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FIGURE 6 .11  Screenshot of the translation page as presented to the jury:

On the translation page, the jury was presented with all text snippets in need of translation for a specific question. Changes in the original text since translation were shown using markup (same as in discussion view – see below). Next to it (right side), boxes were placed for the actual translation. When typing inside a box, buttons for using bold or italic font or using sub- or superscript were shown. Text in figures was also presented as snippets that could be translated in the same fashion. The original and translated figure was shown for reference. The language displayed on the left could be chosen freely and text could be copied from the displayed language using a specific bottom. On top of the page, the jury was shown a navigation bar that allowed to quickly jump to a specific question. On the bottom, a navigation was shown that allowed jumping to the previous and next question, to flag a question ( flag icon), to finalize a question ( lock icon) as well as to rate the difficulty of a question. Secondly, there was no need for layout questions. Rather, each question was presented as a series of snippets such as a stem text, figures, the actual question and the individual statements. Each snippet corresponded to a specific place in the layout for the students. Thirdly, all texts used in figures could be translated just the same way. To ensure that, all fig­ ures were prepared in the scalable vector graphics (SVG) format, which is essentially a XML file containing the collection of objects making up the figure. This allowed us to replace the text inside figures based on the translation before presenting them to the students. Since all figures where vectorized, it also guaranteed for a sharp display at any size. Furthermore, the system implemented a versioning system for each question. Whenever a ques­ tion was changed, a new version was stored. The biggest advantage of this was that together with the translation of a specific question, it was also saved based on which version of the ques­ tion had been translated. This then allowed to highlight questions that had been changed after

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