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fr fu*'*-*t ln each issue, Editor-inChief Anthony Dias Blue selects a wide range of the best wines and sp;rits from among the more than 500 he samples over the course of a month, The reviews are subjective editoriat evaluatons, made without regard to advertising, and products are scored on a 100-point scale:85-89 VEBv GOOD; 90-94 OUTSTANDII\G, 95100 CLASSIC

Olce oroducts are selected for publication, producers and importers will be offered the option of having their review accompanied by an image (bottle photo or label arr)for a nominal fee, Tnere is no obligat on to add an image, nor does the decision affect the review or score In any way The "twlsty" icon indicates wines sealed with a screwcap closure, . : j''j.jil .,: ; l: ,r -..- ,,eu\, ., ,





- .;- Ponoiso Vinegonds 2006 --;: ._,s-.;'. PinoE Noiq WesE Tennoce


Vinegond, Sonbq

. l'i; , ., ,, J. Lohn 2007 Squvi-* gnon Blonc, Corol's

Lucio Highlonds ($40) Bright

Vinegond, Nopo Volleg ($24)

summer cherry

Deep, rich and

tangywith juicy acidity; fresha

juirywith ripe


fruit and nice texture; smooth wilh a long finish and lovely

long and dense with meaty, racy




Venbono Vinegonds 2007 GewtnzEnominen Venbono Vinegond, MonEeneg, Annogo Seco ($16) Neny and lresh with juicy acidity and spice and rose petal on




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,, i, .,:,* Cosenbino Wineng 2006 u", .i - Chondonnog, SculpEon Ook r=

Knoll DisbnicE, Nopo Volleg ($49) Racy and fresh with lovely, silky texture and juicy fruit; long and lively with g,reat balance.

PoeE's Leop 2007 Riesling,

; Golumbio

Volleg ($21) Bright with juicy peach and lovely acidity; long and elegant. LONG SHADOWS VINTNERS

6,'-r;fA* i;;;;;" , : CARNâ‚ŹRO$ i rr'rr

; :

,: " .:;:.. Bueno VisEo 2005 Sgnoh,



and intense with lovely long flavors and great balance; smooth with lovely blackberry fruit and spice. ASCENTIAWINE ESTATES


. ':: '

Venge Wine Cellons 2006 +' Sgnoh, Dng Cneek Volleg

" Dense with amazing concentration ($40) and depth; silky with rich berry fruit and good acid structure; really impnessive.

Anthony Dias Blue Reviews in Patterson's The Tasting Panel Magazine October 2008  

"93: Verge Wine Cellars 2006 Syrah, Dry Creek Valley. Dense with amazing concentration and depth; silky with rich berry fruit and good acid...

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