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erge Campus’ mission has always been to cover and represent college culture. Whether it’s

through our live events or our editorial stories, we’ve worked to create the best experiences and to

foster authentic connections that enable students to get the most out of their college experience. College is more than just textbooks and assignments; the convergence of lifestyle, music, and other interests play a defining role in shaping one’s time in college. Since our first Verge Campus Tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki and the launch of our Chapter program, Verge Campus has grown further than we could have imagined. We’ve become a diverse community of motivated, ambitious, and influential students who share an understanding of the passions, the pursuits, and the interests that connect the college community. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our first issue of the Verge Campus Magazine. We’ve pulled together articles from our student contributors and are excited to see them in print for the first time. This is just one of the many ways we are connecting students to the things they love and providing them a platform to have their voices heard. We hope you enjoy our first issue of the Verge Campus Magazine. Sincerely,

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INSIDE Letter From Our Founder ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3 The Importance of Protesting ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 Living the Hygge Life ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 Banksy & the Evolution of Graffiti ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������16 The Three Day Rule & Why It Sucks ������������������������������������������������������������������������������18 How Independent Cinema Infiltrated Hollywood ����������������������������������������������������22 Stop Wearing Roshes to the Gym ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������26 How To Throw a College Banger ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 36 Drop the Beat on Your Next Exam ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 42 lovelytheband: Friends, Fans, & Fast Food ��������������������������������������������������������������� 46 Nick Cannon: Motivation, Success & Student Life ������������������������������������������������� 50 The Verge Campus Guide To Your Campus ������������������������������������������������������������ 54 Crossword ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 59 Horoscopes ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 60 Sudoku �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������62




THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTESTING The word “protest” can conjure up an array of ideas and connotations. By Amanda Hodes | Verge Campus American


ome people see protests as a time of peaceful

lose support on a local and national level. However, if

assembly, with protestors calling attention to

the protest benefits media outlets, the movement may

causes that have been long ignored. Others

be able to grow exponentially. Since we live in such a

see protests as aggressive gatherings with violent and

media-permeated society, media coverage plays an

destructive crowds. To further complicate the issue, the

unprecedented role in a protest’s success.

media is constantly distorting our attempts to gather objective information about a protest. Navigating these

Additionally, the increasing variety of media sources

generalizations and stereotypes can be arduous and,

allows individuals to engage in what is known as “selective

often, fruitless. These factors leave many to question whether we live in a “post-protest” world – a world where protesting is an unnecessary and antiquated method for inspiring social change. As college students, we are often faced with the decision of whether or not to protest for the causes we believe in. Many of us wonder: “Will it be worth it?” and “Will the world even listen?” The increasingly powerful influence of news and social media is one of the main reasons that our society may


exposure.” Selective exposure is a psychological theory that refers to an individual’s tendency to favor information that reinforces their pre-existing views while avoiding contradictory information. When it comes to media consumption, individuals tend to adapt their media choices to avoid cognitive dissonance and mental incongruity. In other words, we watch and listen to media that agrees with our point of view, and we avoid outlets that disagree with us. This tendency has an enormous

no longer be conducive to protesting. Although the

impact on protests, since the main idea of protesting is

media has increased the availability of information, its

to inform the uninformed public, create a call-to-action,

biased views hinder our ability to establish facts, form

and challenge audiences that hold opposing views. If

our own opinions, and draw objective conclusions. If the

individuals are engaging in increasingly polarized and

protest’s mission is contrary to a media outlet’s interests,

biased outlets, many protests may only reach audiences

that outlet may choose to depict it in an unfavorable light.

that share their views. Some argue that this negates the

This negative portrayal could cause a protest to quickly

entire purpose of protesting.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov



That being said, the media can be a useful organizing

Nevertheless, the question remains of whether we live

tool for protestors. With the recent spike in gun violence

in a post-protest world. Perhaps the answer depends

and school shootings, younger generations are taking

on whether we take the initiative to prove otherwise.

advantage of media outlets to gain exposure for their

Undoubtedly, there are numerous obstacles, but the

cause. Following the Parkland school shooting, students

importance of protesting should override them. Protests

have been able to plan walkouts and protests using

– whether at your university or across the country –

social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. As

question authority and encourage others to do the

a result, students across the country have the ability

same. They force individuals to stop and reevaluate

to stand together for a single cause and gain national

the status quo. They communicate a group’s values in

attention for it.

a highly visible manner. They give an amplified voice to minorities that are often too oppressed to be heard.

With the amount of content consumed on social media

Protests educate, aggravate, and innovate. Society may

on any given day, protests are in front of millions of eyes

have come a long way, but it still needs the presence of

worldwide. In the past, protests have tended to plateau as

protests as much as it has in the past. Therefore, the

media coverage slows and the public loses interest. Now,

question should not be, “Do we live in a post-protest

with the presence of social media and an entire country

world?” but rather, “What can I do to participate in this

standing behind the cause, this new wave of protesters

important catalyst for social change?”

doesn’t seem to be backing down any time soon.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov 8





Photo by Chris Benson

While college can be the best four (or more) years of your life, it comes with its challenges. By Stephanie Starbard | Verge Campus Bridgewater State


eople say life should be a breeze at this age, but college students face a lot of pressure. It may look like everyone has it all together on Instagram, but deep down we are all struggling. College life isn’t perfect by any means but being aware of the hurdles you may face is the key to success. Here are some issues college students encounter on a daily basis and tips on how to manage them effectively.



1. Mental Health

College is one big juggling act. Trying to balance

Don’t forget to take advantage of resources available

schoolwork, extracurricular activities, work, a social life,

through your university!

and eating a decent meal is no easy task. With all of these responsibilities, it’s easy to put your mental health on

Some helpful tips to refresh your mind: take time to

the back burner. Depression and other mental illnesses

relax, hang out with friends, and exercise. Your work

tend to appear or worsen during your college years. In

and overall wellbeing will likely improve. However, know

the Spring 2014 National College Health Assessment,

that while beneficial, these are not magic solutions for

87% of students claimed they were overwhelmed by all

anxiety and depression. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by

of the responsibilities required of them in school. The

an already overflowing to-do list, and you can’t summon

survey also found that 33% of students felt that their

the energy to tackle these and other tasks, you may want

depression made it difficult to function and almost 55%

to seek out a mental health professional through your

felt overwhelming anxiety.

university or find someone else you can talk to.

If you ever feel like you’re the only one struggling, take a

Not sure who to reach out to? If you or anyone you

moment to remember those statistics. It’s normal to feel

know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention

stressed in college, but your mental health is important.

Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Its staff provides free and

If you start to feel overwhelmed, reach out to someone.

confidential support for people in distress 24/7.

2. Cost of Education

A good education comes with a hefty price tag. According

grad. These numbers can be overwhelming, but with

to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees

financial planning and dedication, you can successfully

for the 2017–2018 school year was $34,740 for private

pay off your student loans.

colleges, $9,970 for state residents at public colleges, and $25,620 for out-of-state residents attending public

Everyone comes from a different financial background


and therefore a unique educational path. You are not going to receive a bad education if you decide to

Even with scholarships and grants, many students

commute to a state university or attend community

struggle to afford tuition, and they will leave college in

college to obtain an associate’s degree first and then

serious debt. The most recent studies show that 44.2

transfer. In the end, a degree is a degree. No matter where

million Americans have student loan debt totaling $1.48

you go, you will get out of it what you put into it.

trillion. The class of 2016 averaged $37,172 in debt post-


Photo by Chris Benson

3. Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

The use of drugs and alcohol has long been a problem

(and strangers) while you are out. Most universities have

among college students. For those prone to addictive

resources available to anonymously submit your concern

behavior, heavy partying or even the stress of school can

about a friend or classmate. If you or someone you know

lead to addiction. Partying is normal in college, but it’s

might be suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, reach out

crucial to do so responsibly. Everything in moderation.

for help. You can also call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) to reach The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

The risks from taking drugs not prescribed to you can

Administration (SAMHSA) 24/7, 365 days a year.

be fatal and mixing certain drugs with alcohol can have the same result. Know your limit and look out for friends

Good luck during the next semester and make 2018 the best year for YOU!

This semester, make YOU your top priority. It’s easy to get caught up in the all of the chaos, but it is important to make sure that your health and wellness come first. When you feel like the world is crashing down, take a step back and remember that you’re not alone. Take advantage of the resources available to you, and make the most of your time in school.




Photo by Dan Gold

LIVING THE HYGGE LIFE What it is and why you need it. By Claire Nunez | Verge Campus Fordham


merica is fast-paced society. We cram as

By definition, hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) is used to

much as possible into a single day and rush

acknowledge a feeling or moment that is charming or special.

to accomplish tasks.

This “moment” doesn’t need to be

From the moment we wake

anything extraordinary. It could be

up in the mornings, we are constantly going. Time spent with friends and family is interrupted by calls, texts, and countless notifications. When was the last time you “unplugged” and lived in the

something as ordinary as reading


a book at home or watching a

is the Danish concept of contentment & we could all use some.

that feeling of contentment and

movie with friends. Hygge is comfort when you take the time to truly be present in the moment.


Several other European countries

The European lifestyle is much

Netherlands it is “gezellig,” in

have similar concepts. In the different. People seem to care more about enjoying their everyday experiences and


Norway it is “koselig,” and in Germany it is “gemütlichkeit.” What about the U.S.? While

the company around them than trying to do everything

there is no direct English translation for hygge, think of it more

and be everywhere at once. The Danish concept “hygge”

as a mood or a moment in time that captures the concept

describes this perfectly.

of togetherness and warmth.


So What’s The Big Deal? What does it say about our society that we don’t have a

Find an opportunity to go abroad. Before you graduate

term for something so important? Denmark is one of the

and enter the 9-5 lifestyle, take advantage of the time

happiest countries in the world, and for a while it held

you have and immerse yourself in a different culture. It

the number one spot. Maybe America could learn a few

is by far the best way to learn to enjoy every moment.

things from its neighbor across the pond.

Unplug, observe how other cultures achieve wellness and contentment, and apply those practices into your

How Can I Hygge?

own life.

The first step to living the Hygge life is to check out

I encourage you to put the phone down, grab a good

Meik Wiking’s The Little Book of Hygge. In his Sunday

book or magazine, go outdoors, or enjoy the company of

Times and New York Times bestseller, Wiking attributes

friends or family and let yourself find contentment. Even if

Denmark’s happiness to hygge and shares his secrets

it’s just for an hour a day, forget about the homework, the

to “happy living.”

to-dos, the notifications, and do something fulfilling.








ho is the elusive street artist known as Banksy? Despite great scrutinization and research over the years, his identity remains unknown. He was believed to be born in Bristol, England in the

1970s. His most common form of street art is done with spray-paint and stencils to create a multicolored effect. Often politically themed, Banksy’s work has been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities across the world.

By Maggie Sweeney | Verge Campus University of Denver

Banksy is the key character in the 2010 documentary,

Many writers and public activists have used graffiti

Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film that examines the

in an attempt to express their voice to the public.

relationship between commercial art and graffiti. In

Historically, the word “graffiti” has typically held a

the movie, his signature style of street art gradually

negative connotation. However, when asked in a recent

developed until he was put into contact with Thierry

survey, 84% of people voted in favor of graffiti as art.

Guetta, a French man who sought him out in order to

The worldwide recognition of Banksy’s work has helped

document his work.

transform people’s opinions on graffiti, and it is now appreciated as high-quality and inspirational art.

Apart from his short interviews in Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy refuses to be interviewed, and maintains

The proliferation of street art has sparked debate

his privacy well. Despite remaining in the shadows, he

and left many questioning its ethical status, and the

has acquired the status of one of the world’s greatest

controversy over it will likely increase given its ties to

street artists by creating a worldwide urgency for the

political messaging. Whether it should be identified as

public to understand his social commentary. Banksy has

art or vandalism will never truly be answered, but it’s

inspired so many street art fanatics and artists around

ability to express social commentary is undeniable.

that he has created the “Banksy Effect.” This is the idea that his work has inspired countless individuals to explore new perspectives or ideas for their own work. 17

Photo by Karina Carvalho



IT SUCKS By Breanna Bryd | Verge Campus NYU



This is advice for people who fall in love fast.


et me tell you why the three-day rule is the worst

What I didn’t like about the three-day rule – and still don’t

advice I’ve ever heard. I’m sure most of you have

– is that it always felt like I had no power to share how I

some semblance of what it is. And for those of

felt about someone. I didn’t like that talking through our

you who don’t, well, consider yourself lucky you haven’t

feelings only happened if my date decided to reach out. I

had to deal with this archaic social “rule” for so long.

didn’t like not having the right to let them know whether or not I was into them because my date was the only one

After going on a date, the three-day rule is when you

who could make the decision for us. And that’s just not fair.

wait three days to see if your date will contact you. This timeframe allows both parties to analyze the date and

I just know how stifling it is to hold all your cards close.

test the interest level of the other person. As I learned it,

How it feels to think, “I’ll only tell them if they tell me first.”

the guy is supposed to initiate contact by the third day,

It always left me wondering, “What if someone told them

and the girl should just wait for him to reach out so she

to wait three days, too?” What if we really wanted to tell

doesn’t seem desperate. If he doesn’t touch base after

each other how much of a good time we had, but thought,

the third day, the girl should assume he’s not interested

“They’ll tell me within three days, and if not, I’m moving

and move on.

on?” Nobody speaks up. Nobody is ready to be the one who breaks first. So, we get nowhere.

After I went on my first date, I was so excited. All I wanted to do was talk on the phone with my date, but I remember

As a hopeless romantic, I find that if my heart is going to

my aunt saying, “Don’t text or call him for three days.”

be broken, I don’t want it to be because we were following

I could barely go ten minutes without thinking about

an old rule and playing mind games with each other. I want

him. Now she wanted me to go three days without any

my heart to break because we talked through everything

communication? She explained, “You have to see if he

and realized we actually didn’t work well together. I want

initiates after the fact.” And in my young mind, that didn’t

my heart to break because we fell out of love after trying

make much sense. However, I played along anyway and

hard not to. I want my heart to break because we’ve given

filed that information away as an annoying dating rule

each other a fair chance and failed. I don’t want it to be

that we all had to play by.

because I didn’t speak up.


Maybe I’ve misinterpreted it. Maybe the three-day rule is a lesson on patience and people revealing themselves and showing you their true colors. But, honestly, I don’t really care, nor do I think it’s important. My mom always said that there’s a time and a place for everything. And the same is true for waiting. If it feels right, then do it, but don’t wait because someone told you it’s an old trick to figure out how your date really feels. Everyone likes knowing where they stand with someone, and no one should miss out on a wonderful relationship because they were too afraid to take the leap and reach out.




Photo by John Flobrant




ast year brought a new wave of cinema to the big

received Sundance film will not only find its way onto

screen. Independent films like Lady Bird, Call

the big screen, but it will, more often than not, make an

Me by Your Name, and Get Out revolutionized

appearance at the Oscars. Just look at Lady Bird and Get

the way we perceive the divide between Hollywood

Out. This transformation is not inherently a bad thing,

and independent cinema. The widespread popularity of

but, as Robert Redford, chairman of the festival, said

these films has redefined the film industry and pulls the

in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s no

definition of today’s independent sector into question.

longer the place it was.” There has been a major shift

Historically, the independent film sector has been

produced purely for the sake of art, but, rather, they

in the world of independent film. We see fewer films a haven for directors to create films that were anti-

now seem to be created for the sake of aesthetics and

Hollywood. This was a sector in which films strictly


prioritized art over narrative or entertainment value. In an attempt to deviate from Hollywood’s formulaic

Independent films today appear to be motivated by the

approach to film, independent directors such as Jim

drive for widespread consumption, similar to a typical

Jarmusch (Mystery Train, Stranger than Paradise) used

Hollywood film, just for a different, younger audience.

low budgets and unknown actors to tell their stories,

It’s no mystery that most Millennials and Generation

while others like Todd Haynes (Carol, Safe) relied on

X-ers are attracted to the aesthetics of independent

strategic camera tricks.

culture, making independent films an obvious contender for mainstream consumption.

The increasing popularity of film festivals like Sundance and Cannes has likely contributed to the rise of independent films in mainstream media.

industry is evolving. Independent film has become more

Originally, Sundance served as a platform for unknown,

accessible for the general population, but some argue

unconventional filmmakers to share avant-garde

it’s being watered down. Either way, the Hollywood and

art films. The audiences were small, the tickets were

independent sectors have never been as dynamic as

cheap, and, subsequently, the directors weren’t in it

they are today, and that’s worth a trip to the cinema.

for the money. However, in this day and age, a well22

Whatever the cause, there’s no doubt that the film














see a lot of things at the gym that I don’t like. People leave their bars loaded with weights as though it’s not their responsibility to take them off. Bros with inflated egos, half-squatting with

weight that far exceeds what they’re actually capable of lifting. All of it makes me shake my head in disgust, but nothing grinds my gears like seeing people working out in Roshe Runs.

By James Imrie | Verge Campus Bryant U

Photo by Hermes Rivera


You know what sneakers I’m talking about. The ones with the cloud-like sole, minimal design, and prominent Nike swoosh adorning the side. I used to own several pairs. They’re really comfortable, cheap, and easy to throw on for a casual look. However, they have no business being anywhere near a gym. Why? The first reason is their lack of lateral support. A Roshe Run consists of a mesh upper attached to a thick rubber sole. The mesh part of the shoe has very little material on the sides, and only has space for four eyelets to lace up. This is fine if you’re walking in a straight line. However, it creates a high center of gravity, so as soon as you start running or changing directions, a sprained or broken ankle will not be far behind. Adding to the lack of lateral stability, the rear of the sole is relatively thick in comparison to the front, meaning that if you strike with your heel, there is a high chance that you will roll your ankle this way as well. If you’re like me and mostly lift weights, these are still some of the worst shoes to wear given how little support they provide. The two most popular shoes among both powerlifters and bodybuilders are Converse Chuck Taylors and the Nike Romaleos 2. Chucks have a flat sole with a tall upper that laces near your ankles. They are widely used for lifting because they



provide a completely flat base with very little compression in the sole. This is ideal for squats and deadlifts where you want your feet to be firmly planted on the ground. On the Romaleos, there’s a raised heel and a flat base accompanied by two Velcro straps and long laces. They are geared more towards Olympic lifts where you may move your feet to catch the bar (think cleans and jerks) but they work well for squatting too if you like having a raised heel. The sole is solid composite and has absolutely no flex whatsoever. If you own a pair of Roshes, pick them up and give the sole a squeeze. Now imagine how much that material will compress when you load it up with your body weight plus the weight of whatever you’re lifting. And that mesh? Good luck not ripping through it after a few weeks of heavy squats. Low on cash? If you don’t want to go out and spend $50$200 on lifting shoes, then you can always lift barefoot. You can lift straight from the soles of your feet and don’t have to worry about sole compression. In fact, even with my Romaleos, I still prefer to deadlift without shoes, so that I can sit back on my heels and push more with my legs. Roshes are great casual sneakers, but if you’re going to the gym, wear something else.

Photo by Victor Freitas







By Osamase Ekhator | Verge Campus Boston College

Photo by Winslow Townson | Associated Press 31

I been Steph Curry with the shot been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy 360 with the wrist, boy.


he lyric comes from Drake’s 2014 single 0 to

inevitable due to their privileged upbringings. Life,

100 where he compares himself to rising NBA

however, does not always work in such a way. Hard

megastar Stephen Curry. Such a comparison

work and the ability to overcome adversity are crucial

is not a coincidence. Steph Curry has reached NBA

to success. Both Curry and Drake possess these traits

stardom. Pushing through numerous injuries, he has been

which has undoubtedly contributed to their rise to fame.

a two-time MVP (the first to win the award by unanimous decision) and has led his team to the NBA Championship

Before the two celebrities were the icons they are today,

three times, winning twice in two years. Plus, he’s been

Drake and Curry were just two kids from rich households

setting countless personal and team records along

in Toronto and North Carolina.

the way. Aubrey “Drake” Graham was born on October 24th, Drake is a Grammy Award-winning artist who has released

1986 to Sandi, a white Jewish woman from Toronto, and

three straight critically acclaimed albums. He has also

Dennis Graham, a black Catholic from Tennessee. After

reached millionaire status as his work continues to

his parents separated, Drake lived with his mother in an

dominate the charts with hit after hit.

upper class Jewish neighborhood. Then, at the age of 14, the future entertainer got his first start in the business.

Each can be seen endorsing some of the top brands in the business, and neither show signs of stepping out of

“There was a kid in my class whose father was an agent…

the spotlight any time soon. Though their rise to fame

His dad would say, ‘If there’s anyone in the class that

may seem random, some have said their ascents were

makes you laugh, have them audition for me.’ After the audition he became my agent.”



… to know that he’s in the studio, writing my name down on his paper or if he’s freestylin’ or whatever and my name pops up, that’s pretty funny.

Soon after, Drake landed a role on the popular Canadian

Steph worked tirelessly to go from courtside spectator to

show, Degrassi: The Next Generation, as a character

star of the court.

named Jimmy Brooks. As the show’s success began to rise, so did Drake’s. At the age of 14, Drake was making

But despite the many advantages both men received at

more money than most adults see in a lifetime. One of

early ages, their lives came with numerous challenges.

Drake’s most popular songs from his junior album is called Started from the Bottom. There’s no reason to believe that

Living in a split household was tough for Drake, as it is for

the “bottom” Drake is referring to has anything to do with

many in that situation. He was bouncing between America

his financial upbringing, but rather the transition from

and Canada, trying to spend as much time as possible

a typical teenager to an actor and eventually a world-

with his father in Memphis, Tennessee and his mother in

renowned musician.

Toronto. In a 2009 interview, Drake stated, “I saw my dad get arrested by like a swat team at the border for trying to

Meanwhile, Curry was born into a wealthy family where

crossover.” He added, “I’ve seen things that didn’t make

he grew up on a 16-acre plot of land in Charlotte, North

me happy. They were character building. That’s why I

Carolina. His father, Dell Curry, was an exceptional

think people in the hood can still connect with what I’m

basketball player who put in 16 years with the NBA, ten

saying even though I’m not saying ‘yeah I got crack in my

of these for the New Orleans Hornets. Steph followed his

pocket’ ’cause that wasn’t my struggle necessarily, [but]

father everywhere, including team practices, games and

I speak from a place that’s just human emotion.”

other NBA events. No stranger to the world of basketball,




There was a kid in my class whose father was an agent…

His dad would say, ‘If there’s anyone in the class that makes you laugh, have them audition for me.’

Curry didn’t have a perfect life either. Despite inheriting

by his drum-playing father and held a passion for music.

his dad’s shooting touch and love of basketball, Steph

By 2006, he decided to invest more into his interest, and

Curry had not yet gained the physical attributes or ball-

started to emerge as a popular rapper/singer in Toronto.

handling techniques of an NBA player. Although he is now

After the release of his mixtape So Far from Gone, Drake

6’3, Curry was once undersized for his age and not very

signed a reported $4 million deal with Lil Wayne‘s

athletic. Plus, as Brian Phillips reported in his Gartland

Young Money Records in 2009. That same year, Curry

article, Curry “had to rebuild his shot from scratch after

had also made a major power move by deciding to skip

his sophomore year of high school because his technique,

his senior year at Davidson and join the NBA draft, later

a little flip shot from the chest, stood no chance against

being selected as the seventh overall pick by the Golden

taller, faster defenders.”

State Warriors.

When leaving high school, Curry was barely acknowledged

From here, their careers skyrocketed. Drake made records,

by scouts. Even his father’s alma mater, Virginia Tech, told

Curry broke records.

him he should try to make the team as a walk-on. Instead, Curry decided to attend a small school, Davidson College,

In response to Drake’s “Chef Curry” reference, Curry

as it was one of the few scholarship offers he had received.

claimed, “I know a lot of his songs and he makes a lot

Curry entered Davidson as a “nobody” and left a legend.

of references to athletes and this and that, so when you

In his freshmen year, he was second in scoring among all

hear your name, it’s kind of a cool deal… to know that he’s

freshmen in the nation, behind only Kevin Durant, another

in the studio, writing my name down on his paper or if

future NBA MVP for Oklahoma City Thunder. Sophomore

he’s freestylin’ or whatever and my name pops up, that’s

year, Curry broke the national record for most 3-pointers

pretty funny.”

in a season. During a near Cinderella story run, he took Davidson to the Elite Eight.

Despite their blessed beginnings, these two talented men,

While Stephen Curry began to make a name for himself

number of personal obstacles in order to succeed. They

like the rest of us, have had to overcome a significant in the NCAA, Drake started his transformation from teen

may have not “Started from the Bottom” but they sure

actor to musician. Like Curry, Drake had been influenced

worked hard to get to the top.

• 35

A W O R H T O T W O R E H G N A B E G E L L CO mpus rge Ca e V | wicz a Lunie


Coll Boston

By Le

life. e w do g o e l h l , o d c eken le of e p w a t h s c g ea are a n i s n e i e t r p Pa y hap n a e’s m o ary? s d If ther . n h h t e c i u g W oo m rs le u o little t y a ost my e m e l b a k y r a a o f –m ife party you m e Nightl o t ’s e e v g o e becom ll Il o . to ston C ot you e tips o g n i B I n , n y i e r r ing wor re a major Don’t er! He m g n o r a f b a rned throw o g I lea t n i w h t o y an ’s h reer, it a c e g .. colle chool. s r u entire o fy nster o o M y t r the Pa



e t i v n I k the

1. Wor

fo r event k o o b . ce theme e a Fa t e a p e r o c d ce , ka to o r p ic a d va n n n i o i t k invited p e i e r e v ’ c w s u yo . t de one crowd friends ately s even u e d m i o h e i x t r d o a n r l w allo a hi -rou App ou a well Write ngs to . i s t y t e t fore y r e r e u s a s b p y n r c r e u a u ho yo his priv ast a n own. T ook ’s e l b r i e t e c a h a t s . ta r t s of Use F u know vent s friend o e y , w r e e u f o m a ay y ge ti invite . Colle er to s p b u m e w em sho Also, r ople to e p t n ly wa actual

t s i l y a l P t s i l 2. A t. e even h t k a e br le ake or m n a coup a p c u t s e i l u y pla que l. arty’s h a sou ds and it n w e i r e f Your p n yo with a p up an gether m a o t l Borrow l i t . y e w r t G o a l h its g ms t n all of rs of ja i u d o r h a f e o eh ut. t c an b s i l y rums o a d l r p a r e u r o y you e sure n blast a c t Next, b a rs th peake s f o t se


e c a p S t c e f r e P e h t e t a e r .C


w t. Thro e s e ’r you rs ment, e s upstai a e b h a t e e v s o. U u ha g or tw w. If yo e o k fl a d s o o space. lu l g p l i , a h e s r c e d a e th as ar t y n e J down ar, and D b y. d r n o Your p a u liq or t craft o a e fl , g s e e o c t an gam ave in your d g to h rinking n i d o r e floor g o c f e n a a ’r e u d r n yo for a on as an a nt, the room e e games m k e y a s a l a m p b o d ea an e ay t itchen n’t hav rty zon f the w k o a o d e p t h u a t u o s o n ai re If y ce i furnitu bar are our pla r r y l u u i t o o n y y u row ing Move om. Th arrang e o r r p g e n i v e. Ke your li m tabl o o r g inin your d f! roud o to be p

s r e d n e . Bart



rs e c n u & Bo

to wants e n o o et n you , and y y t r a fore, if p e r n e w h o T p. e heir a dum omeon work t e s k o i t l t e s s g t k tter wan at loo you be No one , use th k o c h a a it b or. p to depos the do y t wake u i e r c u n c u bo our se ze and o o want y b r ch you to wat

t c e p x 5. E

. . . t s e the B


ve you ha e r u s e s mak he cop ou be , t y e l i e v h a sts w n’t le in. ur gue nd wo o a y t them p e h l u s a o t w t s o d ee l, ce to ops sh o not n ur coo o d h a pla t y i u If the c p o w e y p u ally, ry. Ke . Come t typic no ent a s h t n a a plan w e m no arrant lved. K w o v o n n i : e b ar hum ule of t r a ’s t. e Her ops ou c e h t ep and ke


st r o W r the

o f e r a Prep


g n i r e t i o L o N .

crowd g i b a s is ds to cop ff ur frien o o p y i t g n e i lett h ug er other to loit hort by n s a m e , e n i e l h t ll t no r ty i m il a r me. Te our pa s y o c a p l e e n e w O un ide. K ay the d outs w e a r e g h t ga u rn in ickly t u q d in a n e. ere els h w e som




g n i k r a P o N s,

r a C o 7. N

s, partie o t e v i e dr olved. p e opl v e n r i e s h r ol w y ca s ant an a sc h o w o orse, i t t ’ w n o o g n d e u v se If yo t you d, t suck a ar tha h e l w c t waste t e t i u g , b e y k , t ma ba d r par to ing is at you v i r k r d p e o p le a k p e n v e i u r n r d o D to me e. od tim shman u let so o e o r g y f a n a e e et av wh e can h om e . G n h o e y v r i e r o ev and d party s e h t m and fro

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! e m i T g n i s o l 9. C

by Tim e ” g n i s Clo unk play “ , e s e so dr r u a o s h t s r ou gue u t of y If your . o e. • e e g l a p s es ery tim peo v m e t e n h m a t et s the you w uests g ll—get g a r c Wh e n u o p y o il ec nic unt o a fak d , e v Semiso a ’t le y won e h t t a th






What's better than trying to study and cram for an exam you barely studied for? The most amazing, put-together playlist you'd ever heard! Students are stressed over perfect study guides and exam grades... well, that’s crap! Concoct your own playlist and wait to see the magic happen!

By Jimmy McCallum | Florida State



t’s 10:09am on a Monday as I write this. I just took a midterm worth 40% of my final grade. I haven’t slept in two days. I’m hungry, exhausted,

and I probably smell. I spent the better part of the last

48 hours on a caffeine-fueled rampage during which I fought a losing battle with a pile of textbooks and notes.

Confidence is a prerequisite for success. However, it

I learned a lot about myself while locked in the solitary

can be tough to think positively when you are sleep

confinement of my dorm room with nothing but my

deprived and malnourished. Especially when it’s almost

thoughts, study materials, and enough coffee to kill a

dawn and there are still eight weeks’ worth of readings

herd of African elephants. I learned that I’m a twenty-one-

that you haven’t yet skimmed. Well, I’m here to tell you

year-old man with the attention span of canary. I learned

not to fret! My epiphany happened around 7:00am this

that the human body begins to shut down after about the

morning. My study habits thus far had been abysmal. I

eighteenth chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tart. But

was about to lose all hope, but as I began to drift off,

most importantly, I learned that the single most important

my iTunes shuffle blessed me with the classic electro hit

factor for academic success is a pump-up playlist.

“Sandstorm” by Darude. Thrust against the back of my desk chair, I was instantly propelled into an out-of-body state. I could sense it. It was hypnotic. I remember the physical sensation of new synapses being formed in my limbic system at an electrifying pace. By the third “da da da da da,” I was experiencing flashbacks of slaying the high score on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova and achieving self-actualization. At that moment, I was a different person. I was something greater, something almost superhuman.

I spent the next two hours blaring motivational up-tempo jams from the likes of Rick Ross, Slander, Skrillex, A$AP Mob, AC/DC, and many more. My production increased exponentially. My reading comprehension doubled. Not only did I memorize an entire twenty-four-page study guide, but I also balanced my checkbook, wrote an original screenplay, and became fluent in Mandarin. You should have seen me. I was an animal. 44


I strolled up to my exam at 8:50am feeling powerful. Meek

Here is my advice to you: Do yourself a favor and concoct

Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” in my headphones had

a playlist. Not just any playlist. You need a collection of

me believing I was about to run out of the tunnel at the

the gnarliest, most high-octane, white knuckle G-force

Rose Bowl. I’m pretty sure the rush of adrenaline from

whipping war music that you can listen to when you’ve been

that “Hold up wait a minute” beat switch brought me up

procrastinating for an entire semester, and you feel like you’re

an entire letter grade. The exam itself was a blur. I was

lost somewhere between hell and back without a road map.

in such a state of flow that all I remember are the sparks

Remember that confidence is everything. Don’t worry about

flying off of my Ticonderoga and the standing ovation I

the study material. Pay no mind to the “essential elements of

received from my classmates. It’s going to take a few days

the course, as explicitly stated by the instructor.” That crap

to get the results in, but I definitely shattered some sort

gets you nowhere. Trust me. I’m a walking success story.

of scantron-related record.

Studying is pointless. All you need is attitude.

**Note: Results may vary.**






Holding the #1 spot on Billboard’s Alternative chart for seven weeks in a row, nearing one million streams per week, and ranking as the sixty-eighth most searched band on Shazam, the boys from lovelytheband are definitely in By Neelu Mohaghegh | Boston U


a good place right now.

ovelytheband is made up of three musicians:

Their single, These are my friends, has a happy sound

lead vocalist Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan

with a deeper meaning. The simplicity is what really

Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price. They are

makes it stand out as a feel good and thoughtful

currently on tour through the middle of October. They

track. It’s a sing-along for the soul when things get

also recently played at several major festivals, including

rough. A song about looking back on the support of

Hangout Festival, Lollapalooza, and Billboard Hot 100.

your friends who helped you through hard times. The music is the perfect balance of pop and indie rock.

The guys are happy and able to boast that they have

The single is an anthemic tune with a sweet melody.

landed on Spotify curated playlists like Digging Now

Collins croons, Greenwald strums, and Price beats, all

and Rock This. It doesn’t seem like the good vibes and

coming together in this circle of hopefulness. It’s that

achievements will stop anytime soon, as they continue

sweet teenage angst and summer getaway song that

to ride this wave of musical affluence.

everyone needs and wants in their life – a song to chant together in total delirium.

In May, I spoke to Mitchy Collins, the lead singer of the band. We talked about their recent release of These are my friends, which had just dropped, the band, and more to get a sense of the inspiration behind the music.


Everybody needs a pick me up but I should probably slow it down but it’s pretty good company

What is the most important aspect when it comes to connection with the fans? The fans are the most important. All we are, are just

it cheers me up when I feel bad

songs, you know, the fans are the reason we get to call this

these are my insecurities

work, and make this a living. A little bit goes a long way,

that keep me going

whether people are realizing it or not… Remembering

these are my friends, these are my friends, I love them…

why you’re here is because they’re there. Engaging with fans is so important to keep the relationship strong and let them know you’re there for them and you see their love and support.

GoodMusicAllDay: What's this song about?

Do you think the band will always keep the sound you have now?

Mitchy Collins: That song is all about all the good and

We’re always evolving–lovelytheband is what it is right

bad parts about me – I touch on that stuff a lot obviously

now, but I can’t promise it is going to always sound like

in our music… whether I like it or not, good or bad, they

this. There will be more music, videos, and tours in the

make me the person I am and I wouldn’t change any of

near future for fans to look out for.

it because it’s brought me to where I am in life. I’m very fortunate to be doing what we’re doing. But also, the song touches on these are my friends, I love them, they’re the people that are there for me when I’m down. I like to keep it pretty honest.

Who would you guys want to collaborate with on your next track if you had the choice? Weird Al. Or Frank Ocean.

...and if you could tour with anyone? It would be awesome for lovelytheband to perform with LANY or Bon Iver.


Do you guys have a favorite photo or video that you really love?


Do you guys have any hidden talents?

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

I’m really good at the claw games in arcades, Sam is an iOS, Apple enthusiast. He gives us classes on all of the

Don’t give up, persistence is key, and songwriting – focus

new iOS updates. We call it ‘Apple with Sam’. And Jordan

on that above all else. You get that right, everything

is exceptionally tall, and a good person.

falls into place. Just be honest with it. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

What is something lovelytheband hasn’t done yet that you guys would love to do?

What is lovelytheband #OnTheVerge of?

Sell out an arena. And playing SNL is a big one.

Becoming grossly overweight because of all the fast food we have been eating!


Photo by Noam Galai | Getty Images Portrait



This summer, Nick Cannon released Calling All Models: The Prequel. At New York’s Premier Studios, where he recorded the album, Cannon sat down with GoodMusicAllDay for an exclusive interview.

There’s a relaxed atmosphere here in the studio. A black turban covers Cannon’s head, and he’s dressed in all black. The actor, comedian, producer, TV exec, musician, manager, and Howard University student is eager to talk about this new album and the road to its production.



GoodMusicAllDay: Which came first: DJing, acting, or making music?

How would you best describe your music?

Nick Cannon: I’ve been playing music since I was eight.

My music is definitely personal. I speak about everything

The thing that took off for me [though] was the comedy,

that I’m going through, and everything I’m feeling at the

Nickelodeon, and all that stuff when I was a teenager.

moment. I guess that it is therapeutic in that sense. I’m a real private person unless I’m making a song.

Do you feel that people may not respect you as a musician because you’re an actor and comedian?

How did you the name the album, Calling All Models: The Prequel?

I often tell people that I wish I would’ve gotten discovered

Calling All Models is interesting. It goes back to

as a musician first. [Then people] would say, “Wow. We

empowering. There’s two ideas to it. You can be a role

respect him as a musician, and then he can do all this other

model or a model citizen. When you think of what a model

stuff.” As opposed to, “He’s a comedian who tries to do

is, it’s somebody that’s on the go. It’s somebody struttin’.

everything else”.

It’s somebody who’s living life to the fullest. That’s what I wanted to deliver with this record.

Do you feel pressure to have commercial viability with your music? I don’t make music to make money. I make music to make me happy. That’s what art is about. I’m one of the few

I don’t make music to make money. I make music to make me happy.

people blessed enough, because I have other revenue sources, that I get to make my music from the heart. Of course, I want a commercial factor to it because I want to reach as many people

Is the song “Only You” about a specific person?

as possible, [but] I’m not interested in being a commercial artist.

Nah, because that song is a turn up song. That’s my more club [music], fun type of stuff. One moment you make a

Is music a therapy for you?

song that’s over-sexual and full of machismo. The next second you allow your spirit to flow. It’s an interesting

Comedy is my therapy, but music is my love. I’m in a

balance. Prince can make “Sign of The Times”, but also

relationship with music. I’m in no other relationship. Music

“Sexy Motherfucker”. Marvin Gaye did the same thing. He

is my girlfriend, my fiancé, my wife. I’m dedicated to music.

made “What’s Going On?” and “Let’s Get It On”. When

Therapy fixes people and cleanses people. Music doesn’t

you think about it, you’re like, these are such dynamic and

do that for me. Music makes me happy.

complex individuals.


Where did your inspiration come for the “Motivation” video?

When you were starting out, was there a specific person that helped open doors for you?

It’s an interesting story. My grandmother was mad at me. She got disappointed in me for making songs like “Only

Will Smith. He assisted me in everything. He gave me my

You,” and songs where I may be using words like bitch, chick,

first record deal when I was about 16 or 17 years old. He

and all that type of stuff. She was like, “That’s not who you

put me in my first real-deal studio session. He put me in

are. That’s not the grandson who comes over my house.

my first TV show, and my first movie. He helped me get

That’s not who we raised you to be.” We got into a place of

Drumline. All that stuff. He definitely opened more doors

understanding balance in the art form. Being able to offer

for me than anybody.

the good with the bad, the light with the dark, the lustful with the love. I said, “I’ve got to be able to make a song for my 98-year-old grandmother as well as my six-year-old

What’s the best business advice that you have ever received?

daughter, and everyone between to inspire, to enlighten, to uplift and to empower.” That’s what we did. Through

Take no one’s advice. That’s the business advice. Go

that conversation [with my grandmother,] I said, “I want

with your gut. Don’t listen to other people. If I would’ve

to put you on camera. I want to give you the opportunity

took people’s advice, I would’ve never did Wild N’ Out.

to say to the world what you said to me. To inspire these

Everybody told me it wasn’t a good idea. I had to shoot the

young women.” When there’s someone that’s 98-years-

show with my own money because nobody understood

old, that’s the definition of beauty. That’s the definition of

it. Nobody believed in it. I did it myself. Now here we are

wisdom. That’s the definition of power. All encompassed

200 episodes later.

and embodied in one individual. Turn the cameras on, and now she will go down in history as motivation.

How do you handle criticism of your music?

Does being a student at Howard University help you be more relatable? It puts me in place with the people. I’m right there with the

I don’t even care about that stuff. What other people think

youth. We’re sitting, classing, having discussions. We’re

about me is none of my business. You can’t focus on the

walking around campus together. That makes me one of

haters. I pay attention to culture. Culture will let you know

the gang.

if you’re in line or not because you don’t want to be out of touch. You don’t want to be so far gone into your own self that you are not relatable.



What does an average day look like for you?

What legacy do you want to leave? I want to make people smile. At some point I make

Non-stop. It’s a tireless day. I don’t go to sleep. I rarely

everybody that sees me smile. At least once. Whether

lay down in a bed. If I’m asleep, it’s in a car or in a plane.

they see me on TV, big screen, or in person, I’m going to

2am – 5am is my favorite time. That’s the time of poets

make you smile.

and spirits. The energy is right. I would say the day starts somewhere in there and finishes somewhere in there at the same time. That’s the time I get to meditate: prayer, workout, have alone time for me. My first class is at 8am. Then, because I’m a Criminology and Justice major, I spend time at the D.C. jails. I co-facilitate and take classes in the jails with the incarcerated individuals. Between my classes, I’m taking conference calls and running my companies. Then it’s hopping back on a plane to go do more music business stuff. Hit the ground running again. By the time it’s all over, I’ll be in the studio at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning again. That’s a 24-hour day.




Hang out, eat in, get around, and turn up



Amante Gourmet Pizza

đ&#x;?• FOOD & DRINK

(919) 929-3330

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Through access to all aspects of running a fully functioning, open-to-the-public, income generating business, members gain experience in customer service, logistics, marketing and other areas.

Ben & Jerry’s

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Club Nova Thrift Shop

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Coastal Federal Credit Union

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Come to our family-owned scoop shop located on Franklin, a few steps away from UNC - Chapel Hill. We serve 36 flavors of Ben & Jerry’s premium ice cream, Greek frozen yogurt, and sorbet!

As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, Coastal’s main goal is to deliver affordable, convenient and professional financial services.

Carolina Car Wash & Detail

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Carolina Car Wash and Detail is the Carrboro / Chapel Hill area answer to washing your car the environmentally safe way. Stop in today!

For over 50 years, we have been managing properties in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. When you call our office you will speak to a person who will help you find a property that works for you.



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CROSSWORD Check answers at 1


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2. A trendy color for millennials (2 words)

1. Title of Greek life rushee (abbr.)

5. American actress and humanitarian who married into the British royal family in 2018 (2 words)

3. Popular Fall Starbucks drink (3 words)

6. Highest rated Marvel movie & superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes starring Chadwick Boseman (2 words) 8. Australian sheepskin boots worn primarily by young women in the Fall and Winter 9. Social activity prior to football games 14. First name of actor playing the most beloved television father, Jack Pearson 15. Camilla Cabello’s chart-topping single about a city 16. Typically an unpaid position for school credit

4. Greek life activity to add new members in the organization 7. 2018 NCAA champions 10. Swedish DJ who passed away in early 2018 11. Dessert made at a campfire 12. Title of Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize winning fourth album 13. Rapper who can freestyle & solve a rubiks cube at the same time 18. Kanye West’s sought-after Adidas line

17. A family member who’s a sorority or fraternity alumnae gives the rushee this title 19. HBO series based off best-selling Medieval fantasy books (3 words) 20. Pursuing educational opportunities in another country (2 words) 59





Your easy-going personality is your strength, but don’t let people take advantage of it. When your classmate is “sick” again and asks for your notes, stand up for yourself and politely decline. You work hard, and your generosity shouldn’t be abused.



Is your major still undecided? Don’t stress! You excel in many subjects, which makes it difficult to choose. Go with your gut or get advice from those you trust. You can even choose your top two and double major – with the right focus, you can do it!



OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21 You started the year thinking that you’d be making straight A’s, but everything hasn’t been playing out quite like you’d planned. Don’t let it get you down! Focus your energy on bettering yourself. With patience and effort, you’ll see things pick up.




IN I MAY 21 – JUNE 20

Known for reliability and cautiousness, you often miss a great opportunity out of fear of failure. This year, try out for a team or join an organization. Whatever it is, push yourself out of that comfort zone and watch your life change for the better!



You’ve got a lot going on, but you’re handling it well. Your biggest mistake is taking on too much and not focusing on self-care. It’s time to slow down. Drop (at least) one thing from your list and use that time to rest or hang out with friends.



APRIL 20 – MAY 20







It’s easy to fall into a routine with the same classes every week. Don’t let it kill your vibe. Switch it up by planning weekend getaways with friends or saying “yes” to more opportunities. Spontaneity is key to keeping you motivated and thriving!





JUNE 21 – JULY 22


DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19 The school year can be tough, but if anyone can handle it, it’s you. Want to get more involved? Invite a friend to join the student organization you’ve been eyeing. Want to stay healthy? Try out a new class at the gym. Keep things fun for a great year.


You’ll start the school year with enthusiasm and passion. However, by week two, you may start to feel laziness settling in. Don’t give up! Get creative and find ways to keep going. Try making a new goal each week and find a buddy to hold you accountable.



Leaving high school should mean leaving the gossip behind. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Do yourself a favor and ignore rumors. Instead, focus on your education, health, and happiness while being a role model in your friends’ lives.





You probably started the year worrying about every detail. Forgot to buy a book and classes start soon? You have time! Already nervous that you aren’t ready for a group project? It’s a great way to meet people! Take it easy to make this year the best yet.






For the Fall Equinox – September 22, 2018

JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18 While you may enjoy staying in, now is the time to get out and make a difference! Whether you hold a position in an organization, or work poetry night at a cafe, connecting to your peers and being on campus will open up doors you didn’t know existed.



You started a fiveseason series on Netflix and now find yourself binge-watching instead of living your best college life. Get out there and volunteer! It’ll help you feel good and you can meet other students with similar interests and values.


SUDOKU You know the drill. Fill in the Sudoku grid with numbers one through nine so that each column, row, and 3x3 square contains all digits. Check answers at




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