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Two new features were introduced this year to the IBO (see chapter 4. 1. 3): the IBO Yearbook as well as an up-to-date delegations’ website, listing all registered guests (and on a separate page all volunteers) and showing a picture of the person concerned. For both yearbook and website, each individual was free to upload a picture and to indicate whether the picture should be shown in the public section of the website and whether it should be printed in the yearbook. ▪▪ 26 persons uploaded their pictures too late to be included in the yearbook (deadline was extended and reminders were sent out several times). ▪▪ 44 persons did not upload any pictures at all. These included: ▪▪ 16 students (out of 240) ▪▪ 16 jury members (out of 207) ▪▪ 2 observers (out of 3) ▪▪ 10 volunteers (out of 70) ▪▪ 8 persons wished that their picture was not shown online in the public section but wanted it to be included in the yearbook.

5. 7. 3  Observer Invitations Invitations to potential observer countries have been sent out in November and December 2012. Besides the contacts listed at the end of the list of country coordinators provided on the website of the Coordinating Center in Prague, the following country groups have been invited: ▪▪ Contacts received from the organizers of IBO 2012. ▪▪ All members of the OIAB (Olimpiadas Iberoamericanas de Biología ), a number of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. They were contacted via IBO and OIAB member Spain. ▪▪ All European countries not yet members of the IBO. The invitation letter was either sent to existing contacts ( in the case of Southeastern Europeen countries via IBO member Montenegro) or directly to the Ministry of Education. Even though we received a number of replies no actual participation resulted in these contacts. After a description of their National Biology Olympiad and a written agreement to accept the IBO Rules was received, the Steering Committee accepted Malaysia and Portugal as observ­ ers in the IBO 2013. Besides, several additional country representatives, teachers or other individuals have con­ tacted us directly, showing their interest in participating as observers. None of these contacts has led to any serious attempt to participate. All additional contacts established in this process have been forwarded to the Coordinating Center.

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IBO 2013 Final Report