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a participatory arts project




WORKING WITH OLDER PEOPLE We began by running a series of reminiscence sessions with older people from two different communities in the Smallbridge and Deeplish areas of Rochdale. The stories and recollections given to us came to form the basis of the storyteller’s narrative; a story about a boy and a girl from different parts of the world lost in time, meeting in the dark ...

CONTRIBUTING TO THE STORYTELLER’S CLOAK As part of the reminiscence sessions, all the older participants were encouraged to make pockets to decorate the ‘magical’ cloak Peter would use as part of his performance. Some participants went even further, making dolls and clay models by hand similar to those they would have made as children growing up in India and Kenya.

MEETING THE CHILDREN Everyone was invited to a final storytelling performance at Touchstones Museum, where Peter held schoolchildren from two local primary schools captivated with a performance both funny and moving. The children were invited to meet to the older participants, and also to play with and learn more about the artefacts we had used as part of the reminiscence sessions.

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The Fusion Project  
The Fusion Project  

An action research project underatken by verd de gris in Rochdale Lancashire.