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Chapped Lips: Causes and Treatments Winter comes with many benefits – roaring fires, chunky woollen clothing and steaming hot chocolate. But when it comes to our skin, the frosty winter air can cause havoc. Case in point: cracked winter lips. To help ensure the health of your skin this winter, let’s look at chapped lips causes and treatment. None of us are immune to dry, cracked lips come wintertime. But what exactly causes the skin on our lips to peel and flake? Well, many of us are unaware of just how often we lick our lips. Maybe you unconsciously wet your lips while talking, or you have the habit of biting your bottom lip when you’re stressed. In the summertime, this is no problem. But, when the temperature drops and icy winter winds begin to blow, the delicate skin on

the lips are left unprotected. Licking them only makes matters worse. The enzymes present in saliva are designed to help in the digestive process; and so coming into contact with the sensitive skin on the lips causes the delicate skin to dry out and become irritated as saliva also evaporates fairly fast. When looking at chapped lips causes and treatment, there are a few tips and tricks to keep them at bay while lip therapy are primordial below are things to watch out for and tricks to follow for soft kissible pout:

Check the ingredients of all of your lip products. A substance known as phenyl salicylate or salol is known to dry out our skin. Always keep your lips protected with lipbalm, preferably one with added sunblock. Have you noticed how dry your lips feel after brushing your teeth? That’s all thanks to sodium lauryl sulphate, a common

ingredient in many types of toothpaste. Check the list of ingredients and pick one without this additive. Get your recommended eight glasses of water per day. Just as the skin needs moisture to stay supple, so too the tender skin on your lips needs nourishment from within. When eating citrus fruits such as oranges, try to keep the peel of the fruit away from your lips. Acids found in these fruits can increase your sensitivity to the sun, making them prone to sunburn. Be sure to use lipbalm with added SPF. Use a lip therapy to renew and nourish your lips so that it would keep them supple and soft.

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Chapped lips causes and treatments-1  

Winter comes with many benefits – roaring fires, chunky woollen clothing and steaming hot chocolate.