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W e a r e Ve r i l i n , We tell tales of flax, We spread stories of linen.

Our linen story

Verilin has been producing luxurious linen for the home and highly durable linen for the hospitality sector since 1956. From the very beginning, Verilin has opted for the highest quality – an intrinsic value which still remains the company’s motto today. A combination of tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and creativity has made the Kortrijk-based manufacturer one of the world’s foremost producers of luxury linen products. Verilin manages to push the boundaries with a product that has been anchored in Flemish culture for centuries. The craftsmanship and innovative drive of Verilin have brought international recognition for the company’s creations. More recently, Verilin has also positioned itself as a provider of high-grade customized products: any linen dream can now become reality, thanks to a high-tech machine park combined with the professional craftsmanship in the workshop. Also unique is the fact that the whole production process, from weaving to finishing, still happens on-site under their own management. All customizing work is done in-house in Belgium.

Ve r i l i n a t e l i e r & s e r v i c e s

Only the best materials find their way to our Jacquard looms. We focus on materials of natural origin, produced in their traditional habitat. Above all we search for solutions with new yarn qualities for example with fire retardant characteristics. We continuously invest in new possibilities to improve our products. With new techniques we are able to innovate and offer choices and endless options for the most remarkable designs. Embroidery and the finest finishing also contribute the right tone to your custom-made product. Our team gives you a complete and personal interior service; from taking the measurements, searching for the best colours and textures, to the weaving, finishing and final installation of your linen. We welcome you at Verilin to create your custom linen story.

Linen Projects

At Verilin we believe a stunning project is the result of an intense collaboration. Working with architects, interior architects and artists we help to create the best linen solutions for bed, table and interior. We give you ‘Carte-blanche’ and guide you through our endless possibilities.

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HOF VAN CLEVE A total culinary experience



Š Heikki Verdurme

At Hof van Cleve, every dish you taste is a masterpiece of robust teamwork, based on values like authenticity, respect and solid effort. You will be dining in a truly special setting created by Belgian designers and artists. They are without exception experts in their craft whose creations exude authenticity, character and spirit.


THE JANE C u l i n a r y r o c k ’n r o l l


The motto at The Jane is: “Food is our religion”. That’s why the restaurant’s kitchen is located on the Altar. Star chef and creative mind, Nick Bril, is the person responsible for the daily routine at The Jane. Nick creates the refined and utterly delicious menus in conjunction with Sergio Herman. Verilin has dressed the tables at The Jane since the very beginning. And as The Jane has also been crowned the Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World, we are very proud to be part of this story. When the restaurant was restyled recently, we developed a whole new linen story for Nick and Sergio.

© Pieter D’Hoop


BON BON S a l o n d ’a r t i s a n c u i s i n i e r


The Bon Bon restaurant is a unique house of character, meticulously decorated by chef Christophe Hardiquest and his wife StĂŠphanie to impart an atmosphere of outstanding hospitality and to display their passion for sharing. Verilin developed a custom-made Belgian linen napkin for Bon Bon, personalised with tone-on-tone embroidery and made using only the best and purest materials, creating the most elegant finish.

Š Heikki Verdurme



Š Piet-Albert Goethals

Verilin dressed this residence with bed, bath and table linen and luxurious duvets and pillows. Obumex designed this magnificent interior by converting the classical layout of this property into a harmonious concept, while respecting the historical characteristics of the project.


KOETSHUIS Bathing in light

Verilin dressed this wonderful house in the Centre of Amsterdam with custom-made voilages woven on 4 meters height. Finished in our ateliers and installed by our Verilin-team. To complete this project we created the bed and bath linen.

Š Wim Hanenberg


RIGA An unique jewel in Antwerp

© Cafeine - Thomas De Bruyne

In the centre of Antwerp, the travel store ‘M. Riga – Koffers voor Afrika’ has been converted into a new boutique hotel called RIGA. The edgy interior perfectly matches the wonderful architectural features of this historic building. Verilin provided the whole range of linen solutions for the hotel and restaurant. All linens are finished with a touch of gold. All of the curtains and systems were successfully installed by our own Verilin team.


DE LIEVDE Sleep tight with love at your side

De Lievde is a cozy bed and breakfast at the waterway de Lieve in Lovendegem. The guesthouse is decorated with luxurious materials and personalized linen by Verilin. The bed, table and bath linen is customized with silver embroidery.

©Balo living in Style


PRIVATE YACHT Luxury on the water

This beautiful yacht on the Mediterranean sea has been styled by Balo living in Style. They chose the most refined luxury products to decorate the numerous spaces. Verilin dressed the cabins with custom-made embroidered luxury linen.

Š Piet-Albert Goethals


THE BUNKERS Exclusive retreat

B&B The bunkers is located in and around the Burkeldijk farmhouse in Knokke, on the site of fortress Hazegras. Govaert & Vanhoutte architects achieved a delicate balance between the heritage elements and the new, modern living space. Verilin created custom-made bed linen, napkins and wellness linen. Verilin also partnered with the manufacturer of exclusive Belgian beds.


MAD Colourful gradient MADness

For the VIP room of the Fashion and Design museum in Brussels, Verilin created an incredible linen story in commission of La Fabrika. The colourful interior with finishing touches of NuĂŠe voilages woven and finished on 5 meters height, is a real eye catcher.

© La Fabrika



© Piet-Albert Goethals

© Olivier Amsellem

From the moment interior architect Rodolphe Parente was introduced to the Verilin range of products, he was impressed with the quality and the various options in customization and execution. When he was asked to design the interior of an apartment near the Trocadéro in Paris, he immediately thought of the Nuée product range. He wanted Nuée for the bed linen as well as for all curtaining. Because Verilin can make everything to measure, this specific range could also be adapted to the project. The choice fell on the soft-grey Fresco colour and a gold thread dégradé. This gold colour merges nicely with the warm tints of the oak wood floors. Rodolphe feels it is the woven pattern which makes this collection unique. The particular manufacturing method results in a timeless and durable product.

Office & showroom

SIX EDGES Black and white fashion balance

Verilin created a bright linen story for the showroom of fashion brand Six Edges. To the interior design by Bjorn Verlinde, we added the custom black rail system with white, 100% linen voiles. The whole linen project and installation were carried out by our own Verilin Team.

© Cafeine - Thomas De Bruyne

Š Cafeine - Thomas De Bruyne


PROJECT LE ZOUTE Refined luxury linen

Verilin created an exclusive linen story for this beautiful villa in Knokke le Zoute. The table linens are a perfect match for the crystal and are in perfect harmony with the silver and brass cutlery. All of the bedrooms are dressed and styled with custom-made bed and bath linen, each set aligned with the colours and materials to fit the Obumex interior.


HOSTELLERIE ST. NICOLAS Quality in gastronomy and creativity


For the interior of the two Michelin star restaurant HSN – Hostellerie St. Nicolas, Verilin teamed up with interior architect Pieter Vanrenterghem to provide the linen solutions. The bright velvet curtains create a perfect fit for the comfortable chairs. And together we have created acoustic gradient walls from the Nuée collection which match the custom-made Nuée voilages. The table linen is made from pure and natural materials, featuring a sophisticated, yet simply embroidered logo.

© Cafeine - Thomas De Bruyne

© Fille Roelants


HENRY VAN DE VELDE And the winner is‌

Verilin has been awarded the Henry van de Velde Company Award 2017. In making its decision, the international panel of judges acknowledged our authentic products for their twist of craftsmanship and strong innovative drive. The judges were also won over by Verilin’s significant investment in ground-breaking, innovative research. The new looms have opened up fresh possibilities for the made-to-order products, giving Verilin a unique position on the market. With their made-to-order stories, they receive regular orders from Michelinstarred chefs, artist and designers. These creative collaborations often generate even more new ideas for innovation. For the Henry van de Velde 2017 exhibition space at Bozar, Verilin created wonderful white voilages combined with the more intensive Royal quality, designed to fit in with the setting and play with shadow and light.

The Chefs

Hof van Cleve Peter Goossens

Š Heikki Verdurme


Air Republic Pure C Blueness Sergio Herman


Bon Bon Christophe Hardiquest

© Heikki Verdurme


The Jane Nick Bril

© Pieter D’Hoop


Altermezzo Jo Grootaers

© Kris Vlegels


Rebelle Š Jong Keukengeweld

Martijn Defauw

Benoit & Bernard Dewitte Benoit Dewitte

Š Heikki Verdurme


Graanmarkt 13 Š Frederik Vercruysse

Seppe Nobels

Oak Restaurant Marcelo Ballardin

Š Jules August


Cochon De Luxe © Piet de Kersgieter

Tom Van Lysebettens

Va et Vient © Jong Keukengeweld

Matthias Speybrouck

Publiek Gent Olly Ceulenaere

© Piet de Kersgieter



© Ine Goossens

Kevin Gijsembergt


© Sanne Rouma

Anne-Sophie Breysem & Jaume Soler Bengeruel

Jacqueline © Jong Keukengeweld

Evelien Swiers


© Hanne Joosen

Alex Verhoeven & Thomas Van Der Flaas

Terminus Pieter Verheyde

Hospitality Projects


© Pieter D’Hoop

© Ben Kwanten

De Victorie


Art & Collections

Verilin loves to inspire and be inspired by creative people. By working with designers, museums and artists, we seek to push our boundaries and think outside the box to create new linen stories and new linen applications.


© Virginie Pérocheau

L i v M a t h i l d e M é c h i n & C ô m e To u v a y

Nuée is a line of linen created as a variation of graphic effects that expresses sensations of colour and light. A line opening a first story: halos of colour blending into the whiteness of the weave; so many shades of colour, so many textiles composing a weightless, floating decor.


© Alexander Popelier

Charlotte Jonckheer & N e l Ve r b e k e

“Each night was like the others, each night was eternal. And I felt one with all those who cannot sleep, with all those unknown brothers. Like the corrupt and the fanatical, I had a secret; like them I belonged to a clan to which everything could be excused, given, sacrificed: the clan of the sleepless.� Emil Cioran A Tryptich on Insomnia by Nel Verbeke & Charlotte Jonckheer for Verilin.

BANKNOTES Sofie Lachaert & Luc D’Hanis

Nothing is what it seems. Sofie Lachaert – Luc D’Hanis robbed the banknote of its normal value to make room for one’s own personal value and valuation… The familiar image of the banknote disappears and what remains is a subtly coloured pattern of lines. It may be designed to counter forgeries, but Verilin managed to translate the complex pattern into a digital jacquard steering file. Quite an example of what professional craftmanship, tradition and technology can achieve. Getting richer while sleeping is a very ‘valuable’ set of bed linen produced by Verilin. It was awarded the Henry van de Velde 2014 label.

© Kurt Stallaert


Antoine van Loocke is a self-taught designer who creates artistic knives using reclaimed materials. These pieces of art draw their inspiration from ancient works, while presenting a modern twist. Antoine’s work is just as likely to be found in private homes, as in famous restaurants. Verilin has begun a creative collaboration with Antoine van Loocke and porcelain artist Hilde de Bruyn. Together we combine pure, raw linen with porcelain and the craftsmanship of Antoine’s ‘knife-forging’ skills.

© Antoine van Loocke

Your Agent For

At Verilin we specifically search for products and companies that are complementary to our story. These brands enhance our product range. It means we are able to give our customers the best and most complete service.

© Photo by Lorenzo Gironi Art Direction by Motel409 and Studio MILO

© Peter Fehrentz

More Mรถbel

Timeless architecture since 1993. Furniture from More, Hamburg. Furniture can be beautiful, well-made, or practical. But only once we have given them meaning, they truly are valuable to us, as they become a self-evident part of our lives. That is our aspiration at more. Verilin is your agent for Belgium and Luxemburg

Š Photo by Beppe Brancato Styling by Greta Cevenini


BORN IN FRANCE. DESIGNED IN MILAN. PRODUCED IN NEPAL. Founded in 2011 by the traditional Persian house Maison Chamszadeh, cc-tapis is led by a commitment to exploring innovations in new approaches to traditional carpet-making methods. The incorporation of undyed raw materials, original weaving patterns and an eco-friendly approach are central to the brand’s process. A dedication to bespoke finishes sees each one of cc-tapis’ rugs completely handknotted by expert Tibetan artisans in Nepal, resulting in a three month production time for each item. Verilin is your agent for Belgium and Luxemburg.

Private Label

We offer you a custom-made solution for all your ideas and linen dreams by creating, producing and finalising your private label.

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