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High-Speed HDMI® Cable




NOTES: 1. MATERIAL 8.9mm (min) 1.1 HDMI CABLE: [ (1/0. 18CCSx1P+AM) x4PCS+1/0. 18CCSx1P+1/0. 18CCSx5C] +D (7/0. 10CCS) +AM+BLACK PVC JACKET Jacket Color Code: OD: Ø 3.7 ± 0.2 mm 9 Shielding2 MARKING: HIGH SPEED HDMI® CABLE WITH ETHERNET Unit A: Unit B: P1 P2 Shielding1 1.2 HDMI 19 PIN TYPE A MALE: BLACK INSULATION, P1.White&Green P5.Yellow&Orange P2.White&Red Unit C: 7 P5 GOLD PLATED CONTACTS, GOLD PLATED SHELL Unit B:P5 6 P3.White&Blue 6.Red Drain Wire 1.3 ALL HOOD: MOLDED BLACK PVC P4 P4.White&Brown 7.Violet P3 2. ELECTRICAL Unit A:4PCS 8.White 2.1 100% OPEN AND SHORT TEST 8 10 Unit C:6-10 9.Green 10.White 2.2 CONDUCTOR RESISTANCE: 15 OHMS MAX 2.3 INSULATION RESISTANCE: 10 MEGOHMS MIN. PART NUMBER AVAILABLE LENGTH 2.4 HDTV-DVD TEST: 1080P 3. PACKAGING: A PC/PE-BAG. WV1132 3 ft. 4. ALL MATERIALS ARE RoHS COMPLIANT. WV1133 6 ft. WV1134

10 ft.


12 ft.

HDMI is a trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC in the U.S. and other countries.

VERICOM HDMI High Speed Ultra-Slim Series with Ethernet 3 Foot 6 Foot 10 Foot 12 Foot  

VERICOM offers these flexible, super thin, high performance High Speed HDMI® Cable in a 4 ;engths that make it easy to get an advanced HDMI...