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Schedule ‘C’ Class Environmental Assessment Presentation by Linda Heron Chair, Vermilion River Stewardship

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City of Sudbury is looking at upgrading it’s Wastewater Treatment Facilities Lively / Walden Plants are in need of upgrading Chelmsford & Azilda will be next City has hired John Cannard, of J.L. Richards to study and make recommendations to City Council Currently in Phase 3 of the Schedule ‘C’ Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Public Information Centre No. 2 was held on 22 September 2011, in Lively

Both Walden & Lively WWTF are at or near capacity

Upgrades are required to meet current inflow and system conditions

Must allow for future growth

Must meet regulatory requirements

Reduce Flows  

By-law enforcement Reduce extraneous flows

Decommission Lively WWTF

Upgrade Walden WWTF

This would eliminate one WWTF and the Anderson Lift Station

Total phosphorous levels have been historically high both upstream and downstream of the Walden Plant’s discharge into Junction Creek Decommissioning Lively WWTF will result in better water quality in Meatbird Creek Increased effluent flow into Junction Creek from expanded Walden Plant Suggesting a two stage effluent improvement criteria for phosphorus

Current objectives are   

June to Aug.: 0.5 mg/L Sept to May: 1.0 mg/L Limit of 1 mg/L

Proposed objectives are   

Future ADF <6000 m3/d: 0.38 Future ADF >6000 m3/d: 0.20 Limit of 0.55 & 0.30 mg/L

Anderson Lift Station and Lively WWTP to be decommissioned

Jacob Lift Station upgraded

Upgrades phased in 3 stages:   

New pumps and electrical upgrades by 2012 Second forcemain installed by 2017 Second wet well constructed by 2032

Extended aeration with:   

  

3 new aeration tanks – for a total of 5 3 new secondary clarifiers for a total of 6 Upgrades to the existing pumping system, etc.

Upgraded secondary treatment needed by 2016 Tertiary treatment to be in place prior to flow exceeding 6,000 m3/day This is projected to occur in 2021 UV disinfection instead of chlorination by 2016 Expand Sludge Storage and Removal - Biosolids

Obtain public and stakeholder comments

Take recommendations to City Council to 

Decide upon the preferred solution

Proceed to Phase 4 – Environmental Study Report

Public will have a 30 day review and comment period

Climate change and Global Warming must be considered and planned for Effects of Climate change will increase occurrences of: Extreme rain events causing by-passes  Extreme drought conditions resulting in lower river flows  Longer and hotter summer and fall weather  Cyanobacteria outbreaks on local lakes and rivers 

Must consider the cumulative effects of 9 wastewater treatment plants pumping effluent into the Vermilion River Watershed Tertiary Treatment at Walden’s WWTF must be a priority and be implemented by 2016 – not 2021

Lively/Walden Wastewater Treatment Facility  

Review of proposed plan for the Lively/Walden Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Lively/Walden Wastewater Treatment Facility  

Review of proposed plan for the Lively/Walden Wastewater Treatment Facility.