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NEWS Mara Dulog, Steven Ilagan, Jeanine Lataquin, Lexter Macalber, Rollan Parakikay FEATURES Shammery Adato, Patricia Bautista, Czethina Belen, Juvilyn Directo, Ria Villena

LAYOUT by Joseph Remolacio and MJ Balladares PHOTOS courtesy of Holy Rosary College, Mr. Ronald Albaytar, Joseph Remolacio, and John Loyd De Troz The cover for this issue was conceptualized to commemorate Holy Rosary College’s 35th founding anniversary through an artistic arrangement of photos. This retrospective aims to exhibit some of the school’s greatest achievements: from its students’ victories in prestigious competitions outside the campus to recent developments in school facilities and student activities in its continuous drive towards upholding its values of virtue, excellence, and service.

EDITORIAL Kim Kenneth Alinsod, Fiona Malapitan PHOTOJOURNALISTS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS Pamelah Concepcion, John Loyd De Troz, Mariel Esternon, Alorrah Petras ILLUSTRATORS Jade Camunggol, Danielle Eligue, Gian Reyes, Alec Salamat COPYREADERS Albert Patupat, Bryan Saban ROSARIAN BROADCASTERS’ SOCIETY Junevee Amarante, Ruane Bajaro, JA Darauay, Phoebe Joco, Diego Mina, Bea Satsatin, Cleo Vierneza Verlin Entena

Mrs. Marietta D. Bartolazo




ADVISER’S CORNER I could still vividly remember when I started studying in this school in the pre-school level. From that point until 13 years after, when I graduated, there had been many changes in school: from the physical to the more intangible, the later you cannot exactly pinpoint with the senses but it is something that can indeed be felt. Of course, I would like to think that most of these changes came out of necessity. At the beginning of the school year, as I became a regular part of the Rosarian community again, I also became aware of the inordinate amount of changes which happened when I graduated up until I came back. Again, more of the same changes out of necessity—the school successfully adapting to the changing demands of the “real world”, but there was something else. I noticed that there was a certain amount of frenetic energy within the students which I have not been able to witness since I was in elementary, meeting all of these wonderful high school stu-

Volume I Number 2 February-March 2014

VERLIN ENTENA Adviser, The Beads

dents at the time. It seems to me that there is something in the water, so to speak, which made the students do things with just a little bit more passion than usual: they sing the high notes with a little more conviction, dance with a little more spring in their steps, and lead with a little bit more ambition and creativity. Upon realizing that, I just knew that this was the next step. It is this “something extra” coming from the students themselves which have the potential to make the future groundbreaking changes in this school We will all be better for it. With that, to the students, I say to you: accept and respect external limitations but never stop aspiring to circumvent them with the unlimited potential that is locked up within. Channel that energy, continue exploring the depths of your capabilities little by little, and do something excellent. Imagine not only this school but also the society at large as what you want it to be, then do everything in your power to make it a reality. ■


What now, Rosarian? It is noticeable that Holy Rosary College has been greatly improving over the years – starting from a small nipa hut. After 35 years of excellence, what will HRC be in the future? Based on its improvement, HRC will continuously progress in meeting an even higher level of proficiency in academics. And since we are on our way to achieving this, what should HRC do next? It is an undeniable fact that HRC is on its way towards reaching its goal of being a well-renowned school for its great academic performance. But HRC should not just focus on this one thing alone. As it is on its way through this goal, it is better to also exert effort on improving the students’ participation outside the school. The thing that is missing in HRC is the involvement of the students that will enrich their social interaction skills. As the school receives innumerable awards and recognitions, the school must be a part of making changes for the good of the people within the community. The school should try to out-

stretch its hands to the community, which is in dire need of everyone’s cooperation, in a way that the students as well as what they had learned inside the school can be involved; tree planting projects or keeping the river bank free from wastes for example. Involvement in such activities will help their social characters develop as a whole, and not just the members of the school’s organizations which are supposed to be involved in such activities like the Young Environmental Stewards (YES). This can also help them be aware of what is happening around outside the school and not just inside. As they help the community and the people of it progress, they also grow as a whole and not just

individually. But as they say, “Changes should start within you.” Before the Rosarians really start on doing something for the community, changes and small adjustments must also occur within the school and the students. The school should focus on preparing the students for the real world, not just on improving their academic performances without knowing what benefits they and the people around them can get from these. If every student will have a different perspective about the real purpose of studying, it will eventually make them more mindful of the (CONTINUED ON PAGE 6)


As a high school student, one of the things that bothers me the most is pressure. Whether it is from studies, from my parents or from my friends, it is still not easy to deal with. I have been stuck in a situation where I had to choose between a school activity and a barkada gimmick. It is somehow hard to choose because looking from a student’s perspective, you really want to keep up with both but of course it wouldn’t be that easy. It is hard to choose between friends and the other things that we have to deal with in our lives. I guess this is what people call peer pressure. High school is known as the most enjoyable part of a student’s life. You are not too young; you are not too old. However, behind this image of high school lies challenges that students face, and one of them, as I mentioned above, is peer pressure. Students are influenced by their friends in either a good or bad way. Some people perceive peers as a distraction to students, bad influence and so on. Some are okay and feel that peers are also needed to improve one’s social life. One of the negative sides of peer pressure is its contribution to the loss of identity of students. Instead of being their own, they tend to be like clones of their friends. They feel as if there is a need to act the same, talk the same and even like the same things. It is like disregarding their own choices just so they can feel welcome. As time goes by, they become used to these things and just do it because they like it personally and not just because they are influenced by their friends. When this happens, they seem to be known not as what they are but as what their friends or their group is.

What now, Rosarian?

Even though peer pressure may seem as a problem, it somehow gives the students a different view of the world. Because they are exposed to different people, they get a glimpse of other people’s thoughts and ideas rather than being confined with their own. They get different opinions from other people and learn that those opinions also matter. By this, they learn how to be open minded because others can contradict or can agree with their beliefs. They get to see the world in a different perspective because their friends let them to. Yes, peer pressure has its own pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it is not the problem but the kind of people that students interact with and their ability to stay true to themselves despite what others expect them to be. It comes down to their choice, who they want to be with, or if they want to be controlled by those people, for it is not about the pressure, but how you choose your peers which ultimately decides your fate as a student in its different facets. ■


things they can do to be able to contribute to the society, which will lead them to success in the future. With this change of mindset, they will be able to help in improving the community outside the school as they, themselves, improve their social interaction skills. This, in turn, will make the school known for helping the students to become successful in life. There have been a lot of developments in HRC through the past 35 years. It has acquired a lot of achievements and recognitions. These make HRC one of the finest schools in the city. However, the school should not stop here. It should continue to progress not only in academics but also in the students’ holistic social development. This can be achieved by having the students outstretch their hands to those who are in need in the community. Before that, the school should first aim to make key adjustments within the school and the students, make the students realize that their knowledge is worth something and will be useful, not only for them, but also to others. In this way of changing the Rosarians’ perspective as to the intrinsic usefulness of their schooling will also benefit the school in a way that it will be acknowledged for guiding their students to success. ■

Last resort KIM KENNETH ALINSOD III Priestley

Through the years, bullying has been relentless. A lot of students have been subjected to bullying. The number of students who bully and those who are being bullied grew larger. This number can even grow larger as time passes. If that happens, a lot more students can be victims of such cases. These victims might lose their focus on their studies and eventually drop out of school because of the intense pressure they feel. This issue must immediately be put to an end for such tragic cases to be prevented. As of now, a bill, namely the Anti-Bullying Bill The Anti-Bullying Bill amended as the Anti-Bullying which is proposed by outgoing Caloocan Second Dis- Law and its provisions can be last weapon that can be trict Representative Mary Cajayon, is being passed. used to fight bullying. This can be the “last resort” to The only thing that is lacking for this bill to finally be finally banish the large and still growing population of amended as a law is the president’s signature. bullies and victims in the country. This bill aims to protect those who undergone bulNow, more than ever, must be the time to put an lying as well as those who will report such cases. end to the cruel practice of bullying. The schools canMeanwhile, those who are to be proven guilty of bully- not afford to waste more time, ing would be sent to disciplinary facilities where they At the end of the day, prevention is still better than are to be corrected. cure. Since the main reason why a lot of students bully This bill also aims to hold training programs for the others is because of the problems that the child is facschool administrators, teachers and school staff, and ing, their parents should at least find time to talk things the parents or guardians of the students to enhance over with their children. Helping them solve their probtheir knowledge about bullying, the consequences that lems and making them feel loved is the best preventive may come alongside the action of bullying, and some action against this. actions to deal with bullies. If this bill would finally be Bullying has already done a lot of damage to the amended as a law, and if ever the law and its provi- students and to the schools themselves. However, with sions will be implemented correctly and strictly by the the help of the last resort and some preventive actions, schools and the government, this can be an effective this big issue that the schools have been dealing with way to finally aid the issue about bullying. for many years will finally be banished. ■


Within a matter of a few years, students from Holy Rosary College can become doctors, engineers, or even more, one of them may become president of our country. The students can make this happen with their hard work of students together with the quality of education they get from our school. Though our school is already providing high quality education, it does not stop improving and striving for the best quality that it can offer. Looking to the present, you can see improvements has a more open area. Quality of education is definitely happening around here. So many clubs and facilities improving with the school adopting the K+12 educationhave been established. Speaking of new clubs, earlier al system, with its extra courses and years of education this school year, Teatro Rosario has been established to make students well-equipped for entry-level work by current Mayor Ron Yanza. This club encourages stu- without having to go to college. dents for their love of acting. It improves and helps stuChange and improvement is good despite the many dents how to use their talent in acting, how to act in the things we may stand to lose along the way. Some peostage with confidence, in front of many audiences. ple tend to be afraid to changes or improvements beSpeaking of facilities, new building has already been cause they are not used to it. But let us remember that it established. The canteen has been re-constructed and is inevitable and it will always happen. Let us just put in now it looks better. Today, the new canteen has better mind that after all, change is good too especially for our ventilation, because of more electric fans. It has a more school. inviting look now, because it is properly maintained, the All we have to do is move forward to reach the best walls are now painted with a vibrant red orange, and it that we can do. ■


Recent performances of Rosarians in different events such as The Voice of HRC last August, the Koro Rosario musical last December, and the regular HRC Dance Company production numbers all year long are mere indications of a movement that has been going on in Holy Rosary College for a number of years now. When it comes to the arts, a good number of Rosarians seem to dance with so much more energy, sing with so much more conviction, and overall, perform like they have never performed before. It seems that there is a revolution of sorts taking place, with the different performing arts taking center stage, and it is a good thing, for the school, the students, and the many others involved. First of all it is good for the school. You may think that our school is only filled with a bunch science nerds and math geeks but it is a misconception. Rosarians are not only excelling in academics but also in the arts which is really good for our school for it will bring more opportunities for us to compete in other competitions. Our school has been known all throughout the nation for winning in numerous math and science competitions, and we became more recognized due to the competitions won by clubs of the arts like the competition in Malayan and St. Scholastica where the Koro Rosario has received numerous awards. This is good for it will bring a new set of experiences to students and bring fame to our school when joining such competitions. Secondly it is beneficial for the students. The emerging trend will be very helpful to the students who are interested in the arts. It opens a whole new world of opportunities for students who want to pursue these as their career or field of interest. They can harness and develop these interests into skills and apply them as early as elementary or early high school. They are also able to develop real life skills by being out there and actually doing or practicing, and not just being stuck in theories. Not all things can be learned from books. We can't easily learn to sing by just reading a book. We really don't know whether or not a famous singer or a world class composer would someday come from our school, just maybe. And lastly it is worth it for the parents who work hard to send us to school. Parents are going to watch

as their children develop certain skills and talents which they may have not previously realized. Teachers are going to be able to incorporate their teaching styles with performing arts in order to optimize the learning inside the classroom while harnessing the students’ creativity. Even society in general stands to benefit because by promoting these arts, it gives the chance to enrich its cultural aspect as it evolves through time. Society is strengthened through the expression of arts which speak to all people in many different levels. Our school has been blessed with gifted students in academics and the arts and that is something to be proud of. There is no doubt that Rosarians are known in our area. But aside from brains, students in our school have been showing their aptitudes in the arts, like singing, acting, and dancing. Clubs like Koro Rosario, HRC Dance Company, and Teatro Rosario, have shown the students’ outstanding talents in their respective areas. Many students have joined in the said clubs and what pushes them to join is to enhance their capabilities in the arts. I think I have made my point very clear that indeed, the performing arts movement in HRC is a welcome development. As this movement continues to gain steam, however, the students, school, and parents should not forget to balance the academics with the arts and humanities. For almost everyone especially us students, academics is the main reason we are in school after all. Besides, our ability to be creative largely depends on our ability to grasp the concepts being taught inside our classrooms. â–

In our life that is so uncertain, problems come in different ways. Nevertheless whatever happens, people still have the power to smile and pretend that everything is fine. On my own observation as a student, here are some reasons on why students smile:

Actually these examples given above just don’t make students smile but also happy. For some a deeper thought – a smile can hide a thousand tears. It shows that despite all the problems and trials life gives, people find hope and guts to smile, to show the world that they can overpass it. A person smiles simply because he or she appreciates what God has planned for him or her. A smile can affect someone’s feeling that is why there’s a saying “Smile for no reason and be the reason to why others smile.” In a dictionary, smile is a pleasant and encouraging expression. A smile is a powerful tool it is used to fight a problem, example to your haters, don’t show that you are affected about them when it’s clear on your mind and heart that you don’t do bad – give them the brightest smile you can. People like them don’t want you to succeed. As my story flows it shows that we people do smile for different reasons with different aspects, it is just we smile to express to others just letting them know the value of smile. ■

Today, students are not allowe inside campus, but it remains as not this policy should remain. should be allowed, for commun safety reasons. Others think othe of students to use their phones du of the risks that come along with gadgets inside campus.

In the midst of all the argumen the day, which should be more f being their phones inside the s that such idea’s “time has come� tention and stricter implementatio

ed to bring their mobile phones s a topic of debate whether or Some think that cellphones nication purposes and some erwise because of the tendency uring class hours and because h the act of bringing expensive

nts and dialogue, at the end of favored? Allowing students to school campus and accepting ” as some would say, or the reon of the current law? ■

To be fair to some of them who bring their mobile phones, sometimes they have emergencies that they need to attend to, but for now, I guess we need to ban the use, until students are responsible enough to use such technology. Marami nang directions sa school, dadagdag pa ang mobile phones. Case in point, selfies, GMs to other friends (either inside or outside school) and what have you.

No, it should not be allowed because it will cause so much distraction to all the students. Students are not disciplined or mature enough nowadays, and maybe it will lead to cheating during the examinations, you know, “temptation” for every student.

Guyito (pictured right) is the carabao mascot of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Guyito started out as a character in Jess Abrera’s comic strip, A. Lipin in 1985. Soon after, ”Kalabaw” as it was called then jumped to the front page “as the spokesperson with an opinion on the burning issues of the day. He would moo in approval or lock horns with a gallery of national figures without being taken too seriously." In 1996, he officially became known as Guyito, as a regular fixture in the newspaper as a mascot which injects humor in the discussion of relevant current events. (INFORMATION AND PHOTO GATHERED FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER)


by Sharlotte Grace Sigua

We all know that our high school is the best there our parents choose what is best for us and they deis. If you were to disagree, then why are you study- cided HRC as the optimum choice. But what sets ing here in the first place? Everybody knows that HRC different from all the other schools? When students or even teachers from neighboring schools were to brag which of their school is cooler, more competitive or whichever term they use they would automatically compare one another’s achievements. The one with the more trophies and shinier medals is obviously the more preferred educational facility. And coincidentally, the high school department has tons of this stuff in stock. But trophies and medals are not really what make up ALL of our achievements. In an interview with Sir Ruben Lambino, the Assistant Principal of the high school Department, he chose five in what he thinks as the greatest achievements of the high school Department, so far. One, he stated that HRC as one of the greatest schools in Sta. Rosa Laguna, the fact that it is true ever since we can remember and is an achievement on itself that has lasted for quite a while. Next, he said that one of the greatest achievements that the High School Department was able to have students themselves. We all know that we, the Rosarians, are known to be talented not only in Sta. Rosa, but in other places too. The particular Rosarian batch usually consists of geniuses, natural leaders, talented artists, varsity jocks, and the likes. Rosarians truly are an achievement, collecting heaps of medals and bringing glory to the name of the school. Third, Sir Ruben stated another achievement: the teachers. Throughout our school’s history, teachers

have come and go, training the next generation of teachers, doctors, politicians, lawyers and more. Many of our teachers have been recognized through their exemplary role as coachers in contests, guidance advisors and parents/katropa to their students. Like what Sir Ruben said in the interview, “Makikitang magaling ang bata, kung magaling ang teacher.” Our fourth most important achievement was our own involvement to the well-being of our community. Countless clubs and relations with other clubs outside the campus have been established throughout the existence of our school. Remarkable examples include our relations with the city’s Rotary Club, the Interact Club, the Young Environmental Stewards (YES) and all of them have contributed to the progress of not just our school but also the whole of Santa Rosa. Lastly, another achievement which was defined by Sir Ruben was our facilities. This achievement is best illustrated with the recent successful installation of the air-conditioning system in every classroom and facility in the school. Before that, however, there were a lot of new additions that were added to improve the campus facilities. These include the internet access in the computer labs for both high school and elementary, and the construction of the covered gym and that is only some of the examples. In a nutshell, our high school is a thing to be proud of because when you are Rosarian, pride comes with the name on the first step you enter the school. ■


The Beads Campus Media Arts is the official student media group of Holy Rosary College. It aims to not only train its members in the field of journalism but also to let the voice of the Rosarians be heard. As we celebrate the 35th founding anniversary of Holy Rosary College this school year, it is interesting to note that this upcoming school year, we will be celebrating the 25th founding anniversary of The Beads, a two and a half decade odyssey of student excellence in campus journalism. Back in the year 1990, the school principal, Mrs. students who are willing to write, but press conferences Marietta D. Bartolazo established The Beads basically were not heard of until after a few years,” Mr. Lambino because she herself is also into writing. Mrs. Bartolazo explained about the first years of the organization. believes that the organization is one way of communiAs Mr. Lambino had already hinted at, The Beads cating with the school populace and also making them would evolve into a school publication not only for the aware of the possibilities of honing the students’ abilities. acknowledgement of the school populace but also as an The Beads was also established for other people to avenue for the school and its students to be recognized know what there is in Holy Rosary College. in municipality-wide, regional, and national level competiAccording to Mr. Ruben Lambino, vice principal of tions. This movement is widely believed to have begun in the high school department, having a school organization 1998 as Ms. Corazon Maranan-Garcia, or Teacher Cory that can be a venue for students to express ideas using to her students and peers, took over as adviser. During journalistic skills is essential for voicing out opinions, but her tenure, The Beads would bag many awards for its it seems that using English as a medium in communica- excellent newspapers and the individual excellence of its tion makes students feel hesitant in joining and chal- staff members. She would even take a few students all lenged in expressing opinions due to rules in grammar. the way to the National Schools Press Conference. “From the start of the Beads, Holy Rosary College is According to Ms. Glenda Basaca, who succeeded lucky to have a journalistic school organization and ad- Ms. Garcia after having served some time as assistant visers that serve as excellent role models for students to adviser of The Beads, the organization is a venue for follow. Just like previous years, auditions are held for students who would like to hone their writing skills. It is a

home for students who want to freely express what is on their minds, but of course with limitations. Though being an adviser was taxing and fulfilling at the same time for Ms. Basaca, causing her a lot of stress and tears and heartbreaks, the team during her time was in high spirits – at one point their paper ranked second overall in the entire province of Laguna and they participated in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) twice. Mr. Rodolfo Miranda, who succeeded Ms. Basaca as adviser after a couple of successful years as the adviser of The Junior Beads in the elementary level, values the organization itself. Himself a former student of Teacher Cory during his days in Saint Michael’s College, he values the fact that staffers learned to write properly, to make a newspaper, and to compete. The Beads is also the only journalism group in the City of Santa Rosa who has sent a delegate to the NSPC and came home as the champion. This milestone occurred in NSPC 2006 when then-sixth grader Verlin Entena won first place in the category of Editorial Writing in English, after having won in similar fashion in the division and regional level. Mr. Miranda also said that his students really did improve in expressing themselves after joining The Beads. They qualified in the NSPC four times and The Beads’ name was brought back to the journalism limelight. Finding an opportunity to bring The Beads back in order to make things fun again for the staffers, familiar face Mr. Verlin Entena took the job of being the new Beads adviser last June 2013. Knowing what it was like not having a school newspaper; Mr. Entena decided to take it upon himself to undertake the job as a duty and a service to all the students who wants to hone their skills in campus journalism. He added that he also wanted to be an adviser in order to be able to give back to the school and the organization that helped him achieve the level of success he has attained. “I know what it is like to have an interest in writing for the school newspaper, but there’s no school paper or adviser to help, and I don’t want these students to experience that feeling that I experienced,” he said. One of the major changes with The Beads this year is the fact that it has become friendlier with technology. Recently, the organization launched the school newspaper online at, being the first school in Santa Rosa to ever do that. To have the organization’s own Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts helps in reaching out to not only students but also parents who also have the said accounts, which has given The Beads an opportunity to have a greater audience. “We are able to harness technology, and we are keeping up with times; that’s the change with the Beads. The change of the Beads is related to the change to the times. People are more technologically proficient, nowadays, so we are going to make The Beads even more accessible to them,” he added. Another major change is the direction of The Beads. As an organization, the goal of The Beads is not only to win awards in a competition but also to strengthen itself in doing service to the school by putting out newspapers, magazines and all of these other things for the benefit of


SY 2013-2014 IN GRAPHICS

the community, such point being reemphasized this year. Mr. Entena established a structure of activities that helped him with his hectic schedule. It starts off with the “quickfire” challenges, then the short lectures, and then right after that, exercises for longer outputs. He added that in order to make things interesting for the Beads staffers, even with the structure, he thinks of timely and appropriate themes weekly. These themes are generally the main topic of the session and activities wherein students write, think and understand it better. For the past years, The Beads has only been able to publish once a year, but the organization has made a breakthrough by completing two major publications this year. Another major milestone is partnering up with the YES and Interact Club to produce their newsletter, The Leaflet, as well as partnering with the Student Government to deliver its first ever student government mayoral forum, Harapan sa Holy, which was conducted on March 20. “I would like to see thicker newspapers, more interesting articles, extra active members, and a wider range of news from the Beads in the coming years, but the organization should also be consistent in following writing rules which is one of its strengths even with the years going by,” Mr. Lambino said regarding future expectations for The Beads. The advisers said that improvement all depends on the coordination of the adviser and members, wherein both parties benefit each other and make an effort to help the organization itself, and with Mr. Entena as an adviser, achieving that coordination would lead to a brighter future and a winning season. Mr. Miranda said that he actually wants the Beads not only to excel in writing but also expand to other types of media such as filming or TV Production. “I think the future holds maintenance for the Beads because I can see the Beads still existing and working even after HRC reached 100 years and even though people come and go, the Beads will stay. It’s possible that the advisers may change and students may graduate, but I want the Beads to be the school paper of Holy Rosary College as long as the school is in existence,” school administrator Ms Myla Pauline Pecson said in an interview. Even after 24 years, the Beads Campus Media Arts continues to serve and inspire the Rosarians by providing the student readers a deeper perspective about the things that happen around them. The Beads has come a long way – from its formation to the staffers’ achievements – but it will always be a home for Rosarian journalists, seeking for more improvements in instilling student excellence. ■



Pasta Pasteur @iwantpasta

Inspired by an article from an issue of The Beads many years ago about things that tick off students as well as recent hashtags #PogiProblems and #ConyoProblems, this feed exhibits a random sampling of responses that The Beads received via Twitter when we asked the students: what are their #RosarianProblems?

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a formal needs assessment survey, but it sure is worth a read.)



Holy Sheet @pengengpapel

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Master Crammer @crams4exams

Katniss Everhungry @tomguts5ever

Katniss Everhungrier @tomguts6ever


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EEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm woke me up. “It is another day at school,” I said, as I readied myself to go to school. Once the bell rang, I went to the classroom, Boron and then from there pressure slowly builds up in my mind. Because I am part of the science section. In the morning, the first few words were “Good morning!” followed by “Are there assignments?”. I dashed to my stuffy locker and pulled out my books and notebooks. While writing extremely fast, I did not notice that our first period teacher was already there. While our teacher talked about things I found difficult to understand, I copied everything written on the board. After an hour that felt longer than normal, it was finally time for recess. I tried getting help from the smartest students in class about the lesson, but after a blurry discussion with my classmate, I just gave up and went to the canteen together with some friends. After surviving through many periods, an unexpected quiz came. At the end of 30 questions and checking, the teacher asked for our scores. Many got good and decent scores, but I failed the quiz. When I said my score, the whole class was shocked. It was very stressful when everyone was staring at you. As the other sections had their classes done, we still sat inside our room attending our extra period. Even with the noise outside, I tried to understand every single thing discussed, but it was tough because I am already very tired from the seven hours of classes. After dismissal, I immediately went home after doing some assignments. While going home in a jeepney, something ran through my mind: How am I going to cope with all these pressure? Then, I heard my friend say “Para” and I noticed that I should have passed by my destination without my friend. Then, I knew that I can easily overcome all of these with my friends beside me.





ren-like sounds of my alarm rang in my head so hard that I woke up immediately. I opened my eyes and tried to get up. My heart stopped as I suddenly rememSilicon bered all of my problems at school. My responsibilities and assignments came to mind. Not to mention, school is much harder than before because I am in the science section. I ate breakfast with my mom. While eating, she said, “Study hard, if you want to reach your dreams.” These words affected me deeply. Someday, I want to be a doctor because I want to take care of my mom. I put a lot of effort in school because she works hard just to get me in, but I am a little ashamed of my low grades and that I cannot pay her back. I got ready for school, and said goodbye to my mom. As I travelled, I carried the weight of responsibilities, pressure, and tension. I was just in time, when I arrived at school. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. I entered our classroom worried as our first period started. Our teacher discussed about our current lessons, then asked some questions. She expected us to answer all of her questions immediately. This is one of the tough parts of being in the science section. People seem to expect too much of us because they said we should be role models to other sections in terms of academic excellence. Another difficulty is competition. The classes become just all about how star students can prove who is better. Well, how about the average students who cannot catch up with them? Should not the star students help them? The last is pressure. They seem to pressure us to do our projects immediately. So how can I study, if I carry the weight of these problems every day? I continued my day dealing with these problems and at the same time trying to learn my lessons well. At the end of the day, I realized that I should never give up in handling these difficulties I will do my best to overcome these obstacles. I went home with this running in my mind and thinking about how I can make tomorrow be a better day.

Through all the pressure, additional subjects, longer hours, and high expectations, how does a regular science section student go through his or her everyday life? Inspired by a feature of a similar subject by The Beads in 2010 which discovered what it is like to be “inside a pressure cooker”, let us take a look at what goes on in one day for four different science section students. Consider this a comparative study or a survey with a very small sample size.

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hen I was a sixth grader, I was asked by one of my teachers, “What is your ambition?” I did not have a clear answer that time, so I did not reply. Many of my friends Tungsten had set their goals and already knew what they want to be. I asked them, “What profession really fits me?” One of my friends shouted that I should be a priest. Some wanted me to be a politician. They even mentioned that I could be an accountant. My closest friend, who knows I do not like Math in any way, shouted “Why not a lawyer?” When he said that, my mind opened up to the idea. I may not know how hard it is to be one, but now, I want to be a lawyer. On the first days of classes, we took a diagnostic examination wherein we will know what section we will belong from Grade 7 to Grade 12. Three days had passed and the results were posted on the school’s bulletin board. I felt mixed emotions, my hands were shaking, and I was so nervous thinking that I flunked the exam. After I scanned the results of the exam, my name was there and so as my friends. I was so excited for the next day because I will meet my new classmates for the first time. On the first day of regular classes, I was walking at the corridor and promised myself to do my best as a science section student and to be a good example to all of my batchmates. Our class adviser told us that everybody is expecting a lot from us and said that we should not fail to meet their expectations. Many days, weeks, and months passed. Several of us think that being in the science section is easy, fun, and exciting, but all of the things that we expected were all forgotten. It is very hard for me as an average student to adjust in such a challenging class with additional subjects. With all of these things in my mind, my ambition of being a lawyer is fading. I am wondering how I am going to pass law school if I am already struggling with the curriculum of Grade 7. But in the end, I will never forget what Thomas Alba Edison said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I will pursue my dreams, work hard, and hopefully be a good and successful lawyer.

my elementary days came to an end, I decided to study in a school where teachers nourish students to perfection. While I rode in a vehicle going to school, I kept thinkArsenic ing and thinking about things that may happen to me in my new school. Are my new classmates going to like me or hate me? Wll they be my friends or not? The day I first walked into this school, I felt nervous and excited, and I remembered that we were to have diagnostic tests that would determine whoever will be in the science section. After three long days, I got in. I wondered and asked some of my classmates on how it is going to feel. Some said that it will be difficult, but others said that it will be fun. Many months and days passed. Difficulties and of course pressure filled my mind, because the projects and assignments were piling up and were to be submitted at the same date, as if the educational system were conspiring against us. These things were hard to finish, and we had less time to do it because of the extra periods we have called flexis. Then there were comparisons, wherein many people would actually talk about at length how the regular sections were better than us in terms of attitude, and how our science section was turning into a sayang section. There were just so many things that really bothered me quite a lot. As time went on, all the days and nights of hard work finally paid off. One of my personal achievements was when I became third in my class even after all these difficulties. My problems were covered by the fun activities and clubs of this school: intramural activities, foundation week, Sci-Math Club activities and more. Also, my friends help me get through a lot. It helps to have others to suffer with, apparently. I am happy to belong to the science section. Even though things are very difficult, I established myself to get through. When things become hard, try to understand it. When you get low grades, accept them. These are lessons that I needed to remember. ■



THE AMAZON RAINFOREST, SOUTH AMERICA Deep in the heart of South America lies a lush, dense, almost-endless rainforest teeming with flora, fauna, and mysteries abound every corner. “I chose the Amazon because I read a book about it, and you will see different kinds of unique animals, never seen before species.” - JADE CAMUNGGOL

THE LONDON EYE, LONDON, ENGLAND An eye with a height of 135 meters, this ferris wheel of 32 capsules cannot be missed when visiting the streets of London. “Despite my fear of heights, I would like to ride this ferris wheel because their glass-covered cars make you see almost the whole of London and it feels like you are floating in mid-air.” - FIONA MALAPITAN

The Wizarding


World of

Harry Potter

MILKY WAY GALAXY This planet may be red, but it is icecold, so preparing winter clothes is advisable as well as having oxygen tanks. “I want to go to Mars because I want to experience living in another planet. I want to experience the feeling of breathing different air and I want to know the feeling of seeing two moons in the sky.” - LEXTER MACALBER


DISNEYLAND, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA Children and children at heart have always dreamt of this special place full of breath-taking sights and thrilling rides, while also being able to take a selfie with a Disney character. “As people say, it’s the happiest place on Earth. I want to know how really fun is it to be like riding the rides and just walking around and I also want to experience how truly magical that place is.” - PAMELAH CONCEPCION

THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER, ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA A place where magic and muggles meet. The wizarding world reveals the mysterious secrets of the hidden dimension unknown to many. “I chose this because I am a big fan of Harry Potter up until now. I want to play laser tag using wands and spells, and to also have a real quidditch match (although without the flying brooms). I want to draw a nose on Voldemort’s face because noseless people give me the creeps.” - SHAMMERY ADATO



North America promoting inequality. “I want to go to Panem because I want to wear funny wigs and no one will laugh at me. I also want to go there because it is the center for unlimited entertainment and food and I also wanted to go there because I want to have a shot at President Snow.” - SHAMMERY ADATO

UP IN THE CLOUDS, ANY FICTIONAL SETTING Flurry white pieces of water suspended in the atmosphere creating different shapes of serenity and imagination. Relaxation and rest at its best. “I want to go there because it seems to be the most comfortable place to live in and I want to experience what it’s like to jump from cloud to cloud without a care in the world”

THE LAND OF OOO, ADVENTURE TIME UNIVERSE Kingdoms of ice, of water, of fire, and even of candy, these lands are only a few of the extraordinary places in Ooo. The adventure really never ends in the Land of Ooo. “Because simply, I love Adventure Time.” - JADE CAMUNGGOL


A school is not a fun place for a field trip, but Hogwarts contradicts this by its changing corridors, moving stairs, and standing towers. “I chose this for my fantasy field trip because I want to learn magic, spells, and how to fly using a broom. I would also like to see different plants and animal hybrids that I have never seen before.” - FIONA MALAPITAN

“HEROES’ DUTY” VIDEO GAME WRECK-IT-RALPH UNIVERSE A virtual world accidentaly infested by geneticallyengineered bugs that consume everything in their path and nothing so far can stop them, except for a rank of cybersoldiers looking for a recruit. “No one knows how’s it like to be inside a video game. I want to know how it works and be a certain character in that video game that walks and talks. I want to feel and see the objects around me like power-ups and special tools.” - PAMELAH CONCEPCION

By: MJ Balladares and Sharlotte Sigua Photo by: John Loyd De Troz

THE FINALE by The Beads graduating staffers Introduction by Verlin Entena Another school year has come and gone, and one implication of this is that another set of The Beads staffers (those pictured above) will have to say goodbye not only to their classmates and teachers, but also to the rest of the staff and their readership. On their way out, however, some of the graduate senior staffers took some time to reflect on their experiences as students of Holy Rosary College and be able to somehow translate these into what are most likely their final articles with The Beads. What were my guidelines for them as regards these write-ups? Anything goes, just write exactly what is on your mind, or heart.

I would like to thank God, my parents, and everyone who watched and helped me on my way. Thank you for always believing in me.

Elisha Luzano IV Ampere Managing Editor

Rollercoaster Ride Every time I enter an amusement park, the first ride that comes in my mind is a rollercoaster. The tall ride that looks oh-so-fun due to the number of people lining up for it, goes up and down and rotates as if it is an electric fan. As I went on my way to this ride, my heart was pounding really fast like it was my first time. But it was not. I have tried it countless times but the feeling stays the same for countless times also. It still makes me feel nervous for no reason I know. I finally reached my destination. I found myself lining up at the end of the line. Everyone was ahead of me. And as minutes passed, I was in the middle of the line, sandwiched between people who will get to the top in a matter of minutes and people who will get to it in a matter of hours or so. I was getting tired and bored, I actually thought of getting out of the line and just walk away until I realized, I was next. I am about to experience one crazy ride. The gate opened and a bunch of people, including me, was about to enter. I walked near the ride, trying to hide my shaky hands inside my pocket and not to look too nervous. But I was. I was really nervous. Someone opened the door for the ride and waved her hand for me to enter. I smiled at her nervously, went inside and sat. A stranger sat beside me for the ride was for two people. I didn’t really mind. I was too scared to even care! A bell rang and the ride slowly started. It went on a straight horizontal track for about five seconds, five calm seconds. I was still trying to adjust as normal as I can. Until it slowly went up and made me want to jump off as early as possible. But of course, I can’t. So I just let everything sink in as my heart started to pound so fast as if it is going to burst out of my chest. I did not know if I liked it or

Marnie Jaranilla IV Ampere Broadcast Media Manager

not but the feeling is just too rare that I thought only roller coasters could give me that. And maybe that’s what kept me going. I grew more nervous, yet excited, as we approached the top. And as we reached it, the view was so breathtaking that I just want to stay there, like a cherry perched on top of a sundae and never go down again. I just wanted to take everything in, the air, the view, the ride and wished that I would never have to experience the way down. Until the ride went down and I felt like it’s taking everything away from me, and it made me realize how good it felt to be up there, how crazy the ride down is. I screamed so loud just to let everything out. It went on like that for a matter of minutes with all that and the rotation until the ride finally went to a stop. What felt like forever in a matter of moments is now over. What made me feel crazy and nervous is now over. I realized ending it is not what I really wanted. It’s not the end that I looked forward to during the ride. I just wanted it to slow down and maybe turn into a ride that just goes up and stops at the top. But I realized that what I want is impossible. A rollercoaster cannot just be a one way ride because in that way, there wouldn’t be no thrill, it would just be one boring ride. As I calmed down, I felt this urge to line up again and try it for another time, although I cannot. I wanted to feel the same fast heartbeat again, to be really nervous again, the feeling like my heart is about to burst, and to scream so loud for one more time. As I made these realizations, someone opened the door for me, smiled as if saying, “Time for the next ride.” ■

Thank you for all the memories you've shared with me, most especially for the things I've learned in between. I never will forget nor regret this part of my high school life. I have found people who are able to express themselves the same way that I do, and I have grown. I am very thankful for having so.

Most students refuse to accept the fact that they have to leave high school because they don't want to be apart from their friends, their classmates and even their teachers. They're scared to come out their familiar world and face college. They're terrified of the idea of not being able to adapt to it. In short, they're afraid of change. I too, am afraid, but not of the same thing. I'm scared of being just another part of the picture, one that takes less than a second to look at. I want my picture to paint a thousand words and emotions. I want to get out of having to abide by the limitations. I want to matter. ■

Jastine Baylosis IV Ampere News Editor

Saying thanks to everyone who has become a part of this 4 year-high-school journey of mine will be too mainstream since that is what everyone's been doing so I'll just say "so long!" Because you know, as Dr. Manhattan would say in Watchmen and as I have read in Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park, nothing ever ends- not the memories, not high school and not even us.

Being at this point of bidding farewell to almost everything that I have in my life now is a lot like waking up sober from a party last night. I have this urge to remember each and every detail of what just happened, trying to figure out how things turned out to be like this. And just as I sip a hot cup of coffee while I curl my way up to the couch in my pajamas with my worn out eyeliner and frizzy hair, it will eventually come back. All the regrets and decisions, they will all be playing back. Remember that time when you walked through that door for your first party? How many times did you tell yourself that you wanted to do it really badly and how hard it was for you to convince yourself that you can get in with the crowd and that you are one of them, too? You even managed to meet new people and make new friends. You have shared a laugh with them and bond with them. This is what and how exactly I felt like two to three years ago. But in my case, I got too overwhelmed by the welcome committee, that after making friends and starting making new memories, I drifted away. Just like in a party, I drunk myself up, filling the drinking glass, shot after shot. I totally forgot why I was here, what was my purpose of joining here. I didn’t care because I thought myself I have got enough time to make it up. But the thing is, I was too drunk to stand up straight that I can’t even make myself go home. And now I woke up with a pain in the head, and time all run out. I’m all wasted and I wish I have not been that drunk. ■

Andrei Triz Patupat IV Ampere Editor-in-Chief

I am extending my deepest gratitude to the ones who helped my seed of hard work grow into a fruitful life in HRC. I also thank God for all of these accolades. I hope that in everything we did and will do, it will bring glory to Him.

The Last Apprehension It was dark. The night’s event was done. I have bidden my farewells and hugged every friend and classmate, It was finally time – I had to go. Walking along the windy path to our car, I couldn’t help reminiscing where and when I started going through this amazing journey towards success. I got inside the vehicle and grabbed my pen and paper. I figured I should write one last piece before I leave this place. It was the beginning of the summer of my senior year; I was in a very crowded hall. Some were sitting on disarranged monoblock chairs while others were just standing at the back, but everyone was nervously anticipating the results. One by one, names were being called. Students were asked to come to the front to receive recognition. As I sat near the back of the hall with my friends, I waited and waited and waited. The line of qualifiers was getting longer. ‘I don’t think I was good enough,’ I thought. I knew how much I flunked the final exams. I knew I wasn’t able to do my best. I knew how high their standards are. And then suddenly, I heard my name. The speaker said my name. I was called! I stood up and started walking through the crowd. It felt so surreal, like rainbows and unicorns started appearing everywhere. Receiving my certificate, I knew, just like how I knew this would change my life somehow, that I should stop belittling myself but not get too carried away and start being arrogant. Months have passed since but I still remember everything that happened and how I felt. I still keep in mind the lessons I learned. I still look back to that day which opened a lot of doors for me. It helped me gain morale and exposed me to a world where you have to work hard in order to keep up. So I continue walking, ready to face the challenges ahead. And if there’s one last thing I could ever impart through my pen and paper, it would be the value of self-confidence. ■

Mitchelle Jesallyn Balladares IV Ampere Layout Editor

To the people who stubbornly refuse to leave my side even when I unintentionally push them away, thank you.

I can’t breathe. I almost searched my body for a wound. Almost. This cannot be my fate. Okay. Scrap that. I never imagined myself writing when I was younger. Like, ever. I once wanted to live out the rest of my life off of Earth and be an astronaut. I turned out to be a fiction writer. Close enough. It was completely different from my childhood dream, but the purpose was still there. Not only I got to see the world from a different perspective like I always wanted, but as a writer, I also got to live hundreds of lives from my own and experience all the things they did. It was riveting, all the lessons I accumulated from different kinds of people, though they may be fictitious. The knowledge of this being my last piece still sends me to a dizzy spell. I am beginning to think that time is the real cheater in this game. I once told myself that the world seems to move as slow as a hundred-year-old turtle and that I’ll have to wait millennia to get out of this place. But right now, I feel like only four hours had past and I am being forced to make a huge change in my life I may not be ready for. In this world, change is going to happen whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not. We just have to roll with it regardless of the pain it will surely inflict. But then we decide if we embrace that change or ignore it for the rest of our lives. We can decide, too, and change things again. We can turn around and pave our own paths. Change is permanent, we only define what kind of change it will be. I made a change today. I decided to write one last time. I decided to write it like this when I can write it in a hundred different ways. Life is a complex web of options, decisions, and choices. Each of them leads to another. Whether unconsciously, accidentally, or intentionally, we make a shift in the fabric of the universe. That’s the power we unknowingly have. That’s the power that will shape us into what we are meant to be. And that power may as well be our ultimate destruction. ■

Ruane Bajaro IV Ampere Broadcaster

To my Rosarian Family, thank you for making my high school life full of challenges and happiness. Those are the memories that will last forever.

Off to the Future Graduation day is getting near And it will happen this month of the year The seniors’ emotional faces will surely appear As we leave and start again a new career. Entering college life is not that easy So get ready and don’t be lazy Some people are going crazy Because of the schoolwork given daily. Now, I’m imagining a beautiful view Of a successful woman working in Peru I hope someday this will be true And my parents will say “I’m very proud of you!”

The Beads Magazine "HRC 35th Anniversary" Special  

The Beads proudly presents a special magazine issue in celebration of SY 2013-2014, when HRC celebrated its 35th Founding Anniversary.