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veri.7 #15

Grouplove ‘Ways To Go’ Composed by Christian Zucconi, Hannah

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Hooper, Andrew Wessen, Sean Gadd and Ryan

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Sikeleli Afrika Music

Rabin © WB Music Corp., Christian Zucconi Publishing, Madam H, Andrew Wessen Publishing, Sean Gadd Pub Designee and Nkosi ℗ 2013 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. By kind permission of Warner Music Australia Pty Limited, Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd and Grouplove

Parquet Courts ‘Stoned And Starving’ Written by Parquet Courts What’s Your Rupture? Marketed and distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Create/Control © Parquet Courts By kind permission of What’s Your Rupture?, Create / Control and Parquet Courts

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LIVE VIOLENT SOHO showcase their new material in a Melbourne basement: drugs, wooden pallets and rock‘n’roll.


interviews GROUPLOVE songstress HANNAH HOOPER discusses art, music and Greek communes.


BOB HARDY of FRANZ on pastries, Tumblr and the validity of his Wikipedia entry.




michael weinhardt IT AIN’T ALL HOOKERS AND BLOW

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS show the audience at the Hi-Fi Bar how they eclipsed their peers in the prog scene.


Frankenbok go under the microscope of photographer Michael Weinhardt in KIN.



CHRIS RUSSELL takes us on a journey through the American South, holy rollers and CHICKEN WALK.


RICH DAVIES unleashes the animal within at The Old Bar, and talks rock fundamentalists and THE DEVIL’S UNION.


LUKE SHIELDS shares stories of rising indie pop act BUCHANAN’S bag of tricks.


Dave Drayton goes under the covers at POISON CITY WEEKENDER.


Take a look into the Sydney live music scene local bands including Yes I’m Leaving and The Berkshire Hunting Club.


Filmmaker, Demian Fenton, talks about destruction, redemption and the Pentagram documentary, Last Days Here.


We catch up with STACEY PIGGOTT and talk about her



new book, Blow Your Own

PAUL Pirie – Batpiss



Batpiss guitarist Paul Pirie,

From blues legends to ’90s

better known for his peddling of

grunge brats, the brilliant and


chaos and noise, features with a

affable J. Dennis Thomas

series of colourful, chaotic, part

chooses a selection of personal

surreal and slightly gothic visual

favourites from his collected works

treats in FLOW.

in SNAP.




Looking for a pre-gig, post-gig or hangover hangout? Food is back with a favourite, SOME VELVET MORNING.


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New Album Out 20.9.13

Letter from the publisher With the successfull completion of the Keep Pledge Project, the launching the new digital platfom with the release of our special digital only Issue 14, and the production of this Issue, this past three months have been one hell of a ride. We have a killer veri.7 that features official pressings from indie-pop masters Grouplove and US punk brilliance of Parquet Courts, a knockout FLOW featuring the epic work of Paul Pirie from Batpiss, while SNAP brings you the imagery of US photographer, J. Dennis Thomas. With a host of interviews, live reviews and editorial features, a new full colour reviews section and the return of the our pre-gig, post-gig and hangover hangouts with food, I am thrilled to bring you this, the 15th issue of That I am able to sit here and write this letter to you, and you are able to read it can be attributed to the fine Australian and international supporters and Pledgers. Thank you to everyone for their overwhelming show of support. This issue is for YOU! Zo Gay Publisher —

Ho b b l ed e h oy Re co rd Co h o b b l ed e h oy re co rd s .co m

“Parquet Courts have produced a debut that’s both instantly addictive and lastingly rewarding: a smart, snappy concoction of worldly wisdom and garage-rock gratification.” The Guardian “Let’s get this out of the way nice and early: ‘Light Up Gold’ is one of the best debut albums you’ll NME hear all year...” “The singing and songwriting mostly split between Austin Brown and Mr. Savage, who are astute enough to write taut, smart lyrics, and self-aware enough to arch an eyebrow while maintaining the pose.” NY Times “Light Up Gold is a fine introduction to a bunch of intelligent dudes living it large and dissecting the ensuring carnage for our listening pleasure. Time Off A classic win-win”


“So loveably jittery”

Rolling Stone

“Near perfect post-college rock” “Buy immediately”

Stack Magazine

“Light Up Gold may sound like a string of slacker anthems, but it’s so much deeper than that...” Consequence of Sound “It’s an album of brainy rock songs that state their claims then defiantly step out from beneath the ethereal haze.” Austin Chronicle Pitchfork


violent soho


Sydney Special

Better Time The Annandale Hotel is always either going under or has just saved, depending on who you ask, but who says there’s no scene in Sydney? It’s true, some of Sydney’s best venues are dying, or getting facelifts that strip them of the years of character they’ve accrued from regular weekend batterings. Our beloved Sando waits in the wings at the Newtown Social Club to prove its mettle, The Annandale seems like a starlet in a soap opera, such is the drama, and The Hopetoun sits silently in Surry Hills, a ghost town.

suburbs mansion they inhabit to performing obnoxiously at a one-off crust-punk installation gig. Case in point: last NYE I found their singer, Matt Browne, Sydney’s drunken answer to The Beatles, dancing on top of a King Street eave, while the pubs on the street below catered to karaoke and cover bands. More recently I found him at yet another pub that doesn’t host original bands.

But before bemoaning a dying scene, some thought should be given to the people who create and perform the music in these and countless other venues, because when it comes to bands, Sydney is hardly in a drought.

“Sydney music is …” Browne pauses, exasperated, careful. “I hate people talking down about it. And there’s so much of that. You read it in publications where people are not happy with it or they talk about other cities being better. I dunno,” Browne muses. “Sydney’s great. It is what you make of it, how you become a part of it. If you don’t go to other shows, then no one comes to your shows. And it’s not just about getting heads in the door; it’s about how you promote yourself. You work with other bands. It goes beyond just the gigs, having house parties, having people over, trying to build it as more of a community that goes beyond just going to gigs and just seeing people at gigs.”

On any Friday night you can navigate a conflicting schedule of gigs, a torrent of bands playing in venues across the city, patrons, like captains on sinking ships, standing to attention as the water rises and the music drowns. In Sydney venues close, reopen and change hands, while undeterred, bands find what stages they can. It seems you can’t venture out for a beer and not run into The Berkshire Hunting Club. This bat-shit crazy, noisy punk ensemble has an enviable work ethic, and since their inception a year or two ago, have played everything from residencies and festivals alongside the likes of Gay Paris, to DIY parties in the dilapidated eastern


Talking about building that community, Browne discusses taking the records of other Sydney bands out on Berkshire tours to distribute to likeminded musicians interstate. “I bought an extra

KIN IT AIN’T ALL HOOKERS AND BLOW Words and photography by Michael Weinhardt



Paul Pirie Batpiss


New Release




Parquet Courts

I’m Not Right Poison City

Spreading Rumours Warner

Light Up Gold Create / Control

I’m Not Right, opens with a sample

Two years ago Grouplove found massive

“Ya know Socrate’s died in the fuckin’

of “I’m here to kick arse and chew

mainstream success with the single

gutter?” Parquet Courts conclude in

bubblegum / And I’m all outta

‘Tongue Tied’. Their follow up record,

‘Master Of My Craft’, the opening track

bubblegum”. Such a perfect example of

Spreading Rumours, shows no sign of the

of the New Yorkers’ second record. They

what is to come, and it never lets up.

trepidation commonly associated with the

have a point. In fact, they have many,

Clowns’ debut is brimming with so much

daunting second record. Instead, it offers

some of which are quite misanthropic,

a band that is aware of their strengths,

be they about the nature of living from

of The Bronx with a scream from vocalist

and happy to exploit them.

your art, to objections of possession

Stevie that is enough reason to buy this

The production is slicker and more

driven modern life (‘Yonder Is Closer To

album and see them live. Punk as fuck!

focused, yet the songwriting highlights

The Heart’).

Signed to Poison City Records, who,

their disregard for genre constraints.

Parquet Courts have a DIY sound and

‘Ways To Go’ is a guitar-free electro trip,

ethos. Their first record was released

‘Shark Attack’ epitomises their indie roots

exclusively on cassette. The sound

and ‘Borderlines and Aliens’ has a chaotic

quality has arguably improved on Light

company in Australia. Clowns are in

energy inspired by surf punk.

Up Gold but it never hides its influences,

good company.

The dynamic between Christian Zucconi

which range from post-punk to surf

Songs such as ‘Oh Fuck, My Face’,

and Hannah Hooper, who are also in a

fury, like a younger more intense version

with recent signings of Harmony, The Bennies, and The Smith Street Band, are fast becoming the most exciting record

‘Jesus On Acid’ and album standout, ‘Sheep In Black’, make up only a small portion of how much attack this album has. Produced by Lindsay Gravina (Magic Dirt, Spiderbait, etc.), I’m Not

romantic relationship, affords them the opportunity to bounce lyrics and ideas off one another in a way that never sounds forced. For them, music is an inclusive experience that promotes togetherness.

rock and Brit pop. It strikes a balance between seriousness and fun, delivered through the varying, and occasionally chaotic, howls of its two vocalists. It is what one would demand from the New York underground. You can almost hear

Right was never gonna fail.

Why should it be different for us?

the bong rattle.

Matt Haycroft

John Dean

Zac Smith


Keep dedications gratefully acknowledges these people who helped Keep with a dedication pledge., with equal gratitude, acknowledges those who supported us during our Keep Pledge Project, Special thanks to these people, bands and businesses who generously donated their art, music, photos, endorsements, special offers and their time in support of, and helping us achieve the successful completion of the Keep Pledge Project.


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Top to bottom Rich Davies & The Devil’s Union, Sheriff, The Bennies, Wayward Breed


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