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“We were delighted to have been involved in the Creative Arts project offered by verd de gris. As a school, we have worked hard in recent years to develop the children’s awareness and understanding of the diverse cultural environment in which they are growing up, in line with suggestions from the last OFSTED report. Taking part in this project has helped the school to further this development using extremely positive and creative approaches. As part of whole school improvement this year, we have launched a new creative curriculum for foundation subjects. This project linked fantastically with our new curriculum and promoted creative approaches to teaching and learning for all involved.

We strongly feel that every child has developed tolerance and understanding of other faiths in the community. The children were extremely enthusiastic about meeting the Elders and the respect and awe that they showed towards them was wonderful to witness. In one particular instance, the effect that the week has had on one particular child was profound. In addition, the individual approach given to each child was outstanding. Encouragement and celebration of the talents of each and every child was a vital part of the project.

The lasting effect of the project has continued after verd de gris left, and will continue to do so in the future. The children have further explored the culture of Pakistan through poetry and artwork. An upcoming topic in the Year 6 curriculum is heavily weighted around the arts and approaches used during this project will be developed by staff and children alike.” HEADTEACHER, PRIMARY SCHOOL IN CALDERDALE

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Arts Impact - Schools  

An example of how arts projects can help schools tackle challenging issues - in this case cultural diversity and community cohesion issues.