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youth center

task: parking for 300 cars functions: parking, car service, cafe proposal: division of the main functions in separate volumes, open area in front of the building to create public space with green areas


Corner view of the final proposal

parking and service zones


public area with green spaces


master plan Description: Plot is located in the city center, near the Central Market. This is an old district, with poor infrastructure and big amount of demaged constructions, which is planed to be demolished by City Hall. One step for the modernization of this are is to build new parking spot wich will host cars of the visitors of the market as well as from people who lives there.


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1 1

1 1

2 2

ground floor plan

typical floor plan 7

transversal section

longitudinal section 8

bicycle parking 9

view of the entrance in service area 10

main view of the proposal 11

task: hotel functions: hotel, winery, chapel and restaurant for weddings proposal: separation of the service and production area from the area for visitors, the proposal contain 3 main volumes, 1st - hotel with restaurant, 2nd - resting area with Spa and pool, 3rd - chapel with underground winery


Corner view of the final proposal

functional zoning

connection and heights zoning

service area


master plan Description: The site is located on the ocean coast, near small village Carcavelos. This place is used for annual festivals and traditional events. In the neighbourhood is an old school and in the closed area to the site are located two more hotels, but they are small to host big amount of visitors and large events. 14

longitudinal section

longitudinal facade view


underground level, floor plan 16

ground level, floor plan 17

 






  

  


 






typical floor plan for the rooms, type 1

typical floor plan for the rooms, type 2

section through 2 story high apartment

facade detail for 2 story high apartment

view of the chapel from the hotel 19

model view 20

main view of the proposal 21

task: multifunctional youth center functions: art galleries, library, public space, restaurants, coworking spaces, rollerdrome, conference halls proposal: the proposed volume remembers the previous morphology and has same visual impact over the neighborhood as the stadium, respecting the historical entity of the city center. To the contrary, of the majority of Chisinau’s buildings of a closed typology, the proposal is about an open space of interaction.


Corner view of the final proposal

main axis

atrium and new walking paths

different height of the volumes paths


master plan description: the project is located on the former site of the National Stadium of Moldova. since its construction in 1951, it survived until 2007. After it was destroyed in 2007, the upcoming crisis left no chance of its reconstruction. when in 1951, the stadium was on the outskirts of the Chisinau. as the city was constantly growing, its position shifted for an almost central core, making it in today is capital a huge void in the middle of the city. 24

axonometric scheme of the building 25

longitudinal section

transversal section 26

entrance in complex from the main street 27

interior view of the complex 28

main view of the proposal 29

p h o t o g r a p h y




Prater utca, Budapest, Hungary, 2016 32

Portugal pavilion Expo ‘98, Lisbon, Portugal 2015 33

Fundacao Champalimaud, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016 34

Metro 4, Budapest, Hungary, 2016 35

Metro 4, Budapest, Hungary, 2016 36

Fundacao Champalimaud, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016 37

Zsolnay Center, Pecs, Hungary, 2017 38

Kodaly Centre, Pecs, Hungary, 2017 39

Museu Nacional dos Coches, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016 40

Prater utca, Budapest, Hungary, 2016 41

Verginia Pozneac

Portfolio Verginia Pozneac  
Portfolio Verginia Pozneac