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The Jim Jones Revue

editors Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo, Sean Gleeson

Track It’s Gotta Be About Me

proofreader S  andra Goldbloom Zurbo contributing writers Billy Geary, Dante Gabriele, David Hennesy, Edna Sway, Joshua Kloke, Frannie Hart, Raul Sanchez, Stephen White, Jervis Dean, John Dean, Matt Haycroft, Matt Zurbo house photographer Zo Gay contributing photographersDaniel Marsh, Derek Bremner, Richard Sharman, Stephen Booth interns Angus Evans, Robert Michael Geary, Thomas Lutrov typeset and designDamage Design advertising and enquiries distribution Integrated Publication Solutions, Eight Point Distribution and

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Dinosaur Jr.

cover Jack White: Festival Hall

Track W  atch The Corners

photoZo Gay

Composed by J Mascis

Misprint Notification issue 10 | Print Edition | Page 9 Snap Competition Runners Up should read: Cassandra Hannagan, Heidi Takla, Katie Dutton and NIC BEZZINA not Theorn Campbell. veri.ilve apologises to all parties concerned.

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snap SNAP Photographer Competition winner Corey Madden Congratulations to Corey Madden, winner of the SNAP Photographer Competition, and this edition’s Snap: Photographer’s Choice feature photographer.

runners up Congratulations to the four runners up: Cassandra Hannagan, Heidi Takla, Katie Dutton and Nic Bezzina.

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Dune Rats  Photo: Zo Gay

publisher’s letter Photography and live music are inseparable for me. A live music photographer’s objective is to capture energy, emotion, and dare I say, sound, in a single image … a still. These visual artists are in a unique position at any given event, large or small. Their goal is to capture the flow from the three primary elements they find themselves wedged between … performance and crowd, along with the interaction and energy of the two combined. Live music photographers bridge the gap. Zo Gay Publisher –


jack white Festival Hall 2  5 July 2012 Dreams cost money. They always have. Jack White has been dreaming since he was doing upholstery in a sweaty garage in Michigan (he can still tell you where and when your sofa was made, and how much it’ll cost to get it recut) and, damn it, he’s worked hard to have a stuffed giraffe head and a recording studio in Nashville. White does what he wants: he’s created Third Man Records, the most innovative record company in the world, and some of the most true to form music played on this planet. So what’s this former suburban middle-class white boy – now raconteur, flâneur and respectful bon vivant – dreaming of now? Somewhere between the grandeur of Welles and the humble finesse of Cash lies a 1930s fantasy – the poor water boy drifts into a sweet slumber beneath a lone tree in the hot Arkansas sun … He dream’s a powder blue dream of a powder blue heaven where he, all grown up, is a ravenhaired provocateur, a maestro engulfed by powder blue angels. The instruments are powder blue. Hell, even the amp “ON” lights are powder blue. Now, just a man, he, like Elvis, already yearns for the caress of his sweet mama, he pines for the redeeming woman who Hank Williams and Robert Plant knew only too well. Not only is he centre stage and crying for his sins, but he is also surrounded by the pure white light of his silhouetted insignia: he is the Third Man. Art Deco ivory lamps cascade the hero in soft baby blue and sinful crimson and he is in control – when he calls for a song, the girls respond. He dances towards them and they shimmy back. And when they play, they play together, tight and supple,

blues and psychedelia, gospel and punk. The Peacocks are the new Wrecking Crew. But who is watching this brilliance, this shimmering, soul-diving performance? I overheard a guy saying he hadn’t been to Festival Hall since he’d seen Dire Straits there. The sea of faces, burnt leather-brown by the Australian sun and withered by too many Bundy and Cokes on a Friday night, abide by the request, for the most part, to keep their phones in their pockets. But when you love something that hard you just have to own it in at least 5 megapixels. Life must get too real to view through organic eyes. Although the crowd did simply love moshing (I had never before heard general admission referred to a mosh pit so many times in one night) to the songs they knew, there was little to unify the group except for the Reichskriegsflagge-red JJJ flag, limply propped to the side of stage. This eyesore to Jack’s carefully planned and wellexecuted vision, is like the alarm that wakes you from your deep sleep, with every moment towards naive originality and colourful expression thwarted and homogenised into a bleating, repetitive and blandly repressive tone. One flag, one vision, one nation under the Kingsmill. But I guess it takes a bunch of cash to move a mountain of vintage equipment and two bands across the globe, and those dresses sure looked well fitted. Away from government-sanctioned, selfperpetuating garbage the real world exists, and dreams can be reality. They’re real if you get off your arse and do something about it. Because, really, Jack White is just a skinny white boy with a head full of ideas. Dante Gabriele


Jack White  Photo: Zo Gay

The Mark Of Cain  Photo: Courtesy The Feel Presents



scott the mark of cain

After 28 years, five albums and 12 drummers, The Mark Of Cain have returned with Songs of the Third and Fifth, their first studio album in 11 years.

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