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January 13, 2011 By Linda Heron

October 2005 Natural Gravel Ford On the Vermilion

Vermilion River Stewardship Vision & Mission  Acting as a voice for the Vermilion River and its Watershed

 Work to build partnerships and strategic alliances with all

other interested parties, communities, stewardships, organizations and industry to  ensure clean & healthy water quality  a balanced and sustainable ecosystem & natural habitat.

 Stewardship of the Vermilion River is a responsibility

shared by all those whose actions have an impact on its water quality.

Goals & Objectives Acting on behalf of the Vermilion River for a healthy, balanced and sustainable ecosystem and natural habitat, this Stewardship will actively work to: 1. Encourage and promote cooperative stewardship; 2. Ensure its interests are fully represented and protected; 3. Preserve and protect its water quality, ecosystem, and

natural habitat; and 4. Educate, promote and advocate for responsible and sustainable activities in the entire Vermilion Watershed.

Flood of 1967 – Vermilion at Korkiala’s Farm

Proposed Vermilion River Waterpower Development

Xeneca has been awarded 19 Feed-in-Tariff Contracts – 4 on the Vermilion River by Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

Proposed Project Phasing EA & Approvals: Design: Construction: In-service Date:

2010 - 2011 2011 - 2012 2013 - 2014 2015

Lower Vermilion

McPherson Falls Generating Station  Concrete spillway dam, open approach channel &     

powerhouse Transformer station Head pond inundation extending about 100m upstream of dam. Inundated lands are Crown land 4.4km of new access road to existing local road Run-of-River with modified peaking

Cascade Falls Generating Station  Concrete Spillway dam, open approach channel & 

  

Powerhouse Transformer station Head pond inundation extending about 3.5km upstream 500m of new road & upgrade of 4km of existing road Inundated lands – Crown and Private Land

Soo Crossing Generating Station  Concrete & Earthen Spillway, Powerhouse & Penstock  Head pond extending 4.5 km upstream  Run of River with modified peaking  Crown, Private & First Nations Land  700m of new access road to existing Hwy 55  Transmission Line  In-service Date : 2015

Wabagishik Rapids Generating Station  Concrete spillway, control dam, powerhouse & open    

discharge channel Transformer station Head pond inundation extending about 600m upstream of proposed dam to Wabagishik Lake 400m of new access road & upgrade of 800m to existing road Run-of-Rivers with possible modified peaking subject to comfirmation

Questions for Xeneca:  What will be the short & long term impact on water levels,

water quality, aquatic life, shorelines, fish spawning, erosion, etc.?  What are the Spill Response & Emergency Response Plans

during construction & after completion?  How will the Municipality & Property Owners be

compensated for costs associated with any emergency or resulting damage?  What questions do you have for Xeneca??

McGuinty’s Green Energy Act  The Green Energy Act (2009) -- objectives:  to make Ontario a global leader in clean and renewable energy & conservation  to create thousands of jobs in Ontario  to achieve economic prosperity, energy security & climate protection  The McGuinty government is offering very generous incentives with a

program called the Feed In Tariff program, and has made environmental and monetary exemptions in the act for projects that make a major economic & green contribution to the Province  Although public consultation must take place, no rules have been set out

on how this must be done  Public meetings in this instance are only a formality – the approvals have already been made  Local municipalities and stakeholders have not been consulted  Local MNR & MOE branches are not involved – they are told decisions will be made in Toronto

Considerations:  Proposed Hydro Generation Dams in this area are: • Vermilion River – 4 Run-of-River Dams • Wanapitei River – 1 Run-of-River Dam • Kapuskasing River – 4 Run-of-River Dams • Serpent River – 2 Run-of-River Dams

The French River Delta Association has hired a lawyer/consultant & are just ahead of us in the process

 Collaboration with other communities facing the same

challenges is very important

 Xeneca has called a public meeting regarding the Wanapitei

Dams, for Monday, 17 January, 4-8:00 pm, at the French River Inn – who would like to attend with me?

What’s Next:  Public information meeting hosted by Xeneca is not yet

scheduled, but is imminent – we need to be ready. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!!  This Stewardship must decide how to proceed. Options

are: Work to stop the Projects completely

1. o o o o

Write a letter to MOE to indicate our concerns, and request elevation of projects to Class EA-2 Circulate a petition Raise money to hire a lawyer and/or consultant Collaborate with others facing the same challenges

2. 3.

4. 5.

Work to reduce the number of dams Work to eliminate head ponds, & modify projects to strictly run-of-river Work with Xeneca to mitigate environmental & Community impacts & find a balanced solution Other options???

Vermilion River Watershed

Vermilion River Watershed Contains: Wastewater Facilities

Sewage Lagoons/Other

1. Sudbury WWTP

1. Inco Tailings Pond

2. Walden WWTP

2. Chelmsford Sewage Lagoon

3. Lively WWTP

3. Capreol Sewage Lagoon

4. Copper Cliff WWTP

4. Meatbird Transfer Station

5. Chelmsford WWTP 6. Azilda WWTP 7. Levack WWTP 8. Dowling WWTP 9. Valley East WWTP

History -- Eco Justice Report - 2009  Sudbury ranked 4th highest City in Ontario for dumping

untreated and undertreated sewage into the environment  Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group held a public

forum in November of 2009 to come up with a strategy  Letter writing campaign initiated to request the MOE

take action on sewage bypasses  No bypasses reported for Walden or Lively plant in 2010

Biosolids Management Master Plan  Odor abatement & the Kelly Lake WWTF  “In response to pressures & concerns regarding odor, and disposal in the tailings ponds; and  impending restrictions from the Ministry of the Environment”  Considering making fertilizer out of the sludge

City of Greater Sudbury Schedule ‘C’ Class Environmental Assessment Lively/Walden Communal Wastewater Treatment System

Public Consultation Process: Consideration of 6 Options  City recognized the existing wastewater system serving Lively, Naughton and Whitefish is nearing its rated capacity  City initiated a planning process to review its options  Consultant for this Project – J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Mr. John Cannard, P. Eng., Project Manager  Phase 1: 2008 - Public Meetings held in Lively & Copper Cliff  Phase 2: 2010 – Public Meetings held in Lively & Copper Cliff  Phase 3: Next

Preferred Solution: Option 3 Reduce Flows  By-law enforcement, upgrades, camera inspection & sewage collection system

Option 6 Decommission Lively WWTP & Upgrade/Expand Walden WWTP to handle 8,00 m3/d  Elimination of Lively WWTP & one lift station; & upgrade the Walden WWTP & parts of the collection system & lift stations.

Considerations: Challenges:  9 WWTP & 4 Lagoons create

massive pressure on this watershed  Heavy rain events overwhelm

the current system & bypasses sometimes occur  High phosphorus/low

dissolved oxygen levels feed algae

Opportunities:  Get involved in the planning

process to ensure sewage treatment facilities are sufficient, efficient & environmentally responsible  Monitor & gather water quality

& spill reports throughout the watershed

Victoria Mine Exploration

ď‚— FNX is about to enter an advanced phase of exploration o Found high grades of precious metals, nickel, copper & gold o Moving into the next phase of exploration ď‚— Public meeting held Dec. 2010 at Den Lou o Approx. 100 people in attendance o Concerns about roads, noise, pollution & the effect on wells and river environment o FNX assured minimal processing of ore before transport o Effluent from processing would be partially treated before release into environment

Considerations: Challenges:


 Ore processing effluent will

 Jobs

be released into either the Vermilion or Spanish Watershed  Uncertain as to how this

will influence water quality, aquatic life, plant life, ph levels, etc.

 Increased property values  Community development

What’s Next:  FNX will hold another public meeting in June or July of 2011  An FNX representative offered to be present tonight – they

are very serious about good creating good community relations  Must consider what is in the best interest of the River and

the Community & how to proceed

Let us know if you can add to this list

 Algae  High Phosphorus/Low Oxygen Levels  Pollution  Use of Phosphates in Fertilizers & Detergents  Poorly maintained septic systems

 Eurasian Milfoil & Other Invasive Species  Boats not cleaned of weeds & debris before transporting  Releasing baitfish into lakes & rivers  Invasive Species signage available through OFCA to be posted at boat launches

• Other Problems????

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance (GSWA)  Currently made up of 14 Lake Stewardships which

creates one Big Voice -- we all have similar challenges  Working Projects:  Milfoil Abatement Program  

Weevil Project Applying for funding from Council & Province

 Phosphorus Reduction Program   

Working towards Phosphorus Reduction By-law Phosphate Free Fertilizers -- 10-0-10 Phosphate Free soaps

How You Can Help:    

Become a Working Stewardship Member Donations towards hiring a Lawyer/Consultant Join our Mailing List -- at door If you have knowledge of fish habitats, spawning, impacts on ecosystem, or have pertinent skills, please contact us  Discuss these challenges with your local groups & associations to request their support  Suggestions/Expertise/Manpower/etc…


Vermilion River Stewardship - Introduction  

Vision of the Stewardship & Challenges Facing the Vermilion River!

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