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▪▪ Victorinox Swiss army knife ▪▪ Swiss style cotton scarf (“Glarnertuch”) ▪▪ Swiss pin ▪▪ Baseball cap Additionally, all students received a lab coat as well as a set of writing utensils with the IBO logo printed on and a calculator for the exams. Many presents were offered to the IBO participants by courtesy as a supporting act, among others the Swiss army knife by Victorinox.

T- shirts

The T-shirts were designed by a young Swiss artist who won a small design competition initi­ ated by the IBO organizers. They were printed in four colors (red, blue, yellow and violet) depending on the status of the wearer (students, jury, volunteers, and management).

Whilst organizers and jury were free to wear their shirts at their own convenience, students were asked to wear their red shirts during the two main excursions in order to help the vol­ unteers to keep an overview of all their guests. All volunteers (except scientific assistants) had to wear their yellow T-shirts during the entire period in order to be easily spotted by our guests. They received three T-shirts each and a laundry service was implemented to provide them with freshly washed T-shirts upon request. The T-shirts were produced in both female and male cuts in the sizes XS to XXL. All participants were asked during online registration to indicate their desired size (providing a size table to help choose the right size). As the production of the T-shirts had to be started at the beginning of June to guarantee a punctual delivery, only the sizes provided by May 30 could be used to extrapolate the number of shirts per sex, size and color. By then, only about 60% of all guests had filled in the relevant form online. XS







Jury ( M / F)


8 / 10

19 / 32

44 / 21

34 / 17

17 / 9

124 / 95

Students ( M / F)

1/ 5

21 / 29

59 / 38

47 / 12

14 / 4


146 / 89

TABLE 5 . 12  T-shirt sizes per category based on all numbers submitted during online registration. Given are the number for male (M) and female (F) cuts.

About 30 T-shirts for both students and jury were added to the extrapolated numbers for the final order. After the T-shirts were given to all guests, quite a few had to be exchanged, as either the shirts were too wide or tight or because the initially submitted sizes were not correct at all.

Lab Coats

Students received a lab coat for their practical exams. All coats were standard white, to in­ crease the degree of their reuse. In order to facilitate the optical recognition of the four practical exam groups, different colored armlets were used. Lab coat sizes (equally available in female and male cut versions) were also calculated based on the T-shirt size numbers shown in TABLE 5 . 12.

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