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Welcome to the 2014 VERDEXCHANGE Green Marketmaker’s Conference January 26 - 28, 2014

Dear VX2014 Conference Participants, Once again, under “one roof,” VerdeXchange’s seventh annual VX2014 Green Marketmakers conference has attracted leadership from California, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Registrants are drawn together for two days to Los Angeles primarily to collaborate on ways to accelerate market adaptation to climate change; to drive, and be part of, the trillion dollar global green economy; to advocate and steward the adoption of public policies that incent sustainability; and to showcase innovations that will and are already contributing to less polluted and healthier communities. 213-623-3801

This year’s attendees include: public and private entrepreneurs; regional, national, and international solar and wind developers; electric and natural gas vehicle manufacturers; waste and storm water managers; energy distributors and power producers; project and venture investors; legislators and regulators; carbon traders and environmental stewards; transportation planners and autonomous vehicle developers; utility executives and their regulators; builders of resilient infrastructure and facilities; architects and city planners of innovation districts; sustainability reporters, as well as international investigators and licensors of ground-breaking research and technology. All are procurers and sellers of what will be shared and discussed at VX2014. In excess of forty VX2014 panels and plenaries are offered this year. The array of panels and panelists offer invaluable opportunities to assess market driving energy, water, and transportation portfolio strategies and GHG initiatives—like those in, or about to be in, California, Quebec, the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, and China. These expertly led sessions at a minimum provide opportunities to better gauge the drivers of the green economy going forward. Tracking the rapidly evolving marketplace of clean energy/technology markets and sustainable practices is a daunting task. Evolving public policy around the world, more often than not led by California, continues to shape demand for new applications and services as companies, consumers, and all levels of government seek to balance energy needs and economic constraints while meeting evolving climate change targets and regulatory requirements. This year’s conference opening coincides with California’s consideration of plans to re-engineer the state’s Delta and refurbish its ecosystems; of public and ISO utilities’ investments in grid management, renewable energy, and energy efficiency; of San Pedro Bay Ports’ continuing execution of plans for sustainable growth; of Metro’s build-out of a dozen new rail lines; of Los Angeles County’s efforts to procure waste-to-energy technology; and of the State, County, and City adoption of push-the-envelop, green planning and building codes. The VerdeXchange Conference format, by design, encourages attendee participation and cross-market sector engagement. The opportunities for an exchange of solutions, policies, and perspectives, along with the intimate networking possibilities afforded, sets VerdeXchange’s 2014 Green Marketmakers Conference apart from other events. We welcome your participation in VX2014 and hope you will not hesitate to share your ideas with us for the 2015 VerdeXchange California Conference—as well as our second VerdeXchange Arizona Conference set for May 1-2, 2014 in Phoenix. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming events. Yours, David Abel Chairman, VerdeXchange, VX2014

Monday Morning Sessions - January 27, 2014 VerdeXchange Green Marketmaker’s Conference


L.A. Hotel Downtown (a Hyatt Affiliate Hotel) 7:00 AM Registration and Breakfast

7:50 AM VX2014 Welcome (B1): David Abel, VerdeXchange; Bill Allen, LAEDC;

and LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

8:00 AM Morning Plenary: The Role of Carrots and Sticks: State Public Policy as a Driver of Markets (B1) Moderator: Bob Hertzberg (Mayer Brown, LLP; California Assembly Speaker, Emeritus) Mary Nichols (Chairman, California Air Resources Board) Catherine Reheis-Boyd (Western States Petroleum Association) Daniel Breton (National Assembly of Québec)

8:45 AM Plenary: Are American Utilities Now in a Death Spiral? (B1) Moderator: James Kelly (Former Senior VP, Souther California Edison) Michael Peevey, (President, California Public Utilities Commission) Peter Rive, (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SolarCity) Susan Bitter Smith, (Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission) Jim Avery, (Senior Vice President of Power Supply, San Diego Gas and Electric)

9:45 AM Adaptation of Water Supply

and Uses to the Challenges of Climate Change (P2)

Moderator: Jeff Kightlinger (GM, Metropolitan Water District) Karla Nemeth (California Natural Resources Agency) Felicia Marcus (California State Water Resources Control Board )

10:45 AM Cleantech Grid Integration of

Natural Gas in an Era of Energy Abundance: To Frack or Not to Frack—Is that the Question? (B3)

Moderator: Bill Allen (President and CEO, LAEDC) Anthony Eggert, (Executive Director, UC Davis Policy Institute) George Minter, (Director, Policy and Environment, SoCalGas) Catherine Reheis-Boyd, (President, Western States Petroleum Assoc.) Dennis Luna, (Luna & Glushon; Editor in Chief, California Oil and Gas Report) Responder: Donald Paul, (USC Energy Institute)

Renewables (P1)

Water-Energy Nexus: Energy from Waste (P2)

Moderator: James Kelly (Former Sr. VP, Southern California Edison) Panelists: Marvin Moon, (Director of Engineering, LADWP) Lauren Faber, (West Coast Political Director, Environmental Defense Fund) Jeff Reed, (Dir. of Business Strategy and Development, SoCalGas)

Introduction: Malia Cohen (San Francisco Board of Supervisors) Moderator: Robyn Beavers, (Senior VP, NRG Energy) Panelists: Tommy Moala, (Assistant General Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) Traci Minamide, (Chief Operating Officer, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation)

11:30 AM Carbon Capture and Utilization (P1)

Moderator: Dennis Luna, (Managing Partner, Luna & Glushon; Editor in Chief, California Oil and Gas Report) Panelists: Jonathan Carley, (VP, Business Development, CO2 Solutions) Ron Kent, (Technology Development Manager, SoCalGas) Brandon Iglesias, (Research Scholar, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator)

Clean Cities: Initiating and Funding Programs that Drive Sustainable Policies and Procurement (P1)

Moderator: Rick Cole, (Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation, City of Los Angeles) Matt Petersen, (Chief Sustainability Officer, City of LA) Colin Tetreault, (Fmr. Sr. Policy Advisor, City of Phoenix) Robyn Beavers, (Senior VP, NRG Energy)

Cars 2.1: The Market Today and Tomorrow for Clean and FuelEfficient Cars (B3)

Moderator: Mary Nichols, (Chairman, California Air Resources Board) Panelists: Dan Sperling, (Dir., Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis; Board Member, California Air Resources Board ) Frank Breust, (VP of Governmental Affairs, BMW Group Representative Office California) Terry O’Day, (VP, eVgo/NRG; Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Monica) Christine Kehoe, (Executive Dir., California California and the West’s Water Plug In Electric Vehicle Collaborative) Action Plans: Making Progress Edward Kjaer, (Dir., Plug In Electric Vehicle or Running in Place? (P2) Readiness, Southern California Edison) Introduction: Jeff Kightlinger, (General Tim Carmichael, (President, California Manager, Metropolitan Water District) Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition) Moderator: Bill Hasencamp, (Manager, Chantal Guimont, (Dir., Strategic Planning and Colorado River Resources, MWD) Transportation Electrification, Hydro Québec) Panelists: David Patterson, (Chief Engineer, Mobile Chuck Cullom, (Colorado River Programs Emissions Certification and Regulatory Manager, Central Arizona Project) Affairs, Mitsubishi) Coby Pellegrino, (Colorado River Program Matt McClory, (Manager, Toyota Technical Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority) Center, Toyota North America)

China and Climate Change: Opportunity and Opportunity Costs (P3) Moderator: Jim Wunderman, (President and CEO, Bay Area Council) Panelists: Yufu Cheng, (China County Director, R20: Regions of Climate Action) Henry Wang, (China Chief Representative, Los Angeles County Investment and Trade Office)

Will Big Data Enable the Next Renewables Revolution? (P3) Moderator: James Kelly (Former Sr. VP, Southern California Edison) Panelists: Eliot Abel, (Strategic Operations Manager, GE Renewable Energy) Jonathan Naimon, (Founder and Managing Partner, LGA Asset Management) Richard Hammond, (Senior Vice President, Government and Regulatory, GRIDiant)

Monday Afternoon Sessions - January 27, 2014 VerdeXchange Green Marketmaker’s Conference

12:20 PM Luncheon Plenaries (B1) Aligning University Research with the Goals of California’s Climate Change Policymakers


Introduction: Robert Hertzberg, (California Assembly Speaker Emeritus; Mayer Brown LLP) Keynote Speaker: Janet Napolitano, (President, University of California; Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security)

1:30 PM Post-Lunch Plenary: Rethinking Utility Regulation to Get from Megawatts to Gigawatts (B1)

Moderator: Susan Kennedy (Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Gray Davis) Mayor Bob Foster, (City of Long Beach; Chair, ISO Board of Governors) Michael Picker, (Senior Advisor to the Governor for Renewable Energy Facilities, Office of Governor Jerry Brown) Carla Peterman, (Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission) Robert Weisenmiller, (Chair, California Energy Commission)

2:35 PM Where Now for Solar and

One Water—Making It a Reality: The Growing Market for Reuse/ Recycling of Stormwater and Wastewater (B3) Moderator: Adel Hagekhalil, (Assistant Dir., City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation) Panelists: Jim McDaniel, (Sr. Assistant General Manager, Water Systems, LADWP) Martha Davis, (Executive Manager Policy Development, Inland Empire Utilities Agency) Mark Gold, (Assoc. Dir., UCLA Institute for the Environment and Sustainability) Jack Baylis, (Pres. and CEO, The Baylis Group)

Sustainable Transportation: Trains, Buses and Fleets (P2) Moderator: Fiona Ma, (Former Speaker Pro Tempore, California State Assembly) Panelists: Edward Kjaer, (Director, Plug In Electric Vehicle Readiness, SCE) Zev Yaroslavsky, (Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors) Stella Li, (Senior Vice President, BYD) Denny Zane, (Executive Director, Move LA) Cliff Gladstein, (President, Gladstein, Neandross and Associates)

Sustainability Performance Reporting (P3) Moderator: Mike Wallace, (Pres., Wallace Partners; Fmr. Dir., GRI Focal Point USA) Panelists: Thomas Day Jr., (Chief Sustainability Officer, United States Postal Service) Linda Glasier, (Environmental Specialist, State of Washington Dept. of Ecology) Jessica Fox, (Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)) Rebecca Cranford, (SVP, Sustainability, Safety and Environmental, Southwire Company)

3:30 PM

Financing Water, Energy and Resilient Infrastructure Projects (B3) Moderators: Kathleen Brown, (Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips; Fmr. Treasurer, State of California) Adel Hagekhalil, (Assistant Director, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation) Panelists: Dan Adler, (Managing Director, CalCEF) Dan Hartman, (Managing Director and Co-Head of National Utilities Group, Public Financial Management) Jessica Fox, (Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)) Paul Brown, (Pres., Paul Redvers Brown Inc.) Jack Baylis, (Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council; The Baylis Group) Ian Parker, (Vice President, Public Sector and Infrastructure Banking, Goldman Sachs)

Greening the San Pedro Bay Ports (P2) Moderator: James Kelly, (Former Senior VP, Souther California Edison) Panelists: Doug Failing, (Executive Director of Highway Projects, Los Angeles Metro) Ambassador Vilma Martinez, (Chair, Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners) Hector de la Torre, (CARB; Exec. Dir. Transamerica Center for Health Studies) Rodger Schwecke, (VP, SoCalGas) Rich Dines, (VP, Harbor Commission, Port of Long Beach) Rob Del Core, (Hydrogenics USA)

Monetizing and Incenting Efficiency and Conservation (P3) Moderator: Panama Bartholomy, (Formerly with the Office of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez) Panelists: David Jacot, (Energy Efficiency Director, LADWP) Matt Golden, (Senior Energy Finance Consultant, EDF) Donald Paul, (Executive Director, USC Energy Institute; William M. Keck Chair of Energy Resources)

Wind: Marketplace Strategies, Contested Policies and Funding (P1) Moderator: Eliot Abel, (Strategic Operations Manager, GE Renewable Energy) Panelists: Carla Peterman, (Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission) Sanjay Ranchod, (Assistant General Counsel adn Director, Policy and Electricity Markets, SolarCity) Jonathan Weisgall, (Vice President, MidAmerican Energy) Robyn Beavers, (Senior VP, NRG Energy) Nate Lewis, (Scientific Director, Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) at Caltech) David Hochschild, (Commissioner, California Energy Commission)

4:25 PM (4:10 start, by Invitation Only)

The High Desert Corridor: The Promise of Sustainable, MultiPurpose Infrastructure (P2) Moderator: Kathleen Brown, (Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP) Panelists: Doug Failing, (Metro) Andrew Mack, (CEO, XpressWest) Jeff Morales, (CEO, California HighSpeed Rail Authority) Responder: Chris Margaronis, (Metro) 5:15 PM Monday Late Afternoon VX2013 WTCA & GB&D Sponsored Conference Receptions Entering the U.S. Market - How to Do Business in L.A. County, Presented by WTCA / LAEDC

113th Congress: Renewable Energy Policy (P3) Moderator: Panama Bartholomy, (Formerly with the Office of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez) Panelists: Jonathan Weisgall, (Vice President, MidAmerican Energy) Tom Soto, (Managing Director, TWC)

Tuesday Morning Sessions - January 28, 2014


VerdeXchange / FutureBuild Conference

8:00 AM ULI-LA FutureBuild / VX2014 Welcome (B1): Gail Goldberg, (Exec. Dir., ULI-Los Angeles); David Abel, (Chairman, VerdeXchange) 8:10 AM Morning Plenary: Why Cities and Regions are the Solution to Global Climate Change (B1) Moderator: Matt Petersen, (Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles) Mayor R. Rex Parris, (City of Lancaster) Terry O’Day, (VP, eVgo/NRG; Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Monica) Martha Welborne, (Executive Director, Countywide Planning, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

9:10 AM (ULI) Space Changers: Housing (ULI) Space Changers:

Microgrids for Smarter Buildings and Communities (P1) Moderator: Steve Sullivan, (formerly of Southern California Edison) Panelists: Nick Hacshka, (Director of Strategy, NRG Energy) Michael Webster, (Assistant Director of Power System Planning and Development, LADWP) Steve Glenn, (Founder and CEO, LivingHomes, LLC) Susan Kennedy, (Advanced MicroGrid Solutions)

Commercialization of Clean Technology (P2) Moderator: David Fransen, (Consul General of Canada, Los Angeles) Panelists: Alex Beavers, (Dir., Commercial Ventures and Strategic Programs, SRI International) Paul Bunje, (Senior Director of Oceans, XPRIZE Foundation) Indrani Graczyk, (Manager, Commercial Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Zoltan Tompa, (Director, Partnerships, Sustainable Development Technology Canada)

Cap and Trade: Following the Money in California’s Carbon Market (P3) Moderator: Gary Gero, (President, Climate Action Reserve) Panelists: Tanya Peacock, (Regulatory Rate and Strategy Manager, Southern California Gas Company) Morgan Hagerty, (Director, CE2 Capital Partners) Lauren Faber, (West Coast Political Director, Environmental Defense Fund)

10:10 AM (ULI) Space Changers:

(ULI and VX2014) Industrial Development and Innovation Districts (P1) Moderator: Richard Katz, (City of Los Angeles Planning Commission) Panelists: Brad Cox, (Senior Managing Director, Trammell Crow Company) Fred Walti, (Executive Director, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator) Kelli Bernard, (Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, City of LA)

(ULI) Space Changers: Guerilla Planning and Urban Acupuncture (P2) Moderator: Sandra Kulli, (Board Member, CicLAvia) Panelists: Ron Finley, (Co-Founder, LA Green Grounds) Omar Brownson, (Executive Director, LA River Revitalization Corporation) Mia Lehrer, (President, Mia Lehrer and Associates) Daveed Kapoor, (Director, Utopiad)

A Game Changer: New Battery Technologies (P3) Moderator: James Kelly (Former SVP, Southern California Edison) Panelists: Atsushi Honzawa, (Sr. Engineer, Hitachi) Erica He, (Director, ICS/Sumitomo Electric Industries) Philippe Bouchard, (VP of Business Development, Eos Energy Storage) Akira (Keith) Morise, (Senior Manager, Toshiba)

11:10 AM (ULI) Space Changers: Adaptive

(ULI) Space Changers: Healthy Facilities and Communities by Design (P1) Moderator: Claire DeBriere, (COO and Exec. VP, The Ratkovich Company) Panelists: Paul Scialla, (Founder, Delos Living) Dr. Robert Olgilvie, (VP for Strategic Development, ChangeLab Solutions) Mike Donahue, (Chief Brand and Communications Officer, LYFE Kitchen)

New Financing Mechanisms and Initiatives to Accelerate Investment in Clean Energy Solutions (P2) Moderator: Matt Golden, (Senior Energy Finance Consultant, EDF) Panelists: Cisco DeVries, (President and Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Funding) Brad Copithorne, (Financial Policy Director, Environmental Defense Fund) Bob Hinkle, (Pres., CEO and Board Member, Metrus Energy) Deana Carrillo, (Exec. Dir., California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority)

and Retail—Micro Apartments, Pop-Up Retail and 3D Printed Houses (B3) Moderator: Cecilia Estolano, (CoFounder, ELP Advisors) Panelists: Jan Van Tilburg, (Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh; Honorary Consul of the Netherlands, LA) Behrokh Khoshnevis, (Dir., Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technology, USC) Jim Andersen, (Chief Executive Officer, Baru Investments, Inc.)

Transformational Corporate Offices—Free Address and Paperless (B3) Moderator: David Waite, (Chair, ULI-LA; Partner, Cox, Castle, Nicholson) Panelists: Lew Horne, (Exec. Managing Dir., CBRE) Steve Adams, (PwC WorkPlace) Rob Jernigan, (Man. Dir./Principal, Gensler) Responder: Tony Lucente, (Nissan Latin America)

Reuse of Existing Buildings into High-Tech Offices (B3) Moderator: Brenda Levin, FAIA (Principal, Levin & Associates) Panelists: Wayne Ratkovich, (The Ratkovich Company) Candace Damon, (Vice Chairman, HR&A) Nash Hurley, AIA, (Creative Director, Vital Environments) Carl Muhlstein, (Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle)


Tuesday Afternoon Sessions - January 28, 2014 VerdeXchange Green Marketmaker’s Conference

Luncheon Plenary: Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities—Greener by Design (B1)

12:00 PM Introduction: Joe Edmiston, (Executive Director, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy)

Keynote Speaker: Mayor Eric Garcetti, (City of Los Angeles) Moderator: David Abel, (Chairman, VerdeXchange) Panelists: Ted Tanner, (Senior Vice President of Real Estate, AEG) ; Janet Marie Smith, (SVP, Planning and Development, Los Angeles Dodgers)* 1:45 PM Renewables Post 2020 (P1) Connected Transportation: Working Business Innovation in Practice: The Key to Moderator: V. John White, (Executive Director, CEERT) Toward a ‘Car Lite’ Los Angeles (P2) Unlocking Renewable Energy Projects (P3) Panelists: Moderator: Dan Sturges, (Transport Designer, Project Moderator: Mike Levin, (Vice President, Legal and Caroline Choi, (Vice President, Integrated Planning and 100 | South Bay Cities Council of Government) Regulatory Affairs, Ener-Core) Environmental Affairs, Southern California Edison) Panelists: Panelists: George Minter, (Director, Policy and Environment, Bill Rouse, (GM, Yellow Cab of Los Angeles) K.Y. Cheng, (Director of Strategic Markets, East West Bank) Southern California Gas Company) Nat Gale, (Mayor’s Office of Transportation, City of LA) David Prezioso, (CEO, Ice Energy) Laura Wisland, (Senior Energy Analyst, Union of David Grannis, (Pres. and CEO, Point C) Brian Kremer, (Director of Cleantech Investment Concerned Scientists) Larry Pizzi, (President, Currie Technologies) Banking, Roth Capital Partners) Damon Nagami, (Senior Attorney, NRDC)

2:45 PM Financing Sustainable Communities: New Sources and Approaches (P1) Moderator: Panama Bartholomy, (Formerly with the Office of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez) Panelists: Adi Liberman, (Liberman and Associates) Jessica Fox, (Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)) Varun Sivaram, (Rhodes Scholar; Former Senior Advisor to the Mayor of LA, Energy and Water Policy) Lauren Michele, (Principal/Founder, Policy In Motion)

Global Cleantech Investment Trends: Brazil, China, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom (P2) Moderator: Robert Hertzberg, (Mayer Brown) Panelists: Sergio Pessoa, (General Manager, San Francisco Business Center at APEX-Brasil) David Fransen, (Consul General of Canada, LA) Stephen Cheung, (Director of International Trade, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles) Mike Rosenfeld, (Vice-Consul—UK Trade and Investment, British Consulate-General, Los Angeles)

Municipal Waste to Energy Initiatives (P3) Moderator: Paul Krekorian, (City Council Member, District 2, City of Los Angeles) Panelists: Enrique Zaldivar, (Director, Bureau of Sanitation, City of Los Angeles) Pat Proano, (Assistant Deputy Director, Environmental Programs Division, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works) Rob Costanzo, (Deputy Operations Manager, City of Surrey, British Columbia)

3:30 PM Closing VX2014 Reception Sponsored by the Province of Québec and Green Building & Design Magazine

Jessica Fox

Stephen Cheung

Jan van Tilburg

Indrani Graczyk

Dan Sturges

Brad Cox

Rich Dines

Thomas Day, Jr

Nick Haschka

Varun Sivaram

Colin Tetreault

Susan Bitter Smith

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Angelino Room (A)


Carl Muhlstein

Jeremy Davies, OBE

Caroline Choi

Jim McDaniel

Catherine Reheis-Boyd

Hector De La Torre

Tony Lucente

Denny Zane

Laura Wisland

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