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Students were separated from jury members at this point and sent to the next step (communication devices, books and objects). The team leader of each delegation was asked to check the current status of the delegations invoice and pay any missing fees in a separate room (other delegation members were invited to move on to collect their presents). Both participation fee and IBO membership fees not paid upon the delegations’ arrival (see also chapter 5. 7. 7) were collected. An ATM with both Swiss Francs and Euros was located next to the building ( a map was given to anyone in need) for those not carrying any money or not the right currency. Paper copy payment receipts were handed to each delegation, once the total amount due was fully paid. Many delegations requested the receipts to be signed and stamped, as otherwise the receipts would not have been recognized as valid by their local authorities. Also, about 10 delegations needed additional receipts on which posts were separately listed (say, the standard delegation fee on one receipt, the fee for additional jury members on another) which was not possible on the spot, as the receipts were generated automatically via data base.

Communication Devices

All students had to hand in their communication devices during registration. They had to sign a form, listing all the items handed in (or ticking the box stating that they had no device to hand in) as well as stating the rules and consequences that would apply if the student was caught cheating (see appendix 8. 3. 5) The devices were stored in zip lock plastic bags labeled with the student code and stored in a safe in the volunteers’ office next to the common room of the students. The devices stayed there until Thursday night, after the Swiss Night and hence the end of all exams, and were given back thereafter. Unfortunately, and although all students were well aware that breaking the rule would mean disqualification from the IBO, one student did not give in all the devices and was caught by the end of the week. The student was hence excluded from the competition with retrospec­ tive effect.

Objects and Books

For the public event “Biology around the World: Meet our Guests” on the Bundesplatz (see chapter 5. 6. 6) a biology book and an object related to biology was requested from all delegations. All books or objects handed in were listed, and labeled. They were returned after the event on Friday through the volunteers. Three books were not picked up (these were sent to the coordinators in charge after the IBO).

Gifts, T-Shirts and Lab Coats

Once each individual had fulfilled all duties it was time to receive the gifts (see 5. 8. 2). T-shirts and lab coats were given in exchange to the coupon received on the first desk.


After the entire registration was completed, guests received information about the rest of the days’ program. The delegations were either free to go to the lunch buffet or to proceed to their hotels. As soon as the latter option was chosen, it was time to separate students from jury as they stayed in different hotels. All guests were accompanied to their hotels by volunteers. For those students arriving early during the day, an excursion to the Alpine Museum Bern was arranged. One volunteer did not understand that this option was exclusively available for stu­ dents and spontaneously offered it also to all jury members, as it turned out with a lot of success! finalreportIBO | 67

IBO 2013 Final Report