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Articles from Your Peers

7 innovative and easy ways to procrastinate on your iPad (Inspired by the lovely, dedicated young ladies of Siena College) 

Photo Booth. IPads increase selfie opportunities by like 5738919587 times. And don't lie, you know you send them to your friends for a little Monday pick-me-up. The only really good effects (according to a source) are twirl, squeeze and stretch, but non-users/outsiders/the enemy can never understand the infinite possibilities and sheer beauty those three effects can offer to the enlightened. The pride one feels over the perfect Photo Booth picture is immense. And it solves the dilemma of what to use for your educational app avatars! You're welcome; I knew that was keeping you up at night. Sims Free Play. They're like children, or a dog. For the first couple of days it just breaks your heart to see them zombie trudging around the veggie patch in a pool of their urine, but after a while they just become SO ANNOYING AND HIGH MAINTENANCE Y R U STILL HERE JIMBOB AND TRUDY WEINER. But it's kind of cute how they wake up and go to bed at the same time as you, and they yell at you in Simmish; and giving your friends house tours in Religion is quite a good way to pass the time. My Script Calculator. Math’s is actually fun. Actually. Fun. The only criticism is how stressful it is to try and finish writing your expression in the time before the figures start to turn into real number symbol things. And how much longer simple equations take because you just like to write them on your modern new iPad instead of typing them into your ancient calculator with buttons.

Installing and re-installing the planner app.

Self explanatory. Physical planners will live on forever in our hearts. It's just not the same not having the weekly well being tips and the Siena College uniform guidelines so easily accessible. And who could forget Anon's genius? 4 Pics 1 Word. This app totally takes priority over morning bus cramming. It is absolutely essential that you get those coins. Your ability to concentrate on your methods test depends upon it. Late night study sessions have been replaced by those evil four pictures that SO DO NOT REPRESENT THAT WORD. Organizing everything. Somehow sorting all your Pages and Notability files into class folders feels like it counts as homework. Reward yourself with a little free time; deciding how you're going to organize everything can be sooooo exhausting. Anyway, now you're practically sorted for exams. You clever person! Plants vs Zombies. You're saving up for that aquatic Zen garden. Desperately waiting on that battling pea to load in survival endless. And when that gargantuan zombie comes and crushes your spike weed right when the bell for home room sounds... don't even begin to try and offer some solace to a PvZ addict.

By 2 amazing girls who would like to remain anonymous

Who are the homeless? Well they are now my beloved pets who my family have acquired over the years. Don't worry, we don't kidnap them, we find each other and fall in love. Pet 1- Buffy

I was in Grade 3 and one day my mum came to my sister and me asking if we wanted a cat as she had one growing up that she loved. It was a rag-doll cat and she ALWAYS tells us that she used to mop the floors while it was wrapped around her neck. That’s cute mum, but not after hearing the same story for the 20th time (literally). Anyway, my sister and I were like “Hell yes!!!”, but there is always someone who likes to rain on our parade. This storm cloud was my Dad whose exact words were, “absolutely no more pets” (after several gold fish which didn't last long). I was like “Com'on Dad, I know the horses were a bit of a stretch to ask for, but a cat?”. His answer was still no. About 2 weeks later Mum tells us that she was going to pick us up from school that day, which was a very rare thing. Little did we know that she was going to take us to the RSPCA to adopt a kitten (without my dad knowing). WIN!!!! By the time we got there, there were only 5 kittens left, 4 white and 1 black (long haired, tortoise shell, domestic cat). We were about to leave empty handed, but decided that we would go for the odd one out, the black beauty. My sister and I were told to guard this cat so that our mum could go and get the box to put her in. By the time she had return not only had the black cat escaped into a box with a very small opening, but another family were trying to get her it out. Forcefully, my mother told them that we were taking that cat. Another win for us. On the way home we put the cat in a box in the boot. Somehow mid-trip the kitten got out of her box, climbed through the tiny gap between the back seat and the boot, and onto my sisters lap where she stayed for the rest of the trip. She obviously loved to look out the window and see what was around her. The worst part of our brilliant plan for adopting this kitten was trying to sneak it past my dad which failed miserably as he was waiting for the three of us to return home. It

wasn't a surprise that he was angry, but majority rules in my house and we couldn't just drive back to the RSPCA and say "We'd like to return this kitten." Three days later we finally found a name for our black beauty, Buffy, and yes, at the time we girls did have an obsession for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We got her everything, the scratching post, the tunnel and a cat bed yet she would rather use a piece of wood outside for a scratching post, sheets hanging over chairs as a hiding place and our washing basket as her bed. In other words she is easy to please...until it comes to food. It's Buffy's 10th birthday this year and she is best described as a princess, although some may call her evil. Just because a cat bites and attacks you doesn't mean that they're evil, it just means that they have temper issues. She's a very playful cat, but because she regularly sharpens her claws you have to be careful as her nails can go through two layers of blankets. She has way too much pride in grooming herself, but it only means that her coat is immaculate. If (big if, very big if) Buffy sleeps with you she will either sleep on you (mainly feet or legs, but sometimes chest and one time on my dad's head) or right next to you otherwise she will sleep where she knows she will not be disturbed. The funniest thing about this whole story is that my dad, who never wanted a cat, now cares more about the cats (yes plural) than the human members of our family.

Here's some instructions to make your own:

Sadako Sasaki was a Japanese girl who was two year old when the atomic bomb was dropped on August the 6th, 1945 near her home by Misasa bridge in Hiroshima, Japan Sadako is remembered though her story of folding one thousand orgami cranes before her death (she only folded 644, but her friends completed the rest), and to this day a symbol of peace around the world. She believes that folding paper cranes would help her recover, she fold them to the very end. Her death triggered a campaign to build a monument to pray for world peace and the peaceful repose of the many children killed by the atomic bomb. Later this story is spread around the world and now, approximately10 million cranes are offered each year before the Children's Peace Monument.

Or visit: Jessica Dimond, Resource Centre Captain, 2013

Death by Chocolate Recipes


     

250g good-quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces 200g butter, chopped 6 eggs 1/3 cup caster sugar 200g mini chocolate Easter eggs (or speckled eggs), for decoration cocoa powder, to serve

Sweet short-crust pastry      

1 2/3 cups plain flour 3/4 cup pure icing sugar 125g butter, chilled, chopped 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon chilled water Method


Make short-crust pastry: Combine flour, icing sugar and butter in a food processor. Process 1:00 0:35 12 10 until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add To Prep To Cook Ingredients Servings egg yolk, vanilla and chilled water. Process until pastry just comes together. Turn onto a floured surface and knead until smooth. Pat into a 10cm disc. Wrap in greaseproof paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm enough to roll out.


Preheat oven and a large flat baking tray to 190°C. Roll pastry out between 2 sheets baking paper to a 34cm round. Use round to line base and sides of a 2.5cm-deep, 26cm (base) fluted loose-based tart pan. Trim excess pastry. Freeze pastry case for 15 minutes or until firm.


Line pastry case with baking paper. Three-quarters fill with dried beans or uncooked rice. Place on hot tray. Bake for 10 minutes or until firm to touch. Remove paper and beans. Bake for a further 8 to 10 minutes or until pastry base is light golden. Remove from oven. Reduce oven to 180°C and return baking tray to oven.


Meanwhile, place chocolate and butter in a heatproof, microwave-safe bowl. Microwave, uncovered, on MEDIUM-HIGH (70%) for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring every minute with a metal spoon, or until melted and smooth. Using hand beaters, beat eggs and sugar in a large bowl for 4 minutes or until pale and thick. Pour in chocolate mixture. Beat until well combined.


Pour chocolate mixture into pastry case. Place on hot tray and bake for 15 to 18 minutes or until just set. Cool to room temperature.


Arrange mini Easter eggs on tart. Dust with cocoa powder and serve.

THE COOKING SAGA PART 1 If your friends are anything like mine there's bound to be an occasion when it's the night before 'Barbara's' birthday. So yeah, everyone, 'IT'S 'BARBARA'S BIRTHDAY!' Now, quite often this is good thing, no it's a GREAT thing, but this time that girl who organizes everyone's birthdays is sick. You send a text to ya bestie, 'Susan, what on earth are we going to do for Barbara's birthday!! It's tomorrow!!' Mind you, it's about 9:27pm. You super quickly make a group inbox, but as if anyone is going to remember, let's be honest. You ask mum why there isn't any chips. 'Hey Muuuuum, can you drive me to the supermarket? Pleeeasee?' We all know how that ends. So you decide, TIME TO UNLEASH MY INNER CHEF. Now the problem is what to make... CHOCOLATE FUDGE! Ooh yeah What you need: 200g milk chocolate 200g dark chocolate 1x395g can of condensed milk (don't worry, it's actually a 395g tin) 3 tsp of vanilla extract What to do: Use baking paper to line a baking tray that is 20x20 cm. Break up the chocolate into pieces and place in a heatproof bowl (either glass or stainless steel) with the condensed milk over a pot of just simmering water. MAKE SURE THE BOWL DOESN'T TOUCH THE WATER. Stir occasionally until all the chocolate is melted. Take off the heat and beat in the vanilla. Pour into the lined tray and smooth out the fudge. Resist the temptation and put it in the fridge. You can eat it tomorrow. Once it's set, take out the fudge and cut it into small pieces. On the off chance it doesn't all get eaten straight away, it would keep in the fridge in an air tight container for 2 weeks. Barbara would be thankful. But everyone else especially thankful. Just make sure they all know that this WON'T become a habit.


INGREDIENTS: 150 g of butter 1 cup of brown sugar 2 eggs ½ cup of plain flour ½ cup of cocoa

METHOD: 1) Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy 2) Add eggs one at a time on a low speed 3) Mix through flour and cocoa 4) Bake at 160 degrees for 25-35 minutes 5) Serve warm with cream or ice-cream Mary Constantini 2013 Collage Captain

Digital Design by

Cristina Parry VisCom Folio Year 12 Student

Art Folio Year 12 Student

Art Folio Year 12 Student

WINNER: Natalie Tynan Year 10 Congratulations, you have won your winning photo on a high quality 11"x14" canvas at the value over $80. To all other girls who entered, as a thank-you gift, you'll also be receiving a little something at the next school assembly.

Sabina Kesuma Year 8

Kristin Bato

Molly Burmeister Year 8

Jada Chung Year 7

Captain's Corner

Term 1 saw many exciting things happen in terms of sport at Siena! Throughout the term girls were involved in week GSV games. Term 1’s sports were softball indoor cricket and tennis. The Junior A indoor cricket team were able to not only reach the finals, but win the grand final securing Siena’s first GSV pennant of the year. This marks the 12th pennant Siena has received in just two years and one term of GSV sport- A magnificent feat! Also, a big congratulation to Emily Crashaw and Morgan Khan on being medalists at the GSV Swim and Dive finals night. Emily took out the gold medal for the second time in three years and Morgan was a silver medalist. A tremendous result as the night brings together the best of the best from all GSV schools. Throughout term 1, we ran a lunchtime netball competition for the new year 7’s to help smooth the transition from busy, active primary school lunchtimes to the less physically active high school lunchtimes. It was great to see the girls participating in their houses with over 80 girls getting involved!

Ashleigh Farrell and Abbey Tanner 2013 Sport Captains

Term 1, as always, was extremely exciting for the music department with girls rehearsing in their new bands and ensembles, playing lots of new music and generally having a great time. Wind Orchestra was hard at work, rehearsing for their main performance of the term-the Year 7 Music Information Night. The junior girls really enjoyed their performances, both in home room and on the night itself and an incredible number of them signed up to play an instrument. We look forward to hearing how their musical skills develop and grow in the future! Senior Choir was also hard at work, preparing for their first competitive performance in a few years-The Boorondura Choir Estedford. The opportunity to perform and compete against other schools who are of a very high calibre has really challenged the girls and therefore allowed them to develop new skills and a better understanding of what it is to work together as a choir. Rehearsals for the SienaWhitefriars Musical are well underway. The choice of production this year-'Oliver' allows for a whole host of Siena girls to take to the stage and spotlight, showcasing their incredible talents and abilities. Congratulations to those girls who have been cast in a role, along with the ensemble and those performing in the orchestra pit. We wish you all luck and look forward to seeing the final product!!

Bridget Black 2013 Music Captain

We encourage as many girls as possible to get out there and enjoy their music, support their friends and have a great time. Looking forward to what term 2 will bring!!


The 2013 DAV Debating Season is now well and truly underway, with all 6 Siena teams participating in Round 1, held at Camberwell Grammar School. All the debaters are to be congratulated on their superb efforts in Round 1, including our B-Grade, C-Grade and D-Grade teams who came out with a win. The results for the debates are as follows: TEAM



- Johanna Gogos - Claire McNaughtan - Georgie Kent B GRADE 1 - Georgia Margaris - Julia Ventura - Hannah James-Crisp B GRADE 2

- Jordyn Bethune - Cassie Bethune - Emily Poynton


- Shenika Fernando - Felicity Smith - Taylor Kennedy


- Kelsi Bermingham - Konstance Vassiliadis - Annabelle Gild - Niamh O'Farrell - Laura Butler - Caitlin Moloney



Unfortunately lost by 3 points to Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School Won the debate by 3 points against Camberwell Grammar School, with Hannah JamesCrisp winning Best Speaker Won the debate by 5 points against Carey Baptist Grammar School, with Emily Poynton winning Best Speaker Won the debate by 3 points against Trinity Grammar School, with Felicity Smith winning Best Speaker Won the debate by 4 points against Alia College, with Annabelle Gild winning Best Speaker Won the debate by 1 point against Fintona Girls' School

Congratulations to all the Siena teams, Best Speakers and most of all, Team Coaches for their fantastic efforts and support in Round 1. Keep up the great work! A big thanks to the parents, families and friends who attended this first round of debates - your support is greatly appreciated by all the debaters and steam Coaches. If you would like to attend the Round 2 DAV Debates to show your support for our teams, the next round will be held on Monday, April 29th at Camberwell Grammar School, 55 Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury. Hope to see you there! Your 2013 captains, Catherine Dent & Georgia Margaris!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvery

Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

On the Jeillicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

By Jessica Dimond, Resource Centre Captain,2013

On the 24th of April, Siena was represented at the Boorondara City Council Environment Awards. We heard from the Mayor of Boorondara as well as Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia who spoke very passionately about how easy it is to change the world through simple changes in our daily thinking. Siena was nominated in the 'Waste' category for our work in the recycling of fabrics in the textiles room, our egg raffles and our recycling of food scraps for the chickens. We were nominated along with ten other schools in this category, but were beaten by Chatham Primary School who showed incredible commitment in their biodiversity, waste and water programs. Solway Primary School was the big winner of the day, taking home the 'Sustainable School of the Year' award. It was a great opportunity to learn about other schools' projects for saving our precious resources, and provided us with much inspiration and ideas for the future. By the 2013 Environment Captain Brianna Reaney

HOW TO PROCRASTINATE: YOUTUBE EDITION So obviously we know that you're all studying hard for your tests, outcomes, SACs etc etc etc, but there comes a time in your life when you just need to have a break (and a kitkat) and what better way to spend that then sitting in the same position for hours, staring at a tiny screen? Well, lots of things... But still, who could deny the free and not to mention, brilliant entertainment found on YouTube? This website is no longer just a website to convert lyric videos made by 10-year olds on Windows Movie Maker into mp3 files and dancing animal videos, but a fantastic source of procrastination in the form of vlogs and well, dancing animal videos. 'But I don't know what videos/YouTubers to watch!' -Siena College student, 2013. Never fear! Here at Veritas, we understand the eternal struggle, so we have grabbed a few fabulous youtubers to drench that Internet drought! (I tried) HERE WE GO!

Ella Grace This English girl is relatively new to the whole YouTube thing, but has made an impact! We highly recommend 'How To Put Thing Into Perspective' and 'Home Alone?!' Guaranteed smiles!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Year 11 Literature girls - this is for you! LBD is a modern day adaption of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, where Lizzie Bennet, a gradstudent vlogs about her life. If you don't ship Lizzie and Darcy more than everything you know and love by then end of the series, then you need to re-evaluate everything.

Llamas With Hats *theatrical voice* "From the YouTubers who brought you Charlie The Unicorn, comes a hilarious animation about Llamas With Hats." Starring two charming llamas, who wear hats, laughs are guaranteed and if you don't quote this series on a weekly basis, you're doing it wrong. Yeah, the truth hurts.

Cheyann de Jong IT Captain (surprise, surprise)

The International Women's Day Breakfast for Victorian girls, representing their schools, was held at Parliament House on Monday 4th, March. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for 9 of Siena's captains (Julia Pecoraro, Madeline Toohey, Catherine Dent, Grace Holland, Lauren Smith, Natalie Angus, Alessandra Maiolo, Jessica Diamond, and Emma Gelsumini) and Ms. Salinger, listening to the speakers views on Women's Rights gave us a greater appreciation for the world around us. A young women spoke about her knowledge being in the lawyer area of the government. She provided great insight as she compared her life to many women around the world that don't have the same opportunities we have. Overall, the morning made us proud to be young women in Australia and alerted us to the fact that because we are fortunate we have a responsibility to help those women who aren't. Be proud! At the same, time be aware that not all women are as lucky as we! Catherine Dent, Debating and Public Speaking Captain 2013

The big sister little sister program is a fun and beneficial program that is great to be a part of! As a part of this great program we have had a big sister little sister pajama party which was a great way to get to know each other. Later in the year we have had many other activities such as the Easter egg hunt! It is great to have a year 12 to help us and be a role model. It has been a great experience so far and I am sure there will be many more good times to come!

Grace Powers Year 7

Term one started off with a bang for the first house event of the year was the swimming carnival and realising that this wasn't our strongest sport, I knew we would have to work hard to keep up with the other houses. I was extremely proud of my house and the effort and enthusiasm given by each and every Cassian was amazing. Although we didn't win, we won the enthusiasm award! Natalie Angus Cassia House Captain 2013

The swimming carnival was a very enjoyable day, the Dianella house were constantly cheering for their peers and supporting one another no matter what the results were. I was very proud of our house as I think we showed true team spirit and companionship. Alessandra Maiolo Dianella House Captain 2013

Term One felt like a breeze! Now, let's not just say that this breeze was entirely rosy and refreshing (although it's fair to say for the most part it was! As the Kurrajong House Captain it was time to get crackin' on Fiesta - writing the script, auditioning girls, beginning singing rehearsals, dances and music - I thought that it was going to be absolutely insane. At some stages, however, I felt a little crazy but what I was surprised to discover was the amount of girls - my personal friends and Kurra girls who I hardly knew - who I was approached by or who came up to one of the other Kurra Captains to say that they were willing to help with Fiesta! I was shocked at the level of support shown by the Kurra girls! Left, right and centre when there was a spot to be filled, a Kurrajongian rose to the challenge which is probably one of the most rewarding things for a captain to see. As well as this, my fellow captains and I were able to begin our first collaborative project and from the first moment we clicked! I am proud to say I have such an amazing group of girls as captains who back me up, help me even without being asked and go beyond anything that I could've imagined! In recognition of this, Kurrajong headed into the Swim Carnival with a new chant in our heads, green in our hearts and willingness to conquer the pool! It was great to see all the new students, especially the Year Sevens really embrace the atmosphere of the day! From swimming to cheering and the diving (with the occasional belly flop) Kurrajong stayed as a tight-knit unit winning the Diving Aggregate Award AND coming SECOND OVERALL! What a great achievement to all our lovely Kurrajongians! We rocked it!

Personally, one of my favourite non-house events of term one was the Big Sister - Little Sister disco where my dancing shoes' durability was tested to the max! My sanity was probably at stake two as Year Sevens watched in admiration (possibly fear but mainly admiration) at my versatility on the D-floor. All the same I got to dance to some classics e.g. 1D with my beautiful buddy Catherine, and slam the mic to Nicky Minaj with my other buddy Emma. What a great night for buddies and their Big Sisters alike! So as you can guess, term one was an absolutely brilliant start to my captaincy and made me forever optimistic about Kurrajong in Term 2! Bring on the Aths Carnival and Fiesta!!

Love Mads Kurrajong House Captain 2013

Term 1 couldn’t have been a better start to the year for Waratah. We won the swimming carnival with the hard work and house spirit of Waratah's best swimmers and all the other girls who put up their hand to help. Not only did we take out the junior and senior Iron Woman race, but also numerous year level champions. Not only the swimming contributed to HOTY points, the debating did too. We had 6 teams competing, all with bright minded, witty girls who came out of the first round with huge smiles, keen for the next round. Fiesta, week 2 of term 2 was approaching fast so we dived straight in to auditions and rehearsals in the final few weeks of term, again showing commitment and house spirit, a talented group of gals were casted as the Waratah Fiesta cast of 2013, giving up their lunchtimes to come to B5 and rehearse for something we wazza captains will be an amazing success. Around the school, Waratah girls continued to set an example to the younger students. Thanks to all the girls who got involved this term and I look forward to what will hopefully be another raging success of a term in term 2. Grace Holland, Waratah House Captain 2013


House spirit was the order of the day in the past fortnight with the conducting of the first of our major house carnivals the Swimming and Diving carnivals at Boroondara on Friday. Under blazing sunshine the day presented the girls with the best opportunity to get into the pool and cool off. The action in the pool and outside of it was just as hot as the early Autumn Melbourne weather. The house spirit was as present as we had ever seen it. The amount of colour and enthusiasm was there for all to see and the House Captains had much to be proud of for their leadership in driving this passion. In the pool it was all red!

Waratah dominated the day winning the vast majority of the major individual and team awards on offer, including all divisions of the swimming team awards. I would like to acknowledge Morgan Khan for taking out her third Michele Timms Open 50m Freestyle award for the fastest swimmer at the College. The race again proved a highlight of the day. Isabel Marsh should be congratulated for her impressive display in the Inter House diving competition, easily scoring the highest score in all divisions. I would like to thank all staff and students for making the day a success, roll on House Athletics early in term 2.

Results for the day are as follows: OVERALL AGGREAGATES

1st Waratah with 853 points 2nd Kurrajong with 737 points 3rd Dianella with 699 points 4th Cassia with 550 points




1 : Hannah Mikleus 2nd:Gabriella Collins 3rd: Chelsea Velona

Waratah Waratah Kurrajong

1st: Morgan Khan 2nd: Annika Worner 3rd:Abbey Tanner 1st: Grace Mikleus 2nd:Ellie Dickinson 3rd:Natasha Tasios 1st: Gabrielle Collins 2nd:Tess Nolan 3rd:Natascha Sharpe 1st: Hannah Mikleus 2nd:Alessia Favaloro 3rd: Niamh O’Farrell 1st: Claire McGibbon 2nd:Imogene Leeson 3rd: Annika Worner 1st:Eliza Collins 2nd:Josephine Hesse 3rd: Kara White/Eleanor Fowler 1st: Morgan Khan 2nd: Abbey Tanner/Jordan Vernes

Waratah Waratah Dianella Waratah Waratah Kurrajong Waratah Waratah Dianella Waratah Waratah Kurrajong Kurrajong Dianella Waratah Waratah Dianella Kurra/Dian Waratah Dian/Kurra 1st: Waratah 2nd: Kurrajong 3rd: Dianella 4th: Cassia


Junior Ironwoman

Senior Ironwoman Year 7 Champion Year 8 Champion Year 9 Champion Year 10 Champion Year 11 Champion Year 12 Champion House Relay Award



22 21 19 29 27 20 24 21 17 30 28 25 23 17 15 32 25 174 160 140 118


1 : Waratah 2nd: Dianella 3rd: Cassia 4th: Kurrajong 1st: Waratah 2nd: Kurrajong 3rd: Dianella 4th: Cassia 1st: Waratah 2nd: Kurrajong 3rd: Dianella 4th Cassia

328 278 271 268 289 239 222 149 236 230 199 130



Year Level




Morgan Khan





Claire McGibbon





Annika Worner





Imogene Leeson





Laura Croce





Jordan Vernes





Hannah Mikleus





Alessia Favaloro







Bianca Grzegorczyn Isabel Marsh

Ella Frausing

Emily Clarke

Erin Mahoney

Sinead Chaplin

Madeline Richards

Georgia Efthimou Shannon Weatherall

Second term full of school events that should keep you all nice and busy and participating in your school community feel free to look below and take note of any upcoming events which effect you  Also for those of you who have iPads make sure you check your e-planners for more dates which effect you.

Term 2 - 2013 Monday 15 April - Commencement of Term 2 (For staff and students) Thursday 25 April- ANZAC Day holiday Tuesday 14 May – NAPLAN Testing Thursday 16 – Year 10 social with Whitefairs Tuesday 21 May – Year 7 camp/ Student leadership pillars Monday 10 June- Queen’s Birthday holiday Friday 28 June End of Term 2 (For staff and students)

Term 3 - 2013 Monday 15 July - Staff Day Tuesday 16 July - Commencement of Term 3 for students Friday 9 August- Staff Day Friday 20 September End of Term 3 (For staff and students)

Term 4 - 2013 Monday 7 October- Commencement of Term 4 (For staff and students) Tuesday 22 October- Last day of classes for Year 12 students Wednesday 23 October- Graduation Mass Monday 4 November- Non-teaching day Tuesday 5 November- Melbourne Cup holiday Thursday 21 November- Year 12 Graduation Dinner Thursday 28 November- Last day for Year 11 students Thursday 5 December- Last day for Year 10 students Friday 6 December- Last day for Year 7 - 9 students Thursday 12 December- Academic Awards Evening

Hi guys, We hoped you enjoyed the first edition of VERITAS 2013 for this year. This is just a super short message to thank all of the super amazing girls who sent in articles and helped with the making of VERITAS. We hope that you’re all looking forward to the next issue which should be out by the end of this term. If anyone has any ideas or wants to help out with the next issue that would be great just email Thanks again ď Š Emma VERITAS Captain 2013 and Jenna Vice VERITAS Captain 2013

Veritas Issue 1 2013  
Veritas Issue 1 2013  

Term 1 events at Siena College 2013