wanted rustic but eloquent. It was also perfect because it offered accommodations that made the wedding feel like a weekend resort.

What was your theme/color palette? Navy blue, burnt orange.

What was your favorite detail from your wedding?

I loved the mix of the military uniforms and khaki suits for the men. I loved how all the girls wore different style navy dresses with different brown boots. I also loved our head table. It sat 25 people and included everyone in the wedding party and their dates. It was so fun to share memories with all of our family and friends during dinner. I also loved the rustic and unique wedding invitations, especially the antique-style Vermont postcard RSVP card.

What were some of your favorite moments?

Getting ready with all my bridesmaids before the wedding. Riding the chairlift with my dad to the top for the ceremony. My sister’s toast. Dancing with Jared. Dancing with the Grippo Funk Band. Brunch the following morning because the wedding went by too fast.

What song did you choose for your first dance? “I Got You” by Jack Johnson

How did your vendors help make your wedding day perfect?

When my wedding day finally arrived, I didn’t do anything but be a happy bride. Every detail was taken care off and all I did was enjoy the incredible day.

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding?

There are no real “rules” to weddings. You’re allowed to do whatever you like so try not to get caught up in the little things. And when the big day does come, it will go by so fast. Enjoy every second! Vermont Bride preferred vendors Gown: Amy Kuschel, Sewly Yours Bridal, Invitations: Truly Noted, Photographer: Polis Photography, Other Vendors Cake: Gretel-Ann Fischer Caterer: Sugarbush Resort Florist: Silver Toad Florist Musicians: Grippo Funk Band Venue: Sugarbush Resort

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Persuasions Catering

Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Bridal Showers

Offering exceptional catering services at realistic prices, from large receptions to small intimate gatherings. Personalized menus for every occasion and appetite.

Let us make your event a Tasty one!

tastyPersuasiOns.cOm | 802.372.3123 | tina@tastyPersuasiOns.cOm

Innkeeping since 1786

A favorite venue for wedding ceremonies and beautiful receptions in all four seasons. The Brandon Inn has spacious, comfortable public areas including inter-connecting dining rooms with a capacity for 200+ guests and a celebrated Chef/Innkeeper to provide the delicious food.

800.639.8685 20 Park St., Brandon, VT

Listed on the National Historic Register

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Fields of Color

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Floating on a cloud– billowy layers of tulle drift behind this ethereal Wtoo gown from Fiori Bridal Boutique

The Inn at Grace Farm serves as the perfect backdrop to a foliage-fueled fantasy, with its wood-lined fields, mountain views, and iconic red barn—weathered just enough to make it feel like it's been there forever. An antique wagon wheel against a stoic rock wall balance the rich and vibrant hues of sunset safari, zinnias and amaranthus, all expertly orchestrated by Sarah Jo Willey of Creative Muse Floral Design.

Photo: Portrait Gallery

Photo: Jeff Schneiderman Photography


Photo: Portrait Gallery

Your Event Is Our Specialty

At Burlington Country Club we begin with an experienced staff, add your creativity and vision to our expertise, and then deliver an event that will make you the toast of your guests. Let us do the work and you enjoy your guests.

BURLINGTON COUNTRY CLUB 802.864.4683 (ext.103) 802.782.4541

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Vermont Bride Marketplace Enriching Cultural Journeys and Exclusive, Customized Tours

877.479.7040 toll-free • 802.479.7040 office •

CAT CUTILLO Photo & Video

contact me for a free sample!

envelopes ◉ invitation ◉ placecards ◉ fine art ◉

green mountain sound and entertainment

We’ll keep your party rockin’! 802-598-7001

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Fine pewter gifts for the entire wedding party. Made by hand in Vermont. (800) 222-3142

We have an online BRIDAL REGISTRY! 52 Seymour St, Middlebury 111 Church St, Burlington Cabot Annex, Waterbury Quechee Gorge Village, Quechee

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Vermont Bride Marketplace Photos by Andrew hodgdon PhotogrAPhy

Parkmont Farm weddings and events

indoor & outdoor venue with renovated barn and pavillion surrounded by beautiful meadows, horses, and flowers


The Crimson Poppy Flower Shoppe

54 Bridge Street, Richmond VT (802) 434-5143 create an artful bouquet that will tell the story of your wedding day!

photos by stacie maddox

photos by hopskoch photography


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Vermont Bride Marketplace

weddings & events the music of the green mountains… Blue Sky Weddings will conduct your ceremony and celebration to the peak of enjoyment, and let you remain fully in the moment of enjoying the Symphony of your wedding!

The Bakery at Junior’s Specializing in Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes We also provide Full Service Offsite Catering

Cuisine that is as Beautiful as it is Delicious! 802-655-5282 • •

introducing the new!

4 vendor guide 4 real weddings 4 inspiration 4 giveaways 4 & more!

everything you need to plan your Vermont wedding!

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Vendor services directory love that duo

Husband and wife duo, Shane and Charlotte Brodie, have been providing the harmonious backdrop for Vermont weddings for over ten years. With Shane on classical and 12-string guitar and Charlotte on violin and mandolin, the Brodie’s create just the right atmosphere for wedding ceremonies with classical and semi-classical pieces. They also perform a broad variety of jazz, blues and folk music and New England fiddle tunes.

Pollination Event Company 802-453-6168 |

vt mountain syrup


VT Mountain Syrup Wedding Favors, packaged in a variety and size of bottles. Custom labeling available. 1830 Morey Hill Rd., North Wolcott, VT.

dayve huckett - guitar 802.233.6618 |

You’ve chosen the most delicious state to be married and Pollination Event Company is at the forefront of VT’s local food scene. We bring VT’s most celebrated farms, flower growers, chefs, artisan bakers, chocolatiers, vineyards, distilleries, and cheese makers to the planning table to create dream weddings abundant with distinctive, local flavor. Proudly offering fullservice planning and day-of coordination.

• Rehearsal Dinner • Preceremony • Ceremony • Cocktail Hour • Dinner • Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals

Synchronicity Photography

an affair by the lake

photo by portrait gallery

From the anticipation of the rehearsal to the celebration of the Wedding Day, I strive to capture all the distinctive moments for you to cherish and share! I believe in an exceptional value at an affordable price.

photo by stacie maddox

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A beautifully restored 1870s Victorian home complete with sweeping views of sparkling Lake Champlain and the majestic Adirondack Mountains. A magnificent custom built gazebo with intricate details and overlooking a private beach sits among beautiful gardens and sprawling lawns. Accommodates up to 200 people, fits tent size to 40×80, on-site parking, landscaped gardens, sandy beach.

from alterations to videography

Heliand Consort

Find the information you need all in one convenient place. Vermont's finest vendors, inspiring ideas, and real love stories! CAKES GOWNS FLOWERS AND MORE!

Heliand Consort performs classical music for weddings, receptions, corporate parties, and other events. We offer duos, trios, and quartets comprised of the following instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon or Cello, and Guitar or Harp. The inclusion of live music is certain to transform your event into a memorable occasion for all! We also offer a DJ service with many styles of music suitable for weddings, dances, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations.

802.735.3611 |

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contact us at: or visit our website for more information

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Any season. Any reason.

Your Wedding Day

re!) (It’s finally he

Profile for Vermont Weddings by Vermont Bride

Vermont Bride Summer/Fall 2014  

Preview the print edition of Vermont Bride Summer/Fall 2014 issue. Be wooed by real Vermont weddings and love stories, find the best local V...

Vermont Bride Summer/Fall 2014  

Preview the print edition of Vermont Bride Summer/Fall 2014 issue. Be wooed by real Vermont weddings and love stories, find the best local V...