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5. 6. 2 / ibo2013 Facebook is one of the most common social media networks used especially by younger users. was set up to provide up to date information for all interested people, be they participants, friends or parents. Also, an online platform for future networking of our students was established with the help of which they will remain connected even years after the IBO 2013. Besides updates, regular news, photos and videos, pictures of the IBO King’s Cup were posted each month, showing the Cup in a typical Swiss or Bernese setting matching the season at the time. Our Facebook community grew over the months and was especially active when the IBO was over. A total of 1’200 users liked our site by the middle of September 2013 (with 668 by July 14 and 892 by July 21). Via these users’ friends, up to 6’000 persons could be reached daily during the IBO week with up to 30’000 impressions shown (compared to an average of around 160 daily reached persons and 760 impressions from May to June 2013). Facebook is certainly an important means of communication nowadays, especially for young people and should be taken over systematically by the IBO. However, it must be updated and attended to regularly, which necessitates enough resources.

5. 6. 3  Media As mentioned above, an important aspect of the IBO in Switzerland was to sensitize the public and the representatives of the educational system about the Olympiads. Therefore, priority was set on achieving large media coverage. Together with the communication department of the University of Bern, a media concept was developed addressing national and local media, print, radio and TV, specifically also the education departments of the cantons and many more. Of course, one has to stay realistic about the importance of this event in the public eye, at least in Switzerland. Scientific Olympiads are unfortunately not yet well known and are not considered as a priority or high profile information by the media. Information about the upcoming IBO 2013 started to be published as early as one year before, as secondary information in press releases related to all scientific Olympiads with Swiss par­ ticipation. This was done via the press releases the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads ASSO sent out after each Scientific Olympiad. Although the interest about the IBO was very low at the beginning, a first success was realized in October 2012 with an article in Bern’s leading newspaper. Slowly, some further comments were published here and there and a certain interest started to show locally, especially with the results of the Swiss Biology Olympiad in April 2013. A short interview was even published in the main commuter newspaper of the Bern area, reaching ten thousands of readers. Furthermore, a media conference was scheduled a few weeks before the event, on June 27, 2013 and many journalists were invited. Although very few journalists attended this presenta­ tion, quite a media presence was achieved as a result, with newspapers articles, an interview on the local radio and a background article in a professional review. Journalists were thereafter again contacted with a proposal to meet students during the IBO, of course only upon notice, as the possibilities were limited and requests had to be coordinated by the project management. Until the IBO, the situation remained quite calm and expecta­ tions about media coverage were modest. This turned out to be a wrong conclusion as a strong interest came up in the last minute during the IBO, especially on Tuesday, day of the practical

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