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Joyful News Notes All Saints Episcopal at the ARC - Wichita Falls, TX

Recognize the JOY you are seeing here today” Schori, February 2009 “

++ Katharine Jefferts

Volume 2 No 3

December 13, 2009


Preaching of the Baptist Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449 – 1494)

fresco — 1486-1490 Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Luke 3:7-18 - As the people were filled with expectation, and all were questioning in

their hearts concerning John, whether he might be the Messiah, John answered all of them by saying, "I baptize you with water; but one who is more powerful than I is coming; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand, to clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into his granary; but the chaff he will burn with


unquenchable fire." So, with many other exhortations, he proclaimed the good news to the people.


It was at the Reception the night before Diocesan Convention. A plucky group from All Saints Wichita Falls visited with Bishop Wallis Ohl and wife Sheila and said, “Glad to met you; y’all come see us.” Without hesitating a moment, the bishop said, “How about December?” And, so, it’s coming to pass! Bishop and Mrs. Ohl will break bread with us at Saturday night Pot Luck, and he will preach and celebrate Holy Eucharist Sunday morning. Come and get acquainted. Saturday night pot luck at 6:00 pm at 2414 Lou Lane, and Sunday morning Mass at 10:30 at the Arc, 3115 Buchanan.

Joy to the World!!! A Christmas Angel driving a SUV

is gonna sail down


287 on Christmas Eve, accompanied by greyhounds – not reindeer – to celebrate

Mass at 5:30 for All Saints at the Arc.


Christmas Mass along with Easter and Whitsunday are obligatory for a Member in Good Standing.

Third Sunday of Advent

Year C – RCL Zephaniah 3:14-20

Canticle 9

Philippians 4:4-7

Luke 3:7-18

Sunday Dec. 13 10:30 a.m. All Saints Episcopal Church Avenue V at Buchanan in the Arc The Rt. Rev. C. Wallis Ohl, Preacher and Celebrant The Rev. Bruce W. Coggin, Bishop’s Chaplain [Tuesday Book Study on hiatus until Epiphany]

Coming to All Saints Sunday Dec. 20: The Rev. Canon Courtland Moore He came to us on Palm Sunday . . . He came to us on Easter Sunday . . He came to us when we were ugly duckling fledglings, and as one of his last acts in role of Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Fort Worth, Courtland Moore is visiting us one last time in role of canon on December 20. He comes to us one day prior to the 57th Anniversary of his priesting! His retirement as Canon to the Ordinary is set for December 22. Courtland Moore is the man who made the difference. It was he who came out of comfortable retirement at age 80 to head up the Steering Committee of North Texas Episcopalians. He steered the committee through rough waters and eventually brought us to safe harbor. A retired priest of the diocese has written: When the shape of the pickle we were in here became evident--Iker determined to drive us over the cliff, nobody in the Church Center willing to talk to individuals or special interest groups, the future coming on like gangbusters--the only answer was an umbrella group AND somebody to hold that umbrella. [When asked] you said Yes in a flash. Lord, older than Abraham and willing to pick up the pitiful little sword we were and wield it. And you did, said, were exactly what we needed then. The proof of that pudding is in the eating it's already had: we're still a diocese, we're still Episcopalians, and we're unrepentantly happy about it.


And once we were precariously in the saddle, you were the obvious Gabby Hayes for Bishop Gulick's Roy Rogers, keeping him informed, showing him where the bodies he claimed you buried were, just breakin' the new guy in. And you did that well, too. And, God, are we grateful! The fact that we've got a new lease on life is in large part your doing Thank you more than I can say .

Retired Priests Accept All Saints Invitation to Serve as Clergy for Coming Months All Saints Vestry voted to ask Fr. Bruce Coggin and Mo. Maurine Lewis to become our regular clergy-team starting in January. Their response was heart-warming, “And

just let us provide prayers and preaching and the sacraments to what is likely the healthiest congregation in this diocese.” Fr. Coggin will come first and third Sundays and Mo. Lewis will come second and fourth Sundays. Fifth Sundays will be Morning Prayer. Both have been journeying up from Fort Worth on irregular basis for the past year. In fact, Mother Moe came for our very first Holy Eucharist service following “exile” from our parish building. She was also the first woman to celebrate Holy Eucharist publicly in Wichita Falls. The pair balance each other exceedingly well. In fact – like bread and butter. She with a smooth and even demeanor gives us steady, rich and creamy butter – not oleo. While his style is informal, it’s nevertheless solid and earthy, like nutritious daily bread, and he challenges us to share the lessons that he and Mother Mo have passed on to us.

COMPARING ADVENT SNIPPETS: MOTHER MO: Your efforts here in your own community no matter how small scale they may seem to you, are sending an important message to the PTB (the Powers That Be). This morning, on the second Sunday of Advent, I urge you not to stop . . .Your feeding the hungry—whatever they are hungry for, however they are hungry—is making ways straight, flattening out hills, filling in gulches, and generally making it possible for the last, the lost, the least, and the littlest to find their way to the God who loves them (actually seems to prefer them). Your ministry is a witness to the importance of each person, each piece of God's creation. It is the very living out of your baptismal covenant, in which you promised to respect the dignity of every human being. By doing what you are doing, you have made your own way smooth. You will be called by that lovely name, Righteous Peace. Amen. FATHER BRUCE; As I don’t doubt you’ve been reminded a dozen times, each Advent the Church takes

up anew her centuries-old task of telling the story of her Savior in her life of prayer, the year-long sequence of feast and fast between Advent I each year and Christ the King the next. I’ve heard it said that the first great feast of that cycle is Christmas, and sure enough the church’s canons say Episcopalians must celebrate the birth of Jesus or lose their “good standing” status. The canons don’t give us much advice on checking that all out, of course, but in any case Christmas is the first big milestone on the path of liturgical prayer each year. 4

LISTEN UP : All Saints Vestry meets immediately following Mass next Sunday, December 20. Several majorly important items must be tended to and all need to be present {Except Laurie who has and excused absence to visit grandbabies in Florida.)

WHAT IS HAPPPENING IN OUR DIOCESE Second Woman Ordained Priest in Diocese of Fort Worth Deacon ClayOla Gitane was ordained a priest on Saturday, December 5 by the Rt. Rev. Bavi Edna "Nedi" Rivera of the Diocese of Olympia [Washington] before a joy-filled congregation at Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth. The Rt. Rev. C. Wallis Ohl, provisional bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, assisted. She is now priest in charge of two congregations that have been temporarily displaced from their buildings – Christ the King, now worshipping at St. Giles Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall), 8700 Chapin Road, Fort Worth; and the Episcopal Church in Parker County. Bishop Bavi Rivera and Mother ClayOla Gitane

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR PARISH Trinity Wall Street’s Advent Calendar . . . Today, December 13, is THE DAY. The day that little displaced All Saints Episcopal in Wichita Falls is featured all day long on the Advent Calendar of one of the major congregations in the Episcopal Church. Trinity is telling OUR story about hearing the Gospel lessons last summer about feeding five thousand and deciding that we, too, were called to feed the hungry. We did it. People all over the country upon hearing of out efforts, came forward with wherewithal. Let us rejoice and give thanks. See our message: go to our own diocesan web site: Behold, in the upper right corner on home page is a picture of the Advent calendar. Click it. December 13 tells of our efforts to Feed 5,000. Midwestern State University Photo Exhibit . . . Photographs of Anne-Marie Williamson are featured in an exhibit entitled “Although she lost her hair, she did not lose her faith.” Mary Vehele, in her B.F.A. Senior exhibition, recorded Anne-Marie’s physical changes during cancer treatment. The photographer wrote, “There was beauty in the strength she had to fight the cancer.” The exhibit is showing through January 11 at Harvey School of Visual Arts on MSU Campus.

ALMOST THERE All Saints ALMOST has its Pledge Goal met! Thirteen households have made pledges to meet our goals for 2010. We hope to have the remainder of the goal met by Sunday, December 20, when the Vestry has its final meeting of 2009.


Pledge cards may be found on the Supply table in the back of the “pews.” FEED FIVE THOUSAND HAS MET AND SURPASSED ITS GOAL! MEMO from DIOCESAN OFFICE: Put a notice into your bulletin or newsletter to say that contributions need to be in your hands or postmarked on or before December 31, 2009 to be tax deductible in 2009. Mailing Adddress: All Saints Episcopal, P.O. Box 3335, Wichita Falls, TX 76301

JANUARY FIRST SUNDAY POTLUCK . . . Dvorkens will host. January 3 at their home at 710 Fillmore, 6:00 p.m. Please note, it will be on our regular first Sunday. Not Saturday. Not 12th Night. It’s back to First Sunday, and don’t forget it. Note below: Needing January Flowers. January REALLY needs flowers.

FALL AND WINTER FLOWERS & CLERGY Interim Altar Flower Coordinators: Owanah Anderson & Laurie Cruse. Call or e-mail Owanah reserve dates at 692-0824 or e-mail her at Call Laurie to arrange for flowers at 642-6849 or e-mail her at Date Dec. 6

Gift of Val Hubbard

Dec. 13

Millie Couser

Dec. 20

Don & Millie Lancaster

Dec. 27

Sharon Devereaux

Dedication In memory of her husband, Bob, and in thanksgiving for his life. In loving memory of husband, Col. Walter J. Couser, Jr. (retired) and in appreciation for all friends at ARC. Thanksgiving for Mother Mo and for all dogs In honor of her father, Bob Devereaux and his wife Pat.

Jan. 3 Jan. 10 Jan. 17 Jan 24 Jan 31


Clergy Schedule Mo. Maurine Lewis Bishop Wallis Ohl, Fr. Bruce Coggin Canon Courtland Moore Fr. Lloyd Prater * Fr. Coggin

Mother Lewis Fr. Coggin Mother Lewis 5th Sun Morning Prayer Father Lloyd Prator is Rector of St. John’s-in-the-Village, NYC. He will be visiting here and has graciously agreed to take services for us on the Sunday after Christmas Day.

Hi, I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful flowers, feeding the boys, and all the prayers. Please tell everyone at church that I am doing well and thanking God everyday that we are part of such a great church family. -am [Anne-Marie Williamson]


Hello Dr. Anderson, I read about All Saints' efforts to feed 5000 in Wichita Falls. I'm a member of All Saints' Fort Worth (the original) and we still have our building. I can't imagine how tough things have been for you all. How admirable of you to focus on the hungry rather than the divisions within the church. I would like to send a small donation in support of your efforts. How should I make out the check and where should I send it? Thanks for setting such a great example. - Margi Ehle

Who is this guy, holding that little black puppy? He was sitting in the lime light Sunday, December 6 at Pet-Mart helping with a fund drive for Clay County Animal Shelter. One hint on this “Santa’s” identity – He’ a member of All Saints Episcopal Church . Photo by J D Todd

St. Nicholas, aka James M. Rosenthal, brings Christmas cheer to New York December 05, 2007

[Episcopal News Service] It was neither Santa Claus nor Father Christmas who made his way through the busy streets of New York December 5. It was jolly old St. Nicholas the bishop who marched from St. Thomas' Episcopal Church down Fifth Avenue to the Rockefeller Center, telling the story of how St. Nicholas of Myra was once the patron saint of New York. The man behind the beard and miter is none other than the Rev. Canon James M. Rosenthal II, long-time director of communication for the Anglican Communion and editor of Anglican Episcopal World magazine. "It is like finding one's roots, that is the reclaiming of the St. Nicholas tradition versus Santa Claus," said Rosenthal, president of the U.K.-based St. Nicholas Society. "Santa means saint and Claus is a short form of Nicholas. Why not be fair and regain the integrity and purpose of the beloved saint." Rosenthal said it is important to bring St. Nicholas' Christmas cheer to New York because of the saint's historic significance in the city -- the first church in Fort Washington was called St. Nicholas and St. Nicholas Avenue is a main thoroughfare. "One of New York's great hotels was St. Nicholas on Broadway and the Russian Orthodox has


its glorious St Nicholas Cathedral on 97th," he said. "St. Nicholas, of course, is the name of the little church destroyed at 9/11, and whose return as a church many eagerly await." Along his jovial journey, amid flurries of seasonal snow, passers by greeted St. Nicholas with friendly gestures and wide smiles, suspending their pre-Christmas shopping sprees for photo opportunities with the bishop, especially with the Rockefeller Christmas tree in the background. "Santa is not bad, St. Nick is more honest and yes better," says Rosenthal. "St. Nicholas leads his followers to the true essence of Christmas and the miracle of Bethlehem. Many of us eagerly await the return of St Nicholas Church crushed by 9/11," he said. After New York, St. Nicholas will visit London and Canterbury and then Beit Jala near Bethlehem

The Presiding Bishop’s Christmas Message 2009 The mornings are dark, pitch black until after most of us have begun our days. The hints of dawn in the eastern sky, those streaks of rose and pink that promise more and brighter light, bring hope even in the dark mid-winter. Where do you look for that kind of hope borne on slim rays of light? Jesus is already abroad, even in the darkness. The hungry one fed, the street people who have their feet cared for, the humble and honored guest at your dinner table -- each one offers a glimpse of that dawn, if you look closely enough. What we have waited long for, ages and eons for, has been born among us. He comes among us quietly, almost stealthily, in an obscure barn, long ago. This child holds all our hope for light. This tiny frame seems too frail to bear our yearning. Yet the nations come streaming to this light even before he is weaned. The divine has come to dwell in our midst, and God’s eternal promise of peace, restoration, and home is made flesh. Where and how will you seek out this light of the world? In what other frail frames will light expunge darkness? The light grows with our own eager searching, light reaching out to light, divine reflection yearning for its source. May the light of Christ light your way in the darkness, may his light spread through nations besieged by war and hunger, may we continue to search out his light in the dark places of our own hearts. The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori Presiding Bishop The Episcopal Church

PRAYER LIST . . . Your prayers are asked for Millie Couser, Amy Hawkins, Shawn Michael, Davy, Michael Paul and family, Paul Starr, Anne-Marie and the Williamson family, Barbara Russell, Cameron Renfrew, Richard, Mitchell, Marla and Robert, Wanda, Kim, Aunt Betty, Karis, Ginna, and all who mourn..





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