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PowerBay Robust Data Security for Professionals - DataBank 4 Bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) - Removable Hard Drive System (Single Bay)

PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive - Designed for maximum data security

The Verbatim PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive provides robust data security for small and medium sized-businesses, allowing documents to be safely shared across a network and on the Internet for employees to access. Key features:

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

• Removable, enclosed hard drive cartridge system (hot swappable)

• A NAS is a dedicated hardware device that allows files to be stored and retrieved across a computer network.

• RAID 6, the most redundant RAID setting (also RAID 0, 1+spare, 5, 5+spare)

• NAS “server” authenticates clients and manages file operations in much the same manner as traditional file servers, through well-established network protocols like NFS and CIFS/SMB.

• eSATA port for fast mirroring • LAN replication

• NAS devices generally run an embedded operating system on simplified hardware. NAS boxes support hard drives, and sometimes tape drives, but lack peripherals like a monitor or keyboard. Designed specifically for network storage, a NAS tends to be easier to manage than a file server.

• 256 bit AES encryption • High quality, industrial build for maximised uptime • Acronis Backup Software: 5 licenses









Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR Wireless

PowerBay NAS


Wireless Gigabit Router / Switch Computer 1

Data UPnP AV/DLNA Media Player


Additional Storage

Computer 2

Removable HDD Cartridge System

RAID 5 vs RAID 6

• Easily removable with no expertise required. eg: offices with no local IT staff • Hot Swap: replace failed drive without turning off system power

Problem happens

• Available as an accessory item: you can purchase spare cartridge(s) for your NAS, RAID, or single drives systems



Problem happens

• All cartridges contain 7200 rpm drive - tested and warranted by Verbatim

Rebuild RAID5 But another issue

All data is gone





RAID 6 RAID 6 adds one more level of data redundancy to RAID 5. In RAID 5 setting, if one HDD fails, you can rebuild the RAID 5 data set by swapping the HDD. However, if another HDD fails during the rebuilding process, you would lose all of the data. In RAID 6 mode, even if a 2ND HDD fails during the rebuilding process, you can still save the data.

DATA Recovered



• Protects drive from dust and damage during storage or transport

Rebuild RAID5

Problem happens

Rebuild RAID5 But another issue





Rebuild RAID6



DATA Recovered

What is Mirroring?

What is Replication?

All data including the NAS settings and data files are copied to an HDD (such as a PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System or PowerBay DataSafe 4 Bay RAID Hard Drive) connected to the external eSATA port in real time.

All files are copied (backup) to another NAS through the external LAN port. It is also possible to backup the data to a NAS placed in a different location using VPN routers.

If a problem occurs on the PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive, the system can still work from the mirrored eSATA hard drive. The NAS volume can be rebuilt using the mirrored data on eSATA hard drive. Users can also access the data during the rebuilding process.

A LAN real time backup system should be employed when remote backup is preferred. In the case of a disaster (eg fire or theft) you may lose all your data if you only mirror the NAS. However if you backup to another NAS at a different location through VPN routers, you can still save all of the data.

In what situation does it make sense to mirror? Mirroring provides the redundancy for an enclosure problem, for example, if the fan fails and the system overheats. Since the NAS is shared by many users on-line, through mirroring, you can maintain the service and access the data even if the NAS enclosure is out of order.

EXT LAN port Main NAS

EXT LAN port


VPN Router



Industrial Construction for max up-time

The RAID volume can be encrypted by hardware encryption. All data recorded to the RAID volume will be encrypted. The encryption technology is based on AES 256 bit for securely protecting the recorded data. You can still mirror the encrypted volume through the external eSATA port. The mirrored volume is also encrypted.

• Metal enclosure. • Replaceable fan in the back panel for easy maintenance. • Optimised heat radiation design.

The System Administrator can also lock the entire volume by setting the passwords in user interface (GUI). The locked volume can be unlocked by typing in the password.

Enclosure and cartridge are design to optimise the air flow to cool down the HDDs. Also, the rotation speed of the cooling fan in the back of enclosure is automatically adjusted based on the temperature in the enclosure. With this optimised heat radiation design, PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive can be used as a server without worrying about heat related problems.

A USB drive can be used as a “unlock key” for a locked volume. If the PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive is turned on without the USB unlock key, the volume cannot be accessed, protecting against theft. After the volume starts up with the USB unlock key, you can take out the USB key.














Supporting function as a server Quota Function Provides flexible set up of capacity limitation User Base: limit the capacity/user by 0.1GB unit Group Base: limit the capacity/group by 0.1GB unit Folder Base: limit the shared folder capacity by 0.1GB unit (available only for Windows). Access Right setting - Like a Windows server, detailed access rights (reading & writing) can be set to each user and group. Support “Active Directory 2003 & 2008” Able to set up access rights through Active Directory. Wake on LAN PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive can be turned on remotely through the network. Support UPS In case of blackout, PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive can communicate with the compatible UPS and safely shut it down. Also, when the UPS restarts, it also restarts automatically.

Apple support AFP 3.1 for Mac OS9/X Macintosh Time Machine support FTP/HTTP Download/backup The registered users can upload/download data through the Internet. PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive can be used as FTP server. From Version 2.0, URL can be flexibly edited. Email Alert - By setting up the administrator’s email address, PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive periodically informs the status of the unit (e.g the result of backup, empty space or error log). From Version 2.0, several email address can be registered. Schedule Power on/off - To save the electric consumption, the schedule for power on/off can be programmed. With this function, PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive automatically shuts down during the low access period and starts up when busy hours begin. From Version 2.0, you can set up multiple on/off schedule.

Anti theft security - Compatible with Kensington PC lock for security For anti-theft purpose, PowerBay has a key lock on the front panel to prevent cartridges being removed by unauthorised people. They also have the slot for Kensington lock on the back panel.

Compatible with Kensington lock

Bundled Software: Acronis Acronis® True Image Software for PowerBay Provides backup, restore, data protection and Disaster Recovery capabilities • Image based backup

• Bare-Metal Restore

– Much faster than other backup methodologies

• In case of system failure (virus, system drive crash, etc.) can easily and quickly restore entire computing environment (OS, applications, data, settings, etc.) without having to reinstall any of the above.

– Provides for true Disaster Recovery (see “Bare Metal Restore”) – Backup multiple partitions at the same time – Backs up OS, applications, data, settings …. Everything … in one fast operation • Incremental backup – Once first full backup is made, only backup new and changed files for quicker backups

• Bootable Recovery Media – Allows user to create a recovery CD/DVD to restore their system (Bare-Metal Restore) in the event of a system software or system hard drive failure. • Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 • Based on Acronis’ award winning True Image Home software

PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System Additional Storage for PowerBay 4Bay drives. Connect via eSATA and backup / archive your data on removable cartridges.

Mirror data 4 Jun.30.2009

Key features:

Purchase multiple cartridges with drive as a backup solution for small business

• Dual Interface - eSATA - USB • High performance alternative for tape drives • High quality build, heat radiation design • Enclosed cartridges • 7200 rpm drives • Key lock, Kensington slot • Acronis Backup Software • 500GB, 1TB, 2TB capacities PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System is a great high performance alternative to tape backup products. • Direct access HDD technology • Better performance than tape • Keep backup data sets at different time points (off-line)

Mirror data 3 Mar.31.2009

Mirror data 2 Dec.31.2008

Mirror data 1 Oct.31.2008

Low noise cooling fan - Very quiet, low noise cooling fan is applied. Since the Power Bay cartridge itself is designed to have good heat radiation structure, with this low noise cooling fan, you can continuously use PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System without worrying about any issues from heating. Automatic power on/off control from PC - If a PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System is connected to a PC, it is turned ON/OFF in conjunction with the PC. This would prevent users from forgetting to turn off the power of PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System when the connected PC is not in use. Very ECO friendly. Anti theft security - Compatible with Kensington PC lock for security. For anti-theft purpose, PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System has the slot for Kensington lock and a hook for the wire in the back panel.



POWERBAY DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive

POWERBAY Removable Hard Drive System

Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Full/half-fuplex auto-MDIX Gigabit Ethernet ports.

USB 2.0 x 1 (Type A)

One USB2.0(Type A) for connecting an external USB, One USB2.0(Type A) for connecting to a printer

eSATA x 1

eSATA x 1 Internal Hard Drives No of drives Data interface HDD Capacity

Supported RAID Levels and Capacity

Other information Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight (approx) Operating environment OS Support Power Part Numbers

4 SATA 500GB / 1TB / 2.0TB Total Capacity 2.0TB / 4.0TB / 8.0TB

1 SATA 1TB / 2.0TB

RAID 0 (2.0TB/4.0TB/8TB) RAID 1m+s (0.5TB/1.0TB/2TB) RAID 5 (1.5TB/3.0TB/4.5TB) RAID 5+s (1.0TB/2.0TB/4TB) RAID 6 (1.0TB/2.0TB/4TB) 170mm × 183mm × 230mm 6.7Kg (dependant on capacity) 5-35°C, 10-85% (non condensing) Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7 Mac OS X 10.2 and higher, Linux Power Supply Internal AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 47482 / 47483 / 47484

50mm × 170mm × 230mm 2.5Kg dependant on capacity) 5-35°C, 20-80% (non condensing) Win 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Win Server 2003/ 2008, Mac OS X 10.2, 10.5 DC 12V 47486 / 47489

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The Verbatim PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive provides robust data security for small and medium sized-businesses, allowing documents...