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Getting Ready For the Road with Road Bikes or Triathlon Bikes of Your Choice ______________________________________ . Every biker knows that in order for them to be ready for the road, they need to have the right bike and the right gears. You are not a true biker if you simply go into a store and randomly pick the items that you need; you need to spend some time to meticulously choose your bikes, especially if you are looking for triathlon bikes. If you have been thinking about getting a road bike or a triathlon bike, you will first need to have experience in triathlons because if you do not have this experience, it makes no sense, you even think about getting a triathlon bike. Deciding between the two: When you are thinking about getting a bike, you need to first decide on the purpose of the bicycle that you are planning to get. Will you be using the bike to compete in triathlons on a regular basis or will you be using the bike for simple riding expeditions and for your own leisure activities? This is the major thing that you must consider when choosing road bicycles because as simple as this may seem, it is the major determining factor in the bike that you will get.

The major difference between road bikes and the ones designed for triathlons: While they are both bikes that are written on the road, beginners in the triathlon aspect quickly realize that these two bikes are completely different from each other. A road bike is designed to handle almost every aspect that you may be presented with when you are on the road. They are designed to be ridden well when there is a limited amount of space, such as what you have when you are competing. They climb hills well and they take corners astoundingly. Road bikes are designed to keep you upright and your hands are placed on the top of the handle in order for you to quickly change gears, to speed up or slow down.

While triathlon bikes are not that different from road bikes, these bikes are designed with maximum speed as the major concern, while helping the rider to conserve on energy in order for them to complete their race and not be too tired and winded at the end. The seats that are made on these bikes are designed to be steeper than those of road bikes because triathlon bikes require the riders to go further and stay on the bikes longer. Bikes made for triathlons are also designed with shorter chains and are made to support riders open hips whenever they are riding in an aero position.

The decision to get a triathlon bike or a road bike, as you can see, depends on your specific needs and usage. However, whatever you will be using the bike for, it is highly recommended that you decide on custom designed bicycles because a bike that is custom designed is made for you and will take your personality, style and comfort into mind. Both the triathlon and the road bikes are bikes that are admired by both riders and non-riders and when they are custom designed, you can be sure that they will give off top performance and be exactly what you want.

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Getting Ready For the Road with Road Bikes or Triathlon Bikes of Your Choice