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Not all delegations needed the same attention, while 19 delegations received less than 5 personal emails, 18 caused more than 50% of all messages sent. Further, 66 emails were sent to potential observer countries that did not participate in the end (excluding Malaysia and Portugal). See chapter 5. 7. 3 for more information on observer invitations. Additionally, 30 persons (mainly students or teachers) not directly linked to the IBO requested information from the organizers on how to participate in the IBO or concerning National Olympiads in their home countries. They have been given the contact details of the particular country coordinator as provided on the website of the IBO Coordinating Center. These numbers are not included in the statistics.

5. 7. 6  Registration at IBO in Bern Upon arrival in Bern, all guests underwent a registration process. The registration was split in several sub-entities to accelerate the procedure. It took place in the same facilities where the common room of the students was located and hence just opposite the street of the student hotel. The jury hotels were located downtown and could be reached directly with a tramway line. As the official welcome dinner would only take place quite late in the evening, a small lunch buffet with sandwiches, snacks and beverages was offered to all guests. They were free to serve themselves before or after the registration or to pack some lunch bags for take away.

Arrival at Registration Site

All guests could store their luggage in a special room while going through registration. They were welcomed at the information desk and informed about the further steps. They were reminded to have the original declaration forms at hand money (if any fees needed to be paid), communication devices and other objects that needed to be handed in during the further process. Also, all persons were registered and ticked off a list to help keeping an overview of who arrived and who was still missing.

Names, Badges, Medical Issues

On the first desk of the registration, all guests were given their badges and would check whether their names were correctly spelled, their gender and T-shirt sizes were submitted correctly during online registration (which was unfortunately every once in a while not the case) and to inform the organizers about any medical issue that was of importance in case of emergencies. All guests then received a coupon with their T-shirt size to receive it later on together with the other presents.

Declaration Forms

All delegations had to hand in the originals of their students’ declaration forms during regis­ tration. Delegations not having any originals were listed and informed that they would be contacted by the organizers later on after consulting the Steering Committee regarding further steps (see also chapter 5. 7. 2).

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IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report