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Welcome to beautiful Vermillion! Whether you’re dropping by briefly, have lived here all your life, or are looking to relocate, we are so excited to have you here. After being named South Dakota’s community of the year in 2014, Vermillion continues to flourish and innovate, offering an unmatched quality of life and fostering a community of passionate, friendly citizens. Our newest housing development, Bliss Pointe, is proving to be one of the premier home locations in all of South Dakota. If you love a great quality of life, you’ll #LOVermillion. With a bluff view along the Missouri River and home to the University of South Dakota, Vermillion thrives as a diverse arts & culture hub in our region. If you love the arts, you’ll #LOVermillion. A stroll through historic downtown will showcase amazing local restaurants, like Café Brule or RED Steakhouse – both featured in South Dakota Magazine’s article “City Renewal by the Bite, Why downtown Vermillion is really cooking”, unique retail shops like Sharing the Dream in Guatemala or Blue Monarch, and dynamic services. Cherry Street features dozens of bustling businesses to suit many of your needs, such as Mr. Smith’s Café & Catering, featured in Oprah Magazine where the “bread artistry” was named “The Best Bread in the World”. If you love fine dining, you’ll #LOVermillion. The University of South Dakota, our state’s flagship university, is home to some of the brightest and most talented minds in the country and some fantastic Division I athletics. If you love sports, you’ll #LOVermillion. Whether it’s enjoying entertainment at any of our annual events like Ribs, Rods & Rock n’ Roll, Oktoberfest, or the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival, or engaging community groups like Vermillion NEXT, our young professionals’ network for emerging leaders, Vermillion has one-of-a-kind opportunities for you. For those looking to relocate to a dynamic community, we invite you to be a part of our Chamber of Commerce, whose record-breaking growth proves what we believe – that in Vermillion, You Are the Chamber. Ours is a community of visionary, progressive leaders who continually invest themselves into improving and growing Vermillion, with initiatives like Vermillion NOW!, a campaign to further strengthen Vermillion’s bright future. We are certain that you will enjoy your time here in Vermillion as you take in the true ‘Spirit of South Dakota’. Whatever you love, you’ll #LOVermillion!

Nate Welch, President/CEO Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company

Looking northward over The Bluffs Golf Course


Vermillion is a city with a rich, exciting history. Founded initially on the Missouri River, it was home to the Ihanktowan Dakota Oyate, “People of the End Village”, a group of indigenous people that cultivated the land with corn and other crops. Settlers eventually made their way to this beautiful riverside area and began establishing businesses and homes for their families. Fur traders and trappers alike travelled on the river, which led to the formation of the Columbia Fur Company. Even famous explorers Lewis and Clark came through the area and camped at the mouth of the Vermillion River, making their way to the now-popular hiking spot, Spirit Mound. As individuals came and went, a more permanent community began to grow and flourish, and Vermillion came into existence. Just like any newly-founded city, members were faced with challenges that forced them to adapt. The flood of 1881 changed Vermillion permanently, with buildings being destroyed by the unforgiving river. Merchants who had built businesses “climbed the hill” and began to rebuild the city on the bluff, moving the community away from the river to where it is today. A diphtheria epidemic claimed the lives of many individuals, especially children, during the late 1800’s. A fire destroyed all but three of its three-dozen buildings in 1875. Despite the challenges that the first members of Vermillion faced, it is now a city that is constantly growing and continually enriched by its diverse population. The University of South Dakota, established in 1862, continues to draw unique people from all over the world into the city, and is located in the heart of Vermillion, itself. Scholars from across the country and world come to learn in this beautiful city with a welcoming history. How does the city look today? With a unique culture all its own, Vermillion is a community where families can thrive. There are an unprecedented number of educational, athletic, and cultural opportunities to explore, meeting the interests and needs of just about every individual. Vermillion is also a vital arts and culture destination, with venues and events like the W.H. Over Museum, Thursdays on the Plaza, South Dakota Shakespeare Festival, a sculpture & mural walk, and much more. The world-class National Music Museum, while currently undergoing a $10 million-dollar expansion and renovation, can still be enjoyed through the satellite displays across the city. The University of South Dakota campus bustles with activity, as each new season brings premier athletics as well as a wide range of stimulating presentation, conferences, and other scholarly events to cultivate the intellects of students and community members alike. As the profile of the city rises around the state and region, Vermillion has seen steady growth in the number of companies and homegrown businesses investing in the community. New developments in housing, such as beautiful Bliss Pointe on the western bluff, continue to enhance the community’s appeal to all demographics, and construction investments have more than doubled over the past decade. Property values have grown over 40% during the same decade, while steady population growth continues to drive this healthy development. The Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company, the University of South Dakota, the City of Vermillion, and the Clay County Commission all collaborate extensively to expand the community’s successes, efficiently tackle its challenges, and innovate for Vermillion’s future.

Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company

Board of Directors

JAMI BAEDKE Chair Premier Real Estate

SCOTT POHLSON Vice-Chair University of South Dakota

JOHN PRESCOTT Secretary City of Vermillion

DR. AMY CHRISTENSEN Past President Vermillion Vision Clinic

JEFF ERICKSON Treasurer Erickson Solutions


JOE HOOSE USD Foundation

GREG HUCKABEE University of South Dakota

MIKE MANNING Clay County Commission

MARY MERRIGAN Sanford Vermillion


DAMON ALVEY Vermillion School District


DAVE HERTZ Midwest Ready Mix

GREGG PETERS Vermillion ACE Hardware

LESLIE GERRISH The Bean Community Coffee House

AJ FRANKEN University of South Dakota

Staff NATE WELCH President/CEO

KATHERINE HEINE Chamber of Commerce Director

SUSAN HEGGESTAD Tourism and Marketing Manager

TONY KELLAR Economic Development Manager

Individual Members Gayle Bliss Anthony Nelson Barbara Campbell Mike & Julia Chaney



Chuck Lubbers Don & Jeanne Dahlin Dr. William & Cyndi Dendinger Mary Edelen @VermillionSD

CRYSTAL SOLOMON Business Manager

TABER BALDWIN Economic Development Assistant

Sue French Robert & Karon Fuller Kirk Hogen Fern Kaufman Kelsey Collier-Wise Dan & Lori Kenton

MICHAEL BARTOS Marketing & Events Coordinator

MEGAN DAVIDSON Executive Assistant

Pat Kozak David Lorenz Dennis & Brenda Martens Mick Breske Ted Muenster Gary Rasmussen


Arthur Rusch Zibeon Samudzi Sarah Chadima & Dick Hammond Donna Schafer Tom & Mary Sorensen Jim Wilson

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Airport..............................................................(605) 677-8159 Ambulance Info.............................................(877) 882-9911 Auditor..............................................................(605) 677-7120 Bluffs Golf Course.........................................(605) 677-7058 Chamber/Development Co...................... (605) 624-5571 City Garage.....................................................(605) 677-7063 City Hall............................................................(605) 677-7050 Civil Defense Director..................................(605) 677-7100 Clay Rural Water System............................ (605) 267-2088 Clay-Union Electric...................................... (605) 624-2673 Code Enforcement...................................... (605) 677-7088 Drivers Exam Station.................................. (800) 952-3696 Engineering Department...........................(605) 677-7050 Fire Department............................................(605) 677-7098 Highway Shop................................................(605) 677-7149 Jail...................................................................... (605) 677-7117 Landfill..............................................................(605) 677-7059 Library.............................................................. (605) 677-7060 Light & Power.................................................(605) 677-7073 National Guard Armory............................. (605) 677-7064 Parks & Recreation........................................(605) 677-7082 Police Info........................................................(605) 677-7070 Post Office...................................................... (605) 624-4701 Probation Officer.........................................(605) 677-6485 Recycling Center...........................................(605) 677-7076 Register of Deeds..........................................(605) 677-7130 Sheriff................................................................(605) 677-7100 Swimming Pool............................................ (605) 677-7066 States Attorney..............................................(605) 677-7107 Street Department.......................................(605) 677-7078 Treasurer..........................................................(605) 677-7123 The Univ. of South Dakota.........................(605) 677-5011 Utility Bills........................................................(605) 677-7056 Vermillion Schools....................................... (605) 677-7000 Veterans Services..........................................(605) 677-7145 Wastewater Plant..........................................(605) 677-7077

Ride Transit ... IT’S FOR EVERYONE! VERMILLION PUBLIC TRANSIT HOURS: M-F: 8:00AM – 10:00PM SAT: 9:00AM – 7:00PM SUN: 9:00AM – 2:00PM


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624-RIDE 8



UTILITY NUMBERS WATER City of Vermillion 25 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7056

Clay-Rural Water System, Inc. 30376 SD Hwy. 19 Wakonda, SD 57073 Email: office@clayruralwater.com (605) 267-2088

GAS MidAmerican Energy 1-888-427-5632 ELECTRIC City of Vermillion 25 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7056 Clay-Union Electric Corp. 1410 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2673 1-(800) 696-2832

TELEPHONE Century Link 1-(866) 963-6665 Midcontinent Communications 1-(800) 888-1300


EMERGENCY: 911 Sanford Vermillion Hospital 20 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-3500 Sanford Vermillion Medical Clinic 20 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-3700 Olson Medical Clinic 1330 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5666 Vermillion Medical Clinic 101 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8643


KDAM 94.3 202 W. 2nd St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7892 KVHT 106.3 FM Classic Hits & KVTK 1570 AM ESPN Sports Radio “The Ticket” 5 Star Communications, Inc. Locally Owned & Operated 210 W. 3rd St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-2600 KKYA 93.1 FM Lewis & Clark Country Country Since 1982 202 W. 2nd St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7892 KAOR 91.1 FM/Coyote Radio The University of South Dakota’s Student-Run Radio Station 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6477 WNAX 570/104.1 The Wolf 1609 E. Hwy 50 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7442

PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL Midco Cable - Channel 3 Midcontinent Communications

TELEVISION KUSD-TV - Channel 2 South Dakota Public Broadcasting 1-800-333-0789 KYOT - Channel 21 The University of South Dakota’s Student-Run TV Station (605) 677-6267


The Equalizer (Weekly Shopper) (605) 624-8486

Vermillion Plain Talk (Weekly) (605) 624-4429 The Broadcaster (Weekly Shopper) (605) 624-4429 The Volante (Weekly) The University of South Dakota’s Student-Run Newspaper Fax: (605) 677-5494

CLAY COUNTY COURTHOUSE COUNTY: Clay COUNTY SEAT: Vermillion DEMOGRAPHICS City Population: 10,844 Median Age: 23 Number of Households: 3,991 LARGEST EMPLOYERS University of South Dakota Sanford Health Hy-Vee Foods Vermillion Public Schools TAXATION State Sales: 4.5% City Sales: 2% UTILITIES: ELECTRIC & WATER Waste Water: City of Vermillion Clay-Rural Water System Natural Gas: MidAmerican Energy Telecommunications: Century Link MidContinent Communications Electricity: City of Vermillion Clay-Union Electric Corp.

VERMILLION CITY GOVERNMENT The City of Vermillion operates under a City Manager/Aldermanic form of government. Vermillion’s city government consists of eight aldermen, representing four wards throughout the community, and a mayor. MAYOR John E. (Jack) Powell................................... 624-2140 CITY MANAGER John Prescott................................................. 677-7050 ALDERMEN SOUTHEAST WARD Steve Ward................................................. 670-1220 Rich Holland.............................................. 351-9826 CENTRAL WARD Kelsey Collier-Wise..................................624-5354 Katherine Price.........................................624-4724 NORTHEAST WARD Tom Sorensen...........................................659-5483 Julia Hellwege..........................................777-0471 NORTHWEST WARD Brian Humphrey.......................................202-9033 Howard Willson........................................ 670-1255 The City provides a wide range of municipal services including police and fire protection, electric, water and sewer service within the city, a wonderful park system, as well as cultural, community, and other recreational activities for citizens. For more information contact the City of Vermillion at 25 Center Street, (605) 677-7050, or visit their website at: WWW.VERMILLION.US

Tax-base 10 year growth: 22% growth in property values 12% growth in sales tax revenue 37% growth in BBB tax revenue Building permits per 4-yr averages: 2010-13 – 119/year 2014-17 – 194/year

Average construction investments: 2010-12 - $5.4 million 2014-17 - $16.9 million

CLAY COUNTY GOVERNMENT Clay County has five County Commissioners elected at large by residents of the county. Vermillion is the Clay County Seat and the courthouse is located at 211 W. Main Street. Leo Powell............................................(605) 624-3795 Travis Mockler..................................... (605) 253-3124 Richard Hammond...........................(605) 484-2751 Phyllis Packard.................................... (605) 624-5762 Mike Manning..................................... (605) 670-9912 DISTRICT 17 LEGISLATORS Clay County and the City of Vermillion are located in state Legislative District 17, which is comprised of Clay and Turner counties, and is represented by three legislators. Senator Art Rusch, Vermillion.............................................(605) 773-3821 Representative Ray Ring, Vermillion............................................. (605) 675-9379 Representative Nancy Rasmussen, Hurley....................................................(605) 238-5221 PUBLISHER Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company 2 E. Main Street • (605) 624-5571 Produced by PrintSource Network, Inc. 121 E. Cherry St. • (605) 624-8486 PHOTO CONTRIBUTIONS Catch & Release Photography, Anne Dunham, MECS Photography, Scott Munger, National Music Museum, National Park Service, Aaron Packard, Bill Willroth, VCDC Staff, and Vermillion Public School Foundation

Chamber of Commerce growth: 2016 – 24 new members 2017 – 28 new members 2018 – 27 new members

The Rushmore Mascots welcome visitors to Vermillion City Hall, 25 Center Street.



As Vermillion’s mayor, I am honored to have the opportunity to welcome you to our fine city! I know that you’ll find our community to be unique, dynamic, and welcoming. Vermillion is home to the University of South Dakota, a vital and engaging component of our community since 1862. The cultural, educational, athletic and research opportunities offered by USD are utilized and appreciated by our community members, and they are prized as a truly special and unique feature of Vermillion. For sports fans, a trip to Vermillion isn’t complete without attending a USD basketball game at the amazing new Sanford Coyote Sports Center, or enjoying a football game in South Dakota’s only indoor football stadium, the DakotaDome! Go Yotes! We are unquestionably proud to have become a premier culinary destination in Southeast South Dakota and invite you to visit one of our amazing dining options. In addition, you’ll find many specialty shops and other services in our Historic Downtown, as well as an assortment of eateries, theaters, parks, museums, and more along Cherry Street and on Highway 50. You’ll also find many retail stores ranging from “big box” to boutiques, offering unique shopping selections and experiences. We invite you to experience our culture and history by visiting the state’s oldest museum, the W.H. Over Museum, the state’s first winery, Valiant Vineyards, the stunning Missouri River at Clay County Park, or Spirit Mound - where Lewis and Clark stood on their historic journey. Of course, Vermillion has long been home to the world-renowned National Music Museum, currently undergoing extensive renovations aimed at providing greater exhibition space for their 15,000+ collection of priceless instruments. You’ll discover several satellite displays of instruments throughout the city during the renovations.

Aerial view of “Old Main” on the University of South Dakota campus

If you’re visiting in the warm summer months, consider planning a visit to our wonderful Prentis Plunge, our stateof-the-art municipal water park that features a lazy river, floatable water walk, basketball hoop, water slides, and much more! There are so many things to do in Vermillion that you won’t likely fit it all in on your first visit. That’s OK. Come back soon to kayak on the Missouri River in the spring; watch the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival present A Midsummer Night’s Dream or cheer for the South Dakota High School All-Stars in early June; experience the fun at the Prentis Plunge waterpark; play 18 holes at The Bluffs public four-star golf course. We think you’ll find that Vermillion is the ‘Spirit of South Dakota’, close to everything, yet far from ordinary. Sincerely,

Revelry during downtown Vermillion’s “Thursdays on the Platz” summer concert series

Mayor Jack Powell

RT U N IT Y O PP O N EW DEVELOPMENTAL We have fun learning through challenges, building confidence, and preparing for futures in STEM.




In our first season (2018-2019), ROV teams won more VEX IQ awards than any other organization in SD, NE, or IA.

Science Technology Engineering Math

Available for Vermillion Area 4th-12th Grade Boys and Girls.

Thanks to donations from good people of Vermillion, our program is 100% FREE.

Robotics of Vermillion a South Dakota Nonprofit Corporation 501(C)(3) tax exempt 7 E Main St, Vermillion, SD 57069 www.roboticsofvermillion.com

Enjoy Vermillion events & activities

Vermillion is home to an endless number of unique offerings that you can’t find anywhere else. The presence of the University of South Dakota Coyotes, for instance, provides Vermillion an unmatched vitality. Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, Vermillion delivers no shortage of history and heritage to explore, earning it a place on South Dakota’s list as “Community of the Year” in 2014.

We encourage you to set out and explore our beautiful parks, discover rich history at our many historic sites, and soak up the “spirit of South Dakota.” As you travel through our community, we invite you to take in the scenic backdrops, stop and meet our friendly locals, and explore the rest of our picturesque town. Or walk Vermillion’s Sculpture Trail and mural sites, take in a concert or play at one of our many

arts venues, or enjoy a movie at our newly renovated movie theater. Whatever piques your interest, Vermillion is an exciting destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Sports fans also have plenty to cheer about, as USD is an NCAA Division 1 school and is home to both the Dakota Dome and the new, state-of-the-art Sanford Coyote Sports Center. Every year, Vermillion hosts a wide range of sporting events, including golf tournaments, baseball exhibitions, and the SD High School All-Star Football Game presented by Sanford. Additionally, thousands of people flock to Vermillion for annual events like Ribs, Rods & Rock n’ Roll, the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival, the Great Dakota Wine Fest, Vermillion’s Oktoberfest, and USD’s Dakota Days. Hang around town for a while to see why we are so proud of our vibrant, thriving community! There are many reasons to #LOVermillion, and we are certain that no matter what it is you set out to do, Vermillion has something for you.




Day FEB #LOVermillion USD Men’s Basketball Game 10

Sanford Coyote Sports Center


Fool’s 48 Film Festival Coyote Twin Theaters


4th of July JULY Fireworks Display 4


AUG 29

NW Vermillion

Thursdays on the Platz

National Music Museum Stage, Ratingen Platz, Historic Downtown Vermillion

APR 47th Annual Wacipi

AUG Clay County Fair

APR Earth Days

AUG Great Dakota Wine Fest


Sanford Coyote Sports Center


Clay County Fairgrounds



MAY Special Olympics

SEPT Ribs, Rods & Rock n’ Roll

16-18 South Dakota USD Sporting Facilities


Valiant Vineyards

Historic Downtown Vermillion

Dakota MAY South 25-26 Kayak Challenge

SEPT Oktoberfest

JUNE SD All-Star Football Game

OCT USD Dakota Days Parade

Shakespeare Festival JUNE SD Prentis Park

DEC Standstill Parade of Lights

Missouri National Recreational River


Veterans Sports Complex, Vermillion High School



5 5

Ratingen Platz, Historic Downtown Vermillion

Historic Downtown Vermillion

Historic Downtown Vermillion

JUNE VCDC Golf Social 17

Bluffs Golf Course

Add your events to www.LiveVermillion.com

SOUTH DAKOTA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL The South Dakota Shakespeare Festival (SDSF) is a professional non-profit theatre company based right here in Vermillion. Through collaboration with the University of South Dakota, the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company, the City of Vermillion, the South Dakota Arts Council as well as many other great contributors, SDSF is proud to produce their seventh production, Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream! Presented in the heart of Vermillion at historic Prentis Park, our showcase of some of the finest theater in the region cannot be missed.




In addition to the full-length Shakespeare production, the SDSF will feature live music in Prentis Park, and vending of food and beverages. Workshops and educational programming for all ages will be offered throughout the four days of the Festival. All programs are free and open to the public. The South Dakota Shakespeare Festival will present Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s beloved comedy filled with love, laughter,

magic and transformation, in Vermillion’s Prentis Park. Directed by Madeline Sayet. June 6-9, 2019 www.sdshakespearefestival.org


Enjoy world-class barbeque at Ribs, Rods & Rock n’ Roll! Mouthwatering BBQ, live music, classic cars, and food and beverage vendors fill the streets of historic downtown Vermillion.  Events include People’s Choice Judging, Kids BBQ Competition, Kids Zone, Classic Car Show, Motorcycle Fun Run, and more.  September 6-7, 2019 www.sdbbq.us

OKTOBERFEST Vermillion’s Annual Oktoberfest rolls around during the harvest season and brings two nights of great downtown fun! Head down to the Ratingen Platz on the corner of Main and Market Streets during the last weekend of September to hear some great live music, enjoy delicious, German-themed food and celebrate Vermillion’s German heritage with a variety of vendors and tons of fun! It all kicks off at 5:00 PM both Friday and Saturday evening! You’ll find regional Polka bands, folk-dancing, German beer and food, costumes and a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Vermillion is sister city to Ratingen, Germany and uses the phrase ‘Platz’, or ‘the Place’ for its downtown center of activities. Come dance with us! September 27-28, 2019



HISTORIC DOWNTOWN THEATERS Enjoy major theatrical releases, art exhibitions and other cultural events with Vermillion Theaters! The Coyote Twin is Vermillion’s local movie house, the First Dakota National Bank Coyote Gallery is Main Street’s premier rotating art space, and the historic Vermillion Theater is a great downtown event venue. These spaces are operated independently by the nonprofit Vermillion Cultural Association. Since purchasing the theaters in 2015 to save them from demolition, the VCA has—with the help of some key partners—invested over $300,000 to renovate and refresh both Coyote Twin auditoriums and lobby, purchased new sound and lighting for both the theaters, and created the art gallery. Culture is community, and we’re committed to showcasing both!

THURSDAYS ON THE PLATZ Thursdays on the Platz feature live music and food vendors at Ratingen Platz, on the corner of Main and Market Streets in historic downtown Vermillion. Enjoy food and spirits, socialize with friends, and take in the beautiful summer weather while listening to some great local musicians. Join in on the fun this summer. July - August www.facebook.com/ThursdaysOnThePlatz

1100 University, Vermillion, SD PHONE: 605-659-6151

1923 American LaFrance fire truck - first motorized vehicle used by the Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department and affectionately dubbed “Old Betsy”.

HOURS: M-SAT 10 am to 4:00 pm, SUN Closed EMAIL: whover@usd.edu www.usd.edu/whovermuseum






Great live music, exhibits, Lawn Mower Races, Barnyard Olympics, Demolition Derby, and delicious fair food are only a few great experiences to be had at the Clay County Fair. Community members and visitors alike enjoy the many festivities as the food and entertainment attracts countless fans! You don’t want to miss traditional livestock shows, live music each day, inflatables, vendors, cotton candy, youth talent shows, and so much more. Located at the Clay County Fairground at the intersection of Cherry and High streets. August 8-10, 2019 www.claycountyfair.net

The two-day Great Dakota Wine Fest is held annually in August at Valiant Vineyards Winery. The festival includes wine tasting from different South Dakota wineries, live music, cooking demonstrations, winery tours and food vendors. Visitors can even get the full experience by stomping grapes and receive a bottle of wine with a custom label displaying your picture. There is even an opportunity to enter an amateur wine-making competition! Make plans to visit the Wine Festival this year! August 24-25, 2019 www.greatdakotawinefest.com

VALIANT VINEYARDS WINERY AT BUFFALO RUN RESORT The spectacular setting along the Vermillion River and inviting décor offer a relaxing escape at South Dakota’s oldest winery. While at the winery, enjoy the hospitality of the Buffalo Run Resort where overnight guests experience a unique Bed & Breakfast. Valiant Vineyards is the perfect place to start or end your day. Summer hours are 11-5 every day. During the winter, the tasting room is open Monday, Friday and Saturday from 11-5 and Sunday from 11-3. 500 W. Main St., Vermillion (605) 624-4500 www.valiantvineyards.us

Prentis Prentis





HOLIDAY PARADE OF LIGHTS The Parade of Lights celebrates its 11th year in Vermillion, and its fourth exciting year as a stand-still parade. Scheduled near the first weekend of December, our annual Holiday Parade of Lights is unlike any other parade in the region because instead of the floats moving, the people move! Festively-lit floats are displayed along Vermillion’s historic Main Street as parade-goers saunter up and down the street, enjoying the spirit of the season. To cap off the event, Santa rides his sleigh (or sometimes, firetruck) to the Ratingen Platz for the annual tree lighting ceremony. After the tree lighting, Santa escorts children to the Edith B. Siegrist Public Library to warm up with hot cocoa, participate in festive holiday crafts, hear special music, and have the opportunity to take a picture with Santa! Jointly hosted by the Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company and the Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library. December 5, 2019




NATIONAL MUSIC MUSEUM Vermillion is proud to be home to the internationally-renowned National Music Museum, one of the greatest institutions of its kind. Although temporarily closed for expansion, the NMM has been called a “national treasure” and has received travel-site TripAdvisor. com’s highest certificate for excellence. With over 15,000 rare musical instruments in its holdings and 1,200 on public display, guests will find everything from Stradivari violins that were built in the early 17th century to Martin guitars played by Elvis. During 2019-2021, the NMM will be undergoing an amazing, $10 million dollar renovation and expansion. Although the museum itself will not be open to the public during this time, the museum has a large number of satellite exhibits housed all over the community. They can be found in numerous public buildings, such as McVicker Plaza, City Hall, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center, Vermillion Public Library, and the University’s Lee Medical Building. Find out more about NMM Live! music performances, tours, special events, the collections, and more at: www.nmmusd.org

The National Music Museum’s “Mona Lisa”: the “King” Cello, by the patriarch of Italian stringed-instrument makers, Andrea Amati, of Cremona, Italy.



OLD MAIN Old Main, the flagship building of the University of South Dakota, was restored to its original glory in the mid-1990s, and is now home to Farber Hall and the Oscar Howe Gallery, the largest collection of work by internationallycelebrated American Indian artist Oscar Howe. Old Main is rich in history and tradition. It is a symbol of the quest for excellence at the University and is located in the heart of the USD campus.

W.H. OVER MUSEUM The W.H. Over Museum highlights the collection of William H. Over, a distinguished naturalist of the northern plains from 1913 to 1945. See South Dakota’s largest collection of natural and cultural history, including a Lewis & Clark display with an 8x20 mural depicting the explorers’ walk up Spirit Mound in 1804. You will find pre-reservation and early reservation Dakota and Lakota artifacts, and the Stanley J. Morrow collection of historic photographs, firearms, and clothing. The museum hosts events throughout the year, including Welcome Fall in October and W.H. Over Christmas Festival in December, and provides visitor and tourist information for the Vermillion area. Enjoy a tour and educational program offered at the museum, browse the gift shop for unique souvenirs, and pick up visitor and tourist information. Open Monday-Saturday 10-4 on USD campus. (605) 659-6151 www.whovermuseum.org

AUSTIN-WHITTEMORE HOUSE The Clay County Historical Museum is located in the Italian Villa style home known as the Austin-Whittemore House. The house was built in 1881 atop the river bluff after the disastrous flood swept three-fourths of the town away. The house is filled with Victorian furnishings and items of local interest, including many historical records and documents. Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and by appointment. Free admission. 15 Austin Street, Vermillion (605) 624-8266 www.cchssd.org 20



The Co-Lab and meeting rooms in McVicker Plaza provide flexible event and work space in the heart of downtown Vermilion.

MCVICKER PLAZA Located in historic, downtown Vermillion, McVicker Plaza houses a Visitors Center with all manner of information about regional attractions and events, the offices of the Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company, USD’s retail store Charlie’s, and Vermillion’s first co-working space, The Co-Lab. The Co-Lab offers 1406 sq. feet of coworking space, as well as 3 meeting rooms with technology to suit a variety of needs, wifi, mailboxes and mailing address options for entrepreneurs, printing & faxing services, a podcast room, and 24/7 access with key-card entry. Open Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Charlie’s is also open Saturdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 2 E. Main St., Vermillion (605) 624-5571 www.LiveVermillion.com

Mon - Thurs: Fri: Sat: Sun: • • • • • •

8:00 am - 9:00 pm 8:00 am - 6:00 pm 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Books & Magazines Audiobooks & DVDs Free Wi-Fi Tech Center Printer & Copier Free eResources 18 Church St. ▪ Vermillion, SD ▪ 605-677-7060 www.vermillionpubliclibrary.org

Crowds gather in front in McVicker Plaza during the 2018 Dakota Days Parade.

HISTORIC DOWNTOWN VERMILLION Shop, dine, and enjoy the nightlife in beautiful historic downtown Vermillion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is comprised of over 90 locations that offer dining, art galleries, theaters, pubs, entertainment, retail and specialty shops, and other businesses and services. Enjoy the pocket parks and relax in Ratingen Platz while taking in interesting architecture. The annual festivals held in and near historic downtown, as well as regularly scheduled live music during Thursdays on the Platz during the summer months provide something special for everyone.

CHERRY STREET The primary artery into Vermillion from I-29 and Highway 50, Cherry Street and adjacent streets offer a bounty of shopping and dining opportunities. Locally owned as well as national eateries and retail stores provide something for every interest. W. Cherry Street at Princeton is a growing retail area featuring national and regional brand stores such as Walmart and Hy-Vee, among other well-known merchants.

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Explore Vermillion activities & outdoors

The change of seasons and the variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year make living in and visiting Vermillion a wonderful experience. The warmer months offer opportunities that include fishing and boating on the Vermillion and Missouri Rivers, biking, hiking, hunting, camping, swimming, playing or watching sports, and enjoying a round of golf. Those who favor the winter landscape can take part in activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, ice-skating, hiking, and hunting. Here you can have it all, so get out there and start exploring!

View near Mulberry Bend




Bike Path along the Vermillion River

CITY CAMPING Lions Park is located between Princeton and High streets south of Cherry Street, and offers approximately 17.32 acres of camping, fun, and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. The park provides playground areas, lighted softball fields, a picnic shelter, restrooms, and camping facilities with electricity and a sewage dumpsite. The local community center includes air-conditioned classrooms, a kitchen, a gym floor with basketball courts, a volleyball court, and restrooms equipped with showers. The Recreation Department also has offices at the armory, and any information about Vermillion recreation programs or rental rates for the armory can be found by calling (605) 677-7064.

CLAY COUNTY PARK AND NATURE TRAIL Clay County Park is a 34-acre vacation paradise with an abundance of adventure opportunities and scenic landscapes. The park is home to breath-

taking views of the pristinely preserved parklands and beautiful wilderness. The first-come, first-serve campground features 40+ campsites (electrical and tent), one cabin, modern showers and toilets, several picnic areas, playground, horseshoe and volleyball courts, boat ramp, fishing dock, and recreational opportunities, including cross-country skiing and four miles of hiking and biking trails to showcase the vast array of beautiful plants and wildlife. The trail also features a lookout area over the scenic Missouri River.

platform, and boat ramp. There is a modern, covered picnic shelter with rural water and restroom area, perfect for resting between other activities. Pack your own picnic lunch or play a quick game of volleyball or horseshoe at the designated courts!

As you hike, bike, or horseback ride through the 2.5-mile expanse of paved trail that winds through the park, stop and take a moment to appreciate the natural scenery. For your convenience, every quarter mile has been marked, and resting benches and picnic tables are spread out along the route. The grass trail is ideal for those who need a softer walking surface. Additionally, a separate mown-grass trail is available to visitors as well, giving walkers access to the riverfront shelter, picnic area, fishing



SPIRIT MOUND HISTORICAL PRAIRIE STATE PARK As a geological anomaly in the rolling prairie of southeastern South Dakota, Spirit Mound has established itself as one of the most beautiful historical treasures along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Spirit Mound still possesses the same beauty and mystery that Lewis and Clark found nearly 200 years ago, and historians say that it is one of the few remaining sites where we know with absolute certainty that the two explorers actually stood. Lewis and Clark reported that the people of the Omaha, Oto, and Yankton tribes believed that the mound had been controlled by little people who shot at anyone who dared to venture near! The Spirit Mound visitor site includes interpretive signs and a hiking trail to the summit, and it is located a mere 5 miles north of Vermillion along Highway 19.

PRENTIS PARK Located between Main and Clark on Plum Street, Prentis Park is Vermillion’s central city park. Prentis Park is now home to a state-of-the-art swimming pool, waterpark, lighted basketball courts, and a newly renovated baseball diamond. In addition, the park offers large, sheltered areas for picnics as well as playground equipment, volleyball courts, a nine-hole Frisbee golf course, and a historic band shell where summer concerts and plays are performed, including the annual South Dakota Shakespeare Festival.

One of the fastest growing housing developments in SE South Dakota, Vermillion’s Bliss Pointe is welcoming new families every month. Whatever the size or price point you’re looking for, Bliss Pointe offers something to help you realize your new home dreams, while helping Vermillion continue to grow. Come home to beautiful Bliss Pointe in Vermillion! For more information, visit RealEstateMaloney.com, DakotaRealty.com, or PremierRealEstateltd.com, or call (605)624-5571.




COTTON PARK Nestled along the banks of the Vermillion River just off of S. Dakota Street, Cotton Park is a 30-acre stretch of land and wildlife that includes natural grasslands and wetlands, the community’s only dog park, a historic wooden bridge, a fishing pier, soccer fields, hiking, biking, and running trails along the river.

BIKE PATHS/TRAILS Whether you are a casual or avid rider, get your wheels spinning and explore the bicycle trails in and around Vermillion. Follow the path along Cherry Street, or let the trail lead you south along University Street as it winds down to Dawson Bridge and alongside the Vermillion River throughout the entirety of Cotton Park. Outside of Vermillion, we encourage you to explore the trails following highway 19 north toward historic Spirit Mound, past prairies and through the river valley, or along the shoulders of Bluff Road and Frog Creek Road. You can also find yourself traveling south on highway 19 toward Mul-

berry Point and Newcastle, west along Timber Road, or north along Meckling Road. Four miles southwest of Vermillion, Clay County Park features some of the most picturesque biking trails in the region.

BLUFFS GOLF COURSE Vermillion’s 18-hole, 230-acre championship course stretches across picturesque bluffs overlooking the Missouri River Valley. Nestled near a beautifully constructed residential area, the course contains multiple levels with lakes and wetlands both above and below the

bluff. Since 1996, our prestigious course has hosted numerous tournaments, including the SDGA Junior Tour, South Dakota Open Pro-Am, and SDGA state events, as well as community and charity tournaments. Because of its pristine characteristics and quality, the Bluffs Golf Course received the Golf Digest Prestigious Four-Star Certificate of Recognition. Some of the course’s amenities include a full-service pro shop, driving range, practice greens, golf instruction, and bar and grill. It is located at 2021 E. Main Street. (605) 677-7058 www.thebluffsgc.com

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Invest in your Invest in your retirement. retirement.

Call or visit any of our financial advisors in the Vermillion area. To find Call or visit any of our financial advisors in the Vermillion area. To find an Edward Jones office near near you,you, visitvisit www.edwardjones.com. an Edward Jones office www.edwardjones.com. Curt Robinson Curt Robinson Curt Robinson .


23 Market Street Financial 23 Market StreetAdvisor . Vermillion, SD 57069 23 Market Street Vermillion, SD 57069 605-624-2028 Vermillion, SD 57069

605-624-2028 605-624-2028


Patrick MMHiggins Patrick Higgins Curt Robinson .


23 MarketAdvisor Street Financial 23 Market Street . Vermillion, SD 57069 23 Market Street Vermillion, SD 57069 605-624-2028 Vermillion, SD 57069 605-624-2028 605-624-2028


Member SIPC

Member SIPC



DISCOVER THE MISSOURI RIVER RECREATIONAL AREAS The Missouri River was what inspired the early settlement of Vermillion’s first incarnation, and it was also the river that forced a slight relocation after the flood of 1881 nearly destroyed the town. Time has changed the nature of the currents, but the river is still offering abundant surprises for those who are willing to look for them. For instance, many don’t know turn-of-the-century Vermillion history, like the fact that a steamship - the North Alabama - sank just west of Clay County Park, and that it can still be seen lying beneath the surface of the water. Most people also enjoy the beautiful camping facilities at Clay County Park, and they appreciate the opportunity to dock their boats for a quiet ride along the river, or to fish at one of their favorite spots. A little further down the mighty Mo’ is the North Alabama Bend area. This large stretch was purchased by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2009 and is open to the public who can explore the native cottonwood forests, former river channels, sandbars, wetlands, backwaters, and the incredible wildlife that currently inhabit the river! Park your bikes or cars on one of the off-road access roads and carry your camera and picnic lunch down to the banks of the river for your very own private piece of nature.




If you’re ready for another unique Missouri River experience, just off of Hwy 19 and a little further South of North Alabama Bend is the Gunderson Backwater Area. The Missouri River continually deposits sandbars and cuts through other channels as a result of seasonal variations. Every so often, vegetation gets a chance to grow on some of these deposits and secure a long-standing feature like the Gunderson Backwater. Although the channel is neither long nor very deep, it’s an incredibly calm, beautiful, and serene feature, making for a postcard-perfect scene in which a visitor can relax in their kayak, while appreciating the panoramic sunsetthrown colors!

BOATING Ranging from a few inches to ten or twelve feet deep with some holes reaching up to forty feet, the depth of the river varies widely. Beginners benefit from remembering that the less water your boat drafts, the easier it will be to navigate. Further, the channel isn’t marked, has the tendency to shift from week to week, and there are all kinds of hidden obstacles to be on the lookout for, including sunken sandbars, snags, and sawyers. Always use the utmost caution on the river! The use of personal watercrafts, more commonly known as jet skis, is prohibited within the Missouri National Recreational River. They are only allowed on the larger reservoirs behind the dams and on the river below Ponca State Park.

Savor Vermillion variety dining

Vermillion’s impressive food and drink scene is set to satisfy, whatever your tastes. Numerous restaurants offer a delicious and innovative variety of food and dining options for every occasion. Whether it’s a tender ribeye steak, a juicy burger and fries, classic pizzas, decadent salads, or Asian cuisine, be sure to bring your heartiest appetite.

thy of attention. Whether you’re here for an event, to visit friends, to take in some good South Dakota culture & history, or just happen to be passing through, make some time for a meal. Or two.

Whether you love fine dining or cafés, pubs or ethnic restaurants, coffee shops or wineries, sandwich shops or drive-thru burgers, you’ll #LOVermillion!

Vermillion’s food scene has enjoyed a gastronomic renaissance in recent years, thanks to a handful of restaurants opening in our historic district that have helped create a magnet for the city. Visitors regularly travel from around the tri-state region to enjoy our fine dining options before or after a USD game, or for a great dinner & movie date night. Many of our restaurants have intriguing histories, while others are newer but still create waves across the food scene in South Dakota. Our dining scene, “rich with special sauces and saucy personalities,” according to South Dakota Magazine, is worwww.LiveVermillion.com


Aramark 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6271

Bru2 1110 E. Cherry St., Suite 2 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0140 Buffalo Run Resort 1500 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4500


Charcoal Lounge 302 Canby St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4221 Café Brulé & Cakes by Monica 24 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2945

www.cafebrule.com www.cakesbymonica.com

Café Brulé offers a full menu from breakfast to supper. Open every day, 7am-9pm. Chef Jim is well known for his AmericanEuropean inspired dishes. We offer pastries, lunch, full dinner entrees and amazing desserts!

Carey’s Bar 18 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9921

Dairy Queen 905 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4191


Vermillion’s leader in adult daycare. Available nights and weekends. Casey’s General Store PO Box 3001 Ankeny, IA 50021-8045 (605) 624-0096 www.caseys.com

Dakota Brick House 15 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-2337


Dakota Brick House restaurant is built in one of the oldest buildings in historic downtown. We offer a diverse and hearty menu featuring rustic wood-fired pizzas and 20 rotating craft beers. Deb’s Sweet Treats 624 Sterling St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2690


Eagles Club (Fraternal Order of, #2421) 114 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9934 Non profit organization open to the public. Bar open daily at 1pm. Kitchen open daily at 5pm. Event hall available and catering available.

113 EAST MAIN • OPEN DAILY Happy Hour Everyday 4pm - 7pm Established 1923




Hy-Vee Kitchen and Catering 525 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5574

McDonald’s 702 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4630


Homestyle favorite, Asian, sushi, salad bar plus more. Sit down in our casual dining area or take it to go. Call chef Donna for all your catering needs.

Godfather’s Pizza 812 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2624 Pizza Pie.....Piled High! Fresh baked with only the finest ingredients on Godfather’s famous golden crust.... carry out, dine-in, or delivery available!

Hartford Steak Co. Tavern 7 Court St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0214


Family owned and operated, the Hartford Steak Co Tavern opened in 1997 - the business concept sprang from a family restaurant tradition that evolved around a simplistic menu with an exceptional value.

Jimmy John’s Sub Shop 853 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-1111 www.jimmyjohns.com

Jimmy John’s is a freaky fast sandwich shop! Each sandwich is made to order with fresh, quality ingredients. Delivery, drive-through, and pickup options available!

Mister Smith’s Bakery, Café & Catering 812 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (Inside Vermillion Ace Hardware) (605) 624-2624 www.jonesfoodcenter.net

For nearly 10 years, Mister Smith’s has brought a quality of food not easily found in South Dakota. Our breads, sandwiches, soups and salads, as well as our fresh baked and beautifully decorated cakes have been featured in numerous publications and have garnered dozens of awards.

629 Stanford Street, Vermillion, SD









Subway BEEA, LLC 920 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7827 Old Lumber Company Grill & Bar PO Box 568 Vermillion, SD 57069 605-658-9663

RED Steakhouse 1 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0079



Pizza Hut 928 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5513

Pizza Ranch 912 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0169 Public Room 13 At Studio 13 Motel 1313 W. Cherry Street Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2601


A casual dining destination that appeals to all aspects of Vermillion and surrounding communities. Affordable, creative, and chef inspired menu options for everyone to enjoy.

The Bean - Community Coffeehouse 6 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (317) 727-0448

Starbucks Coffee 525 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5574 Conveniently located in Hy-Vee’s Casual Dining, Starbucks Baristas are here to craft your favorite beverage. Sip while you shop, pick up a latte to go, or enjoy a meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Roadhouse 911 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7336

Java J nes’



The Varsity Pub 113 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 605-624-3327



Valiant Vineyards Winery 1500 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4500 www.ValiantVineyards.us

We are your go-to coffee house, dedicated to great customer service, a warm welcoming environment and a drink you just can’t quit. Vermillion Cultural Assoc./ Coyote Twin Theater 10 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3331 www.vermilliontheaters.com

The Coyote Twin is a nonprofit, community-owned theater that shows first-run and recent-release films on two screens. Best popcorn in South Dakota!

Museum metamorphosis underway Reopening 2021, bigger and better!

The New York Times called the National Music Museum (NMM) in Vermillion "one of the largest and most important collections of historical instruments in the world" whose "galleries teem with masterpieces." It's time to expand!

National Music Museum

(Closed for renovation) University of South Dakota campus, Vermillion

Become a museum member, donate, and support the new NMM.

nmmusd.org NMM's Stradivari 'Harrison' violin, 1693

dfjW Follow us!

Purdue St


(605) 624-7600

Princeton Ave

North on HWY 19 to Spirit Mound

Holiday Inn


Carr St



Shriner St

Alumni St

E Duke St


Prairie Inn

(605) 624-2824

Carleton Cir


Radcliffe Cir

W Duke St

(605) 624-8333

Vassar Cir

e St

Best Western


Elm St

Rice Dr


James St nie Von t C

ni Von

ce stan Con

Studio 13

(605) 624-2601

Cottage Ave

Baylor St

Kim Ln

Allison St

Baylor St

Tom St

Katherine St

Howe Dr





Market St






Access to the

1 2


Missou ri Natio nal Rec reation al Rive r



Missouri River

1 Clay County Park • Boat Ramp

2 North Alabama Bend 19

• Trail Access

3 Gunderson Backwater • River Access • Frost Trailhead





Oak Pl

n St







W Bloomingdale St

12th St



Visitor Center

Church St

Court St

W Kidder St



W National St

Market St.


Vermillion City Hall

Historic Downtown Austin St.

th S





Luxemberg St.


Elm St

ut St

W Br oadw ay St


Elm St




Prospect St


High St

Franklin St

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We st

W Ch

Center St

W Clark St

N Washington St

Hall St WM AIN


W Dartmouth St

W Cedar St

d Dr

(605) 624-4500

Cottage Ave

W Clark St

Walnut St


Weste n

Valiant Vineyards


Cornell St


Daw son

High St


Cornell St


Carr St

Olive St




Kennedy St





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317th St First Bank & Trust Soccer Complex

50 N Plum St

Taylor St USD Wellness Center

Rose St

N Norbeck St

Sanford Coyote Sports Center


USD Sports Performance Enhancement Facility Arena

University of South Dakota........(877) 269-6837 Vermillion High School.........(605) 677-7035 Vermillion Chamber Office....... (605) 624-5571 Vermillion City Hall.............. (605) 677-7050 50 DakotaDome......................... (605) 677-8840 W.H. Over Museum................(605) 677-5228 465th Ave

Lillibridge Track Complex and Gottsleben Field

WH Over Museum

Compton Ct

USD Dakota Dome

E Duke St

(605) 624-8005

Ballard Ct

Brooks Dr

Spruce St

Red Roof Inn

Jefferson St

Wayne S. Knutson Theatre


(605) 677-5306

Roosevelt St

Jefferson St

E Campus Dr

National Music Museum

Lincoln St

Prentis Ave

Adams St

Lincoln St

Madison St

E Clark St

E National St

(605) 677-7058

Mulberry St



Hospital information on page 47


Cypress Dr.


6 2 4





Brandon Dr


Natalie Ct





Colonial Ct

S Crawford Rd

Ridge crest Dr

Au gu sta

Crestview Dr

Crestview Dr




t Dr mon Oak

ord wf Cra Ct

Sharpe St

Pinehurst Ave

Mickelson Ave

Sterling St


Lee St


Bulow St



Sharpe Dr

Thomas St

Poplar Ave

rk Pa


Eastgate Dr Crestview Dr

Vall ey V iew Dr EC

Catalina Ave

Canby St



St. Andrews Ct

Ash St E Lewis St

Canby St



Vermillion High School

E Lewis St

Ct. eld irfi Mu


French Dr

Jane St

Maple St

318th St

S Crawford Rd

Mickelson Ave

S Norbeck St

Sunset Dr

Catalina Ave

Sycamore Ave

SWalker St

S Plum St


E Lewis St

S Pine St

Linden Ave

East St.

S. Harvard St

S Yale St

Forest Ave


Bluffs Golf Course

Hawthorn St

Anderson St

Prentis Ave

N Willow St

N Yale St

N Harvard St


E Cedar St



N Crawford Rd

Madison St

PRENTIS PARK Prentis Plunge

Summer St



Norbeck St

N Plum St

The University of South Dakota

N Pine St

Muenster University Center


317th St

14 15



Shop Vermillion

local & downtown

Vermillion is a top Midwest destination where you can immerse yourself in culture, art, and architecture. Craft your perfect weekend experience with exceptional local cuisine, premier shopping in a vibrant downtown, and exploration of the historic treasures you’ll find in our midst. Whether your dinner party demands a quick, convenient trip to the grocery store or you’ve decided to take a leisurely window-shopping stroll on your day off, Vermillion’s stores, shops, and boutiques are sure to have everything you might need. You’ll find the heart of Vermillion in the myriad of restaurants, bars, and shops that are nestled in our beautiful, historic downtown. Main Street, and many intersecting streets, are home to more than 90 locations offering some of the best dining, art, pubs, entertainment, and retail and specialty shops in the state. Explore and relax in one of our many pocket parks or our new Plaza - known as “Ratingen Platz”. Many annual festivals are held in and near historic downtown, as well as weekly, free, live music - Thursdays on the Platz - during the summer months, and an exciting array of attractions, activities, and events you can’t find anywhere else. Through downtown shop windows, you will marvel at bold 36



colors and creative window displays exhibiting each store’s unique items. Our one-of-a-kind shops are overflowing with the latest fashion, gifts, household décor, antiques, literature, and beautifully-framed artwork. Spend your morning or afternoon exploring Vermillion’s exciting downtown – you never know what you’ll find. The main artery into Vermillion from I-29 and Highway 50, Cherry Street and adjacent streets offer a multitude of dining and shopping opportunities. Locally owned businesses, national

eateries, and retail stores add a unique combination of sophistication and charm to our thriving community. West Cherry Street at Princeton is a growing retail area, now home to several national and regional brand stores, including Walmart and HyVee, and more. Amidst this bustling activity, you’re sure to find just about anything you might need. Stress-free shopping experiences are the best experiences – so relax, shop around, and enjoy yourself - while taking in the unique history and character of our town!

Ace Hardware (Vermillion) 812 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3195 www.facebook.com/ vermacehardware

We are a family owned hardware store dedicated to servicing what we sell from paint to plumbing and electrical to lawn & garden. We offer a broad range of products from paint to lawn mowers.

Blue Monarch 120 W. Main St., Suite 102 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-1100 Downtown destination for unique clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Gift wrapping available and quality customer service. Brunick Furniture & Flooring 1100 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8688

Civic Council (Vermillion) 17 Market St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3923 Find us on Facebook!

The Civic Council is a nonprofit thrift store. Located in downtown Vermillion. Store revenue goes to help organizations in the community.

Headquarters for the Builder & Handyman

Dakota PC Warehouse 1216 E. Cherry St., Suite 103 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4845


Open 7 days a week, we sell HDTVs, computers, tablets, and accessories. We also repair HDTVs, computers, game systems, and smart phones.

Davis Pharmacy 5 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4444 We are the only family-owned independent pharmacy in Vermillion. We believe keeping our customers healthy is as important as treating their health issues. Gateway Wireless & Cricket Wireless 408 Bower St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 202-0987

Heikes Family Farm LLC 1408 317th St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 222-3949


Heikes Family Farm is Vermillion’s best CSA and regional food hub. We work to provide you and your family with the best fresh produce possible.


Service • Lumber • Plywood Cabinetry • Doors • Windows • Millwork Paint • Insulation • Sheetrock Ceilings • Roofing • Siding

624-2058 888-624-2058 1000 W. Cherry St. • PO BOx 451 VermilliOn, SD 57069 www.LiveVermillion.com


Mary Kay Cosmetics Sheila Prosser 39 Muirfield Ct. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 675-8341 Herren Schempp Building Supply 1000 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2058


Hy-Vee, Inc. 525 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5574 www.hy-vee.com

Celebrating our 50th year! Herren-Schempp Building Supply is a locally-owned and operated building material supplier for the builder or handyman. Service before and after the sale!



For 30+ years, we have been Vermillion’s local and employee owned grocery store. We make shopping convenient with a large variety of services in one location.



Mead Lumber 113 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2655


We are a local business in town for over 100 years. Specializing in building and project materials. Items such as lumber, siding, windows, cabinets, interior, and exterior doors.

Murph’s Appliance, Inc. 5 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7491


We sell new and used appliances and also service appliances.

New 2 You 2719 E. SD Hwy. 50 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0062 Gentle used housewares, furniture, clothes, and much more. New items arrive weekly.

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala (Sharing the Dream) 10 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6895

The Iron Rooster 8 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-8869



Eclectic home decor and furniture.

Slumberland 2401 Broadway Ave. Ste. 1 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-3719

The Spa at Wynie Mae’s 25 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-1234

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala is a volunteer based fair trade organization that works to reduce poverty through a collaborative partnership with Guatemalans and artisans.


Wynie Mae’s is Vermillion’s full-service AVEDA salon and spa with hair, skin, nail, facial, massage and body services.

Tractor Supply Co. 509 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (604) 624-4000 Our business: We are committed to be the most dependable supplier of basic maintenance products to farm, ranch, and rural customers.

USD Charlie’s Store 2 E. Main Street, Suite #102 Vermillion, SD 57069 www.usdcharliestore.com

(605) 658-2200



Vermillion Area Farmers Market PO Box 86 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 857-3213


Market location: Summer Thursdays at county fairgrounds; summer Saturdays at corner of Market and Main streets, winter Saturdays at county extension. VAFM is the best source of fresh, local meats, produce, eggs, breads, crafts and more. VAFM is a celebration of the talent, diversity, and culture in our community.

Vermillion Wine & Liquor 820 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7062 Retail liquor store. Every day, we carry over 1500 wines, 1000 spirits and over 500 beers, with advice needed to make all of your events successful!

Walmart 1207 Princeton St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0215 www.walmart.com

We provide everyday low prices in order to save you money so you can live better.




Wildfire Ceramics 31705 468th Ave. Burbank, SD 57010 (605) 670-8826

Wireless World/Verizon 839 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7905



Paint your own ceramics and barn quilts. #ClayCountyBarnQuilts

Willson Florist 21 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4491


Wireless World is an authorized retailer of Verizon products and services focusing on the guest experience in our store.


usdcharliestore.com @USDCharlieStore @USDCharlieStore @USDCharlieStore

Purchases at Charlie’s support USD student scholarships.

Engage Vermillion UPNEXT COFFEE HOUR

Vermillion’s hotspot for free coffee, great conversation, and active engagement is always in season! Learn, engage, and caffeinate every Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 am at McVicker Plaza, 2 E. Main. Get all of the up-to-date information about topics and presenters by visiting www.LiveVermillion.com.


Vermillion NEXT is the community’s young professional network for emerging leaders. As a part of the Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company, the mission and purpose of Vermillion NEXT is to connect, engage, and develop young professionals in the Vermillion community. Invested. Included. Involved. Engage in UpNEXT Coffee Hour, Thursdays on the Platz, Third Thursday Socials, Leadership Vermillion, Business Luncheons, networking, and more. Find us on Facebook: VermillionNext, and on Twitter: @VermillionNEXT. Call for more info: (605)624-5571. Email: next@vermillionchamber.com





The Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company aims to foster and promote the retail, commercial, manufacturing, civic, agricultural, and economic development interests of our community and the surrounding area. Membership in the VCDC will provide you with support from business consulting to professional development and networking opportunities to advocacy, as well as access to mailing lists, meeting spaces in McVicker Plaza, our online business directory, notary and other office services, exposure in our publications, and so much more. We encourage you to consider joining us as we work toward making Vermillion the best place to live and work, do business and visit. Find out more about the VCDC by visiting www. LiveVermillion.com, or by calling (605)624-5571.

Vermillion Medical Clinic | (605) 624-8643 101 S. Plum St., Vermillion, SD 57069

The Vermillion area is fortunate to be served by a full staff of local physicians and an array of visiting specialists. Local services include Adult and Family Medicine, General Surgery, Women’s Health, Digital Mammography, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatric Care, Home Health and Hospice, with new services continually being added. Sanford Vermillion Medical Center offers complete facilities for medical, surgical, obstetric, and pediatric care. The medical

Sanford Vermillion Medical Center | (605) 677-3700 20 S. Plum St., Vermillion, SD 57069

center campus includes a 25-bed hospital and 24-hour emergency care. Sanford Care Center, a 66-bed, intermediate care nursing home and Dakota Gardens, a 23-unit Assisted Living apartment facility. Sanford Clinic Vermillion offers comprehensive care and quality service, here at home. The medical center campus is surrounded by beautiful grounds, a Healing Garden, and patios providing a homelike “neighborhood” environment for all to enjoy. Through their long-term partnership,

Olson Medical Clinic | (605) 624-5666 1330 E. Main St., Vermillion, SD 57069

Sanford Vermillion and Dakota Hospital Foundation together have an established strong, community-based healthcare mission focused on providing quality healthcare in the community. Vermillion Medical Clinic and Olson Medical Clinic offer onsite, comprehensive diagnostic services and outpatient care, making it possible for residents to be conveniently serviced locally for their healthcare needs.



A tradition worth visiting • Historic buildings • Sculpture • Concerts • Museums • Plays • Galleries • NCAA Division I Athletics


The University of South Dakota, an academic leader in the state and region, is South Dakota's flagship university and designated liberal arts institution. The state’s only School of Medicine, School of Law, College of Fine Arts and internationally-accredited AACSB School of Business proudly call USD home. USD is located on an attractive 321-acre campus in Vermillion, a community of approximately 10,000 nestled along the bluffs above the Missouri River in the southeast corner of South Dakota. Vermillion serves as a safe, clean host for the university and recreational and cultural opportunities abound in town, the nearby countryside and in neighboring communities. Recognized by U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review and others, USD is considered one of the nation's top colleges for academic excellence and affordability. Students at USD consistently earn prestigious nationallycompetitive scholarships. Although these scholarships are difficult to win and require substantial preparation, USD students have great success, collecting 64 of these scholarships and awards over the last 12 years. USD is a vibrant setting of innovation, artistry and discovery, with research and creative activity opportunities in all disciplines. In addition to individual research projects, the university hosts multi-disciplinary competitive research centers that foster academic excellence and spur economic growth. Each year, the scholarship and research contributions of its faculty result in millions of dollars in grants, numerous awards, innovations, insights and national recognition. The College of Fine Arts offers numerous events in music, theatre and visual arts, and the Oscar Howe Gallery and University Art Galleries and its various collections offer high-quality visual arts experiences.

Website: www.usd.edu Founded: 1862 (the state’s oldest university) President: Sheila K. Gestring, since 2018 Total Enrollment: 10,038 Majors: 10,267 (7,648 undergraduate; 2,619 graduate) Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1 Alumni: 70,000 Student Organizations: More than 120 Homecoming Celebration: Dakota Days, Oct. 5, 2019 Athletics: NCAA Division I Team Name: Coyotes

For a calendar of all campus events, please visit www.usd.edu/calendar. www.LiveVermillion.com



T-Ball, Minor League, Major League, VFW Teeners, American Legion, Amateur League Ages 5 to Adult Sign up online through Parks & Recreation






Youth Tackle Football Grades 3 to 6 Sign up online Contact The Bluffs at 605-677-7058

Youth Basketball 1st to 6th Grade available through USD Wellness Center Men’s 5 on 5 League Wednesday evenings at the High School


Sign up online through Parks & Recreation

Contact Vermillion Taekwondo: 605-624-5360

Ages Toddler to High School (co-ed) Sign up online through Parks & Recreation


Ages 5 to High School Sign up online through Parks & Recreation Vermillion Youth Soccer League Contact www.vermillionsoccer.org


Competitive League and Recreational League (co-ed) Sunday evenings at the High School Sign up online

Unless otherwise noted, contact Vermillion Parks and Recreation at 605-677-7064 or www.vermillion.us

USD Alumni Association | Wagner Alumni Center 1110 N. Dakota Street | Vermillion, SD 57069 | usdalumni.com

We Are South Dakota!




VERMILLION PUBLIC SCHOOLS Serving the Clay and Union County communities of Vermillion, Burbank, and Meckling, the Vermillion Public School District encompasses 200 square miles located near Interstate 29 in southeastern South Dakota. The Vermillion School District is governed by a five member school board, and is guided by a district superintendent and four building principals. The district operates one high school (Vermillion High School), one middle school (Vermillion Middle School), and two elementary schools (Jolley and Austin Elementary Schools). The current enrollment is 1,276. High School enrollment is 379, Vermillion Middle School is 294, and the combined enrollment of the elementary schools is 603. The Vermillion School District believes that quality education begins with classroom leadership. Because of that belief, the district provides research-based trainings and monitors student progress. Vermillion Schools provide professional development for teachers to keep abreast of the most current and best practices in education. The district provides four in-service days, and encourages teachers to pursue opportunities that deepen content knowledge and strengthen classroom practices. One hundred percent of Vermillion educators are rated as highly qualified. Average years of experience among Vermillion teachers is 14

years. 54% percent of the faculty hold masters degrees. The Vermillion School District has a 90% graduation rate average over all socioeconomic groups. The average composite ACT score for those high school students taking the test (83% of the seniors) was 23.8. Vermillion students exceeded the state average in all areas of the ACT test. Vermillion students consistently score better than the state average in Dakota State Test of Educational Progress (STEP). Vermillion Schools strive for a quality educational experience for the students. A student information database can be accessed by staff, parents, and students. Teachers are encouraged to integrate technology into the curriculum. Varied experiences are promoted throughout the K-12 curriculum including STREAM (Science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math) labs, engaging CTE (career and technical education) courses, and challenging dual credit opportunities.

PUBLIC SCHOOL DATA SOURCES: Tech Center: (605) 677-7041 WEBSITE : www.vermillion.k12.sd.us SUPERINTENDENT : Damon Alvey PRINCIPALS High School – R. Jon Frey Middle School – Tom O’Boyle Jolley Elementary – Sam Jacobs Austin Elementary – Kim Johnson GRADE LEVELS : Pre-Kindergarten-12th Grade TOTAL ENROLLMENT: 1,200 MASCOT: Tanager ADDRESSES & PHONE NO. High School 1001 E. Main St. (605) 677-7035 Middle School 422 Princeton St. (605) 677-7025 Jolley Elementary 22 S. University St. (605) 677-7015 Austin Elementary 300 High St. (605) 677-7010 MISSION Together we connect, inspire and achieve. (CIA)

ST. AGNES CATHOLIC SCHOOL St. Agnes Catholic School strives to establish a Catholic community through excellence in education and service based on Christian values. We support parents as the primary educators of their children, and we perceive each child as a unique individual with gifts to nurture and share. St. Agnes School has been serving St. Agnes Parish and community since 1961. The people of St. Agnes Parish have made a conscious decision to maintain a Catholic grade school, preschool through grade 5. Tuition assistance is available for St. Agnes and Newman Center parishioners. This commitment reflects the St. Agnes belief that the Church has a teaching mission which can best be carried out in a Catholic School setting. St. Agnes School creates an integrated educational and religious environment where Christian values are discovered and strengthened during a child’s natural growth. St. Agnes School is committed to providing quality education to all of its


students. Individualized special help is provided to students as needed. In every classroom students are provided with hands-on learning opportunities with state of the art technology. St. Agnes School is accredited by the state of South Dakota. Students have consistently performed above state norms on Standardized Tests. St. Agnes School offers a year-round licensed childcare center for its students attending Preschool through fifth grade. The Red & Gold Childcare Center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at a reasonably low rate. A child-centered environment with engaging activities is provided for students in our before and after school care program.

ST. AGNES CATHOLIC SCHOOL WEBSITE : www.stagnes.k12.sd.us PARISH PRIEST : Fr. John Fischer PRINCIPAL : Amy Pohlson GRADE LEVELS : Preschool-5th Grade TOTAL ENROLLMENT : 150 Students PROGRAMS AVAILABLE : Preschool Program, Childcare Center, Hot Lunch Program, Bus Service ADDRESSES & PHONE NO. 909 E. Lewis St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4144 MISSION “To provide a Christ-centered, compassionate community in which to educate our children’s minds, hearts and spirits.”




KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES 609 Kennedy St Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4231 LUTHER CENTER 723 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2834

CORNERSTONE CHURCH ASSEMBLY OF GOD 516 N. Crawford Rd. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8809



CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS 20 Mickelson Drive Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7139

PROVIDENCE REFORMED CHURCH 830 Madison St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4337


ST. AGNES CATHOLIC CHURCH 416 Walker St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4478 or (605) 624-4479

CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CHURCH (Missouri Synod) 7 S. University St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3459


www.stagnesvermillion. parishesonline.com

DALESBURG LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA) 30595 University Rd. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 253-2602

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST CONGREGATIONAL 226 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3120



FAITH FELLOWSHIP OF THE OPEN BIBLE Hwy. 50 Bypass & Hwy. 19 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2921

NEWMAN CENTER 320 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2697

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 101 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4658

TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH(ELCA) 816 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4442

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 16 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2179





GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH, SBC 1102 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4949

CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES 505 Stanford St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8270



SAINT PAUL’S EPISCOPAL 10 Linden Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3379

KIDS OF CHARACTER LEARNING CENTER 306 Jefferson St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8717

HILLSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH (C&MA) 1800 Constance Drive Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4862 www.hccvermillion.com



ST. AGNES GROUP FAMILY DAYCARE/RED AND GOLD CLUB 909 E. Lewis St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-3261 @VermillionSD

VUCUREVICH CHILDREN’S CENTER 224 E. SD Hwy. 50 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6880 KAREN HANSEN 1012 W. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3318

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA #66 438 N. Prentis St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9720


CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS 416 Walker St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6394

BEYOND SCHOOL ADVENTURES – AUSTIN AND JOLLY SCHOOLS Mailing Address: 422 Princeton Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7025


MANDY TWEDT 434 Franklin St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-3051

CLAY COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION 515 High St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7111

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE CENTER 200 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9148


CHINESE STUDENTS & SCHOLARS FRIENDSHIP 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5524


CLAY COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE 515 High St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7111

www.claycountysd.org/ extensionoffice4h.cfm

ALPHA PHI SORORITY 707 E. Cedar St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4436

CLAY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY 15 Austin St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8266

ALPHA XI DELTA SORORITY 214 N. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-1010

CLAY COUNTY SPORTSMAN’S CLUB Clay County Park Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 267-4113



AMERICAN CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION 103 Elm St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6802 AMERICAN LEGION 320 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4250

www. centennial.legion.org/ south-dakota/post1

AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY 1817 Baylor St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2111


BETA THETA PI FRATERNITY 429 N. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6556



CUB SCOUTS PACK #165 (605) 624-4124 DAKOTA CLASSIC CRUISERS 2620 E. SD Hwy. 50 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4705 DAKOTA DAYS COMMITTEE 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5334


DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY 114 N. Pine St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3084

www. southdakota.deltsconnect.org

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SAFE OPTIONS SERVICES 601 Poplar Ave. P.O. Box 144 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5311

EAGLES CLUB 114 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9934 FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY 18 Church St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7060

www. vermillionpubliclibrary.org/ support/friends-of-the-vermillionpublic-library

FRIENDS OF W.H. OVER MUSEUM 1110 University St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5228

MAIN STREET CENTER (SENIOR CITIZENS) 320 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8072


MASONIC TEMPLE 7 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2768

www.mastermason.com/ incenselodge


PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY 202 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2973

KAPPA ALPHA THETA SORORITY 725 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2035

PI BETA PHI SORORITY 118 N. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4412


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS PO Box 462 Vermillion, SD 57069 (402) 692-3149 www.kofc.org/en

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRATERNITY 327 N. Pine St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6193


LIONS CLUB P.O. Box 230 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2438


LUTHER CENTER 723 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2834


LUTHER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP 7 S. University St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5996


ROTARY CLUB P.O. Box 634 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9195


SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY 856 Madison St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2858 www.usdsae.com

SE SD PHEASANT ASSOCIATION 623 Sharpe St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-6278 www.sesdpheasant.org

STUDENT AMBASSADORS 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5434 THE FREEDOM FORUM AL NEUHARTH CENTER 555 Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5424

UNITED WAY P.O. Box 216 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5354


USD BIOLOGY CLUB 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6176

www.usdinvolved.usd.edu/ organization/usdbiologyclub

USD HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6796 USD SOCIAL WORK CLUB 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5401

VERMILLION AREA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION PO Box 342 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7004

www.sdcommunityfoundation.org/csa/ vermillion-area-community-foundation

VERMILLION AREA DANCE ORGANIZATION 13 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 638-8691


VERMILLION COMMUNITY HOSPICE 20 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2611 x480

www.sanfordhealth.org/ community/sanford-vermillion

USD POLITICAL SCIENCE LEAGUE 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5242

VERMILLION COMMUNITY GARDEN 202 Washington St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-9393

VCDC AMBASSADORS 2 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5571

VERMILLION PISTOL CLUB 31799 460th Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6241

VCDC LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS 2 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5571

VERMILLION SE RETIRED TEACHER’S ASSOCIATION 1516 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3747



VCDC SPECIAL EVENTS 2 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5571 VERMILLION AREA ARTS COUNCIL P.O. Box 84 202 Washington St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9279


VFW POST #3061 P.O. Box 375 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8171 VFW POST #3061 AUXILIARY 304 Canby Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4819





Austree Apartments & Storage 1312 Westgate Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3625

Basin Electric Power Coop. PO Box 393 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4981

Avery Outdoor/ Avery Brothers, LLC. PO Box 235 Sioux City, IA 51102 (712) 252-2480

Best Western Vermillion Inn 701 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8333

Custom signage, electric commercial signage, and billboard advertising.

Locally owned and managed. Offering hot breakfast, large indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, and fitness center. Guest rooms have Wi-Fi, microwaves, and refrigerators.


Locally Owned & Operated VERMILLION, SD

Aaron C. Packard Productions (Packard Group, LLC.) 7 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9222 www.aaronpackard.com

We work in business to business commercial, editorial, and fine art image production using contemporary digital still and video, as well as traditional photography techniques.

American Family Insurance Chad Smidt Agency, Inc. 112 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2025 www.chadsmidtagency.com

Looking for a local, knowledgeable insurance agent to help protect your dreams? Let’s work together to evaluate and meet your insurance needs.

605-677-9084 AMS Building Systems, LLC. 31070 463rd Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-9084


Builders of affordable custom homes and ag and commercial buildings. Distributors of Sentinel buildings and Rosebud Cabinets and countertops. InHouse design team using 3-D computerized imagery.

Anytime Fitness 838 E. Cherry St. (605) 624-9250


At Anytime Fitness we strive to improve the self-esteem of the world. Our mission is to enrich lives through better health, convenience, community and inspiration-driven franchise ownership. Austin-Whittemore House Museum 15 Austin St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8266


Bank of the West 15 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4431


Full service bank offering all types of deposit accounts, loans, and mortgages.

Banner has provided professional civil engineering and land surveying since 1947. We have served Vermillion and the surrounding area since 1976.



BioTest Pharmaceuticals 1012 Princeton St., Ste. 200 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 277-1434 www.biotestplasma.com

Blood plasma donors are paid, offered a referral program, receive free medical screen and confidential medical history interview.

Banner Associates, Inc. 14 W. Main St., Suite A Vermillion, SD 57069 (855) 323-6342 (toll free)




Blaine’s Body Shop 1205 Carr St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-0471


Clay County Agricultural Fair, Inc. 515 High St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7111 Bluffs Golf Course 2021 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7058


Bottorff Tax, LLC 914 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-2010 www.btax.solutions

Broadcaster Press/Plain Talk 201 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4429 www.broadcasteronline.com www.plaintalk.net

City of Vermillion 25 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7050 www.vermillion.us

The City of Vermillion is dedicated to a service structure that promotes health, safety, and the well-being of the public. The City of Vermillion is entrusted with the responsible management of community-owned goods and services, accountability, impartiality and the quality of communication between themselves and the Vermillion community. Clay County 211 W. Main St., #200 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-2588


C&K Entertainment PO Box 464 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-8601 Casey’s General Store 615 Jefferson St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0096 Catch and Release Photography 322 Canby St. Vermillion, SD 57069


Cedar County Veterinary Services 825 N. Norbeck Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 653-3200


Clay County Abstract and Title Company 121 Kidder St., Ste. 104 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2068


CorInsurance Sherry Stockwell, Agent PO Box 438 1011 10 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0031

Clay County Historical Preservation Committee 1101 James St. Vermillion, SD 57069 www.cchcp.org

Clay County Historical Society & Austin Whittemore 15 Austin St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8266

Clay Rural Water System, Inc. 30376 SD Hwy. 19 Wakonda, SD 57073 (605) 267-2088 www.clayruralwater.com

The Clay Rural Water System is a non-profit, member-owned corporation that provides quality water service to 2,400 rural farms, residences, businesses, and towns in SE South Dakota.

Contact Sherry Stockwell at sstockwell@corinsurance.com.

Cornerstones Career Learning Center 904 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6912


Cornerstones Career Learning Center offers GED preparation classes and English language classes (known as ESL or EFL) at no cost to participants.


CorTrust Bank 101 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4461


We offer title insurance for real estate sales and mortgage financing, in addition to land title reports and closing services. Service you’re entitled to.

www.cortrustbank.com/ insurance

Clay Union Electric Coop. 1410 E. Cherry St., PO Box 317 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2673



Bringing electricity to Clay County since 1935. Our mission: To provide safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to our members, now and into the future!

With an 85-year history and local service, CorTrust provides financial solutions to help you get the most out of every day and every dollar.

For all your NEW and USED vehicle needs. You can count on us.

visit us at


VermillionFord.com 101 West Cherry Street • Vermillion www.LiveVermillion.com


The Coyote Clipper 14 W. Main St., Ste. B Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4128 Find us on Facebook!

Full service dog and cat grooming. Breed specific patterns and fun clips. Over 50 years combined experience. Walk-in toenails and grooms welcome.

Craig K. Thompson Law Office 109 Kidder St. P.O. Box 295 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2097 During the 30-year history of my business, I have served as the state’s attorney and as a city attorney. I’m currently in private practice. Culligan Water Conditioning 401 E. 4th St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7871 www.culliganyankton.com

Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library 18 Church St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7060


The Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library serves as a welcoming community center who’s staff, resources, programs and services provide for the needs of our diverse community.

Edward Jones, Patrick Higgins 7 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0205 Edward Jones, Curt Robinson 23 Market St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2028 We serve individual investors and business owners in the Vermillion area and are dedicated to helping you reach your long-term financial goals. Member SIPC.

Dakota Realty & Property Management is located on the busiest corner in Vermillion. Broker Glynis Erickson has the most years of experience in Vermillion. Kris O’Connor is and has been Vermillion’s top producer. Broker Barb Iacino has the most total years of experience in the field.


Technology management company specializing in assisting small businesses with cloud solutions, computer networking, support services, server maintenance, as well as overall technology planning.

Auto Glass, Repair, Commercial and Residential Replacement.


Expert Approach, Inc. 7 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 655-2182


Expert Approach, Inc. is an IT and marketing firm, specializing in data driven websites for commercial, non-profit, and government clients.

Family First Chiropractic, PC 102 E. Cherry St. #106 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9483 Find us on Facebook!




Fast Auto Glass 222 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8170


Embroidery & Screen Works, Inc. 2503 Fox Run Pkwy Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-5231

Dakota Realty and Property Management 125 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4474

Erickson Solutions Group 5 Court St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (913) 648-2510

The Equalizer 121 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8486


Fireworks Unlimited 703 Valley View Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-0757

First Bank & Trust 20 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2608 www.bankeasy.com

First Bank & Trust is a family and employee owned financial institution with 16 locations in South Dakota and 7 locations in Minnesota. 24-hour ATM on-site with additional ATMs near Taco Johns and in the Pump n’ Pak.

First Dakota National Bank 1110 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5555 www.firstdakota.com

Farm Bureau Financial Services - Haiden Smith Agent 120 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3011


The Equalizer is Vermillion’s premier weekly shopper featuring economical advertising rates and outstanding graphic design. The weekly circulation is 9,850.


First Dakota is a full-service community bank with 14 South Dakota locations. Come to us for your complete business, agriculture, personal banking and investment needs. First Dakota Title 100 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7244


Farmers Insurance

Sara Bye Schulte, Agent/Owner

5 S. Market St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-6484

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #19 PO Box 215 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7070 Freedom Valu Center 830 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9804 www.freedomvalu.com

Freedom Valu Centers is a group of 65 fourth-generation Erickson family owned convenience centers located in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. We offer high quality gasoline competitively priced, fresh deli, great tobacco and beer selections, ATM and propane exchange. Friends of the W.H. Over Museum 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-6151

Glass Act 507 Picotte Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 670-9085 FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center 1407 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7246 www.fyzical.com/Vermillion

Evidence-based physical therapy treatment protocols for orthopedic conditions. South Dakota’s leading dizziness and balance experts, custom orthotics. G Pulse Plumbing, Heating & Cooling 46516 316th St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 421-1641 www.sdpulse.com

Gapp Counseling Services PO Box 553 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-9052

www.facebook.com/ zachsglassact

Grass Roots Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC. 2822 Cherokee Ct. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-4751


Landscaping, Irrigation, Lawn Care. We are dedicated to making Vermillion beautiful one home at a time by providing landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal services. Greening Vermillion 4725 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4775


Gregoire Excavating LLC 609 Colonial Ct. Vermillion, SD 57069

H&R Block 12 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3551

Habitat for Humanity of Clay & Yankton Counties, LLC 218 Capital St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 260-4224 www.habitatclayyankton.org

Vision statement: Increase community awareness and support to ensure adequate housing and neighborhood revitalization for the residence of Clay and Yankton counties. Hamad Assam Corporation 530 S. Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 334-8040




Houska Dental Clinic 1302 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3031


Hansen Funeral Home 1120 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2829

HeartPrint Home Care, Inc. 2610 E. SD Hwy. 50 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5900

We have been a family business since 1931, providing caring personal service.

We provide dependable and caring services allowing people to remain independent: such as respite, personal cares, light housekeeping, meal assistance, medication reminders and much more!


Heartland Psychological Services 904 W. 23rd St., Suite #101 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-0841

IKTOMI-INK Tattoo Experience 820 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (702) 461-4833


Heine Electric and Irrigation, Inc. 31585 460th Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-9567


We are a Valley Irrigation dealer, water well and pump dealer, and Sukup Grain bin dealer, but we service all major brands.

Hub International Insurance 15 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2021


Multi-line insurance agency offering a variety of insurance products. Personal lines, commercial lines, farm, life and health, and bonds. Located inside Bank of the West building, been serving Vermillion area for over 75 years.


Indigo 18 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-6650


Indigo is the private oneroom spa of Monica Miller, licensed esthetician who specialized in facials, peels, and full body waxing. Innovative Office Solutions 151 Cliff Rd. E. Ste. 40 Burnsville, MN 55337 (952) 808-9900 www.brown-saenger.com




Johnsen Heating & Cooling 107 Oak St. Beresford, SD 56004 (605) 670-0558 INTEK Cleaning and Restoration 3312 W 8th St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 689-2220


Full service cleaning and restoration offering carpet and duct cleaning. And fire and water restoration and mold remediation. James Steel, Inc. 3608 E. Hwy. 50, PO Box 733 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 689-7321

www.johnsenheatingandcooling. com

We specialize in all brands of furnances, air conditioners, boilers, and geo-thermal units. We promise quality in every degree.

KKYA-KYNT-KDAM Riverfront Broadcasting 202 W. 2nd St. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7892

K&P Services / Independence Waste PO Box 1010 Elk Point, SD 57025 (605) 356-2929

Hot Country 93.1 plays the hottest country music. Current 94.3 is top 40 radio for adults.



James Steel, Inc. is a family-owned business that has served as a general contractor to South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa for over 35 years and continues to grow. Jillian’s Accounting Services, Inc. 2808 Pettersen Rd. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-9744

www.hotcountry931.com www.current943.com

Kalins Indoor Comfort 710 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5618 www.kalinsindoor.com

Call us for any heating, cooling, or fireplace sales and service. We offer 24/7 emergency service. When You Want Comfort... You Want Kalins!

Knutson Family Dentistry 1714 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6291


Knutson Family Dentistry strives to provide the highest quality, patient centered dental care in a friendly, relaxing environment.

Kober Funeral Home 402 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4466


KVHT/KVTK - 106.3 5-Star Communications, Inc. 210 W. 3rd St. Yankton, SD 57078 18 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 665-2600 www.kvhtradio.com www.kvtk.com

KVHT Classic Hits 106.3 and ESPN 101.5 AM1570 are Vermillion’s local radio stations covering USD football and basketball. Also Vermillion Tanager athletics. News, Weather, and Sports leader!

VERMILLION (605) 624-7244 ~ YANKTON (605) 689-2800

Title Insurance & Closing Services Flexible Closing Hours and Locations Excellent Customer Service and Support



Larry’s Heating & Cooling 2401 Broadway Suite #3 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-9461

MARCO 4510 Heatherwood Rd. St. Cloud, MN 56301 (800) 847-3098 www.marconet.com

Lewis & ClarkHomebuilders Association PO Box 582 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 661-7215 www.lewisandclarkhomebuilders.com

The Lewis and Clark Homebuilders Association is a nonprofit organization consisting of builders, associate and affiliate members serving the people of a 5 county area.

Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration 1225 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2485

Main Street Center/Senior Citizen Services 320 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8072

Your local specialty restoration contractor focusing on: WATER, FIRE, MOLD, ASBESTOS. Serving South Dakota SINCE 1966 as your trusted family owned source for Restoration and Cleaning.

The Main Street Center provides opportunities through activities, social gatherings and education programs to enhance the quality of life for members and friends of the Center.




Call Maloney Real Estate to help you find your dream home or investment. Located in historic downtown Vermillion!


Mart Brothers Construction, Inc. 623 Sharpe Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-8806 Find us on Facebook!

Maloney Real Estate 108 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3333




Lowell Cook Construction 22 N. Washington St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-9998

Lewis & Clark Regional Water System 31474 SD Hwy. 19 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8700

Marketplace Vermillion 400 Brower St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (931) 381-4401

Mart Brothers Construction Inc. is a general contracting company located in Vermillion, SD. “No Job is too big or too small.”

Mayer Signs 408 Broadway Ave. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-3497


Masaba, Inc. 1617 317th St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-9555 www.masabainc.com

Masaba engineers and manufactures a complete line of both standard and custom bulk material handling equipment.

Mayer Signs (Since 1959), the premier sign designer, manufacturer, installer, and Daktronics retailer in southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska. MidAmerican Energy Company 223 S. Iowa St Sioux City, IA 51101 (712) 277-7690

Midcontinent Communications (Sioux Falls) 3901 N. Louise Ave Sioux Falls, SD 56108 (605) 624-5553 www.midcocomm.com

www.murphybusiness.com/ dakotalakes

Midwest Ready Mix & Equipment 1405 E. SD Hwy. 50 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4661


Maximizing Excellence, LLC 101 N. Main Ave. #310 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 271-9970


Maximizing Excellence, LLC partners with organizations that want to improve their effectiveness and achieve high impact.

Midcontinent Communications 306 Bower St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5553


Midco is the leading provider in internet, cable TV, phone, home automation, and advertising services in the upper midwest.

Murphy Business Dakota Lakes 309 S. W. Ave. #2 Crooks, SD 57020 (605) 359-8906

Concrete and other aggregate supplier. Large and small machine/equipment rental, retaining wall supplier/Monster Blocks. LiuGong wheel loader/ excavator dealer. Midwest Shows, Inc. PO Box 737 Austin, MN 55912 507-437-7969 1 (800) 873-1411

National Music Museum 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-3450 www.nmmusd.org

Home to some of the world’s most historic musical instruments, the National Music Museum (NMM) is closed for major expansion, reopening to the public in 2021.




Navigant 1012 Princeton St., Suite #100 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-3300 www.navigant.com

Olson’s Pest Technician 178 Spring St. Yankton, SD 57078 605-665-5181 1 (800) 545-2847

Peterman Photography 105 E. Clay St. Elk Point, SD 57025 (605) 761-7383

Since 1984, Panther has built our market share on high-end print solutions and exceptional client service in the tri-state area.

Photography of families, senior, weddings, and sports.



Office Systems Company 308 Iowa St. Sioux City, IA 51101 (712) 277-7030

Panther Graphics 600 E. 52nd St. N. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 335-1103

Olson’s Pest Technicians offers full Pest Control Services for commercial, residential, and farm locations. Specialty in bedbugs, rodents, insects, tap insulation, and grain fumigation.


Peterson Construction, LLC 29051 465th Ave. Centerville, SD 57014 (605) 660-6039


Olson Medical Clinic 1330 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5666

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) 4801 Carerr Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57107 (605) 274-9528 (605) 274-9529 www.olliuc.org

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) brings together curious people who want to learn for the love of it. Designed for learners age 50 and up.

Visiting Specialists * BOARD CERTIFIED



Jason R. Howe, M.S., FAAA, CCC-A


James W. Young, D.O., FAOCD*


Jesse L. Kampshoff, M.D.*


Byron S. Nielsen, M.D.*



Monday-Friday 5 - 9 p.m.

FAMILY MEDICINE Catherine Mitchel MD Board Certified

FAMILY MEDICINE Charles Yelverton MD Board Certified

PEDIATRICS Matthew Krell MD, FAAP Board Certified

101 S. Plum St., Vermillion, SD www.VermillionMedicalClinic.com


OBSTETRICS/GYNECOLOGY Curtis M. Adams, M.D.* Jill F. Sternquist, M.D., FACOG*



Lori A. Hansen, M.D., FACP, FACCP*

RHUEMATOLOGY Leann Bassing, M.D.*


George Fournier, Jr., M.D., FACS*




Pride Neon Signs 3010 W. 10th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 336-3563 www.prideneon.com

Polaris Industries 1997 Polaris Parkway Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4200

Red Roof Inn 1208 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8005


Polaris is a recognized leader in powersports. Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets innovative, high quality off-road vehicles including snowmobiles, motorcycles, and electric/hybrid powered vehicles.

Prairie Eye Clinic 11 Shriner St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2020



PrintSource Network, Inc. 121 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8486 www.printsourcedirect.com

PrintSource is a locallyowned, full-service print shop, featuring state-of-the-art technology, award winning graphic design, and innovative promotional products. Profitability Revolution Paradigm 1650 Oakbrook Dr. Norcross GA, 40093 (678) 969-2767


Prairie Inn - Jay Hospitality 916 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2824 www.prairieinnusd.com

Newly renovated hotel conveniently located on east Cherry Street. We are pet friendly. Great hotel with outstanding customer service. Trip Advisor award winner.

Premier Real Estate, LTD 1216 E. Cherry St., Ste. #101 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2646


Premier Real Estate is committed to helping you buy, sell, or rent the home of your dreams.

Redwood Mediation Services & Legal Assistance 23 W. Main Ave., Stuite 103 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 789-4960 www.redwoodmediation.com

Offering professional services in project management, technical writing, strategic planning, and grants management services across the Midwest since 2010.

Attorney and Mediator Marilyn Trefz provides mediation and legal services, with focus areas in Family Law, Elder Law and Employment Law. Sanford Vermillion Medical Center 20 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-3500 Richard Sunde State Farm Insurance 16 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3392


Quality Motors 401 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5585

SAGE Project Consultants, LLC PO Box 169 121 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 321-7262


Puetz Corporation PO Box 968 Mitchell, SD 57301 (605) 996-2276


Robotics of Vermillion 7 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 660-9968

Providing insurance and financial services for over 37 years. When things go wrong, we are here to help life go right.


At Sanford Vermillion we believe the best health care happens here at home, by professionals with a connection to community. Caring for Vermillion since 1935.


Pressing Matters 102 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4132


Serving industry, commerce, and education by providing visual communication services for over 32 years, and by being accountable for the value we provide.

Serving the greater Vermillion area for over 28 years with sales and service of quality, late model vehicles.

Quam & Berglin, PC 7 Court St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-0222 Accounting, auditing, tax preparation.

Right At Home Shawn Johnson 601 S. Cliff Ave., Suite C Sioux Falls, SD 57014 (605) 275-0070 www.rahsesd.com

We offer non-medical home care and assistance to seniors and disabled adults in South Dakota.

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation 904 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6900 www.sdjobs.org

Your local job service office; specializing in employment and training for job seekers and businesses.



SDN Communications 2900 W. 10th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 978-3538


Smart Software Solutions 108 S. Pierre St. Pierre, SD 57501 (605) 280-0383 www.smartsoftwareinc.com

South Dakota Multi-Housing Association PO Box 90327 Sioux Falls, SD 57109 (605) 336-7756 South Dakota Shakespeare Festival PO Box 30 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 622-0423

SESDAC, Inc. 1314 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4419 www.sesdac.org

South Dakota BioTech 2329 N. Career Ave. Suite 115 Sioux Falls, SD 57107 (605) 274-3714 www.sdbio.org

Small Business Development Center 1808 Summit Ave. Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-0751



No cost, confidential business consulting to individuals and companies looking to start up or grow. Speciality assistance in government contracting, manufacturing, and international trade.



South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Al Neuharth Media Center 555 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5861

South Dakota Development Corporation 2329 N. Career Ave., Suite #232 Sioux Falls, SD 57107 (605) 275-1504


Founded by Nobel Laureate E.O. Lawrence in 1922, SDPB provides statewide coverage of the legislature, educational presentations and cultural and historical initiatives on TV, radio, and online.


The South Dakota Shakespeare Festival proudly presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream, June 6-9, in Vermillion’s beautiful Prentis Park. Bring lawn-chairs or blankets. Free Will donation.

Studio 13 Motel 1313 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2601


Swiftel/Brookings Municipal Utilities 4115 Gordon Dr. Sioux City, IA 51106 (712) 266-8899

The Heights 402 Bower St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0444

Tri-State Insulation & Siding 1003 Valley View Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6405 1-(800) 658-3531 www.tri-stateinsulation.com

Home improvement – windows, siding, insulation, and gutters. Through 70 plus years of business, our motto has always been, “We explain – you decide!”

USD Marketing Communications & University Relations 414 E. Clark St. Slagle #43 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-6260 USD Student Services Muenster University Center #203 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-6231 Vermillion Area Arts Council 202 Washington St. Vermillion, SD 57069 www.vermillionareaartscouncil. com


Vermillion Federal Credit Union 105 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5214


Member owned, not-forprofit financial institution. Free checking accounts, highly competitive interest rates on loans and CDs, and the latest tools to manage your money.

United Way P.O. Box 216 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5354 The Quarters Vermillion 1129 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 638-4000 The UPS Store 1104 E. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 658-0202

Vermillion Area Dance Organization 19A S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-0538 University of South Dakota 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 1 (877) COYOTES, 1 (877) 269-6837 or (605) 677-5434 www.usd.edu

THiNK605 106 E. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 350-2321 www.facebook.com/ thinkthreadandink

THiNK605 offers custom printed apparel, laser engraving, signage and awards for businesses, teams, special events and fundraisers. Stop in and browse our made-in-Vermillion gifts and apparel. Our customer service, creativity and quality craftsmanship speak for themselves! Todd’s Electric Service 1221 Cornell Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5642 Electrical wiring of homes, commercial business, industrial business, farms, service calls, remodels, new construction, boom truck with auger, signs, and data/communications since 1998. Total Flooring 26 Market St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-5280

Public Liberal Arts University. In South Dakota, 70 percent of attorneys, 48 percent of physicians, and half of teachers all graduated from the University of South Dakota. USD Alumni Association 1110 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6734 www.usdalumni.com

We are your lifetime link to USD and offer gear for the whole family! Find us at the Wagner Alumni Center and online at www.usdcoyotestore.com.

USD Foundation 1110 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-6703 www.onwardsd.org

Our mission is to provide private resources for the University of South Dakota to increase the excellence of its students’ educational experience.


Vermillion Ford 101 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8624


Vermillion Beauty Shop Lisa Johnson 25 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-2801 Vermillion Medical Clinic 101 S. Plum St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-8643

www.vermillionmedicalclinic. com

Vermillion Community Theatre 16 Cypress Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6670 In 2001 the organization revived a long time summer tradition that showcases the exceptional talent of all ages found in the Vermillion area.

Vermillion Cultural Association P.O. Box 549 Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3331 The VCA is a nonprofit organization that hosts and supports events aimed at entertaining and enriching the Vermillion community, from film showings to nature hikes.

Vermillion Medical Clinic is a full-service clinic featuring radiology, lab, mammography, ConvenientCare, family medicine, visiting specialists, and Vermillion’s only pediatrician. Visit us online for details.

Vermillion Public Transit 604 ½ High St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-7433 www.sesdac.org/services/ vermillion-public-transit www.facebook.com/ vermillionpublictransit

Vermillion Public Transit is the public transit system serving the Vermillion area, 7-days per week, services to Sioux Falls and Jefferson Lines ticket sales.



Westgate/Cherrywood Mobile Homes 1312 Westgate Dr. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-3625 Vermillion School District 17 Prospect St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-7000

Verum Technologies 47397 272nd St., Unit G Harrisburg, SD 57032 (605) 610-1294


Vermillion Schools is committed to serving the students of our district and providing them with a high quality education. Thank you for your support!

W.H. Over Museum 1110 University St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 659-6151 Walker Construction 933 Tom St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 670-7966 Find us on Facebook!

Vermillion Vision Clinic P.C. 120 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-4291

Waste Management of Iowa, Inc. 1230 Steuben St. Sioux City, IA 51105 (712) 454-6985

Home building, concrete work, dirt work, and general construction.



Wells Fargo 812 Cottage Ave. Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 624-6833 www.wellsfargo.com

At Wells Fargo, our goal is to work with you now and over time to provide the best information to help you reach your financial goal.

The museum’s mission: to collect, preserve, document, exhibit, research, study, and interpret objects relating to natural and cultural history, primarily of South Dakota. WNAX 570/104.1 The Wolf 1609 E. Hwy. 50 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-7442



Call us fo a quick r quote!

“Putting pests to rest since 1966” We will remove any pest from your business or residence.

• Bed Bugs • Bees • Roaches • Fleas • Termites • Mice • Rats • Birds • Bats • TAP Insulation


“Putting pests to rest since 1966” We will remove any pest from your business or residence.

Locally Owned & Operated VERMILLION, SD





• Bed Bugs • Bees • Roaches • Fleas • Termites • Mice • Rats • Birds • Bats • TAP Insulation

Call us fo a quick r quote!

Clinic Providers: Anastasia Searcy, DO Anthony Burbach, PA-C Heather Kleeman, DO Mary Jo Olson, MD Amanda Duxbury, MD Fernando Escobar, MD Sarah Aurich, NP Services: Family Medicine OB/GYN General Surgery Full Service Medical Center Trauma Network Chest Pain Network 24-Hour Emergency Care Nursing Home Assisted Living Apartments Rehabilitation Services: Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Cardiac Rehab Respiratory Therapy

Healthy living starts here Whether you’re looking for a family physician or walk-in after hours care; whether you need surgical, OB or other specialty services, the team at Sanford Vermillion is here for you. We offer comprehensive care – here at home. Sanford Health Vermillion Clinic Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.–8 p.m. Saturday, 8:30–11:30 a.m. Sunday, 4–7 p.m. 20 South Plum St., Vermillion, SD (605) 677-3700 • sanfordvermillion.org

Diagnostic Services: Full Service Laboratory Full Service Digital Radiology Suite including on-site MRI 018027-00132 Rev. 12/18

Profile for Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company

2019 Vermillion Visitors Guide  

2019 Vermillion Visitors Guide