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CSr - FoCuS AreAS

CSr - FoCuS AreAS

How we benchmark We already know that our CSR activities must derive from what we do. That's why we measure our results within CSR against the benchmarks we already have. The specific things we measure for CSR reporting in the annual accounts are: co2 emissions Verdo strives constantly to reduce its CO2 emissions. We do so by burning green fuels for instance, which is a major contribution to our total CO2 emission target. Our CO2 emissions in 2012 totalled 801 tonnes. That's a big reduction since 2011, when the figure was 15,380 tonnes. Nox emissions In common with other CHP plants, we emit nitrogen oxide (nOx). We therefore work intensively to reduce emissions using new technologies. We emitted 288,476 kg of nOx in 2012. The figure for 2011 was 413,355 kg. However, these figures are only for the Randers plant. use of biofuels Biofuels such as wood chips and pellets have a big advantage: they are CO2 neutral. We are therefore investing strongly in this form of fuel at Verdo, as the purchase of wood chips in Ghana is a good example of. We used 208,991 tonnes of wood chips at the Randers plant in 2012. employee satisfaction Verdo also works hard to increase employee satisfaction at work. Our 2012 employee satisfaction survey showed that no less than 80% of our workforce are willing to make an extra effort at work, think highly of Verdo and go to work with a high level of commitment. 95% responded to the survey, an extremely positive result. occupational accidents Any accident at work is of course one too many, and that's why we focus on reducing the extent of occupational accidents. One of the measures we use is registration of near-accidents. In fact, we work hard to register as many near-accidents as possible, because doing so increases focus on potential danger, and we avoid accidents. We had 10 occupational accidents and 37 near-accidents at Verdo in 2012 - none of them serious. A total of 42 days of sick leave were taken as a result. electric cars We invested in three electric cars in 2012, used for environment-friendly transport between our locations, and other errands in general. The employees have received them well, and it is highly likely that we will add to the fleet in line with an increase in requirement.

We publish our results We publish a number of measurable CSR activities in the annual report, along with the group's other key figures. That helps us fulfil our promise to constantly improve, and creates pride amongst the workforce when they can see that CSR results are improved. Because we rank CSR results with other key figures, there is an obvious link between CSR and good business at Verdo. We also promote our CSR results in other ways. Some of them are described in the annual report, and others are in the public interest, and published through the media. We also put them on the company intranet and other forms of internal communication.

Results in 2012 measurement parameter



CO2 emissions

801 tonnes

15,380 tonnes

nOx emissions

288,476 kg

413,355 kg

Use of biofuels

208,991 tonnes wood chips 182,103 tonnes

Occupational accidents/near accidents 10/37


employee satisfaction Response by %:


75 (2010 figures)



70 (2010 figures)



55 (2010 figures)



62 (2010 figures)

number of electric cars



Figures for nox, CO2 and bio-fuels are taken from the Randers plant only


AnnuAl report 2012

AnnuAl report 2012


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Verdo annual report 2012  

Verdo annual report 2012  

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