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E314 September 9, 2009

1.  911 events:   Patriot Day Observance

Metuchen Freedom Plaza 911 Memorial (Metuchen) Corner of Main St. & Woodbridge Ave. Metuchen, NJ Start Date: September 11, 2009 Time: 8:00AM

Dedicated to: Memorial honoring residents and commuters who took the train from Metuchen station Type of Memorial: Clock Tower and Brick Wall with Names Location: The Freedom Plaza, next to the Metuchen train station Address: Corner of Main Street and Woodbridge Avenue City: Metuchen State: New Jersey Country: United States Open to Public: Yes Description: The plaques of Freedom Plaza list the names of the nearly 700 residents of New Jersey who died in the Sept. 11 attacks, the 13 victims from Metuchen and Edison have stars next to their names. A clock tower stands in front of the plaza, with the names engraved on plaques set in the brick. The victims names were listed alphabetically on purpose to show the randomness of what happened on September 11th.

9­11 Memorial Run Friday, Sept 11, 6 PM, 9­11 Memorial Run, Ocean Ave and 16th  Avenue by Dunkin Donuts, Belmar, NJ ­ Come out to honor all who  lost their lives on that tragic day. About 4 ­ 5 Miles. 

2.  Law Division Judges Say that Entire Judge King Alcotest Report was  not Adopted by Supreme Court. State v. Coppola ___NJ Super.___ Law Div.  — Camden Cty. 14­3­4513   On Sept. 6, 2006, Giovanni Coppola appeared before Hon. Robert Zane,  J.M.C., in Merchantville, and entered a guilty plea to violating N.J.S.A. 39:4­50.  The   guilty   plea   was   entered   with   the   caveat   of   a  Chun  stay.   Following   the  Supreme Court's holding in  Chun, the defendant sought to withdraw his guilty  plea   on   the   grounds   that  Chun  adopted   Special   Master   King's   report,   which  stated that higher scrutiny must be given to cases where the Alcotest results are   at the threshold levels (.04, .08, or .10). The court found that the special master's   report was only adopted as modified within the Chun opinion and that the Chun  opinion found that the Alcotest was reliable. The Trial Judge held that the Chun  holding   did   not   adopt   King's   report   in   toto   and,   as   such,   a   per   se   violation   remains   a   per  se   violation.   The   purpose   of  the  per  se   violation   is  to  prevent  pretextual defenses where the defendant has been found to be at or above the  threshold blood­alcohol limit. The court held that the Chun decision did not open  the   door   for   pretextual   defenses   and   no   additional   scrutiny   must   be   given   to   threshold level cases. [Decided April 30, 2009.]  Source:    Daily Briefing   July  13, 2009 3.   Police May Interrogate Even if Public Defender Assigned.     Montejo v.  Louisiana 129 S. Ct. 2079 (2009) Michigan v. Jackson, which forbids police from initiating interrogation of a  criminal defendant once he has invoked his right to counsel at an arraignment or   similar proceeding, is overturned.  Source: New Jersey Law Journal June 1, 2009 4. Next Community events and races 9/12­ Brendan Vercammen’s 18th Birthday 9/12 Cranbury Day 5k  9am 9/12 South Brunswick Varsity Soccer at South Brunswick H.S. 9/12/09   Brielle 10k 9am     & beer garden 9/12  Vice Versa Sprint Tri  Run 3.5 miles, Bike 12 miles, Swim ¼ mile    9/13/09   Great   Atlantic   Triathlon     Seaside   Triathlon


9/13 JSRC Picnic at Monmouth Park Racetrack 9/13/09 Monmouth County Sprint Triathlon 1/4mi Sw, 13mi Bi, 4mi Run, 8am  Presidents Park  Long Branch NJ 


9/13  USATF­NJ Open and Masters Men's & Women's 5k XC Championships, Holmdel  Park, Holmdel,, 973­334­8900  9/ 19 The Rat Race­Fall 10 mile trail , 11am   Hashing & free beer 9/20 Lavallette Sprint triathlon Swim ¼ mile, Bike 12 miles, Run 3.1 miles  Boy Scout  Troop #22 Jesse W. Anderson Sprint 9/20 "War at the Shore" Triathlon Short course .4k swim, 8.5 mile bike, 3  mile run 6:45am long course .8k swim, 17 mile bike, 5 mile run 6:30am  Long  Branch NJ 

E314 September 9  

Patriot Day Observance Corner of Main St. & Woodbridge Ave. Metuchen, NJ Friday, Sept 11, 6 PM, 9­11 Memorial Run, Ocean Ave and 16th Av...

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