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satisfying result. On the net, all videos were clicked an average of over 2200 times, although day one achieved the highest score with over 3300 clicks, quite a satisfying result. All videos can be found in appendix 8. 1. 3 and 8. 1. 4.

5. 6. 5  mIBO Newsletter IBO 2013 carried on with the tradition of the daily edited newspaper. Our media team chose to name it mIBO with reference to the messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule, as a transmitter of information about Switzerland and the IBO, with pictures, texts and more. Eight editions of four pages were edited, edition one waiting for the guests on their arrival and welcoming them to Switzerland while edition 8 bid them goodbye on the departure day. A total of four volunteers wrote the texts, took the pictures, finalized the layout and finally printed and folded the messenger IBO to make sure the newspaper could be distributed by bike courier to our guests as early as at 7 o’clock every morning. All editions were also uploaded on the IBO 2013 website and on Facebook and can be found in appendix 8. 1. 6. The mIBO team met for the first time in March 2013. They did a brainstorming about possible topics; the decision was taken about the name of the IBO newsletter and the responsibilities distributed among the members of the team according to their skills. One person was chosen as chief editor who would coordinate all the work and make the final decisions. Possible lay­ outs that were drafted by a graphic designer were assessed and a choice made. Furthermore, the content of the newsletter was defined and possible topics were discussed, tasks given to fulfill. A second meeting took place in May. The idea of all this preparatory work was to finalize the layout of every edition as far as pos­ sible so that during the IBO 2013, the team could concentrate on covering the happenings of the days. Previous to the IBO, a master plan was made according to the IBO schedule, defining who had to be where and at what time. mIBO received a relatively good feedback according to the evaluation, although inexplicably only the jury was asked about it (an unintended oversight ). Over 68% of the jury gave a 4 or a 5, i.e. over two thirds of the jury members considered them to be interesting or even very interesting, still a satisfying result.

5. 6. 6   „Biology around the World: Meet our Guests“ As mentioned before, the organizers wanted to use the IBO 2013 to increase awareness of the IBO in the public and get some coverage by the media. A special students’ event was therefore planned for Friday afternoon. The parliament square in Bern (Bundesplatz) in front of the Federal Palace was booked to be the site of a special and colorful event that should raise the curiosity of the media and passers-by. The organization of this event was delegated to Science et Cité, a Swiss organization dedicated to foster the dialog between science and society because the IBO 2013 team lacked the human resources to do it by itself. Together with Kathrin Bigler, a performance artist, a flash mob was planned in the city of Bern. Students would start from various places and move according to a special choreography to meet on the Bundesplatz where music, drinks and ice-creams were awaiting them. To underscore the “Biology around the World” aspect, all students were asked to bring a biology book, an item from their country related to biology and send in a picture of their biology teacher in advance to be printed, all of which was then presented on the Bundesplatz. This led to an exhibition on biology under colorful umbrellas. The students enjoyed the opportunity given to them to relax and have fun, finalreportIBO | 57

IBO 2013 Final Report