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IBO and have to collect these fees in the name of the CC in USD, EUR or CZK. During the IBO 2013, 20 delegations paid their membership fee in cash (15 in USD, 5 in EUR). All cash was handed to the representative of the CC during the IBO in exchange of a signed receipt.

5 . 8  Miscellaneous 5. 8. 1  Medical Issues Preparations

In case of medical issues, all volunteers received first aid training before the IBO. Besides, many volunteers had medical backgrounds (doctor, nurse, several students of medicine) or were specially trained (such as scouts, sports instructors and teachers). Each volunteer also received a first aid kit with band aids, bandages, disinfectants and sun cream lotion. Each senior and chief guide as well as the IBO head office in the Kursaal was additionally equipped with a larger first aid kit, including a wide range of medicines and a broader set of medical supplies. Besides all food related allergies and special diets that were indicated by all guests during the online registration, everyone was asked upon arrival about further medical issues the organ­ izers should know about in case of an emergency. Two special medical cases were reported to the organizers ahead of the IBO. One guest had just broken their leg, whilst another suffered from a disease that did not allow to stand or walk for long periods. For both guests, a wheel chair and/or transfers by car were organized.

Cases Encountered

Fortunately, no major medical incidents occurred. Nevertheless, preparations proved to be valuable for several minor cases. One jury member regrettably deeply cut their hand and had to visit an emergency medical facility for stitches. Further, a student cut their hand during the Swiss Night while carving a wooden cow and was taken care of by a senior guide. Besides several cases of minor cuts, sun burns, insect bites and various aches, two students felt too unwell to join their fellow participants on one of the excursion days and stayed in the hotel rooms. They did not wish to see a doctor. A volunteer was dispatched to be at the hotel and to take care of any needs of the ill students. Both students were recovered by the next day. Additionally, at the end of the closing ceremony, two persons suffered a collapse and were taken care of by our volunteers.

5. 8. 2  Gifts Traditionally, all guests of the IBO also receive a number of welcome presents from the organizers. During the IBO 2013, all guests received the following items upon arrival: ▪▪ IBO 2013 T-shirt ▪▪ Reusable water bottle (Sigg bottle) ▪▪ Chocolate bar

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IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report