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their experience made even better thanks to the fountains on the Bundesplatz which allowed some refreshment on this hot day. Also, the youngsters got carried away by a rock band (by courtesy of one of our financing partners) playing on the parliament square. The public was addressed in two ways. First, by especially instructed young persons who interviewed passers-by about their own experience at school with biology before the arrival of the IBO participants. All those questionnaires, 84 in total, were then hung up on clotheslines set on the Bundesplatz. Second, the flash mob with all the youngsters in lab coats moving through the city was quite intriguing for the public. The media were also informed about the event and several journalists reported about it at some point during the day. Although the echo in media and public was not fully satisfying and the event seemed to have been perceived by the public as an insider event, it still had some output and most importantly was a lot of fun for students as can be seen on the daily blog of Friday July 19, 2013.

5. 6. 7  Conclusions All in all, we can consider that the IBO was a success considering the media coverage. Of course, not all activities received as much attention as we could have wished for; nevertheless, the result is more than satisfying. A first step was made to raise the public awareness for the Olympiads. This will have to be established with continuous communication measures and hopefully further positive reports about Swiss participants at Scientific Olympiads.

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IBO 2013 Final Report